Episode 5: Pitties Love Peace, Roda Marketing – March 31st, 2021

by | Mar 31, 2021 | Lancaster Connects Episodes

Episode #5 of #LancasterConnects is up!

On this week’s episode, we cover our vibrant food scene, helping the Lancaster, PA community and much more, with our guests…

  • Audrey Lilley from Pitties Love Peace
  • Matthew Roda from RODA Marketing

🐺 You’ll get to meet our “Pet Of The Week” – Nellie – from Pitties Love Peace: https://pittieslovepeace.com/

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Audrey Lilley from Pitties Love Peace:

Matthew Roda from RODA Marketing:

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Episode Transcript (Click Here To Open/Close)

Jeff Giagnocavo 0:00
How can you support the local Lancaster community?

Ben McClure 0:03
That’s what this show is all about.

Ben McClure 0:35
That was an epic intro, like a double intro.

Jeff Giagnocavo 0:37
It was, we nailed it. You saw the littlle, who was that baseball player that went around second, Wade Boggs?

Ben McClure 0:46
No, that’s Kirk Gobson.

Jeff Giagnocavo 0:46
Kirk Gibson?

Ben McClure 0:47
1988, yeah, man, I get tears watching that highlight.

Jeff Giagnocavo 0:50
Yeah. Hey, that little one. Yeah, we got it. We’re on a grind here the last couple of weeks aren’t we? Got one more week to go.

Ben McClure 1:00
Bags under the eyes…everything.

Jeff Giagnocavo 1:02
Yeah, we’ve got employee vacation time. Our team’s great. They, you know, retail businesses it’s seven days a week, long hours. And our guys are great because they booked their vacations during non-peak times. But that means the two amigos have to fill in.

Ben McClure 1:23
I thought you were gonna say “Dynamimic Duo”.

Jeff Giagnocavo 1:25
Well, that works too. Hey, I’m Jeff Giagnocavoo , co-owner of Gardner’s Mattress & More.

Ben McClure 1:30
And I’m Ben McClure, of the same title.

Jeff Giagnocavo 1:33
Yeah, of the same title.

Ben McClure 1:35
The clan McClure.

Jeff Giagnocavo 1:37
We’re gonna go down a Game of Thrones [Inaudible]?

Ben McClure 1:39
I don’t know.

Jeff Giagnocavo 1:40
First of his name, House of Sleep.

Ben McClure 1:45
There you go.

Jeff Giagnocavo 1:46
There you go, House of Sleep. So, hey, here we are. This is Episode Five. We’re really excited about the momentum we’re building with the show. We really thank our watchers, our listeners, our customers. You know, listen, you can get this podcast, this video show, TV show, actually, because that’s really what it is. You can watch it on your TV, even Amazon Prime television. Go to lancasterconnects.com and you can see all the likes of where this is available. You can search any of your podcast apps that you might have, you’ll find us. We’re on all the major platforms. And we have a number of ways that you can connect. But then the newest thing we added to Lancaster Connects is what? What did we add there?

Ben McClure 2:30
So we’re calling it the Lancaster Connects Community? You know, we started out the show with the question, right? How can you support the local Lancaster community. And the goal of the podcast obviously, we were talking to business guests, and we’re talking to local heroes and charities and we’re learning more about them and how they’re helping Lancaster community. But the podcast we want to create collection of people. Basically a list of people who we can, basically who have raised their hands and said they are ready, willing and able to help charities, help nonprofits, help local heroes making a difference in the community. So, if that’s you, if you feel that you’re led and able to help a nonprofit or charitable organization, go to lancasterconnects.com, fill out our contest entry form so you’ll be entered into the contest. But beyond that, on that form, there’s a button, a check box button, simple to fill out. You’d be entered into the Lancaster Connects Community, which means that you’re on a list of people. So when a charitable organization comes to the Lancaster Connects podcast and says, “I have a need. We need some people on Saturday to help us move a family”, like Off The Streets moving into a new home. We can send a message out to the Lancaster Connects Community and say, “Off The Streets has a need”, or “North Star Initiative has a need”. North Star is a guest coming up on the show. So, the Lancaster Connects Community is simply a list of people who have raised their hand and said they’re ready to help some of the charities and nonprofit organizations in the Lancaster community.

Jeff Giagnocavo 4:07
Yeah, and I just had an idea. We’ll update lancasterconnects.com. We’ll actually put a list of these charities right there on the age and contact information. Obviously we can send out more specific information as we get it but this way if you’re listening to this at like one in the morning, because you can’t really sleep well or maybe that’s when your work or maybe that’s when you’re driving. Again, all different kinds of way to catch the show. You know that you can go to lancasterconnects.com and see the list of people that need help. And speaking of that, speaking of great charities…let’s bring our guests on. So let’s say hello to Audrey from Pitties Love Peace in Elizabethtown.

Audrey Lilley 4:49
Hi! My name is Audrey. I’m here from Pitties Love Peace. I’m really excited to be here this morning.

Jeff Giagnocavo 4:56
Great. Well, we’re happy to have you. Thanks for joining us. We really appreciate it. Taking the time out, I know you’re busy. And we also have Matthew Roda from RODA Marketing, joining us as well. Hi, Matthew.

Matthew Roda 5:08
Hey everybody, thank you for having me here. Happy Friday.

Jeff Giagnocavo 5:12

Ben McClure 5:12
Hey, Matt.

Jeff Giagnocavo 5:13
Yeah. Again thanks for taking the time out, really appreciate it. We’ll have you on and talk about how you help businesses locally and what we like doing in the Lancaster area here. So, as I mentioned before lancasterconnects.com, that’s your whole hub of where to catch the show. We list all the podcast platforms, all of our social media channels and as I mentioned, you can catch the show on Amazon Prime TV as well. So you can go there and watch it, you can listen to it. I’ve really gotten into podcasting lately. You know if you’re looking for some inspiration, some motivation and you’re in your car, turn off the news, the talk radio, even the regular radio and listen to us because we can give you some joy.

Jeff Giagnocavo 5:22
We can give you some bloopers that’s for sure!

Jeff Giagnocavo 6:02
Yeah, the bloopers. We need to do like a whole episode of Jeff screwing up.

Ben McClure 6:10
I don’t think it’s just you!

Jeff Giagnocavo 6:11
I think we could like get seven episodes out of that. Anyway, we got some, speaking of the Lancaster Connects, the hub for all things of the show.

Ben McClure 6:21

Jeff Giagnocavo 6:22
We got some winners.

Ben McClure 6:22
We do have some winners some. Each podcast we’re giving away two restaurant gift cards, $25 to great local restaurants. Again, all you have to do is go to lancasterconnects.com, fill out the contest entry form. If you want to check the box to be a part of the Lancaster Connects Community, that’d be great. But fill out that form enter to win. Our two winners for last week’s episode are Beth Garraf of Mount Joy and Shirley Paul of Colombia. Thank you to both Beth and Shirley for listening and of course, visiting the lancasterconnects.com website and filling out the contest entry form.

Jeff Giagnocavo 7:00
And I had a note here, “highlight some local restaurants” and I made Mr. McClure aware of what he’s going to be doing tomorrow night.

Ben McClure 7:09
Oh! The Egg Roll Lady.

Jeff Giagnocavo 7:10
Yeah, so why don’t you share there and then I’ll share the one that I enjoy.

Ben McClure 7:15
Yeah, so Jeff noticed on Facebook that my wife tagged me in a Facebook post. There’s a lady in Lancaster County who is referred to as the “Egg Roll Lady” and she makes some fantastic egg rolls and fried rice and she typically pops up at like yard sales different neighborhoods. People request for her to be like at their you know, yard sale or whatnot party [Inaudible] and you go to get, she’s pretty quick, but she has a line like 15-20 people deep. People follow her around, they…obviously my wife does.

Jeff Giagnocavo 7:15
So is it like egg roll groupies?

Ben McClure 7:53
It probably is egg roll groupies.

Jeff Giagnocavo 7:54
Like the Grateful Dead, how they have the whole people who…they’ve developed the whole ecosystem of people who want…

Ben McClure 7:59
Right? Stickers and you know, the whole thing.

Jeff Giagnocavo 8:01

Ben McClure 8:02
You have to be careful though, there is an imposter. Because I went to a neighborhood one time, this is a couple years ago, and there were signs for egg rolls. So I’m like, “Okay, that’s it.” I was in the right neighborhood and I went this direction. Here, I was at the wrong Egg Roll Lady. And I got…

Jeff Giagnocavo 8:17
You got inferior egg rolls?

Ben McClure 8:18
I get inferior egg rolls and I get yelled at when I got home.

Jeff Giagnocavo 8:21
Well, speaking of…got yelled at…you brought hoime the wrong food man. Anyway, recently, there was a survey locally of cheese steaks. And I happen, I know it would be hard to believe but I happen to be a fan of cheese steaks, if you can’t tell. So my favorite cheese steak locally would be Cravings Deli over off of Lititz Pike, kind of sits behind the bank there on the corner. They make a really great cheese steak. They know how to make it. I happen to make pretty good cheese steaks, I am a connoisseur. I do them on my Blackstone and I’ll give you a little pro tip. If you don’t want the soggy bun and this is technically cheese steak blasphemy. So and we’re gonna have, you know, real quick, because I’m gonna leave you hanging on “cheese steak blasphemy”… In behind the scenes here we’ve got a great production team, Get Super Cereal, so in my ear righr now I’ve got Simon and Billy our producers, and they’re telling me that Audrey wants in on the egg roll discussion. So we’re going to get her in real quick. Matthew if you’ve got a restaurant you’d like we’ll bring you and we’re going to kind of go off script because the producers, you know this is your fault Simon.

Ben McClure 9:37
Audrey’s in the background going like this…

Jeff Giagnocavo 9:39
Yeah, “Tag me, tag me!”…Anyway, cheese steak blasphemy. So here’s what I do for the cheese steaks I make when I’m doing I’m camping and in the backyard on the Blackstone because I hate when it falls apart because you’ve got the cheesy greasy goodness.

Ben McClure 9:53
It all falls out the bottom?

Jeff Giagnocavo 9:54
Yeah, if you don’t know…the soggy bottoms are bad. Anyhow, prosciutto. Take a little thin slice of prosciutto. Do all your stuff, chop up all your meat, get the cheese in there. A little flash of the prosciutto on the griddle top. Put that on top. All in the bun. You’ve got a fantastic carrying device for all that cheese steak goodness. And that’s the way it goes.

Ben McClure 10:18
That’s impressive.

Jeff Giagnocavo 10:18
Yeah. So anyway…Audrey egg rolls. Let’s…what do you got?

Audrey Lilley 10:23
Oh my gosh, the Egg Roll Lady is amazing. I found her at a yard sale a few years ago. I have been following her ever since, she definitely has a Facebook following. I will spread the word to my friends and let them know like, “Let’s meet up at this yard sale with the Egg Roll Lady”. I just want to see what happens with COVID. And, if she comes back out, I think she will, but I can definitely vouch for her, her egg rolls are exemplary and very good.

Ben McClure 10:47
So well and that was the point of the, so my wife tagged me in a Facebook post of hers, like three minutes before the podcast started and said, “You know, yeah, we got to, that’s Saturday night dinner, is the Egg Roll Lady,” so we’re definitely going there tomorrow.

Jeff Giagnocavo 11:03
So, hang on a second. So can we gauge pandemic [Inaudible] movement? Positivity? By when the Egg Roll Lady pops up [Inaudible], kind of like the groundhog and the shadow?

Ben McClure 11:13
The world is getting back to normal?

Jeff Giagnocavo 11:19
Is that what it is?

Audrey Lilley 11:20
The shadow of the egg roll, it’s safe to come out.

Jeff Giagnocavo 11:24
Yeah, yeah.

Ben McClure 11:29
That’s great.

Jeff Giagnocavo 11:30
That’s great. Matthew, you got any thoughts on the Egg Roll Lady or you’re like what the …?

Matthew Roda 11:34
I’ve heard of the Egg Roll Lady. Now I’ve heard of her but I have yet to experience the glory. Now that it’s such a hyped thing I’m seeing and hearing about, it’s definitely on the list. I’m a big fan of Caruso’s. Yeah, my wife and I like Caruso’s out in Landisville on Marriott Avenue. And then we actually did a date night a couple weeks ago at Plough Lancaster. That’s the first I’ve been to Plough, right by Marriott. It was super good. Very, very, very good food.

Jeff Giagnocavo 12:05

Ben McClure 12:07
They took over space that was somebody else before right?

Matthew Roda 12:11
Yeah, I forget.

Jeff Giagnocavo 12:13
Ploughs kind of new, right?

Matthew Roda 12:15
Yeah, I would say within the last year.

Jeff Giagnocavo 12:16
Was that [Inaudible], maybe?

Matthew Roda 12:18

Audrey Lilley 12:21
The Rendevous Lounge in the Marriott? The one downstairs?

Matthew Roda 12:23
I think that’s what it was.

Jeff Giagnocavo 12:25

Audrey Lilley 12:25
I think so.

Jeff Giagnocavo 12:26
There we go. Well, that’s the cool thing about Lancaster always, you know, always evolving, always kind of filling that void. Doesn’t seem like anything stays downtown empty for long, which is good. Anyway, listen, we record these episodes a little bit in advance of when you see them, but coming up the weekend. You know these shows go live on Wednesdays, so Easter is right around the corner. You know hippity hop down the bunny trail Easter?

Ben McClure 12:53
Were you just impersonating the Easter Bunny?

Jeff Giagnocavo 12:55
You know, I’m trying to think of what show or movie was hippity hop…I’m not going to torment the listeners with that peek inside my mind. Anyway, here’s some events. You’ve got Easter Bunny Train at Strasburg Railroad. This guy like gets that all day. Easter Bunny Train at Strasburg Railroad. Of course First Friday downtown Lancaster. It seems a lot of other towns are doing First Fridays now. It looks like Mount Joy is doing one. You know so certainly, if you live in your own town, you’ll know what’s going on. But First Friday’s coming up this week. And Easter fun Kitchen Kettle Village. That’s a tongue twister for me. That is Kitchen Kettle Village. Really cool place. I met my grandparents there one time, they were in town for a bus tour. I was reminded of how cool it is. And actually my family was just there with my brother-in-law and his family. To impersonate Forrest Gump from Greenville, Alabama. They were in town from Alabama, and they went to Kitchen Kettle Village. So, I warned everybody, you know, we had a couple of delays and I got a little deep in my morning caffeine. So you’re getting a little extra dose of caffeine, you know, the caffeine is kind of up here right now.

Jeff Giagnocavo 13:24
It’s just a world of surprises.

Jeff Giagnocavo 14:07
That’s right. So yeah, let’s bring back Matthew [Inaudible]. Gees, it’s a combination of business guests and Matthew. Matthew, welcome. You didn’t even know what you’re signing up for. How are you? So here we are, you’re on this show and welcome.

Matthew Roda 14:30
Well, thank you.

Jeff Giagnocavo 14:31
Why don’t you share with everybody what you do? And how you help businesses in the community expand and grow, and it may be something that you do to help the local Lancaster community as well.

Matthew Roda 14:44
Yeah, absolutely I’d love to. Thank you again for having me on the show. I’m the co-owner of RODA Marketing. We’re pretty much a full service internet marketing company. So we do everything from website design development, social media management, reputation management, SEO, paid advertisements with Facebook and Instagram, Google, email marketing campaigns. So if it’s digitally out there and your business needs it to help grow and attract new clients via the internet, it’s something that we’ve do. We’re in our 11th year of being in business. It’s my brother and myself are the co-owners of it. I like to say we’re a small but very powerful team. We’re about five full time employees, and then a couple of independent contractors that help us with extra work as it comes in, and when we need the help. So we take a very personal approach to our relationships with our clients. We’re not trying to grow into you know, 500 clients, we’d like to keep that number semi-limited, so that personal touch can be there, so I can always maintain that relationship with the business owners that we work with. I don’t ever want one of the clients that we work with to feel like they’re a number in a queue. And I believe we achieve that. Our clients love how responsive we are. So if they email or call they hear back the same day or the next day at the very latest. So we take a lot of pride in our responsiveness. Most of our client base is in central Pennsylvania, I would say probably about 80% of it. We do have a couple clients that go down from New York down to Florida, out onto the West Coast, but a majority of our business has kind of started in Lancaster where we’re from. And then word of mouth kind of helped us grow that base of where I’d say 80% of it is still central PA which I again I enjoy because the face to face meetings, a lot of it’s done virtually right now, but you know, there’s nothing like sitting down with a business owner, shaking hands and getting to know them on a personal level. So I don’t want to drive to New York andFlorida for those relationships and to shake hands, so keeping people within like a two or three hour radius is kind of nice for that one-on-one feel. So yeah, I mean, we absolutely love what we do. I find a ton of pride and joy in helping other business owners succeed. It just brings me happiness, knowing that the service that we provide helps other business owners employ people, drive sales, provide for their family. I love being creative, but then beyond that is knowing that we’re helping other businesses grow, succeed, and stay in business, especially after the last year, it was a really tough year for a lot of businesses. Some of our clients did get hit pretty bad with it. But what we were able to do to help them survive those tough times, we did our absolute best.

Jeff Giagnocavo 17:18
Yeah, cool.

Ben McClure 17:19
Do you have a specific niche of businesses that you work with? Or is it kind of across the spectrum?

Matthew Roda 17:25
It’s across the spectrum, we find a lot of our success with like service based businesses…the dentists, lawyers, home improvement companies, things of that nature. We work with a couple different e-commerce sites, but really, it’s kind of like the local businesses, the attorneys, contractors, things of that nature.

Jeff Giagnocavo 17:45
Cool. Hey, so we’ll come back, spend a little more time with you. In the meantime, think about some of those ways you helped local businesses through the last year, alright? Maybe some specific things your company did to help them get through. Obviously, I think the strength of the Lancaster community was really a part of, businesses like yourself where…I know that you know what you did…so we’ll share what that was. But things that help those businesses stay afloat, stay ahead, stay competitive, stay in front of their customers. We had service providers that helped us in a number of ways. Landlord, you know, all of it. I mean, it was really kind of neat to see how the community came together at that time. So we’ll talk about that a little more, alright? [Inaudible] I’ve got, right now we’ve got to pay the bills.

Ben McClure 18:34
We have bills?

Jeff Giagnocavo 18:37
Yeah, that’s your department. Anyway, folks, you can always watch this episode on Facebook, YouTube, Rumble. You can catch it again at lancasterconnects.com, that’s the hub for everything. But to specifically pay the bills, this show brought to you by Sleep Better. This is our book that we wrote. We did write it together. But it’s you know, it was a project spearheaded by me so it was my name on the thing, but it’s not about that.

Ben McClure 19:05
We couldn’t fit my name on that [Inaudible]…

Jeff Giagnocavo 19:06
Well, it’s really like it’s kind of different to have two authors on one book, it’s semantics. Everything here is a team effort. I am definitely made better here, in all seriousness by the team and the amazing business partner to my side.

Ben McClure 19:23
Thank you.

Jeff Giagnocavo 19:23
And I mean that. That’s not the caffeine talking.

Ben McClure 19:28
So when I give out, when I personally give out the book, I’m going to stop putting my name on top of your name…

Jeff Giagnocavo 19:33

Ben McClure 19:33
…and like cutting out pictures [Inaudible]…

Jeff Giagnocavo 19:34
I mean like literally, I heart you man. So anyway, Sleep Better…you can get the book at gardnersmattressandmore.com/sleep-better, specifically if you want to go right there. Or you can just hit the home page and scroll down a little bit and you’ll see where to click and get it. But I figure what I’ll do is just start bringing you one quick sleep tip from the book. So according to data and statistics from the CDC, adults who were short-sleepers, less than seven hours per 24 hour period were likely to report 10 chronic health conditions. Those chronic health conditions are heart attack, coronary heart disease, stroke, asthma, COPD, cancer, arthritis, depression, chronic kidney disease and diabetes. And you know, listen, we really believe in helping our customers wake up happy. There’s another stat to coincide with that again, get your Sleep Better book at gardnersmattressandmore.com. You can see it right there on the homepage, just scroll down a little bit, you can click on gardnersmattressandmore.com/sleep-betters, you’ll get the book there. You know, you can in three days time, you can skip eating, you can skip drinking water and hydrating. But in three days time, you cannot skip sleep. The science actually says you will likely die from a heart attack in three days time before you will starve and before you will be dehydrated to the point where you’re putting yourself in serious harm. So sleep is very, very important, rejuvenates us, restores us. There’s so much that goes on in your body and from a physical, from a mental, emotional, spiritual aspect of things, you know, good sleep, just really impacts and we still believe in that. And we wrote the book for it. So please go get the book. We’re happy to mail you a physical copy. It’s about 100 pages, a quick read, and it’s really focused on helping you wake up happy. Alright, so that’s Sleep Better.

Ben McClure 19:59
That list is scary.

Jeff Giagnocavo 20:12
It is a scary list.

Ben McClure 20:49
Because I didn’t get the recommended amount of sleep last night, that’s for sure.

Jeff Giagnocavo 21:42
Yeah, well, we explained that we’re in this grind mode, right?

Ben McClure 21:44
That’s right.

Jeff Giagnocavo 21:44
That’s what we’re doing. So let’s bring on Audrey from Pitties Love Peace. Audrey probably knows about the need for rejuvenation and the need for energy with all of that you do. So welcome. So why don’t you tell everybody a little bit about the mission of Pitties Love Peace and what you do and how you help these wonderful animals.

Audrey Lilley 22:11
Sure. Yes, I’m on the board of directors. We’re all completely volunteer run of Pitties Love Peace. And we focus on primarily Pit Bulls and bully breed mixes. We only have foster homes, we don’t have an actual kennel. So our complete network is of foster homes. We have about 35 dogs in foster right now. And we can only take as many dogs as we have foster homes for. So we’re always looking for more fosters people who are willing to let a dog come and crash with them for a little bit. We work really hard to make sure that we’re taking in dogs that will be a good match for the foster that we have available. So we’ll work with you to see if there’s a particular breed you’re interested in, you know, if you want smaller dogs or bigger dogs, energy level, age level. We provide everything for our fosters. All of the dogs medical needs are covered, all the food is covered, toys, crates, so our fosters don’t have to spend any money. They just really have to be available to take dogs to appointments. And we can help with that too. But without our fosters and our supporters, we really wouldn’t be able to make the impact that we’re making here in Lancaster. And we aren’t only focused in Lancaster, we’d also have fosters that are in York, Lebanon, Dolphin County. So we really kind of rely on that, to make sure that we’re able to take new dogs. And we get owner surrenders, we have vets offices that call us, shelters that call us. So whenever we see a dog in need, if we’re able to help, we pretty much just spring into action wherever we can. We have a couple events coming up that we’re excited about. There’s a 5k…it’s a Bully Blitz 5k and Dogwalk…that’s running virtually through the end of May. So if you are interested, we have a lot of information on our Facebook page about that. You can also go to our website, it’s pittieslovepeace.com. Definitely check that out. There’s foster applications on there, adoption applications, volunteer applications, you can always reach out to us with questions. But we’re really just excited to be able to be here and to kind of spread the word about our organization and to help get some of these dogs into really great forever homes.

Jeff Giagnocavo 24:14
That’s wonderful. You know the show you what a small world it is, I believe she still is volunteering with the organization…Jackie Nauman…does that name ring a bell?

Audrey Lilley 24:26
Mmmhmm, yep.

Jeff Giagnocavo 24:27
So I went to school with Jackie.

Audrey Lilley 24:29
Oh, very cool! She’s a foster for us, she’s great.

Jeff Giagnocavo 24:37
Back in the day, when I was in a band, her husband Dan, was our bass player.

Audrey Lilley 24:43
What a small world.

Jeff Giagnocavo 24:46
Yeah, they’re still happily married. I see him on Facebook all the time. And anyway, so listen, the whole foster thing…my perception of being a foster is if you’re a family or…you don’t have to be a family to have a dog you can be on your own whatever but…my perception is, if you’ve never fostered and you’re considering getting a dog, from my view I think fostering is a great way to see if a dog…if you’re committed to it for the foster first, I think it’s a great way to see if owning a pet is a long-term commitment you actually want to make. Is that a fair statement?

Audrey Lilley 25:25
Oh I think so and it can help you figure out the type of dog that you’re interested in… higher level, energy level…you know something a little bit lazier, couchpotato, age level, that kind of stuff.

Jeff Giagnocavo 25:37

Ben McClure 25:38
How long is a foster dog in a home before they find a forever home? What’s the average…

Audrey Lilley 25:45
I’d say it really depends on the dog. Typically younger dogs move out a little bit quicker. Some of the older dogs tend to take a little bit longer. If you have a dog that has a medical condition we always make sure that they’re completely clear of any you know treatments, or as good of health as we can get them so we can let the adopters know if there’s any issues like that. But I’d say anywhere from at least two weeks, so that we get to know the dog and can kind of figure out what the best type of home would be, to maybe about a month up until maybe a couple of months? But people usually know if we have a dog that’s coming in if they’re a little bit in poor health or if they might take a little bit longer, usually the fosters know that and they’re kind of prepared for that too. But I would say younger dogs and puppies usually have a much quicker turnaround typically.

Jeff Giagnocavo 26:35
Yeah, I just had this conversation with my brother-in-law last night and he’s my brother-in-law so I have to put up with him. He’s a good dude but I have to put up with him. So the question was jokingly about the bad rap that Pit Bulls get so why don’t we just kind of…I’m gonna ask you…why do you think that is…why do you think that happens?

Audrey Lilley 26:59
I think a big part of it is the fact that there are so many different breeds that are typically identified as a Pit Bull even though there really are you know tons and tons of breeds that make up that umbrella term.The American Kennel Club actually doesn’t recognize American Pit Bull Terrier is that’s just kind of a breed name that people use. And then there’s also American Staffordshire Terriers and Mastiffs and Bulldogs and it just kind of depends what list you’re looking at. So when you’re looking at breeds statistics and you see something that says “Pit Bull” and it’s above German Shepherd and Rottweiler, the breeds that are making up those numbers are really just kind of, I don’t want to say like pieced together in a different way, but when you look at the statistics and the actual breeds, I just don’t feel like they’re classified in the same way. But in that same regard it is really important with any dog that you have that you make sure that your dog is well-trained as well-socialized, you’re being a good leader, you know if you know you have a dog that has some fear or some like insecurity you shouldn’t just let it run and not keep it on a leash. Those kinds of things I think are really important for being a responsible dog owner.

Jeff Giagnocavo 28:07
Well, and you mentioned specifically, German Shepherds and Rottweilers, I remember as a kid Doberman Pinchers had the bad rap. So across the genesis of things, you had, y maybe “genesis” isn’t the right word, but over the years of things and trying to use big words, you know you’ve had Doberman Pinchers, German Shepherds, Rottweilers now it’s Pit Bull’s turn it seems to kind of have that bad rap. I think if you were to google a picture of a Pit Bull puppy, they’re just the most adorable thing ever. It’ll brighten your day for sure and i just asked people when I hear this bad rap thing, I say, “You tell me how something as cute as a little puppy like that can become this evil thing” and it really comes down to how they’re how they’re brought up, right? That’s what it goes down to.

Audrey Lilley 29:06
Yeah, making sure they stay socialized that they stay in those those environments where they’re really working on that training is really important for any dog.

Jeff Giagnocavo 29:15
Yeah, I have family in Canada, in Ontario. Ontario is a place where actually breed-specific legislation exists which means, if you’ve not heard of it, it means a certain breed of animal is basically against the law to own. You can’t own one. And so that’s one of those things that’s out there really bothers me because it’s like if that begins where does it end? If we look across the last 40 years you would probably fairly make a case that you could outlaw Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Doberman Pinchers right, because they’ve all had that timeframe where they’ve had a bad rap. Why don’t you talk a little bit about that and why it’s not something you’re in favor of and educate people on that…because I think it’s important for people to know.

Audrey Lilley 30:01
Well, it’s so hard for anybody really do identify a Pit Bull just by looking at it. I mean, you have a lot of dogs that have bigger heads and shorter hair or mixes of any kind of dog. And it’s really hard to just be able to look at them and to know, “Oh, it’s this type of dog.” We’re lucky here in Pennsylvania that we don’t have that breed-specific legislation. But there are other places that do and it doesn’t seem like areas that enact these kinds of ordinances are really having lower numbers of dog bites. So we’re actually seeing some of those places that enacted BSL in the in the 2000s have actually repealed it because they’re not showing any actual progress. They’re putting a lot of financial money, government funding and tax money into running these programs and they’re not really solving the problem. So I think that’s one big issue with it and mean, it’s really punishing good owners too, because it’s just looking at the dog and the breed and not actually their actions or their behavior. So there’s a lot of problems with BSL, but it’s something that as an organization we definitely speak up against but we’re lucky to not have that issue here. But landlords can say if you’re a renter, you can’t have a Pit Bull or different dog. If you want to take your dog to a dog daycare they may say, “No, we won’t take a pitbull or insurance won’t cover that.” So there are ways that Pit Bulls are treated differently in Lancaster and in our community but we’re lucky we don’t have BSL with anybody, you know, coming around coming down the street and trying to round up your dogs because that does happen in some places. And they’ll round up Pit Bulls or any dogs that look like a bully breed and euthanize.

Jeff Giagnocavo 31:37

Ben McClure 31:38
Audrey, how can our listeners support Pitties Love Peace?

Audrey Lilley 31:44
Well, if you’re interested at all in fostering or volunteering, definitely go to our website and our Facebook page. We have our foster and volunteer applications on there. We also have on our Facebook page, you can always send us messages. And we can help to kind of direct you to the area that might work the best. If you’re not able to foster that’s totally fine. We have volunteers that help with calling references for adoptive families. We have volunteers that help with home visits, we do home visits for all of our adopters. So we have people going out all over the place and just meeting with potential adopters and talking about our dogs. We also have fundraising events that come up and we have people that help you know running outreach and info tables and helping sort merchandise and those kinds of things. So we’re always looking for volunteers and people that are looking to get involved.

Jeff Giagnocavo 32:31
Sounds like a great thing for the Lancaster Connects Community.

Ben McClure 32:36
Oh, yeah.

Jeff Giagnocavo 32:38
So yeah, I mean, listen again. This is what this show is about. Audrey, I really thank you for your time. Simon, this feels like it’s a good time to highlight our “Pet of the Week”…it just so happens to be from Pitties Love Peace. So maybe we’ll get that up and I can talk about Nellie. But I mean, seriously, this is what this show is about. Yes, we’re coming to you live from our Dream Room. This is a place you can try a mattress out before you buy it. And there’s beautiful Nellie, I’ll get to her in just a second. But this isn’t a show about mattresses. This is a show about giving back to the community that supports our business, we think this is a very unique way to do it. Highlight local charities, local heroes, local businesses doing good and create a portal, a connection point, a hub for people to make better connections into where they live and want to remain and build the strength of our community. So please go to lancasterconnects.com. If you have five hours a week, you can give one hour a week you can give. We’re not asking for money. Time…I think Audrey, I’m gonna ask you one last question. if you had all the funds available you needed you would still need people to help, correct?

Audrey Lilley 33:53
Yeah, because we are volunteer run we don’t have a physical kennel space. At this point, that’s nothing that we are planning for, but with all the funds in the world, that we could hire staff and be able to run that. I mean, ideally, I think every dog rescue wants a sanctuary that’s just rolling hills full of dogs and every dog has a home. But yeah, I mean, as much money as we can put into it, especially medical care is big. Food is big. Just being able to provide for the dogs.

Jeff Giagnocavo 34:20
Yep, yep. Well, I’m going to talk about Nellie here for a minute and she’s on screen let’s keep her up there. So Nellie first joined Pitties Love Peace in December of 2016. She gave birth to two babies while in the care of Pitties Love Peace. The puppies moved on to really great families. Nellie went to an awesome foster home to work on becoming carefree and she was meant to be with her foster family. Nellie’s confidence has grown, she’s blossomed into a silly, playful, loving girl as you can see on the video. I love when my dogs play like that. She’s gone on lots of adventures, had lots of fun. Learned that the world isn’t so scary. The following spring, Nellie found what we thought was her forever home. But every not everything goes as planned in life. So for unknown reasons, she became terrified of the father, the dad in the home. So it just wasn’t a fit. And sometimes you just don’t know why those things happen. But that’s why these foster networks are so important, because instead of the dog being surrendered, and likely meeting a very sad fate, she was able to come back to Pitties Love Peace. So now, hopefully she can find a home, for somebody, you can see she looks like a great dog. Looks like a lot of fun. She’s five years old, ready to find her forever family. She needs patience, understanding of her timid nature. Once she’s your friend, she’s totally different…goofy, playful, crazy. She’d prefer to be somebody only pet. But she might be able to fit with somebody down the road after she’s in your home and established. And as far as cats go, she’d prefer a dog-only home, okay? So again, there’s a little bit of a laundry list there. That’s okay. You know, not every dog is a perfect fit for a family and not every family is a perfect fit for a dog. But if you think you’ve got the time and you’ve got the means and the time to focus on an animal like this, I can tell you after rescuing to, it’s the best thing I ever did as far as animals go, and we’ve had a lot of animals over the years. So with that, Audrey, thank you, hang on. We’re going to kind of wrap up the show here in a little bit. We’ll kind of ask you what your favorite thing about Lancaster is, alright?

Audrey Lilley 36:37
Great, thank you.

Jeff Giagnocavo 36:40
Oh, and on that note before I forget. We have a little donation gift for Pitties Love Peace. So we started this effort, Gardener’s Gives Back, if you will, with food drives in the home where we ask our customers to donate food, we get that the food banks and then we’ve always said we make monetary donations. Now each week for the charities that join us, we’ll be donating $125, so we’ll get that check out in the mail today, Audrey to you, to Pitties Love Peace, alright? So thank you again for joining us. Real quick before we bring Matthew on, Ben, why don’t you quickly go over a neat testimonial we got in this week?

Ben McClure 37:21
Yes, so…

Jeff Giagnocavo 37:22
…from one of our customers.

Ben McClure 37:24
I thought this one was interesting because it referenced a family’s worth of mattresses. So one of the questions on our handwritten testimonial form that we give out, on delivery, and our customers mail back, is tell us what you thought of your salesperson. In this case, it was about Andy. This person, Carol said, “He’s awesome.” And she actually selected the same mattress as her mom, sister and family friend. Can you guess what that mattress was? Probably the longest running mattress in the showroom.

Jeff Giagnocavo 37:54
Generations Firm!

Ben McClure 37:54
Generations Firm. I mean, that mattress is super popular. It’s a two-sided, flippable firm bed, it’s good for just about anybody, but they all have the same mattress. And then of course her question about her experience…”Everyone a Gardener’s is an exceptional asset to your team.” And that goes to, you know, our delivery team and our sales team. She wouldn’t go anywhere else. “I don’t remember how long it’s been to sleep like this. Thanks.” So thank you, Carol, for sending that in. And thanks to your family.

Jeff Giagnocavo 38:29
Yeah, and I mean, the deeper thing behind that, we kind of joke about, guess which mattress it was. And briefly, the thing about the mattress industry is these big name brands, they change over the model names every year or two. Really to kind of justify a number of things that don’t serve you as the consumer. Whereas a company like Gold Bond, who’s been in business for 100 plus years, it’s the same family, fifth generation ownership.

Ben McClure 38:54
It’s unbelievable.

Jeff Giagnocavo 38:55
I’ve personally known the family for 20 years, worked for them at one point in my career, and that mattress model has been around for I mean, really the entire time we’ve been offering their products. So it’s the kind of thing that customers once they find something they can come back to you we take calls often, you know, “I bought a beauty rest something or other or service something or other 10 years ago and I want the same thing”…it’s just not gonna happen.

Ben McClure 39:20
Not a chance.

Jeff Giagnocavo 39:22
Not gonna happen. So with all that said, Matthew Roda, RODA Marketing, helping businesses avoid confusion, send a clear message to their customers, and have their customers be able to work with their businesses in a positive way. So welcome.

Matthew Roda 39:41
Thank you back.

Jeff Giagnocavo 39:42
Welcome back on.

Ben McClure 39:43
Yeah, yeah.

Jeff Giagnocavo 39:44
So we kind of left off, giving you a thing to think about of how you help your clients in the last year. We all know the last year was COVID. But where do you think you best helped the folks that you work with?

Matthew Roda 40:00
Yeah, so when COVID hit, we immediately implemented what are considered “alert bars” on all of our clients websites, which is basically like a bar across the top of the website says, like, “COVID Information, Click Here”, whatever that message is. And then from that alert bar, there’s a page on their website where we share more information. During normal times, we charge an hourly fee for development work. So that normally would have cost clients anywhere from like 75 to $150, to implement that bar and to put up a page. And then in addition to the initial setup, there’s probably once or twice a week, every client was, you know, can you update that page, that message to say this, because with COVID, things were changing so quickly. And it was just super important for our clients to be able to communicate with their clients and customer. So we were bombarded with these requests from our clients of can you change that page to say this now? Can you change the bar to say this, so we were just doing that constantly. And I reached out to my brother, and I was like, “Listen, like, we’re taking a hit financially here with COVID because we lost a couple clients,” I said, “But what do you think about just good karma, you know, good business, and not charging our clients for this, because most of them are in a difficult position as well.” So let’s do all this work for them without, you know, charging them and nickel and diming them, which we decided to do. When we ran the numbers at the end the height of COVID, when everything semi got back to normal in the summertime, and things started to calm down a little bit. It was probably like three to five to $6,000 worth of work that we could have charged for, which is an epic by any stretch of imagination, but it is revenue that we turned our back to because we thought it was better for us to just do that nice thing for our clients. And it was funny, because around that time that we did an analysis of how much money did we turn down by not charging our clients for that work, I’m friends with a local competitor who owns a similar company, and he was actually online. And was like COVID was, you know, COVID, like brought brought opportunity for my business, the exact same thing, we added alert bars, and it helped us generate a new revenue stream. And I was like, you know, good for you, if that’s what you’re looking to do is generate revenue when opportunity knocks, it’s a good business model, I don’t knock that. But I felt better. And I went to bed and slept good and woke up happy and content in life and peaceful knowing that we did not take an opportunity like that to further hurt our clients financially, because we knew they were struggling. So that was just one of the things. And it were all about long term relationships. So, per client, we probably turned away 300 to 500 bucks. But if that client sticks with us for three, five, ten, fifteen years, because that amplified by other things that we do for them, from a business perspective and monetary perspective, it was an easy decision to make. But then ultimately, it was also just, “Do unto others as you would want done unto you.” And if I was a struggling business owner, and I reached out to my marketing company was like, “Hey, can you do this?” And they were like, “Yeah, no charge, we just want to help you get through these tough times”, I would have been extremely grateful for that. So that’s the kind of respect that we wanted to give to our clients as well.

Jeff Giagnocavo 43:09
Yeah, and I’m positive…maybe you know…I’m going to share something similar in our business…maybe something that came back to you from that goodwill deposit. And maybe it’s yet to be seen. Ben, you may not recall this, but just as things were shutting down, or maybe it was just before…I think it was the week of the March 16. The evening of the 16th, we closed our doors, and we had some some deliveries still outstanding that week and we had a very nice gentleman tip us 300 bucks.

Ben McClure 43:46
Oh, that’s right.

Jeff Giagnocavo 43:47
And we decided to, in around that time, also make a donation of pillows to local frontline workers, nurses, EMT, etc.

Ben McClure 44:01

Jeff Giagnocavo 44:03
We took that 300 bucks and we didn’t really announce it. I think it was the first time we’re publicly announcing it. But we took about 300 bucks and we put it towards buying even more pillows. Then what happens is, the company that we bought the pillows from they came to package. Somebody in the customer about somebody in the customer service office made a simple mistake and doubled up our order. The company when brought to their attention said, “You know what, it’s a good cause, just keep it.” And I firmly believe that taking that 300 bucks instead of putting in our pocket, which honestly at the time, you know, Ben and I are like we’ve just locked the doors to our business and we don’t know what’s in front of us. And I firmly believe that small little gesture, karmically, whatever you want to call it, is what led to getting double of those pillows and then being able to give twice as much away. So things like that I think are great. You know Matthew, you do a lot of things, website SEO, SEM, paid digital advertising. How do you…so even business owners kind of have a hard time understanding exactly what all that means. If you could express how you help a business owner meet their customer. How does how does RODA Marketing best do that?

Matthew Roda 45:25
Yep. So with the internet, it’s basically attraction based marketing. So there are people all over the internet, social media, going to Google searching for the products and services that you have to offer. And then you need a company like ours, not necessarily ours, but a company like ours, that does a good job for you to make sure that your business, your message is getting seen by those people. At the moment, they’re searching for what you have to offer. So whether it’s go to Google type in “best mattresses Lancaster PA”, or it’s on Facebook, and you know that they visited something regarding mattresses, and now you’re retargeting them. We make sure that your message is showing up in front of people the moment they’re looking for it. That way, you’re one of the first options that they have, because people make decisions very quick nowadays. So if you’re on the second page of Google, even the bottom of the first page of Google, there’s a strong chance that you are not going to get that business because they’re looking for immediate gratification, immediate results. So we help you make sure you’re one of the first options out there.

Jeff Giagnocavo 46:27
That’s great. So you know, we’ve got businesses that listen to this show. But we also send this out to our large customer list, which we have business owners on our customer list, but we also just have folks that have a job and they would be more “consumers” if we were to label them. Why don’t you talk about how you help business owners attract those customers. But then the thing going on right now, privacy with digital, is a big topic, right? When you search something, it seems like companies have this grasp on you, which is a good thing, in a way, because somebody went to search for a product, so smart companies put relevant information in front of that search. But there comes a point where enough is enough. How do you help the businesses you work with kind of navigate that to where their investments are wisely spent and their customers find the right information but then it doesn’t just perpetuate this this cycle? If you get what I’m saying?

Matthew Roda 47:28
Yeah, I do. And it’s an extremely challenging topic. Because if you’re getting remarketing or retargeting, which basically is that, you’re being followed around on the internet and you’re like, how are these people constantly showing me stuff? You’ve at some point accepted cookies somewhere on some website. So technically, as a consumer, you’ve basically said to the internet, “This is okay with me, do it” even though you probably didn’t know that’s what you were accepting. So, legally, a company like ours is allowed to implement a strategy where we follow people around, because we know hey, if you were interested in mattresses, and you visited their website, you’re probably interested in mattresses a couple weeks later still. So we want to make sure that when you’re ready to make that purchase that you remember these guys. So we’ve had an irate customer of one of our clients call and like, “You’re harassing me, and this is illegal and this needs to stop.” And our client was like, “What do we say to him?” And I actually jumped on a call with that irate customer because our client was not able to talk them down. So he was like, “Can you do anything to help?” And I was like, “Listen, I’ll call the guy, you know, I’ll jump on the phone. I’ll explain to him how all this works.” But like, there’s nothing we can do for that one specific consumer unless we turn off all your campaigns, which isn’t worth it, because you’re reaching 999 people that don’t get that upset by this. So that part of it, there’s no magic pill that we can give anyone to say, you’re only going to retarget and follow people around who are okay with this happening. It’s just the nature of the internet. It’s the nature of online marketing nowadays. And in terms of being found by people who we know are searching like Google provides a ton of tools and then a social media platforms as well, that we can make sure that we’re only showing ads to people who are interested in the products and services that our clients have to offer. And then Google specifically like you guys as an example, like we’re not going to have you guys show up if someone goes in and types in swimming pools, Lancaster PA cause it makes absolutely no sense. But if someone types in anything related to sleep, or mattresses or things like that, you can optimize a website in a way that they will show up your website on Google when that type of search happens.

Jeff Giagnocavo 49:42

Matthew Roda 49:43
I bored Ben so much he left.

Jeff Giagnocavo 49:48
No, no, not at all. I think actually why Ben disappeared is very connected to something you just shared, which I’m very impressed by. I mentioned earlier in the show, we’re on the grind here. We’re short staffed We’re actually recording this episode before hours, we’re running a couple minutes behind, where we got the doors open, we have a delivery truck that arrived. And right now, in the crazy logistical times, maybe you’ve heard there’s a ship stuck in the Suez Canal, logistics are crazy. So we’re not going to turn away freight, which has our mattresses on for our customers. So that’s where Ben had to run to real quick. But, you know, I think if you’re listening, you know, what Matthew did there, again, I think is really important for anybody listening and watching this now. I mean, he got on the phone, not with his customer, but with his customer’s customer. And again, I think, when you look at the Lancaster community, people have their differences. But I think deep down, we all really do care about one another. We’re all good, folks. I see it. I see it all the time. And there’s always going to be moments where things are dialed up and people have a little more stress a little more pressure in their day. And it might just seem like this is not a nice person. But you know what they’re just sometimes there’s just moments where people aren’t at their best. But Matthew, that’s kudos to you to get on the phone like that and talk to your customer’s customer and navigate through those reasons. That’s just tremendous service. That’s really cool to hear. So I think if you’re looking for your business and you’re looking for the services that RODA Marketing offers, I think you should definitely check them out. And that’s RODA, spelled r o d a marketing.com, you can get ahold of Matthew there. For Pitties Love Peace, for those listening it’s “pitties”, p i t t i e s, the affectionate name for Pit Bulls, right Audrey? pittieslovepeace.com and all that’s on there. So as we wrap up, why don’t we talk about why we love Lancaster, maybe we can kind of wax on my thing of I think, inherently there’s really good folks here as compared to some other areas in my opinion. But what do you like about living in the community? Let’s go to Audrey.

Audrey Lilley 52:03
I think one of my favorite things about Lancaster is that there are so many different things to do and different areas to do it in. You have Lancaster City Center where you can go shop and go to lots of different restaurants. You have Lancaster suburbs, where you can go out and do hiking or go to different attractions. You have the tourism aspect of it. You also have just like all different kinds of activities to do, it just seems like a really well-rounded area. I grew up here, so might be a little partial, but I did move away for about five years and came back. So I think that says a lot too, as a young 20-something.

Jeff Giagnocavo 52:40
Where did you move to?

Audrey Lilley 52:41
I lived near Pittsburgh. So not super far away. Western Pennsylvania.

Jeff Giagnocavo 52:48
Yeah, I mean, I think I think what we see in Lancaster, you hit the nail on the head, you’ve got such a great mix and the outdoor aspect of things. You’ve got the river, Susquehanna River. You got a couple other smaller rivers. But if you’re into fishing, kayaking, boating, you’ve got that. You’ve got the mountains if you’d like to hike and camp. I mean, I’ve recently gotten into camping. We’re starting next weekend, I’m going to be building out the campsite. Yeah, it’s kind of funny. I’m a “glamper”. You know, like, we’ll have Wi-Fi, I’ll have a incredible cook station. You know, but there’s just all that kind of stuff around here. So that’s very cool. I often say that downtown Lancaster is kind of like a mini Austin, if you will. I’ve traveled a lot. I’ve traveled the country and I see the culture, the renaissance of the city. You’ve got art, you’ve got music, of course, current times accepting but we’ll get there again, but you’ve got all of that stuff to do and really have your pick of most anything that a big city offers, but you’ve got this Lancaster area charm. Matthew, what do you think? What do you like best this area?

Matthew Roda 53:56
It’s similar to what Audrey had to say. There’s just there’s so much different stuff to do. lPaces to eat are unlimited, really. I’m a big fitness enthusiast. So I have two friends who own fitness studios. And through that I’ve gotten to know some really, really awesome people and then we go for runs kind of outside of the studio. So just the people in general, I feel like are genuine human beings. I lived in San Diego for five years when I graduated high school, or graduated college sorry, and came back. And not that people weren’t sincere there, but I had a harder time making like good quality friends out there. Whereas here it’s like, I make a friend, like a really good friend and that’ll be a friend for life because we have like shared connections, shared interests…food, nature, plenty places to take our two dogs for a walk. I just love everything about it, really.

Jeff Giagnocavo 54:47
Yeah, yep. Well, I think that wraps up the show. I want to thank everybody for joining us. Matthew, really appreciate your time. Again, if you’re a local business owner and you’re looking for website services, digital marketing services, SEO, SEM, paid advertising. You work on social media stuff too Matthew, is that right?

Matthew Roda 55:13
Yep, absolutely.

Jeff Giagnocavo 55:14
Okay. Definitely check them out. I’m tremendously impressed with that fact of calling his customer’s customer. That’s a big, big integrity move, that you’re just not going to get in a lot of places. Audrey, thank you for your time today. As a volunteer, I know you’ve got a finite amount of time. You also have your own life to live. So I really appreciate you being on the line with us, I really do. Thanks for joining us so much. You can check out Audrey at Pitties Love Peace, connect with what she’s doing and the efforts there. And again, for RODA, rodamarketing.com, you can check them out there. Folks, thanks so much for joining us. Really appreciate you having us host you on the show. Thanks, everybody for tuning in. We’ll see you next week on Lancaster Connects.

Georgia 56:19
Get Super Cereal.


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