Episode 10: Ephrata Public Library, The Lancaster Science Factory – May 12th, 2021

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On Episode 10 of Lancaster Connects, we’re joined by Penny Talbert from Ephrata Public Library who talks about huge role the library plays in the community as part of the Northern Lancaster Hub and the new developments they have launched or are about to launch.

We’re also joined by Rob Reed from Lancaster Science Factory to tell us about the different ways they’re helping kids to learn about STEM subjects – Science Technology Engineering & Math.

There’s also:

  • 🎟️ Our weekly local events roundup
  • 🥡 Our food truck alert – which food trucks will be where and when
  • 🤝 How you can help the Lancaster Community
  • 🐺 Our Pet of the Week
  • 🍔 Our $25 Gift Card Giveaway for local Lancaster restaurants
  • 🛌 And a tip on how to Sleep Better.

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This Week’s Guests:

👉 Ephrata Public Library:

👉 Lancaster Science Factory:

🐺 Meet Kermit, Our Pet Of The Week from Pitties Love Peace!

Kermit is 4 year old, male, Pit Bull Terrier Mix that wants nothing more than an energetic family to walk, play ball and snuggle with.pit bull, lancaster pa, adopt dog, rescue dog, kitties love peace, kermit

He loves his treats and is very food motivated which makes training easy for this smart fella.

He can play a little rough but responds well to a strong and experienced leader. A larger, calm doggie sibling that is tolerant of Kermit’s energy and youthful playfulness would be a good fit, but Kermie would also be happy to be the one and only.

He’s not sure about cats but can be tested if the need arises. Because such an energetic boy, a home with children over the age of 12 years would be best for him.

Click here to learn more about adopting Kermit:

Learn more about Pitties Love Peace: www.PittiesLovePeace.com

Events Around Lancaster This Week:

  • Lombardo’s Italian Restaurant in Lancaster, is celebrating 75 years of “good food and good company”
  • Masonic Village Farm & Farm Market in Elizabethtown has reopened.
  • Night at the Mall Sport Edition: Friday, May 14th, 4pm-9pm
  • Spring Fling @ Willow Valley Golf Course: Saturday, May 15th, 12pm-7pm
  • Ephrata Community Garden Fundraiser: Thursday, May 13th – Saturday, 15th
    • The Ephrata Public Library is partnering with the Pressed Plate for a fundraiser benefiting the Ephrata Community Garden. Don’t miss this opportunity to give to the community and receive something delicious in return. Make a donation to the garden and get a gift card from the Pressed Plate.
    • Ephrata Community Garden Location: 175 Old Mill Rd, Ephrata, PA 17522
    • Ephrata Community Garden On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ephratagarden/
    • Ephrata Public Library On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ephratapublic/
    • The Pressed Plate On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ThePressedPlate
  • Jake Joyce Band in the Beer Garden at Phantom Power: Friday, May 14th, 6pm
  • Team Jennifer Cahill Charities Launch Fundraiser: Saturday, May 15th, 8am
  • Charlie Crusader’s Outdoor Pet Rescue Meet & Greet: Saturday, May 15th, 11am-3pm
    • Come out to Charlie’s Crusaders Rescue Meet and Greet.
    • Charlie’s Crusaders is a volunteer, non-profit  organization dedicated to rescuing dogs who are abandoned, homeless, or neglected or have been passed by time and again, living months, even sometimes years, in a shelter. Representatives from the group will have adoptable animals available for you to meet, as well as items available for sale to benefit their rescue.
    • Location: That Fish Place-That Pet Place, 237 Centerville Road, Lancaster, PA.
    • Website: CharliesCrusaders.org
    • Event Page: ThatPetPlace.com/Articles/Charlies-Crusaders-Meet-And-Greet
  • Live on the Roof Top – Featuring Howl Train At TellUs360: Saturday, May 15th, 6pm-8pm
    • Howl Train is a rowdy, unbridled, all together good time that will leave the souls of your feet singing a tune of their own.
    • Tickets: Free for ages 21+
    • Location: 24 East King Street, Lancaster, PA
    • Phone: 717-393-1660
    • Website: Tellus360.com/Events
    • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tellus360
  • Warwick Bands Food Truck Fest: Sunday, May 16th, 11am-3pm
    • Come out and support the Warwick Band Program by attending the first ever Warwick Bands Food Truck Fest at Lititz Spring Park.
    • More than 15 food trucks and vendors will be on site.
    • Location: Lititz Springs Park, 24 N Broad St, Lititz, PA 17543
    • Website: WarwickBand.com
    • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WarwickBands/
  • Tables On Sale For CASA’s 11th Annual Heroes Gala and Benefit: Saturday, September 11th
    • CASA – Court Appointed Special Advocate are volunteers who stand up for abused and neglected children. Tables are on sale NOW for their September 11th fundraising event.
    • This year’s theme is “80s Prom”. So find your most tubular outfit and get ready for a righteous party. Limited seating.
    • Location: Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square, 25 S. Queen Street, Lancaster, PA
    • Website: http://www.CASAlancaster.org/
  • The Ephrata Public Library Has Plenty Of Fun Events For All Ages!


    Lancaster’s Food Truck Scene For This Week:


      Lancaster Connects Community:

      • Volunteer At The Science Factory!
        • As a non-profit – The Science Factory’s success relies on the community’s help and is always in need of volunteers – of all ages. 
        • If you’d like to work with children to develop curiosity, think creatively and build confidence – visit: https://www.lancastersciencefactory.org/volunteer/ 
      • Walk MS: Lancaster 2021 – Saturday, May 15th
        • Click here to visit the Walk MS: Lancaster 2021 page.
      • Volunteers Needed at Steven Greenland Cemetery
        • In advance of Memorial Day there is an incredible effort of informal collaboration to honor those who’ve been forgotten, and who served our country in the ultimate way, now interred at Stevens Greenland Cemetery.
        • 3 Ways To Help:
          1. Volunteer to help with clean-up for all the Saturday mornings between now and Memorial Day.
          2. Donate for repairs and ongoing maintenance by sending a check to:
            • Sons of the American Legion Post 34 c/o Gary Wilson, 1388 Arcadia Rd, Lancaster, PA 17601
          3. Attend on Memorial Day to honor those who have served our country.
        • Email DRIVE@co.lancaster.pa.us for more information
        • Location: 1000 S Duke St, Lancaster, PA 17602
      • Team Jennifer Cahill Charities Needs Your Help!
        • We told you about the Car-Truck-Bike Show & Run – fundraiser for Team Jennifer Cahill Charities on Saturday May 15th at Reinholds Fire Company in the show.
        • The charity is new. They need someone with Social Media marketing experience to volunteer their time to help the charity. Also would like help from someone with fundraising experience.
        • If you’ve got some experience in the field, perhaps you could reach out to Michael and offer some words of encouragement and help him grow his support network.
        • Phone: (717) 371-3035 between 12pm-6pm EST.
        • Email: ExecDirectorTJCC@gmail.com
        • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/teamjennifercahillcharities
      • Volunteers Need For “Hanging Baskets” With Lancaster’s Economic Action for Downtown’s Success (LEADS)
        • LEADS is having their next basket hanging in Downtown Lancaster on Saturday, May 15th – and they’re looking for volunteers.
        • Starts at 8:30am on Saturday morning, until around 11am or 12 noon.
        • Doughnuts and coffee will be available for the volunteers.

      More information: info@lancasterLEADS.org or go to their Facebook page:https://Facebook.com/LancasterLEADS

      • Do you have a non-profit, good cause, or worthwhile endeavor that you’d like to promote on the show?
        Tell us all about it via our contact form.
      • Do you need volunteers to donate their time to help with a non-profit, good cause or worthwhile endeavor?
        Tell us all about it via our contact form.
      • Would you like to donate some of your time to supporting local non-profits, good causes and worthwhile endeavors in the Lancaster area? Join the Lancaster Connects community by checking the box on our free restaurant gift card giveaway entry form!



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      Episode Transcript (Click Here To Open/Close)

      Jeff Giagnocavo 0:00
      On Episode 10 of Lancaster Connects, we’re joined by Penny Talbert from Ephrata Public Library and Rob Reed from the Science Factory. We will also have our local events rundown, our food truck alert, how you can help your local community, our pet of the week, a local history nugget and a tip on how to sleep better. Plus your chance to win one of two $25 gift cards to a local Lancaster restaurant. That’s all coming up on Episode 10 of Lancaster Connects.

      Ben McClure 0:26
      So how can you support the Lancaster community? That’s what this show is all about.

      Ben McClure 0:46
      Coming to you from the Dream Room at Gardner’s Mattress & More, Lancaster Connects is brought to you by the Sleep Better book. We’ll mail you a free copy, just go to GardnersMattressAndMore.com/Sleep-Better.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 0:59
      Well, I won’t mail you this one because this one’s all marked up and it says “podcast’s copy” on it. We’ll mail you a fresh new one, with maybe a little coupon to come in and extend your savings a little more on our great mattresses and sleep systems and all that stuff. Speaking of sleep, I didn’t sleep that well this weekend.

      Ben McClure 1:17
      Why not?

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:18
      I was too busy. Too busy camping. Too busy thinking about all the moving parts of the weekend. It’s a soccer game wedged in there to the middle of nowhere. Yes, soccer is one of those sports. I just don’t understand. I can’t get it. I don’t know if that’s that. I don’t want to get it. My youngest son loves it.

      Ben McClure 1:39
      But that’sall that matters. You know?

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:42
      Yeah, but there’s a ball and there’s a goal. You have to get it into the goal and parents get really hyped about their little kid getting a little business in the back.

      Ben McClure 1:53

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:53
      Meanwhile, like I’m a football, wrestling guy, right? Not like man underpants and makeup like WWE, like collegiate wrestling. That wrestling. You know, getting the business is not a big deal for me. But apparently in soccer. It can cause drama.

      Ben McClure 2:15
      I mean, it’s a physical sport though, right?

      Jeff Giagnocavo 2:17
      We think so.

      Ben McClure 2:18
      Did anybody get a red card?

      Jeff Giagnocavo 2:20
      A parent got a yellow card.

      Ben McClure 2:22
      That’s awesome. I didn’t know that could happen.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 2:26
      Not really.

      Ben McClure 2:27
      Well, that’s true.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 2:27
      Yeah, I guess it was. It was technically a yellow card for the bench on behalf of the parent.

      Ben McClure 2:32

      Jeff Giagnocavo 2:33
      But yeah, fun stuff,

      Ben McClure 2:35
      Busy is good. You weren’t here though.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 2:39
      That’s right. We have a great team that can run our store and represent us very well. So yeah. But speaking of a team that can do great things in the store. You’ve got a guest that we’re gonna tease this. There was a little moonlight serenade, years ago, I’ve learned.

      Ben McClure 2:59
      We’ll let Penny fill us in on on that from about, I don’t know, 17 or 18 years ago. I’m not denying that it happened. But I have no recollection of it. But Penny remembers this. Apparently, it’s dramatic. Hey, Penny.

      Penny Talbert 3:15

      Ben McClure 3:16
      How are you?

      Penny Talbert 3:17
      How are you doing? I’m good!

      Jeff Giagnocavo 3:19
      Thanks for joining us. Penny’s from the Ephrata Public Library. We’ve got Rob Reed from the Science Factory. Welcome, Rob to the show. We appreciate you being here. Both of you. We’ve got a rundown of what’s going on, in and around Lancaster. I spent my first weekend though, in May, I guess this was our first, well no, it wasn’t our first full weekend. It was our first full weekend ready to go camping, right, where we were set up. So I got a new seasonal campsite. Which means you kind of park your trailer and you just go. And that’s the whole battle with the family is, we just want to go. My son’s traipse out they got pillows and blankets and shoes. as well. We have extra, let’s leave it there and go. So the family that owns a campground, the Wood family, they’re into Ford cars, they’ve got a bunch of antique cars sitting around. They’ve really actually got my juices flowing.

      Ben McClure 4:19
      Oh no.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 4:19
      I’d love to get, I don’t think I got a photo of it, but they’ve got these old F-250 trucks from the 70s which are just very cool looking trucks.

      Ben McClure 4:28

      Jeff Giagnocavo 4:28
      And I’d like to get one. Oh, just maybe we’ll see.

      Ben McClure 4:37
      You call this camping. But it’s it’s more glamping.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 4:41
      Oh yeah, totally glamping I mean, there’s my cook station that I set up. I even built it so I don’t have to hurt my back bending over the griddle. Because it’s low, right, six foot low. But yeah, we’re set up. I have a nice new memory foam mattress in the camper which has actually taken some getting used to. Okay, we talked about the break-in period. So I’ve only really spent one or two nights on it still getting used to it from my really wonderful latex mattress that we have at home but but such as it is, that’s the camping trip. It was a lot of fun.

      Ben McClure 5:16
      That’s awesome.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 5:17
      The kids can ride the golf cart and have fun with that and go fishing.

      Ben McClure 5:22
      Have you done the trail yet, the Appalachian?

      Jeff Giagnocavo 5:24
      I have not done the trail.

      Ben McClure 5:25
      Yeah, that’s cool.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 5:26
      I found the entry though. I found the entry to the trail. That’s just up the road from our site. So imagine that, got it right there.

      Ben McClure 5:35
      Got to do that.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 5:36
      No excuses. I have to do it. Yep.

      Ben McClure 5:38
      Yep. So later on this episode, we’re going to talk about what’s going on in and around Lancaster. We do have a photo contest update. We do have a quick tip on how to sleep better and where the food trucks will be. I don’t know if we’re going to have that flashing logo that we requested.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 5:56
      We should. We should have the woo-woo horn.

      Ben McClure 5:58
      Yeah. What else do we have? Jeff?

      Jeff Giagnocavo 6:01
      How you can help your neighbors by joining the Lancaster Connects Community This is very important to us. So we’ll talk about that. Our pet of the week segment is Kermit the dog. Not to be confused with his cousin Kermit the Frog. He just you know, you’ve got your spouse at home. Right? I’ve got a work spouse that I learned something new about but you know I learn something new every day. The singing and now the Kermit noise that was pretty good. That was pretty good.

      Ben McClure 6:30
      So you know the funny thing about the Kermit noise is apparently when I raised my voice during basketball, and I was announcing the players names. I was like, we were six and seven year old boys. We know exactly where this is going. So I raised my voice and apparently I sound like Kermit the Frog way when I get loud.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 6:46
      Well, at any rate, you can get all of our hijinks on our podcast show. Remember, this show is also available as a podcast. You can find the links at LancasterConnects.com. Please Like and Share this video, leave a comment and tell a friend about this show. We would greatly appreciate that. There on the screen you can see the various podcast icons, so it might remind you, “Oh yeah, I listen to that one.” Search up Lancaster Connects on that one. We’ll get you square.

      Ben McClure 7:17
      So let’s bring on our guests. We said hello to them earlier. Maybe we can get the story from Penny. Penny is from the Ephrata Public Library. And there’s Rob. Hey, Rob from the Lancaster Science Factory. Penny go ahead and tell your story. That might have been traumatic perhaps.

      Penny Talbert 7:39
      It was traumatic and it was Valentine’s Day, I believe of 2003. And my husband, my husband at the time was my brand new boyfriend.

      Ben McClure 7:51
      Jason, he’s former Gardener’s employee, right?

      Penny Talbert 7:55
      Many years ago, we went to the mattress store to look at mattresses and I was greeted by a barbershop quartet that followed me around the store singing to me for Valentine’s Day, which was horrifying. Absolutely horrifying.

      Ben McClure 7:58
      So and apparently I was part of this barbershop quartet which I was.

      Penny Talbert 8:16
      You were.

      Ben McClure 8:15
      I was in the Lancaster Red Rose Men’s Chorus with my friend, Greg Mazurek. And he was the director of the chorus at that time, and I was there with him one year.

      Penny Talbert 8:21
      And he was my daughter’s music teacher.

      Ben McClure 8:30
      Yes, that’s right. That’s right.

      Penny Talbert 8:32
      So I knew him from there. So yeah, you guys followed me around the store as I ran behind mattresses to hide from the humiliation because there were a lot of other people in the store at the time who had no idea why I was being followed by men singing love songs to me.

      Ben McClure 8:50
      So songs, so there was more than one song.

      Penny Talbert 8:53
      It was about 20 minutes. Yeah, it was horrifying.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 8:59
      So, Rob, poor Rob. welcome, Rob. Yeah, you’re kind of coming into this conversation like I am. This is totally new, some strange information. So Rob, do you sing by the way?

      Rob Reed 9:15
      No, God no.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 9:18
      Yeah, I mean, I do in my car alone with the radio up so I don’t even hear myself. But you know, I’m known for a couple of rock concerts every now and then but certainly not in public view. Not even in front of my family. Let’s set the table here for a second. So Penny, you said something pretty interesting. You said recently new boyfriend is that right?

      Penny Talbert 9:37
      He was my boyfriend, my new boyfriend at the time. Brand new.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 9:42
      About how many months or weeks to prior to Valentine’s Day did you guys get together, folks?

      Penny Talbert 9:48
      In August, so it was so it was five or six months.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 9:55
      So six months in, he takes you mattress shopping?

      Penny Talbert 10:00

      Jeff Giagnocavo 10:01
      And then says if we’re not gonna [Inaudible].

      Penny Talbert 10:06
      The mattress shopping was just a ploy to get me in the store.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 10:13
      But still you didn’t know that, you didn’t know before?

      Penny Talbert 10:15
      No, I didn’t.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 10:16
      So this is like, you know, this is pretty dialed up.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 10:24
      And then has the serenade with five people.

      Penny Talbert 10:29

      Ben McClure 10:30
      It was not a barbershop quartet, we were a quintet.

      Penny Talbert 10:33
      No, it was a quartet, four. And I believe they were dressed alike as well.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 10:42
      Yeah. So six months in, you are shopping for a new mattress, you stay after being serenaded or stalked by five singing people in suits. Here’s what I want to know. Why isn’t this guy working for us? Because he’s the world’s best salesperson.

      Ben McClure 11:02
      They said Jason was a great salesperson he moved on to bigger and better things that he’s with what a Four Seasons Produce now.

      Unknown Speaker 11:10
      No, he’s with Enersys in Reading. But I still have a Gardner’s mattress, so.

      Ben McClure 11:20
      That’s great.

      Penny Talbert 11:21
      I’ve had 20 years.

      Ben McClure 11:25
      That’s very good.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 11:27
      Rob. Any romantic happenings? Like this one? Maybe not, as you know, but any romantic happenings take place at the Science Factory?

      Rob Reed 11:38
      Yeah, well, no, not particularly at the Science Factory. You know, we’re primarily for kids. So not even a lot of dates or anything like that. A lot of parents, a lot of kids running around.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 11:50
      Yeah, thank goodness for that. No dates with the kids. That’s just terrible. But hey, that’s great. So I’m excited to learn more about Science Factory.

      Ben McClure 11:59
      Penny, thanks for sharing the story. Now this trip down memory lane.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 12:05
      I was running out of fodder to torment my work spouse with and you have filled the tack. Thank you.

      Penny Talbert 12:14

      Jeff Giagnocavo 12:15
      Thank you. Alright, well, let’s go on we’ve got a bunch of local events. And remember that all info on links, I guess we’ll even recount the whole quintet or the tomfoolery involved. All info links on that will be available on the website and via email each week. Just enter our giveaway at LancasterConnects.com to subscribe to our weekly email update. With all of our show info. We got a shout out I said this is pretty significant.

      Ben McClure 12:50
      Shout out to Lombardo’s Italian Restaurant in Lancaster. They are celebrating 75 years of good food and good company. That’s incredible.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 13:02
      Oh, I like it. Lombardo’s Italian Restaurant, way to go. I believe it’s Frank Lombardo that actually owns that. No, I think it is Frank.

      Ben McClure 13:11
      I don’t remember.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 13:12
      Well, we know another Franklin Lombardo, he’s a friend up here in our marketing world. Either way, fellow Lombardo, congratulations 75 years in Lancaster. Everyone seems to be happy about the news that Masonic Village Farm and Farm Market and Elizabethtown has reopened. So if you’re familiar with that, go check that out. They are open for business again.

      Ben McClure 13:32
      That’s wonderful.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 13:34
      And we’ve got 10 local events this week. So Ben, you kick it off and we’re gonna work through.

      Ben McClure 13:40
      Run ’em. Night At The Mall-Sports Edition is Friday, May 14 between 4pm and 9pm. There’s gonna be over fifteen food trucks. There are adult beverage vendors, bounce houses, music from DJ RX and also Nathan Maravich, over 30 craft vendors will be in attendance. That’s just up Route 72 at the Lebanon Valley Mall in Lebanon. More information @Facebook.com/FoodTruckAdventure.Lebanon or hang on for our food truck round up.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 14:10
      Yeah, so just real quick, I said we’re going to run them. So you said adult beverages so I’m focusing on diet so I put on a lot of weight last year camping and drinking beer, which drinking beer is basically drinking a loaf of bread. So I’m not doing the beer anymore, but whiskey is actually like keto friendly. So I like to taste multiple whiskies and try so I had a bottle with maybe you know that much left in it. And camping you don’t want to use a lot of water, because you have to, it’s on your mind, you know, in the in the glamping mindset of things. You know, we’ve got bathroom and all that stuff right in the trailer, but you got to get the tanks pumped out and my idea of relaxation is not managing the tanks and I’m not going to get any more grosser than that. It’s the tanks. There’s people that they get into this and they tow the tank drop out with their little blue carts around, they dump it themselves. I can pay 100 bucks for the season and have somebody else handle it but I’m aware of the water. Yeah, so I don’t want to do dishes so I take this bottle out. I’m going around but wouldn’t you know that the owner of the campground comes around and says, “Hey, just just a reminder Jeff, no open bottles.” So like the first interaction with the owner, who’s really cool, but the first interaction with him by campsite is there’s Jeff with a bottle just swinging away by himself no less, my family wasn’t out there yet. I got up to get some last minute things done so anyway.

      Ben McClure 15:41
      You’ve got your pictures now on the wall?

      Jeff Giagnocavo 15:43
      Yeah, wtch out for Drunky McDrunk Face, at 71. Anyway, Spring Fling at the Willow Valley Golf Course. Saturday, May 15. Kick off the 2021 entertainment season right with live music, food trucks, patio bar, and bring your lawn chairs to sit back and relax while listening to the music of Blessing and Fowler and Fast Lane from 12 to 7, it’s free. All right, so free event at Spring Fling at the Willow Valley Golf Course Doubletree Resort by Hilton. That’s on 2400 Willow Street Pike in Lancaster PA. You can get more info on Facebook.com/DoubletreeLancaster or if you want to call and reserve or get a space for more info call 717-464-2711.

      Ben McClure 16:27
      From May 13 to May 15, the Ephrate Public Library is partnering with Pressed Plate for a fundraiser benefitting the Ephrata Community Garden. I bet Penny has something to do with that so she might be able to talk about that. Don’t miss this opportunity to give to the community and receive something delicious in return. Make a donation to the garden and get a gift card from the Pressed Plate. More info @EphrataPublicLibrary and @ThePressedPlate on Facebook.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 16:59
      Jake Joyce Band at the Beer Garden at Phantom Power. Phantom Power has a regular spot here. It seems like they do a lot of cool events. May 14 at 6:00 enjoy an evening of Americana infused rock and roll with Jake Joyce Band. Phantom Power at 121 Frederick Street in Millersville.

      Ben McClure 17:16
      There’s a car truck and bike show and run.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 17:19
      I’ve got three of those. Three…got a car…I got a truck and I got a bike and legs to run. Got bad legs. “My mama said I have magic legs.” (Imitating Forrest Gump)

      Ben McClure 17:33
      The first ever fundraiser for Team Jennifer Cahill Charities. It is Saturday May 15 from 8am on. They’ve got food trucks, raffles, classic cars, trucks and bikes, raffles, auctions and live music with three different bands. Easily Amused, Buckskin Whiskey, that’s up your alley maybe, and Dirt Road Redemption, plus a DJ, and craft fair. Again 8am to about probably 1:30pm the free car show which begins at 10am. It looks like $10 for the day maybe to do everything. Kids under 12 are free. It’s at the Reinholds Fire Company which is 138 West Main Street and Reinholds. You can get more information @Facebook.com/TeamJenniferCahillCharities.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 17:40
      I was chuckling at the under 12 free in my family because my kid he just he eats like an adult

      Ben McClure 18:33

      Jeff Giagnocavo 18:33
      He’s now as tall as me, Aiden.

      Ben McClure 18:35
      Oh, is he really?

      Jeff Giagnocavo 18:36
      He is as tall as me. And he’s 13

      Ben McClure 18:40
      Oh man.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 18:40
      So anyway, May 15th, 11 to 3, come out to Charlie’s Crusaders Rescue Meet and Greet. Charlie’s Crusaders is a volunteer nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing dogs who are abandoned, homeless or neglected and have been passed on by time and again living months even sometimes years in a shelter which is just terrible. You guys listening if you’re our fans, Know near and dear to my heart and by extension, then we have a fondness for shelter dogs. Representatives from the group will have adoptable animals available for you to meet as well as items available for sale to benefit their rescue. Located at That Fish Place That Pet Place at 237 Centerville Road, Lancaster PA.

      Ben McClure 19:23
      Live on the Rooftop featuring Howl Train is May 15 between six and eight o’clock. Howl Train is a rowdy unbridled altogether good time that will leave the soles of your feet singing a tune of their own, free for ages 21 and over and that’s at TELUS360 which is at 24 East King Street in Lancaster.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 19:44
      So interested in that one I was looking right at the notes. I think he looked at me for some feedback but I didn’t have it. Sorry to leave you hanging. Come out and support the Warwick Band Program by attending the first ever Warwick Bands Food and Truck Fest at Lititz Springs Park Sunday, May 6. It’s 11 to 3. More than 15 food trucks and vendors are on that site. Lititz Spring Park at 24 North Broad Street in Lititz PA. More info @WarwickBands on Facebook. And real quick I know Ben you were you were music major music guy.

      Ben McClure 20:15
      So interesting fact about that I did my student teaching for music at Warwick School and was involved with their band and in their marching band. That’s again 20 some years ago.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 20:26
      Yeah, and I know specifically the last year or so the like school bands have really kind of, you know, they’ve kind of had to like get ready and then stop and get ready again and stop due to COVID and they’re kind of like that unseen part of scholastic programs, extracurriculars that got really shafted. I know personally, my oldest boy, his girlfriend at the time. She you know, I watched her prepare and it was it was sad to see so if you can go out and support them. I’m sure they would love it. These kids put in a lot of work a lot of effort. Maybe it’s not exactly your thing. But look, you get to get outside. It’s centrally located. Go check it out. CASA’s 11th Annual Heroes Gala and Benefit. Okay, Casa is Court Appointed Special Advocate who are volunteers who stand up for abused and neglected children. Tables are on sale now for their September 11 fundraising event. This year’s theme is 80s prom. All right. I think everybody’s kind of harkening back to the 80s. I like it. So find your most tubular outfit and get ready for a righteous party. Right on a radical dude. Located at the Lancaster Mariott at Penn Square at 25 South Queen Street Lancaster PA. More info at CasaLancaster.org.

      Ben McClure 21:46
      You imagine the hair?

      Jeff Giagnocavo 21:47
      I could imagine? You know, listen, there’s two there’s two artists out right now that you think I wouldn’t listen to okay. The Weekend?

      Ben McClure 21:55
      That was in my head that you’re gonna say that. Seriously, it was the the only reason I know them is from the Superbowl. Okay, him. Whatever.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 22:05
      Yep. And Dua Lipa. And they both have songs. They both have songs that kind of sound like the 80s. Okay. And I like it. Anyway, you got the wrap up on the events,

      Ben McClure 22:17
      The Ephrata Public Library, which will lead into our guest Penny. They have daily events at the library. Our guest, Penny will tell us all about them. Of course, you can get more info at EphrataPublicLibrary.org.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 22:34
      Yep. And, again, I know we ran through a lot there for you. Give you a lot of dates, a lot of contact information. Don’t worry, don’t stress. Lancaster Connects is here to help you connect to the community. So all info, all links available on the website and via email each week. Just enter our giveaway at LancasterConnects.com to subscribe to our weekly email update with all of our show info. Remember, this show is available as a podcast. And you can find all of those podcasts links at LancasterConnects.com and we’d greatly appreciate it. Please don’t forget, like and share this video, leave a comment and tell a friend about this show.

      Ben McClure 23:13
      Guests, any of those events sound good to you?

      Penny Talbert 23:19
      Well, of course,

      Rob Reed 23:21

      Penny Talbert 23:23
      They all sound great. Well, I’m definitely going to make a donation to the Community Garden so I can get some free gift cards from the Pressed Plate for the library because that place is amazingly good.

      Ben McClure 23:36
      Very good. How about you Rob?

      Rob Reed 23:39
      There’s another one coming up at Phantom Power on Sunday. They’re doing a flea market out there from 11 to three. So I think I’m actually going to head out to Millersville and check that out. I got my girlfriend’s actually selling ceramics. So shout out Hilly Ceramics, and my friend John’s making pizzas up there. So shout out also to Johnny’s Pies.

      Ben McClure 23:56
      Very cool. So have you been there up?

      Rob Reed 23:59
      You know, what does the last concert I saw? I went like in person. You know, last early March, I saw their first show out there. And it was awesome. I mean, there’s an old movie theater. So that was cool to see you too. Like how you know it slopes down, you can tell that it used to be an old theater. So it’s awesome. I really feel for them to have opened like right before the pandemic and still getting through and doing stuff outdoors. wish them all the best. It’s really, really an awesome space.

      Ben McClure 24:29
      That’s great. That’s great. Yeah, I’ve not been but I’d like to. It’s cool. Thanks. Thanks for sharing that.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 24:37
      And thanks for the flea market update. Maybe we will try to get that in our show notes if we can for this this episode. So I’m gonna let Ben and Penny kind of kind of wrap here because I’m just I’m just still in awe of what transpired and you know. Penny a little bit about me. As a single bachelor. Ephrata was my stomping grounds. I had an apartment in the [Inaudible] building on South Main Street. I might have been known once or twice to walk home from the [Inaudible] down the street. So, but the Ephrata Public Library when I worked in construction, right after high school was right across the street from Gooding Simpson and Mackes Roofing. Like copper work and historical restoration hung off of cranes, which was fun. That was that was fun times. But But yeah, so I saw that. And I think that was about the time when, when the building was greatly expanded.

      Penny Talbert 25:41
      The building used to be it was a very small library down on Fulton Street. And was the the one that’s on the hill now has been there since the 90s.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 25:56
      Yeah, very good. All right.

      Ben McClure 25:59
      Wedon’t need to bring up any more embarrassing stories or traumatic experiences.

      Penny Talbert 26:03
      oh, I will.

      Ben McClure 26:08
      Tell us more about you and your history with the library and what the library is there to do.

      Penny Talbert 26:15
      Well, I feel like I’ve been with the library forever. Um, I will be celebrating my 20th year with the library in February. So it’s been a while. Um, this is our first week that we are fully open again since the shutdown last year. So our doors are open to our regular hours. We’re open Monday through Thursday, 10am to 8pm and Saturday, from nine to one. Right now, our Passport Service is open six days a week. So if you are planning on taking a trip anywhere, make your appointment to get your passport now because there is a wait to get an appointment. And, you know, we’re starting in person programming, as well as still doing some virtual programming. We’ve got a home delivery service that we’ve been expanding. We’re also continuing with contactless locker service for folks that just aren’t quite ready to come into the building yet. And look for books, we’ll pick them out for you, and you can pick them up in our lockers. So we are, we’re ready, we’re ready for summer reading. We can’t wait to welcome everyone back into our building and help everyone catch up on what turned out to be a one year summer slide as far as reading goes for kids. So we really want to make sure that we are providing all the resources that we possibly can, as far as regular basic literacy goes. But you know, we’ve also got our fingers and all kinds of other literacies in Africa. So we also run the Northern Lancaster hub, which is a collective impact partnership of social service agencies funded by the United Way. So right now we’re providing with our partners, we’re providing a five day a week free shuttle. So if you need a ride around town, you can just jump on the shuttle for free. We’re offering all kinds of we have a day center for homeless folks in our community to try to help them get a leg up and, you know, find jobs and housing. We’re running the community garden. So this year, we’re hoping to provide at least 1500 pounds of produce to our food bank. Um, so that’s, that’s it, this is we’re in our third year of the community garden. And that has become really successful. And this year, we’ve kind of expanded it a little bit more by adding an indoor lettuce tower in the library lobby, which is it’s really cool looking, it looks like a spaceship with plants growing out of it. It’s about six foot tall. It’s a hydroponic vegetable. Right? There it is. There’s a photo of it right there. But it’s now like grown way out beyond the lights. So we’re harvesting there as well. And all the food that we raise goes either to the food bank, or to our cooking courses at the library, because we found that as we started growing some vegetables, people were like, what’s called Robbie, and they wouldn’t take it from the food bank unless we taught them how to cook with it. So we’ve been we’ve been really busy trying to serve all of the needs that our community has by helping to be the referral agency. So we’re not actually doing any of that social service work. But when people need those things, they come to the library and then we can refer them to the best partner and it’s really saving all of us a lot of time doing it that way. So, yeah, we’re really busy at the library and doing lots of things that libraries wouldn’t necessarily expect.

      Ben McClure 30:09
      Yeah, you know that that’s interesting. Like, as a kid, the library was a place where you went with your parents to get a book, maybe you play Oregon Trail, on the old school Mac that’s there. But, you know, you’ve obviously seen things change over the years. And these programs are just amazing that I never thought that a public library would offer those types of services,

      Penny Talbert 30:31
      Right, we have our own eSports league. And we have kids that are practicing every week, a lot of schools and universities have them. But public libraries don’t really have them. So we have this eSports League, which is really unique, because a lot of the kids in it are homeschoolers. And there aren’t a lot of homeschooling eSports leagues out there. So it’s a nice option for us. There’s, that’s a photo of the shuttle where you can jump on and grab a ride. But also, one of the really cool things that we’re going to be adding in the next couple of weeks is something that we’re calling the talk tank. And it is it looks like a phone booth. It’s soundproof with its own ventilation system. And if someone is in crisis, they can go into the top tank, and be automatically connected to a therapist at Wellspan Philhaven to do crisis counseling and getting them help. So if there, if there is anyone in the community that is feeling helpless and hopeless, and doesn’t have a place to turn, they can come to the library, and go in the soundproof booth and get help immediately. And we’re hoping it could really make a difference, because we are seeing a lot of mental health issues surrounding the pandemic and just life in general. So this is a way that we thought we could bring such an important resource right to the lobby of the library. So that’s something we’re incredibly proud of, and we believe there isn’t anything like this, like we created the idea of doing this. So we’re hoping that it’ll kind of catch on.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 32:11
      That is very, very cool, too. I mean, sad that it exists, but tremendous kudos to you and the team, they’re the library to come up with that. You know, it’s interesting, because like I said, I was living in the area, when the library was built, when it was planned. And I think generally the, if I had to sum up the, the the sentiment at the time, it was skepticism, people didn’t really kind of get the vision of it.

      Penny Talbert 32:39

      Jeff Giagnocavo 32:40
      But boy, I mean, 25-27 years later, holy cow, I mean, in the garden, am I correct?

      Penny Talbert 32:48
      That’s right there on the propertySo we have a . smaller we have like a small teaching garden on the property. And then the big community garden is across the street at the Howler property. So people within Ephrata can, they can rent, they can also rent spots in the community garden and donate some of their produce that they grow as well. So the whole idea is, you know, we need to all support each other. And we need to surround people who are having problems with all the resources and the solutions that they need. But it can’t just be one person, we have to do this together as a community in order to make that real change, long lasting, you know, and in reality, all of these things are literacies that libraries in Pennsylvania teach. We talk about financial literacy and health literacy, and civic and social literacy. Libraries aren’t just about books. And I think this is a great way to illustrate that.

      Ben McClure 33:53
      So how are you doing right now coming out of COVID? What are some of the things that you’re doing an offering to the community?

      Penny Talbert 34:02
      Yeah, it’s, it’s been rough. And I’ll tell you, one of the reasons it’s been rough is because a lot of people think that libraries are taxpayer funded, that they’re 100% taxpayer funded, then that’s just not the case. So in my case, we have to raise about 65 or 70% of our budget, which is about a million dollars. So it’s a lot of money that we have to raise the money for effort. I’m a big chunk of that came from income from the passport office, which has been closed because they weren’t issuing passports. So it has been a struggle. We’ve been lucky that we were able to get a PPP loan and you know, get some grants from Care’s Money that was out there. But we need to be really careful and thoughtful about, you know, how we move forward to make sure that we continue to have enough funding to to keep these great projects that we’ve been working on. So, you know, it is it’s been rough with COVID. But I, I know that the people in the Ephrata community use this library so heavily, and they value it. So I’m sure we’re gonna find a solution.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 35:16
      Yeah, that’s, that’s interesting here, I, you know, I’m not ashamed to admit it. I was I’m one of those folks that thought public libraries were fully funded. No, shame on me. So no, not at all. We’ll maybe we’ll address that a little later in the show, I think but so the esports thing kind of piqued my interest, because my youngest son is really well, both of them play computer games like crazy. But we try to limit that that’s why we’re doing the camping to get family together outdoors and unplug, right. But, you know, a lot of folks, I think, especially like, maybe my grandparents and my parents, you know, they kind of look down at the computer game stuff. But, I mean, the reality is, computers are here to stay, it’s very much a part of our society anymore. very much a part of any really any career. I mean, if you have a plumber come to your home, and they’re working for any kind of sizable company. You know, like, like, Holler isn’t necessarily plumbing, although they do plumbing, I think they’re more HVAC focused. You know, their tech’s are coming, they’ve got a tablet there, they’re having to punch through and update the job orders, order the parts, all this stuff. So computers are very much part but talk about the eSports league. What, like, some people might not even understand what that is, well,

      Penny Talbert 36:33
      basically, these kids, it’s not just that they get together and play video games, they actually run their team. So they design their uniforms, they take care of their marketing, they have all kinds of things kind of business background, things that they have to do for their team. In order to stay on the team, they have to keep their grades up, it is not just that they get together once a week and play video games, they’re actually almost running their own little team and having they all have responsibilities within it. So it teaches them a lot about responsibility, and almost what it what it would be like if you were working in a job, you know, some of those responsibilities. So I think maybe even you know, my generation, and people older than me think, oh, they just get together and they just game and that’s it. But it is a lot more than that. And I could not believe how much money people can make that are doing eSports.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 37:36
      It’s unbelievable. No, it’s millions of dollars.

      Penny Talbert 37:40
      Yeah, it’s crazy amounts of money are crazy amounts of money. So but I do believe that the kids are getting a lot more out of it than just playing games. And I think that’s why organizations like in Lancaster County, the Emerald Foundation has really embraced eSports and you know, has someone within the organization that is just all they do is eSports and running, you know, taking care of these leagues throughout the county, with schools and universities. It really is kids learn lots of valuable lessons on doing these things. As you know, sometimes the most valuable lessons you learn are the ones that you actually don’t know you’re learning.

      Ben McClure 38:25
      So how many kids participate in that?

      Penny Talbert 38:28
      Well, I think it depends, um, we went through some we went through a lot of recruiting issues at the beginning. I think right now we have like nine kids that are faithful, and we’re recruiting some more right now. Because we are like a community organization. The school district has won and you know, so we’re still we’re still getting our team, a full team together and when they when I hear about it, because it doesn’t happen often. But I’m so happy when they’re starting to win finally, because I think we went like a year without any wins at all. Yeah, you know, and, and it has been really nice with the teams because when COVID happened, the library opened a discord channel for teens, and we have staff on there with them so they can game and do book discussions, and all kinds of things on Discord where they’re all very comfortable. So I feel like we kept our relationships with a lot of those teen patrons throughout the pandemic, even though they couldn’t can’t come in and hang out at the building every day after school.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 39:41
      Yeah, sorry to cut you off there for our listeners. So I know what Discord is. I think then you know what Discord is? No, no, no, no, Ben doesn’t. It’s another social media platform. Young, a lot of younger kids.

      Ben McClure 40:00
      We’ve already established the coolness meter for me. My kids aren’t old enough for the Discord thing

      Jeff Giagnocavo 40:10
      See, there you go, man. Yeah so for our listeners Discord is typically means you’re frustrated with something or there’s no animosity in the in the conversation. Discord, it’s literally another social media platform, if you will, although more focused on specific topic conversation and, you know, different verticals, I mean, I’m sure there’s a Discord channel for just about anything, you know, eSports books.

      Penny Talbert 40:41
      you know, we kind of we kind of created our own and left the rules in there so that they have to follow our rules on our channel. I’m sure kids get to keep an eye on stuff.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 40:55
      Yeah, you know, when you said you have eSports I’m kind of like, I’m aware of what how some of the gaming and call outs goes.

      Penny Talbert 41:02
      I’m sure you do it a fair it’s very organized and and supervised.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 41:08
      Yeah. So, you know, as the Northern Lancaster County hub, you know, you’re doing a lot of things. I’ll just kind of rattle off what I heard. You’ve got the shuttle, helping people get around Northern Lancaster County, you know, Ephrata, Denver, Reinholds. I guess those would be the four major parts that northern part right?

      Penny Talbert 41:27
      The Food Bank, all the little clothing banks, all that stuff? Yeah.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 41:31
      Yep. Doing the food bag clothing bag. The talk tag, I think you’d referenced Emerald Foundation, are they were they somewhat instrumental in helping bring that to life who held the Emeralds founding?

      Penny Talbert 41:43
      The Emerald Family Foundation was with eSports. That talk tank is actually wellspan. Philhaven, and they are a member of the hub. So they’re, they’re the partners on on that project.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 41:57
      That’s great. I mean, again, I think, you know, our goal this show is to bring the community together. You know, I think a lot of folks, you know, might have some skepticism of big, you know, big corporate healthcare. Well, here’s, here’s, here’s a shining example. Right, right, in our community, where they help to fund something that a lot of people right now, and maybe even people that wouldn’t think they would could be mentally tax mentally stressed out anxious. I mean, the last 15 months for some folks have just been, you know, a marathon that they don’t want to run that they didn’t want to be a part of nobody wanted to be a part of it. But some are more equipped, better, better able to handle the last 15 months than others. And I think for our community, there’s there’s a great level of mutual respect that needs to exist to understand that. And the top tank thing is really great that they can just so that’s free, is that what I’m understanding?

      Penny Talbert 42:55
      Right? And I’ll tell you the whole idea behind that came as a result of a community crisis, where a young person at the high school committed suicide, and my library was full of teenagers that were just besides themselves crying, and we didn’t feel like we had the resources to deal with that. And this ultimately, four years later, is the result of kind of brainstorming about how do we deal with situations like that in a community when we are definitely in need of mental health assistance, and there’s none to be had. So we thought this would be a really good way. I mean, it’s not, it’s not something, you’re going to go there every week for counseling for regular counseling session. But if you are in crisis, this is a place where you can go that we can take care of you.

      Ben McClure 43:47
      How would how would people know that this exists?

      Penny Talbert 43:52
      So it is right in the lobby? There are film there’s film on the windows, so no one can see when you go inside. But you it’s right in the lobby, you go right inside, and it connects you with on video with someone from wellspan. Philhaven, so we’ve just started advertising it will be promoting it within the community. But I have learned over the years that things like this, the people that need them, find them. No, there’s no people in the community that no, you know, there’s enough people that know it’s there. And when the opportunity is needed. There’s someone there to refer them. So we’re hoping that word of mouth works for this.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 44:36
      Yeah, well, part of what we do with the show is we clip out your interview will clip out Rob’s interview, clip out some other fun stuff and hijinks. But all jokes aside what we’ll do production team, we’ve got a production team, they’re really great. Get Super Cereal. Simon and Billy will just make a mental note here. Let’s really make sure we put this out specifically about the talk tank and we’ll Throw some ad dollars behind it on Facebook to help spread the word as well. And get that out for sure.

      Penny Talbert 45:06
      This stuff is really, really important for our community.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 45:10
      That is my, you know, my oldest son had in his high school, just a couple weeks back, I guess three weeks ago, one of his peers committed suicide as well. And, you know, I’m looking at a Snapchat, and you’d think here’s a very happy, well adjusted child, and just not the case. So at any rate, kudos to you, the Public Library, as we wrap up our time with you what what can the community do to support Ephrata Public Library?

      Penny Talbert 45:42
      We’re always looking for donations. Right now, we’re not taking a lot of volunteers, because we’re still, we have some capacity limits that we can’t fit so many people in the building, but, you know, use your public library, get to find out what resources are there. Because there are so many things that I think people spend money for that they wouldn’t have to, you know, they can download books for free from the library, they can stream movies from the library with their card for free, they can learn new languages from the library. So get to know what resources are offered. There is literally something there for everyone, if you just look. And if you can’t find it, give me a call, and I’ll find it for you.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 46:27
      There you go. Well, I kind of alluded to this a little earlier. You know, again, I readily admit I felt Public Library funded. So what we’re gonna do every week, we do a little donation to charities that come on. Organizations. So we’re going to we’re going to donate $125 as well. Public Library, okay, kind of do a little kickoff of generosity here through our channel Lancaster Connects. So we’ll do that. We’re happy to do it. Thanks for all the great stuff you do. We’re gonna roll into some of the next parts of the show. Rob, we’re gonna get you on here momentarily for Rob is like he got tossed at last minute. He’s wondering what in the world he got himself into. But Rob’s got some great stuff from the science factory. So Rob will be with you just in a moment here. And then we’re going to highlight some food trucks. All right. So maybe, you can start to think about food trucks, Rob and Penny, and we’ll get your feedback there. But on our photo contest, you know, we haven’t gotten traction with our photo contest. That’s all right. We do a lot of things here that you know, sometimes we hit homeruns sometimes we hit singles. Sometimes we strike out. We’re going to put Photo Contest back on the on deck circle. How’s that for baseball?

      Ben McClure 47:46
      Love it.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 47:46
      Ben’s a big baseball guy.

      Ben McClure 47:48
      Yep, yep.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 47:49
      We haven’t gotten traction though. With the photo contest. We had some really great ones. I believe those were from Mike Okenaro, those first two and we had one from Sarah Reynolds and there is Sarah’s photo. So we’re going to give a pillow to both of them. That was the prize. We’re just going to give a custom made custom fit pillow to the both of them. Mike and Sarah we will follow up with you directly. And we’ll put that on the back burner for now. And you know, we’re just happy that we get to have guests. And there’s my photo of, well that’s actually the smart alec Amish kid. He gives me headache every time I come. But anyway, oh, Eli. Yeah, yeah. At any rate, we’ll give them the pillows. And that’s that. All right.

      Ben McClure 48:34
      You’ve got a Sleep Better tip.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 48:35
      I do. So from the Sleep Better bunk. All right, this is on page 24. Poor sleep equals risk for increased blood sugar levels. And really, this causes a chain reaction. lack of proper sleep can affect your blood glucose glucose control, and vice versa. blood glucose can control and affect your sleep. And it is a vicious cycle if it’s out of whack. diabetes can cause severe health complications, kidney failure, heart disease, amputations, blindness, cardiovascular disease and nerve damage. So you know, we talked a little bit about the sleep triangle, you’ve got diet, you’ve got exercise, and you’ve got sleep. And right now, obviously, with COVID as a thing out there. You can help boost your natural immune system by sleeping better, and we’re really here to help with that. Right now. We’ve actually got really great savings events coming up with Memorial Day right around the corner. The vendors roll that out about now. So there’s no reason to wait till Memorial Day weekend. Please spend time with your family. Come see us sooner than later. As a little side note on sooner than later. As a consumer you’re probably aware of all the price constraints that are going on out there. supply chain is all upside down. We’re a no pressure, no hassle type of environment, tons of reviews to that effect. But what I will tell you unequivocally is, you know, we are at a point where week over week, our prices are changing and for us to deliver the same experience and level of service, keep the great staff that we have, you know, sometimes prices do need to go up. So now’s the time for bed. If you’re been thinking about it, it’s it’s a good time to visit. I wouldn’t wait, I wouldn’t put it off. I mean, literally, if we give you a quote, we’re gonna tell you, it’s good for 10 days, 10 working days, because things are really crazy right now. And we’re trying to absorb as much of that as we can. But we have not been immune to any of the pricing constraints and, you know, logistical issues that have come along with the last 15 months.

      Ben McClure 50:41
      It’s not quite lumber pricing.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 50:44
      Actually, I took a photo of a Gold Truck this morning on the way here. Yeah. You know what a Gold Truck is?

      Ben McClure 50:51

      Jeff Giagnocavo 50:53
      So yeah, at any rate, if now’s the time, we’d love to help you. And you can start that journey. By getting our book, you get your free copy of Sleep Better from Gardner’s Mattress & More, we’ll mail you a free copy. You just go to GardnersMattressAndMore.com/Sleep-Better takes it right to the page fill out your information was actually mail you a fresh non marked up nice and clean copy for yourself. And you get to put a coupon in there, save on double deals will be able to help you out and help you wake up happy and sleep better.

      Ben McClure 51:27
      That segment was expertly done, Jeff.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 51:30
      Well, I’d like to think of myself as that. I mean, it’s not quite singing, but hey.

      Ben McClure 51:35
      Maybe I should sing the food truck alert. No, I’m not doing that. All right.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 51:42
      Oh, well, here’s the woo-woo horn.

      Ben McClure 51:46
      Yeah, but it’s not. It should be like a flashing food truck.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 51:50
      We drive our guys nuts. I mean, that’s pretty cool. We’ll take it. Alright.

      Ben McClure 51:56
      We talked about this earlier. The Night at the Mall Sports Edition Friday May 14 from 4 to 9pm. Food trucks like Scoop O’dough, Wich Way Sandwiches, Savories Funnel Cakes, Lancaster Cupcake, Dough Heads Waffles, Smokin Stuff, BBQfor the those that don’t know? Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, Uncle Paul’s Stuffed Pretzels, Philadelphia Hoagie, Blazin J’s, The Chubby Unicorn, Brickers French Fries, Italian Job Food Truck, Next Level Pizza, Cakes and Sweets by Lynda plus Venice Brewing Company and Firehouse Winery. They’ll all be serving drinks. Again, that’s just off Route 72 at the Lebanon Valley Mall in Lebanon, www facebook.com/FoodTruckAdventure.Lebanon go check it out.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 52:51
      As you’re reading off that list, I’m like, oh, that relates to sleep. I mean, food trucks. So food trucks in moderation, folks, right because that whole list of food trucks couldn’t could have contributed to all of those issues. Right? Yep. So diet. You know, we’re we’re kind of like that weird. manipulative, like, improve your health. But here’s a whole bunch of food trucks. moderation, folks. Right. moderation.

      Ben McClure 53:24
      You don’t need one from everything.

      Ben McClure 55:41
      So our, our viewers want to know where the food trucks are each week. So if you own a food truck we want to hear from you will tell our viewers where you’ll be and when you’ll be where you’ll be so that they can support you fill out the contact form at LancasterConnects.com and tell us where you’ll be and when Be sure to tell us about voucher food so we can have people desperate to grab your food. Go to LancasterConnects.com and fill out our contact form.

      Ben McClure 56:17
      I think it’s your turn.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 56:18
      Yeah. Ben still learning the teleprompter. Can sing like the devil but you can’t read the screen. Don’t forget to like and share this video, leave a comment and tell a friend about this show. Remember this show? also available as a podcast find the links at LancasterConnectscom. So Rob, we’d like you know any of those food trucks sound interesting to you.

      Rob Reed 56:45
      I try to stay away from them carbohydrates myself, but Blazin J’s is acheat day one of these days. I heard it’s awesome. Oh, and also I heard you mentioned Fetish Brewery. They’ve also always been big supporters of the Science Factory providing beer for events and stuff and their owner is a great guy too. So yeah, definitely. They’re awesome.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 57:08
      Very cool. Penny, your favorite food truck.

      Penny Talbert 57:12
      I’m a big fan of Lickety Split, because I like ice cream.

      Ben McClure 57:16
      Do you ever have food trucks at the library?

      Unknown Speaker 57:24
      We do. And we also have food trucks that Ephrata Brewfest which the library helps to run. And also concerts, Concerts by the Creek. We run that as well. And that we also have food trucks. So yeah, I have a need every once in a while for them.

      Ben McClure 57:40
      Alright, well keep us informed as to when those events are and what you’ve got going on. We’ll definitely share more here.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 57:47
      All right, Rob. Stay tuned. I got one history nugget. And then we’re bringing you on to talk about the science factory. But I think when you said Fetish Brewing Company donates beer, they don’t give it to the kids though.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 58:04
      Our local history nugget provided by a friend of the show Benton Weber who is a liaison for the Lancaster Township Historical Commission. He has given us this nugget. Part of his then and now series, there was an uncomfortable event in our cities development when government intentions disrupted the rest of its own honor founders near the southeast corner of Prince and chestnut, which was the site of the Moravian cemetery. The resting place for hundreds of early settlers, significant contributors and unheralded citizens became the target for a new government building as early as 1888. It took nearly two decades for all the decisions to be made and the courts to agree, but the bodies that were in turn there were eventually removed from that cemetery and placed in a other cemetery. Greenwood Cemetery. One news article from January 20 1920 says upwards of 800 were interned at the cemetery but as many were buried between 1750 and 1800 literally nothing is to be found in the graves of the total number no fewer than 554 of those were children are 12 years of age. Now looking at the photos, it looks like it’s a parking lot. So our history is pretty interesting here in the county thanks to Benton Weber on that, you know when I go up to the campsite, I drive by where our campsite in northern Berks at the Appalachian Trail so we can enjoy that part of the area region, we pass on to 22 north, we pass a little stone shed. Well, it would be a shed by today’s standards, but probably was a house back then. And I think it’s just I look at it every time I think of all that transpired there. And thankfully, it’s still standing and it looks like it’s gonna make the road construction. So that’s good, but a little chunk has to be right stacked up there. But nowadays we’v got science technology? Rob, you’re gonna have to help me out with this.

      Rob Reed 1:00:07

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:00:09
      There we go engineering and mathematics. I tried to do a nice little transition. And as Ben has problems with teleprompters, I try to do a little smoother transition.

      Ben McClure 1:00:19
      I have problems beyond teleprompters, but that is one of them.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:00:23
      So how was how was the science factory founded? And let us know what and tell us about STEM?

      Rob Reed 1:00:29
      Sure. So Science Factory was founded in 2008. Our founder, Jim Bunting was a community volunteer. You know, he struggled with traditional schooling growing up and went to a Science Center in Florida actually, once in the early 2000s. And was just like, this is something I wish I had when I was a kid, to help me understand all these scientific concepts in a hands on interactive way, especially for kids that sort of struggle with, you know, book learning, I, you know, I sort of, you know, I did pretty good and just regular school. But I know so many kids just like hate it, and then you sit there and you have to learn things to standards. So what we really try to do is integrated STEM learning, not really separating out the science, from the engineering or the math, but all these things together. So our organization was founded right here in downtown Lancaster, PA in 2008. And we’ve been growing slowly, but surely, for the past 13 years, we actually did a major expansion. At the beginning of 2019, we grew our space by about 30%. On the inside, we added a second classroom or maker space, which you can see in that last, that last picture there. That’s actually the skybridge that’s coming, hopefully next year or the year after. But we do a lot. And also, you know, as mentioned, you know, we’re a nonprofit, just like Penny, you know, about half of our income comes from paid revenue, paid admissions. And about half of it comes from fundraise dollars from grants from individual donations, and all of those things go towards making us accessible to everybody in the community. I won’t go through every single access program, but I can tell you that there’s a lot for anything, where there’s a paid component. We also offer scholarships. So for our summer camps coming up, we’ve got 20 weeks of hands on summer stem camps. We do have need based scholarships available for every single one of those. So you know, if you’re a family that you know, couldn’t afford to send your kid to camp, you absolutely can still come for free to the science factory. Another thing that the effort of Public Library offers is you can go there or to any public library in Lancaster County, and borrow a free family pass to the science factory. We are free to the public.

      Ben McClure 1:03:01
      Wow, that’s great.

      Rob Reed 1:03:03
      Yeah, we are new to about 1400 people come every year through that public library pass program. So it’s super popular. A lot of libraries have wait lists for them. And I know a lot of local museums do stuff like that. So if you’ve never checked that out, you’re looking for something to do with your family. That’s something else you can do at your library’s we’re free to everyone on the first Friday of the month from five to eight low income families if you just if you have an EBT snap card, you can show that at the front door and get free admission for yourself and up to five guests. We are free for all schools in the school district Lancaster they can come on free field trips here. We also provide free transportation for them. We’re free to all youth serving nonprofits in Lancaster County. So Boys and Girls Club, YWCA YMCA, if any this organizations want to come here on field trips, they can always come for free. We do free pre k programs four times a month here at the science factory. We have a coding club for girls aged eight to 13. That’s heavily subsidized. But we do have need based scholarships available for people who still can’t afford the fee for that as well.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:04:24
      Yeah, Rob, so the various scholarships, how to how would a family How would a parent go about getting that? What’s the process there?

      Rob Reed 1:04:34
      So if you go to our website and go to the summer camps part, there’ll be a link where you can download that or if you don’t have internet access or computer access and you’re in the neighborhood, you can just ask for that at the front desk. I will say summer camps are super full. I know last week we were at about 95% fall. But since some of the COVID regulations are being lifted, we were really reducing The class sizes for those camps. But since those are, a lot of those restrictions are being lifted here at the end of the month, we’re actually adding a few slots. So some of the camps that were sold out, we will have some slots available. We’re still doing temperature checks, you’re still required to wear masks here in the science factory. But we are able to ease up a little bit on some of the class sizes, I think we had them limited to, like 12, or 15. But I think they might go up to 18 or 20 here, which is awesome. And we’re thrilled, it seems like parents are really ready to get their kids out doing something fun and educational this summer. So we’ve been absolutely thrilled by the response to some of the camps so far.

      Ben McClure 1:05:40
      Parents are always ready to get the kids out.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:05:44

      Ben McClure 1:05:44
      What what are some of the favorite exhibits that the sights factory?

      Rob Reed 1:05:49
      So we recently expanded our water exhibit. That was a huge one that we completed the beginning of last year. And so that that’s a big one. Oh, this one that’s actually pictured is awesome. That’s my favorite one. That’s the topographic sandbox. So funny, too, we experimented with like three different kinds of sand, that now it’s actually jasmine rice, that’s what we determined was the best thing to use. But it’s really cool. There’s a projector or from above, and as you sort of like Wave your hands, through the sand or rice currently, it sort of changes the topography of it. That’s actually an image of an upcoming exhibit that we’re fundraising. For. Right now. We’re expanding our bubble lab. And there’ll be a component where you can lift up this ring, put yourself in a bubble, solar power flower, that one that’s on the screen right now, that’s coming soon, we were about to expand into an outdoor space. Last spring, last March, we were supposed to break ground, I think you can imagine what happened with that. We’ll be breaking ground next summer now and adding a few brand new exhibits outside just adjacent to the science factory. The solar exhibits one of them. That’s one that we designed from scratch with our exhibit partners, a company called kids of it’s out of Minnesota, actually. But we had researched a bunch of other science centers to see what they do with solar power and actually didn’t find anything off the shelf that seemed quite cool enough, it seemed like you know, you adjust the solar panels and out, you know, you see something spin or a light bulb lights up. And we just thought that wasn’t quite engaging enough. So what we’re actually going to do, I thought this was a really creative idea that we came up with, is as you turn it, it’ll start playing a piece of music. So if you imagine hearing like a symphony, you might start hearing the strings. And as the power starts to build up, as you optimize how the solar panels are aligned, you’ll start to hear different instruments in the symphony. So I thought that was a really cool workaround to make something interactive, teach kids about solar power, in kind of a fun, different way. So that’s one of the fun challenges, eight jobs. I mean, this is a dream job.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:08:12
      That’s cool. So Rob, interesting thing I’m on the typography. Exhibit mentioned jasmine rice. Yeah, so imagine this, the bigger the bigger, gregarious guy is gonna relate your jasmine rice to the jasmine rice I use when I make hibachi rice on my camp griddle. Jasmine rice is the best rice for that. No need it. It absolutely is born on the best out of all of the various grains of rice that you can pick from. So that’s pretty cool. When you said that I’m like, Oh, yeah, Jasmine rice. That’s what I used to cook.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:08:52
      Yeah, yeah, I am an exhibit for sure. I believe what it comes down to so the real trick with making hibachi rice is to kind of get it cook it right from its, you know, regular state. And then throw it in the refrigerator uncovered for ideally about 10, maybe 12 hours, and you get that moisture then out of it. Because if you cook it with the moisture in it just turns to mush. So if you go to like a hibachi restaurant, you’ll see they bring it out on a plate, very likely that Rice was spread out like on a cookie sheet or other flat device in a refrigerator to dry out in advance. And then they put the heat on it and put the flavoring in it things like that. So I guess I guess I’ll share my I guess I’ll share my other tip to make it sound really good to make a taste. And that’s to us sesame oil. Just smells amazing. So it tastes even better. So At any rate, so we talked about how it was founded, we talked about some of the exhibits in 2020, and obviously you had to pivot, we understand your annual fundraising event had to go virtual. What are the future plans for that event? Sure.

      Rob Reed 1:10:19
      So in the past, you know, we had an in person gala, like, you know, most things that you guys would be familiar with. So it’s 21 plus here at the Science Factory in the past, and we would typically invite about eight different local restaurants to come in and do a sampling of food, we’d ask them to do some kind of scientific theme to it. Obviously, doing that last October wasn’t an option with the pandemic. So we did a big pivot. And we did a virtual science trivia event through zoom. We actually found a trivia host from Pittsburgh, that had been doing these zoom trivia events that were really awesome. I played a couple and we reached out and said, Hey, would you consider doing a science themed one for us. And it was awesome. It was hugely successful, we had more people participate in that than we normally would at our in person event, we had about 300 people play, we actually had to cut off registrations because we could only handle 50 breakout rooms for teams in zoom. So we had even people on the waitlist, which is totally unheard of for for our fundraiser. We also raise just about as much money as we normally would through the in person fundraiser. So this year with our gala, we’re kind of combining the two things. So we’re doing in person science trivia here coming up in October for our gala, we’ll have tickets on sale in the next month or two. We wanted to be more accessible than our fundraiser has been in the past. So we are lowering the ticket price. I don’t know exactly what it’s going to be yet. But I think it’s gonna be 25 or $30. We are going to partner with our neighbors, frescoes, Peruvian chicken, they’re awesome. They’re going to do all the food sounds that will be included. Lancaster homebrewers have been partners of ours, they’ve done some beer tasting events here. They’re gonna provide about, you know, at least 10 different beers for for sampling during the event. And the idea of still doing it with the science trivia is if there’s another COVID peek, we can pretty easily pivot back to the virtual event again to ever before now, for now, we’re planning on Thursday, October 21. In person here at the science factory science trivia, get your team together. Let’s do it. Lots of prizes. It’s going to be fun.

      Ben McClure 1:12:40
      Nice. Okay.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:12:42
      So you know, you mentioned making the fundraiser a little more accessible with the ticket price. One thing we talk about often here through the show, because again, this whole show is about connecting the community. I want you to talk in a second about volunteer opportunities. So if you know if still going to a fundraiser spending that money to go is not there, but you would go for the time. Maybe you can connect with science factory by volunteering. So Rob, are there any volunteer out? You know, any ways for people to volunteer?

      Rob Reed 1:13:12
      Oh, yeah, absolutely. So before the pandemic, you know, we’re a really small team here, we have just six full time staff members. Right now at the science factory. And before the pandemic, we were assisted by over 200 volunteers. And that would be people out on the floor during field trips, helping kids interpret the science behind some of the exhibits help during our summer camps are super reliant on volunteers for the summer camps for all of our programs. You know, if you’re a woman involved in coding, we are always in need of volunteers for our Girls CODE club. I mean, honestly, volunteers really make our science center possible. So there’s lots lots going on, lots we can work with people on, especially even if like you work for a stem business, and they’re interested in getting involved or some volunteer hours. We can definitely customize something. We actually have. A we have a summer camp coming up in partnership with high steel they’ve been as you can imagine really great partners with us. We share just a lot of goals for inspiring kids to learn more about STEM topics. So they actually send out about a half dozen employees for a whole week and they teach a whole summer camp on bridge building here at the science factory. They have even taught kids how to weld in the past which is absolutely incredible to see them safely teaching a 10 year old girl how to weld out on our back courtyard. It’s awesome. It’s just unbelievable. Seeing how impactful that is with one of the with the kids too. And a parent called me last year and tell me that her son was taken his little welded piece of metal everywhere with them and they were going out to his guitar lesson. I gotta go back here and I gotta get my welded piece, like, take it and show it to my guitar teacher. And it’s just super inspiring. Really nothing like anything else available anywhere else around here. And again, that all came through just volunteer opportunities and people from high that wanted to come out and do something for the community. And we develop this whole week long program with them that they’ve been running for, I think five or six years now, it’s just super successful partnership. So lots of opportunities to get creative here at the science factory through volunteerism.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:15:36
      That’s very cool. I mean, you touched on something that I’m very big on, you know, the the sense of accomplishment a child gets from being hands on to creating something is just astounding, and it’s not a knock on, you know, your traditional book learning, it’s just different. And I think today, kids respond to seeing something made by their hand, being active, more so than sitting in a classroom, you know, kind of learning how to take a test. So kudos to what you’re doing, you know, anybody listening to this, if you’re, if you’re with these stem companies, please go, you know, go to your HR department, go to your ownership, go to your manager, and ask the question, hey, listen to this interview. I did, how can we get involved. That’s why we’re doing this show. It’s why we’re investing to produce this show. I so firmly believe in this, I’ve gone to my school board, and have challenged them to get more involved with with the vocational aspect of the campuses that are in the community. You know, you talk about welding, I mean, what just a fantastic career that can transcend from bodywork to bridges to construction. And, and it doesn’t, it’s not just the guys thing. You know, the the girls can do it, too. And that’s great. So, on that note, do you need ever need wood at all, because we have like tons of pallets that are interesting have like grown.

      Rob Reed 1:17:04
      I’m gonna have to get back to you offline on that one. We’re doing a woodworking summer camp coming up. And very possible. I’ll circle back around to you.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:17:15
      Cool. Yep, we recycle them now. But I’d rather upcycle them and see the kids make something with them.

      Ben McClure 1:17:23
      Yeah, that’s awesome. How can our audience support the Lancaster Science Factory.

      Rob Reed 1:17:31
      So like I said, tons of volunteer opportunities. And you know, like I said, we’re, you know, we’re always in need of funding, you can always donate to the Science Factory last year was super tough as you can imagine. So typically, we’re about 5050, of what we call earned income, unearned income. And that’s essentially paid programs versus donated dollars. Last year, you know, we were closed for a third of the year, we had extremely limited attendance throughout the year. So we really, really had to ramp up all of our fundraising. Thankfully, we have a lot of support and passionate donors in the community. But there’s also a lot of people out there that don’t realize that the science factory even is a nonprofit, or what we do in the community, we’re actually going to be expanding outreach soon. So very soon, actually. Now even we are able to go out for free and put on hands on educational STEM programs at youth serving nonprofits, and all schools in the school district Lancaster. So if you, you know, work for a youth serving nonprofit and Lancaster County, we can come out and do free programs. And that’s exactly what your donations help support make possible. If people want to have a conversation about funding a specific program, please reach out to me directly. And like I said, we’re fundraising for some new exhibits, outdoor courtyard coming up next year. And a couple other exhibits. So again, please feel free to reach out to me directly.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:19:05
      Well, wonderful. Thanks for sharing all of that, we’re going to start off our little call to action of donating, we’re gonna donate $125 as well, to the south. So we’ll get that started. Hopefully that can go towards putting on a class. We know it’s not a lot each time. But we do this consistently each week, again, our commitment to giving back to our community that supports our business, it’s the least that we can do. So I asked him to push something forward there for you. So awesome.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:19:36
      Rob. Rob Penny, we’re gonna have you back on to wrap up the show. I want you to think about the biggest failing that education has for kids and where your organization step in to help. All right, so we’re gonna get through some other little community events that we can connect people to, and we’ll we’ll bring you back. Alright. So if you’ve got a worthwhile cause that can make excellent uses of the members of the Lancaster community volunteering their time. That’s what our Lancaster Connects community is all about whether you have a good cause that needs volunteers or you want to donate your time to help out in the community, we want to hear from you if you’d like to volunteer your time, enter our free giveaway at LancasterConnects.com and check the box that confirming that you’d like to volunteer. You can imagine the difference we could make to the Lancaster community if we each gave gave one hour of time in a week. So if you have a good cause that you can use some volunteers that we can promote for you on our show. please get in touch via the contact form at LancasterConnects.com and of course, this shows available as a podcast, find it in the links at LancasterConnects.com or you can search it on your favorite podcast platform. And please don’t forget to like and share the video. Leave a comment tell a friend about this show. And you’ll help grow it and make it more impactful to our community because that’s what this show is all about.

      Ben McClure 1:20:59
      Some local volunteer opportunities here of course, we just talked to rob from the Lancaster Science Factory they’re always in need of volunteers all ages. As a nonprofit, their success relies on the community’s help. If you’d like to work with children to develop curiosity, think creatively and build confidence visit LancasterScienceFactory.org/volunteer.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:21:25
      My family did our walk a couple weeks back, the MS Society and Lancaster May 15. There’s our family with our two rescue dogs the boys playing afterwards. You know just to show you kids are kids at heart my 17 year old there was like loving the playground.

      Ben McClure 1:21:51
      Memorial Day iscoming up. They’ve started Memorial Day preparations at Stephens Greenland Cemetery. There’s an effort to honor those who have been forgotten and who’ve served our country in the ultimate way. Stevens Greenlands Cemetery needs your help. There are several ways to participate. You can volunteer to help with their cleanup Saturday mornings between now and Memorial Day. So a couple left there, you can donate for repairs for their ongoing maintenance at the cemetery. And of course, you can attend on Memorial Day to honor those who’ve served our country, Email dr@co.lancaster.pa. For anyone interested in volunteering, you can also drop by the cemetery on Saturday mornings and volunteer, just stop by their stand. Or if you want to volunteer again, the email address is dr@co.lancaster.pa.us.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:23:05
      Seems like that is a man about the Lancaster community, enjoying the history bringing the history forth and current things. So Benton kudos to you appreciate you. We’d love to make a connection in person with you someday we’ll get that done. All right. We’ve talked about team Jennifer Cahill Charities. So we told you about the car, truck, bike and show and run. It’s the first ever fundraiser for Team Jennifer Cahill Charities. It’s on Saturday, May 15. Eight o’clock onwards at the Reinholds Fire Company. There’s a very strong community aspect to this fundraiser. Jen Cahill is actually a disabled veteran with terminal cancer, who discovered that she didn’t have insurance to cover her future burial. average cost of a funeral runs 10 to $16,000. Now that Jen has solved this for herself, she’s launched this charity to help other veterans with terminal cancer cover these expenses for their burials, saving their families, the heartache and the trouble. They’re hoping to raise $15,000 with the fundraiser event the cost of a funeral. They’ll of course be food trucks raffles, classic cars, trucks and bikes. auctions will be live music from three bands are easily amused buckskin whiskey, dirt, road redemption and DJ music as well. craft fair is also happening eight to 130 begins the craft fair the car show begins at 10 o’clock. It’s $10 for admission kids under 12 are free and again that’s that Reinholds Fire Company at 138 West Main Street. Okay, so they need someone with social media marketing experience to volunteer their time to help the charity. I’m sure that would go a long way for them. They would also like help from someone with fundraising experience. And finally, Jen’s husband Michael is spearheading the nonprofit. He’s new to the world of charity, nonprofits and fundraising. So maybe if you’re a CPA, and you’ve been down this road, and you’ve got some time, you could reach out and connect with them. To help with that effort. This is the classic. This is the story brought the life of when we talk about you donating that hour of time, so many people spearhead these things, they create a charity, they create a mission and a cause. It’s time time to execute is almost as important as the money. Because all the money in the world doesn’t execute the mission of the charity. So if you’re that person that can do social media marketing that can help with fundraising, or can help with setting up the structure, connect with Mike. Even if it’s just to offer some encouragement and support. I mean, obviously, this is a rough time for him for his wife. You can reach out to them 717-371-3035 between 12 and six daily.

      Ben McClure 1:26:06
      I’m glad we’re able to share stories and opportunities like that.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:26:28
      Yeah, Yes, for sure. I wish we didn’t, but I’m glad we are.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:26:35
      And once again if you have a good cause that we can promote, or you need people to volunteer their time we’ll put that word out for you on our show. please get in touch with us via the contact form at LancasterConnects.com this show is of course available as a podcast. Find the links at LancasterConnects.com and don’t forget, help us out please like and share this video subscribe on whatever channel you’re listening this to on this podcast. Leave a comment tell a friend about the show. And we’d love to be able to show up right there in your phone when the episodes hit every week.

      Ben McClure 1:27:47
      Wonderful. So we got a pet of the week. Kermit the Frog, we do cover the dog. Can you imagine if we had a frog?

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:27:59
      See so so our production team is great. They’ve really taken over a lot of this show because our business is very busy. Helping people wake up happy. Again the month of May is a great time to buy a mattress. It’s actually Better Sleep Month. Everyday though for us asleep better here at gardeners, right because we wrote the book, we’ll send you the book for free. Go to our website. We’ll mail it to you. So actually, this is the first time that I’ve seen Kermit I love the PD dogs. So from Little Rascals little eyepatch PD dogs. Yep, they’re they’re just awesome. I mean, like I love my dogs, but, you know, PD dog and he’s got the little nose thing looks like a little heart. I love it. Anyway, Kermit is a four year old boy, Pit Bull Terrier mix, he wants nothing more than an energetic family to walk, play and snuggle. He loves this treats and he gets very food motivated, which makes training easy. For this smart fella. He can play a little rough but responds well to a strong and experienced leader. A larger calm doggy sibling that is tolerant of kermans energy and playfulness would be a good fit. But would also be happy to be the one only. He’s not sure about cats but can be tested if the need arises. But you know he is an energetic boy so home with children over the age of 12 would be the best fit for him. And you can learn more about Kermit at PittiesLovePeace.com.

      Ben McClure 1:31:00
      We’ve got some gift card winners are restaurant gift cards. $25 gift cards we give away to each week. You can enter that contest at LancasterConnects.com. This episode’s winners are Brad Peterson and Grace Painter. Congrats to Brad and Grace they went to LancasterConnects.com filled out the contest entry form. And we’ve also got pictured our previous winner, Deborah Dober there she is picking up her gift card after winning from Episode Seven contest. So we really do hand them out.

      Penny Talbert 1:32:31
      I’m not going to be able to give you a solution if I knew that I would be in a much higher pay grade. But I will tell you that one of the things that we’ve done at the library that we’ve seen a big need for his basic life skills that kids don’t learn in school anymore. So we do sewing, we do gardening, things like that, um, cooking classes, and they really enjoy that. And I feel like, you know that teachers, teachers have an awful lot to give to these kids. And sometimes that stuff gets kind of by the wayside. So we have been trying really hard to make sure that kids have the life skills they need when they go out into the world. So they at least know how to cook themselves dinner, and things like that. So that is one thing that I see that’s I don’t know how they could stick it into a school day, which is why we’ve taken on some of that.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:33:28
      Yeah, very interesting. It’s funny you bring you bring up cooking and life skills. I remember my home economics class in seventh grade, Mrs. Ricker gave me a failing. Well, she gave me a failing grade because I left soap in the sink. She was a taskmaster for leaving a clean kitchen and I got a failing grade on the assignment because I left soap on the side. And now it like sticks with me all the time.

      Ben McClure 1:33:51
      You’ll never leave soap in the sink. Again, the sink is clean. There’s no little food scraps. There’s no ring around the ball. It’s clean,

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:33:57
      Yes, lesson learned. Rob any lessons from you? Or any any insights from you? I mean, you see how these kids respond?

      Penny Talbert 1:34:07
      Yeah, I mean, this is another two hour conversation to talk about fixing kids education. But I think one thing that we do well, and one thing that’s really helpful is integrating different topics. So math itself can be really scary and intimidating to kids. But when you are sort of sneaking that in to a project, I feel like kids kind of realize like, Oh, wait, there’s a real world application to this. So when we’re doing 3d printing classes, you know, kids are so excited to do 3d printing and make their little figurine or pencil topper or whatever it is that they’re doing, you know, but they’re having to calculate dimensions and volume and it’s just inherent in the learning. You know, when I took woodshop in high school, and I wanted to build a skateboard ramp, all of a sudden, I’m like a geometry is going to be helpful for this. I do need to figure between our radius or you know, how that, you know, impacts the transition on something like that, you know, we always deal with STEM versus steam. So, you know, do you put the A in there for art? And again, we always find that, you know, that’s sort of inherent in there. You know, if you’re, again, like taking a woodworking class here, you know, there’s artistry involved in that. We have a video game design summer camp, and yes, there’s a lot of tech in there. But there’s also a lot of creativity and artwork and inspiring that and kids. And I think, like I said, integrating different topics and not siloing everything like, Oh, no, this is where science ends. And this is where math begins. Like, it all really works together. So integrated project based learning, I think it’s just a great way to, you know, I mean, that’s how life is that, you know, my job. I’m using a million different topics from school all together all at once. So, you know, I hope that helps.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:36:04
      Yeah, for sure. I mean, when you when you when you added the a and there where my mind went with it as unified art. And it’s funny, our production team tight this a note, it’s, it’s our production team. And in our we’re now mind melting, which is scary, because it’s transatlantic, but I’m here in the States, because one of them’s in England, one of them’s in North Carolina, the wonders of virtual work, right? But when you add an art in there, yeah, to me, the equation is stem equals a stem equals R. Because the product, whatever it is, can be beautiful. It is the creation process, which is, I’ve said to Ben, the thing I love to do is create. Now, I call on a mattress store, but we create a lot of fun things. And we do a lot of neat things that an average small business maybe doesn’t do. I mean, I’ll leave it with that. Because I think I mean, not, I think together as a conversation, that’s where we arrived. I mean it, it really can be beautiful. And we can help our local children, our children, our society’s really, truly greatest treasure, because they’re going to be the folks that take care of us. We all get older. So we want them to be successful. We want them to be happy. We want them to carry on a legacy. And if we’re not invested in them, we’re not really going to go anywhere. So yeah, stem equals art. I love it. I really liked the thought there. appreciate what you’re doing. Penny really appreciate what you’re doing.

      Ben McClure 1:37:34
      Thanks for sharing your embarrassing story.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:37:46
      Rob. I’ll make sure that Ben gets you a song. Okay.

      Rob Reed 1:37:49
      Oh, yeah,

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:37:53
      All right. Hey, thanks so much for hanging in here with us. We appreciate it. Great episode. Have a great rest. Thank you guys.

      Georgia 1:38:19
      Get Super Cereal.

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