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On Episode 11 of Lancaster Connects, we’re joined by Anne Williams from Lancaster City Alliance who talks about how their “Buidling on Strength” plan is making Lancaster a very attractive place to move to and set up a new business.
We’re also joined by Chris Trendler from Decades Lancaster bowling alley and arcade to tell us about the business and how they were supported by Lancaster City Alliance to open up for business.
There’s also:
🎟️ Our weekly local events roundup
🥡 Our food truck alert – which food trucks will be where and when
🤝 How you can help the Lancaster Community
🏰 Local history nugget
🐺 Our Pets of the Week
🍔 Our $25 Gift Card Giveaway for local Lancaster restaurants
🛌 And a tip on how to Sleep Better.
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This Week’s Guests:
👉 Lancaster City Alliance
👉 Decades:

🐺 Meet Cain & Abel, Our Pets Of The Week from Charlies Crusaders Pet Rescue!

Cain & Abel are a “bonded pair” of 15 month old Plott Hound mixes. They love playing with one another and will try to get the same toy or stick, cain, abel, charlies crusaders, plott hound, lancaster dog adoption, pet rescue pa, pet rescue lancasterno matter how many are laying around. This quickly turns into a game of keep away.

Both boys enjoy walks. They walk well on their leash with a harness when taken on separate walks. They are still working on their walking skills together, as both boys see it as a time to play with one another. They both have puppy left in them. Cain and Abel get along well with the two other dogs in the foster home (16 years and 5 years). Both dogs weigh between 50 and 60 pounds. Despite their size, they feel as though they are lap dogs.

More About Cain:

Cain is a loveable, affectionate dog. He came to Pennsylvania with three wounds on his left leg, believed to be the result of a gunshot. Two of the wounds healed well within a few weeks of arriving. His third one, however, continued to be infected despite antibiotics and twice daily bandage changes. He never minded the bandage changes- to the fact that he would just lay on his back and wait it out. Cain eventually had to have surgery to remove some bone shards in his leg in order for it to heal. After weeks of recovery, his leg finally healed. Throughout the entire process, he never let his leg slow him down. Cain has a very easy going, laid back demeanor. He also believes he is a lap dog, so be prepared to cuddle with him. He loves to snuggle and will easily go belly up to enjoy belly rubs.

More About Abel:

Abel is inquisitive in nature and loves to explore. When he first arrived in Pennsylvania, he was extremely scared- to the fact that he was shaking in his crate. Abel is learning to trust humans and is very affectionate toward his foster family. Abel is a little more shy than his brother and takes a little longer to warm up to someone new. He always wants to be busy, finding anything he can to play with. Abel especially loves the kitchen and will wait for any food to drop while you’re preparing dinner (he loves to be between you and the stove!!). He loves to play fetch outside with a tennis ball. Abel likes to be in the middle of the hustle and bustle and will loyally follow you around the house. He also likes to walk on a leash with a harness. He gets excited when it’s time to eat and can be seen “dancing” around his food dish and in circles while he waits for his food to be poured. He will wait to eat it until he is given the “go ahead”.

Cain and Abel are crate and house trained. They are heartworm negative, up to date on vaccinations and neutered. They need a home with a good fenced in yard so they can run and play together. Neither have had many interactions with children, so a home with children older than 12 years old is recommended. Cain and Abel are two handsome lovebugs looking to spread their love to others.

Info To Adopt:

Events Around Lancaster This Week:

Lancaster’s Food Truck Scene For This Week:

  • Farm Show Milkshakes
    • May 19th from 12pm-4:30pm, Farm Show Milkshakes will be located at 100 East Charlotte Street in Millersville, PA for the EMS Week/American Red Cross Blood Drive Event.
    • Farm Show Milkshakes On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FarmShowMilkshakes
  • Dough Heads
    • Dough Heads will have their famous “Wockets” (short for Waffle Pocket) available on Thursday, May 20th from 5pm-7pm at Fieldstone Drive between Willow Creek and Heatherwood at 1410 Fieldstone Drive.
    • Update from Dough Heads – now have TWO trucks! 
    • Dough Heads On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/doughheadswaffles
  • Meat the Browns Food Truck
  • The Egg Roll Lady
    • On May 22nd, we have 2 locations for the Egg Roll Lady.
      • Location 1: 420 Ashford Drive, Lancaster, PA
      • Location 2: 203 Glebe Lane, Lancaster, PA. At both locations, the Egg Roll Lady will open her booth at 8:30am until 12pm (or until sold out).
    • The Egg Roll Lady On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EggrollsByMoon
  • Next Gen Senior Center’s Outdoor Farmers Market & Craft Show: Saturday, May 22ndNext Gen Community Senior Center is hosting their 2nd annual Outdoor Farmers Market & Craft Show!
  • Lickity Split Ice Cream Truck
    • Last week, Penny Talbert mentioned her love of Lickity Split Ice Cream. They have a ton of dates coming up if you’re interested in trying some for yourself.
    • Lickity Split Ice Cream On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mobileicecreamtruck/
    • DATES:
      • Wednesday May 19
        • 5:30pm – 6:30pm
        • Neighborhood Pop-Up – Paradise Area, 46 Creekview Drive, Paradise, PA
      • Wednesday May 19
        • 6pm – 7pm
        • Neighborhood Pop-Up – Paradise Area, 17 Cottonwood Lane, Denver, PA
      • Thursday, May 20
        • 6:30pm – 8pm
        • Neighborhood Pop-Up – Brownstown Area, 121 School Lane Ave, Ephrata, PA
      • Saturday, May 22
        • 10am – 2pm
        • Relay For Life in Terre Hill, 210 Lancaster Ave, Terre Hill, PA
      • Saturday, May 22
        • 6pm – 10pm
        • Caenarvon’s 100th Anniversary Block Party, 2145 Main St, Narvon, PA
      • Monday, May 24
        • 5pm – 6:45pm
        • Neighborhood Pop-up – Mount Joy Area, 4117 Dahlia Court, Mount Joy, PA
      • Monday, May 24
        • 7pm – 8pm
        • Neighborhood Pop-up, 316 W. Charlotte Street, Millersville
      • Tuesday, May 25
        • 5:30pm – 6:30pm
        • Neighborhood Pop-Up – Neffsville, 103 Pebble Run, Lancaster, PA
      • Tuesday, May 25
        • 7pm – 8pm
        • Neighborhood Pop-Up – Eden Area, 1904 Northbrook Dr, Lancaster
      • Wednesday, May 26
        • 5pm – 6:30pm
        • Neighborhood Pop-Up – Reinholds Area, Village Hollow Community Pond, Pheasant Lane, Reinholds, PA
      • Wednesday, May 26
        • 7pm – 8pm
        • Neighborhood Pop-Up – Denver Area, Hayloft Road, Denver, PA
      • 100 Year Anniversary & Open House – Caernarvon Fire Co.: Saturday, May 22nd from 6pm-10pm

Lancaster Connects Community:

  • Gardner’s Mattress And More Recycles!
    • Not only does Gardner’s recycle their customer’s mattresses, they recycle their wooden pallets.
    • Visit their store to grab their pallets for free: 830 Plaza Blvd Suite 2, Lancaster, PA 17601
    • Website: https://GardnersMattressAndMore.com/
  • Adopt A Block / Adopt A Trash Can / Plant A Tree – Lancaster City Alliance
    • Anne from Lancaster City Alliance plugged their “Adopt A Block”, “Adopt A Trash Can” & plant a tree programs in her interview on this episode. 
    • An easy way to help your immediate community is to beautify the surroundings. Lancaster City Alliance makes that super easy for you. 
    • Contact them today to request more information on their trash clean up programs.
    • Phone: Just call (717) 394-0783 for more information.
    • Website: www.LancasterCityAlliance.org/
  • Next Gen Senior Community Center – Food Bank
    • Next Gen Senior Community Center has tons of programs targeted at helping seniors in our community live happier and healthier lives. They schedule social gatherings, take groups out for lunch and pay the bill. 
    • They also have a Food Bank – and this is where we need the help of the Lancaster Connects Community. 
    • If you’re able to donate canned goods or dry items like cereal – they will take them. And one thing about their food bank, the food is available to anyone in need – not just the elderly. 
    • So if you’re able to donate, please visit their location on Monday, Wednesday or Friday between 9am and 2 pm to drop off the food.
    • Location: Next Gen’s Community Center @ 184 S Lime St in Quarryville
    • Call For More Info: (717) 786-4770 
    • Website: http://nextgenservicesinc.org/
  • EMS Week American Red Cross Blood Drive Event
    • May 19th 12pm-4.30pm at Lancaster EMS, 100 East Charlotte St, Millersville.
    • Donate and Get a Farm Show Milkshake for $5!
  • Volunteers Needed at Steven Greenland Cemetery
    • In advance of Memorial Day there is an incredible effort of informal collaboration to honor those who’ve been forgotten, and who served our country in the ultimate way, now interred at Stevens Greenland Cemetery.
    • 3 Ways To Help:
      1. Volunteer to help with clean-up for all the Saturday mornings between now and Memorial Day.
      2. Donate for repairs and ongoing maintenance by sending a check to:
        • Sons of the American Legion Post 34 c/o Gary Wilson, 1388 Arcadia Rd, Lancaster, PA 17601
      3. Attend on Memorial Day to honor those who have served our country.
    • Email DRIVE@co.lancaster.pa.us for more information
    • Location: 1000 S Duke St, Lancaster, PA 17602
  • Crispus Attucks Community Center – Grab & Go Meal
    • Every Tuesday and Thursday, the Cafe at the Crispus Attucks Community Center provides a FREE hot Grab & Go Meal for the community from 11am-12pm.
    • No ID or registration is required.
    • However, we urge folks not to exploit this – this is really for families who are struggling right now.
    • Location:  Crispus Attucks Community Center, 407 Howard Ave in Lancaster
    • Crispus Attucks Community Center On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CrispusAttucksLanc
  • Do you have a non-profit, good cause, or worthwhile endeavor that you’d like to promote on the show?
    Tell us all about it via our contact form.
  • Do you need volunteers to donate their time to help with a non-profit, good cause or worthwhile endeavor?
    Tell us all about it via our contact form.
  • Would you like to donate some of your time to supporting local non-profits, good causes and worthwhile endeavors in the Lancaster area? Join the Lancaster Connects community by checking the box on our free restaurant gift card giveaway entry form!


Additional Links:

  • Special thanks to Benton Webber for helping us with this week’s Lancaster History Nugget. Benton is a liaison for the Lancaster Township Historical Commission.
  • Gardner’s Mattress And More is running their Double Dealzzz special – a great way to pick your own discounts and maximize your savings when buying a new mattress.
    • Click here to learn more about this opportunity to customize your own savings!
    • You can also visit Gardner’s Mattress And More At: 830 Plaza Blvd Suite 2, Lancaster, PA 17601


Episode Transcript (Click Here To Open/Close)

On Episode 11 of Lancaster Connects, we’re joined by Anne Williams from Lancaster City Alliance and Chris Trendler from Decades. We’ll also have our local events rundown, our food truck alert, how you can help your local community, our pet of the week, a local history nugget, and a tip on how to sleep better and your chance to win one of two $25 gift cards to a local Lancaster restaurant. That’s all coming up on Episode 11 of Lancaster Connects.

So how can you support the local Lancaster community? That’s what this show is all about.

Coming to you from the Dream Room at Gardner’s Mattress and More. Lancaster Connects is brought to you by the Sleep Better book. We’ll actually mail you a copy, a free copy, go to  GardnersMattressAndMore.com/Sleep-Better.  Gotta get that dash in there.

We do, yes, we do. Did you know that when you go to a website, everything after the forward slash does have to be typed correctly?

Doesn’t everything before the slash have to be typed correctly, too?

You just won’t get there.


But then the problem is after the forward slash she’ll just kind of recycle back to where you were.

I got ya. Yeah. So how many years of using the internet? We’ve learned something new.

That’s right. That’s right. Kind of needs to be. That’s why you’ll find yourself back on the homepage or whatever site you’re on, if they have the website set up properly.

That’s right. That’s right.

Yeah. So, we’ve got a really great show.  We’ve got two great guests, about what it’s like to do business in Lancaster. We’re actually a Lancaster City Business.

Yeah. We’re like on the most forgotten corner of Lancaster City.

Well, actually Lancaster city, you know, Wednesday is our 10 year anniversary of being in these four walls. And we often confuse Manheim Township and Lancaster City with who should tax us. Cause  we’ll get a notice from both. And then we have to write back. No…for the 10th year in a row, I’m actually looking forward to it, for the 10th year in a row… you need to update your records.

We are technically Lancaster City.

We are Lancaster City and we are proud to have some great Lancaster City folks on with Anne Williams and Chris Trendler. So, Anne and Chris, we’re happy to have you on.  We’ll welcome you on here in a second. Well, we’ll welcome you on now, how about that? Hello.


Chris from Decades. How are you today?

I’m doing well. Thank you.

That’s good. That’s good. So we’ve got an exciting show. Thanks for joining us. We’re really excited to talk about all things Lancaster and Lancaster City today, and what’s fun about doing business here. Why businesses seem to thrive here if they have a good plan, a good value to offer whoever their customer might be. So we’ll talk a little bit more about that. We’ve got what’s going on in and around Lancaster, of course a quick tip on Sleep Better and how you can help your neighbors by joining our Lancaster Connects Community, which is something that’s really important to us because we want people to know, if you can’t give back monetarily, we’ve all got time and hopefully you can help some of the great charities we highlight. We’ve got a great pet of the week, a bonded pair of dogs, Cain and Abel.

Hopefully Cain and Abel’s story works out a little bit better than the Biblical version.

Yes, I think so. If they’re bonded for sure, they’re good. We’ve got a local history nugget and our weekly restaurant gift card giveaway. So what I want you to do is always remember sharing is caring. So remember this show is available as a podcast. Find the links at LancasterConnects.com. Please like and share this video, leave a comment and tell a friend about this show. So now was the time, Anne and Chris, I was to formally welcome you to the show.

That’s so much better.

We had a premature introduction.

Premature intro. Yes, so welcome. We’re glad our guests are laughing. That’s good. Happy guests are always good guests. 

Anne Williams is from the Lancaster City Alliance and Chris Trendler is from Decades, which is a really cool bowling alley and arcade. A boutique bowling alley, correct Chris?

That is correct. Just a little bit smaller than regular bowling.

Very cool. Very cool.

We only have six lanes, so.

I got ya. I do have a question. Are you Big Lebowski fans at Decades?

Yeah, for sure. I mean, we do sell quite a few White Russians.

There you go.

Hopefully not so much swearing during times when families are in there.

Have you ever thought about hosting a Big Lebowski bowling event where you show the movie while they are bowling?

Yeah, we have thought about doing that. It’s a tough space to get a projector in there and have it be super visible. But it would be fun and I think we’d have a good turnout for that, so maybe it’s something we’ll do in [Inaudible]

You’d at least have one attendee in me.

We did buy a couple of very nice decorative rugs just to tie the room together. So we already have that ready.

Yes, very good. You made my day.

Anne, as I understand it, you have known Chris for a little while, is that right? You were a part of helping Decades as the concept was brought to town, is that right?

Yes, I mean, I got to know Chris and the Decades concept as they were kind of implementing and they had to oversee the restoration, I guess, of the Star Armory, which was a wonderful project and a space that was underutilized. Chris and his team came in and put it back on the map. And so that’s how I got to know them. And then Chris and I bump into each other during restaurant week and just other kind of events that involve restaurants throughout Lancaster City.

Very cool.

Well, we’re going to have you give some feedback throughout the show. Your thoughts on events and food trucks and things that we’ve got going on. If anything kind of grabs your interest, certainly chime in. We’ll throw it to you as we do each rundown, but right now we’re going to jump into this week’s local events.

So we’ve got a bunch of events, but we do have a news update, a quick news update.

But before we do that, though…

Did I jump the gun?

You did.

Oh, man!

Yeah, you did. We, go through a lot on these events and some people have involved email addresses and websites, but don’t stress about it cause we’ll give you all of that in our show notes. So remember all info and links are available on the website and via email each week. You get that email, you get all the information, you get the show notes by entering our giveaway at LancasterConnects.com. There you can subscribe to the weekly email update and get all the information that we send out. So you have all of this great stuff. It’ll be all clickable links in the show notes. The full recap of the episode, some clips of the episode. So you can get just what you want when you want it.


The most important part, LancasterConnects.com.

I’m here for something.

Yeah, when it’s red on the screen the script monkey can’t think, but when it’s green, hey, everything’s good.

That’s right. Green means go though.

Green means go. Let’s do the events, you go first.

We got a news update. The Regal Movie Theater and probably all theaters across Lancaster County and other places, Regal Movie Theaters is reopening in the Lebanon Valley Mall on May 21st. They’re just up Route 72, north of Manheim, 2200 Lebanon Valley Mall Road in Lebanon. So good to see theaters… I saw in the Lancaster newspaper, the Fulton Theater is opening up, which is fantastic. I’m sure Sight and Sound, American Music Theater, all the places that couldn’t host entertainment.


Plus they’re opening up, which is fantastic.

There are a little more locally we probably should plug. Penn Cinema, there by the airport. I’m sure you can check them out, see what they’re up to. But yeah, it’s good to start to return to some normalcy here. Pop-up book upset, book it up…

Put that on the Blooper Reel.

Wasn’t that a thing in elementary school, Book It? Book It was the thing.

I love that. They actually did it, I’m sorry to sidetrack, at Pizza Hut. My daughter, when she was in Penn Manor School District, they did Book It. This was just like five years ago. So we got Pizza Hut certificates and we went to Pizza Hut and it felt like 1985. It did.

I’m sure it was like a time warp.

It actually was.

So anyway, Pop-Up Book Sale, Friday, May 21st, 10 to 5. There’ll be a Pop-Up Book Sale held outdoors at the Ephrata Public Library. We had Penny Talbert on the show last week. Great thing  that the library is doing, all proceeds benefit the library and the event is sponsored by JD’s Pizza, 550 South Reading Road in Ephrata is where the library is located. You can go to EphrataPublicLibrary.org for info and more events. And JD’s Pizza, since they’re helping out, their website is JDsPazzoPizza.com.

Music Friday in Lancaster City is the third Friday of the month. Music Friday, from May 21st through the month of September. The City of Lancaster and Music for Everyone will host Music, Friday Event Series. This year due to COVID, the music is going to be on mobile music trucks that will make their way across town, bringing music to downtown and your neighborhood. That’s pretty cool. You can follow Music for Everyone on Facebook @MFELancaster and their website is MusicForEveryone.org.

That is a very cool tweak. You know, I like to say the last 15 months has given people and your personal life, if you’re in a business or own a business, or work somewhere, you can either make excuses or you can level up. That is a fantastic level up. Music on trucks going around town. That’s pretty darn cool. You know, I’ve seen instances of people and it  was actually, I guess, as I was going around downtown to buy gift cards. There was somebody set up shop playing music, just a little powered speaker. I know grocery shopping back  in May and June of last year, at my local grocery store, there was a gentleman playing the keyboards, just rocking out. It puts smiles on people’s faces. Music is great, and that’s pretty awesome. Congrats to anybody involved with that. That’s very smart. I like it. Strasburg Rail Road, “The Return of an American Icon”, May 21st, Norfolk & Western Class J 611 steam locomotive will run the rails at the historic Strasburg Rail Road. That’s of course, in our beautiful countryside here of Amish country. Join them for the summer excursion rides, in-cab experiences, cab tours and more. Dates available through October 2nd, StrasburgRailRoad.com. And of course that’s 301 Gap Road in Ronks is the official address.

We have an official opening day for the Classy Crab. Not to be confused with the Krusty Krab from Sponge Bob. They have their official opening day for the 2021 season. That will be May 21st at 10:00 AM. Classy Crab offers high quality fresh, live or steamed blue crabs at an affordable price. They are located at 3 Ruby Street in Lancaster. And you can find more information about them and their opening at TheClassyCrab.com. Are you a crab guy?

I like crab. I mean, personally, I think it’s a lot of work to eat.

Okay. Yeah.

You know, but I like crab a lot.


The big guy likes crab.

You know my preference for land mammals versus sea creatures.

I do.

But, you know, I like a crab cake. Can’t say I’ve ever done the crab experience.

The whole cracking thing, where you spread out a sheet on the picnic table and just mess it up. It’s awesome.

I got to give it a try.

It’s fun. You know, listen, if you’re in Lancaster and on the end of the day, May 21st, you say, “You know, today was kind of a boring day. I didn’t do much.” Your fault. Tons of great events going on. On May 26th, Lancaster History Museum is reopening. I’m sorry. Let me restart that. Lancaster History Museum is reopening on May 26th. At the museum you’ll learn about Lancaster County. It’s 300 years of fascinating history from the extraordinary lives of the 15th US President James Buchanan and abolitionist Congressman Thaddeus Stevens to the struggles and triumphs of ordinary Americans. The campus of history has stories, exhibitions, learning opportunities for every visitor. Purchase your tickets today for tours, exhibitions, programs, and more. Website is LancasterHistory.org, 230 North President Avenue in Lancaster. It’s a good thing we do this for free for these folks cause if they paid for this, my goodness, refund city.

But I’m glad I’m not the only one that has trouble reading.

My goodness.

Saturday, we’ve got a Cruise-In Car Show. Saturday, May 22nd from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. The Next Gen Senior Center is having their Cruise-In Car Show. It’s a non-formal car show. Meaning there are no trophies. Everyone is a winner. Everybody gets a ribbon. There’s no registration fee. It is donation only. And the proceeds from the donations go towards Next Gen Seniors Center programs to help keep seniors healthy and happy. They’ll have door prizes as well. It’s a pull in relax, sort of event to show off the beauty of the cars, trucks, and motorcycles. The event is at Next Gen’s Community Center, which is located at 184 S. Lime Street, Quarryville. You can find them on Facebook, Next Gen Community Center. Just put that in the search bar and you can check out their events on Facebook for more information or go to LancasterConnects.com and you can see our show notes for a more direct link to them. Their phone number is (717) 786-4770 for more information.

Connected to that event. Not only do you have the car show but you have a Farmer’s Market and Craft Show also as part of that, again, admission is free. They’ll have various vendors and crafts as well as food vendors. We’ll have a list of all the food trucks that’ll be there a little later in the show, but again, that’s at the Next Gen Community Center on Lime Street in Quarryville. You can find them on Facebook, Next Gen Community Center or on LancasterConnects.com.

Another car show, Cruise-In For a Cure is a car show by Misfits on a Mission Relay for Life Team. That is also Saturday, May 22nd. So if you’re a car person, maybe you could do both. Hit the Quarryville one and shoot up to Terre Hill Community Park. Relay for Life Benefit and Car Show supporting the Relay for Life Team Misfits on a Mission. They’ve got food trucks, vendors, raffles. Again, we’ll tell you what the food trucks will be in our food truck run down. All the proceeds from the day’s event benefit the American Cancer Society Relay for Life Team, Misfits on a Mission. Admission is free. The event is from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM. The car show is 10 to 2. They’ve got DJ Timbo playing between 10 and 2. And again, the proceeds from the day’s event will benefit the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life team called Misfits on a Mission, you can find them on Facebook @MisfitsOnAMission or you can head to LancasterConnects.com. Look in the show notes and we’ll send you, or you’ll see a link in there for them. Terre Hill Community Memorial Park is located at 210 Lancaster Avenue in Terre Hill.

You always get the long one like that.

Yeah, I don’t know if I made it longer myself. I probably did.

I think you did, but it’s funny. I’m kind of here, like starting to giggle. I was going to make a sign. He always gets the long, the long ones in point. But, at any rate, speaking of longevity, the Caernarvon, I always mess this word up.

That’s up in your neck of the woods..

That’s up in my neck of the woods, yeah.


There we go. They’re celebrating their 100 year anniversary and open house, Saturday, May 22nd from 6 to 10 and 6 to 7:30 is the open house firetruck tour and demos. From 6 to 9 there’ll be food vendors with light refreshments, and a 7:30 the entertainment kicks off with John Bressler and at 9:00 the firework finale. Bring the whole family and lawn chairs. Jump on Facebook. You can follow them at Caernarvon Fire Company and that is located at 2145 Main Street, Narvon, PA 17555, if you need to plug it into your GPS. Cause Narvon is one of those towns and it shows up as other towns sometimes. Yeah. So that zip code is helpful.

Hopefully we didn’t offend the populace Caernarvon.

We may have just started something possibly we apologize. Congratulations on 100 years. That’s great. And you know, the fact that it’s a volunteer fire company. That’s cool too. I mean, volunteer fire companies you know, have really struggled the last year for fundraising. So now that we can get out, you can do these events, go support them, please. And if you want to know where Caernarvon Fire Company is and all the other places with all the other information. We have that for you. All of the info that we’ve just shared, links are always available on our website. LancasterConnects.com. Well, we can also email them to you each week. You would get that email. You would get all the up-to-date information by entering our giveaway LancasterConnects.com. You’ll enter for the $25 gift card too. The show is available as a podcast, find it at LancasterConnects.com. And of course, don’t forget to like, and share this video, leave a comment and tell a friend about  this show.

Guests, Chris? Anne?

You have started something cause it’s Caernarvon. I’m pretty sure. I’m kind of from that neck of the woods. So I was like, Nope, Nope, Nope, it’s Caernarvon.

It’s like when somebody from outside of Lancaster says Lancaster, instead of like, yeah.

That’s what you were doing to me. I was like, Oh, okay. But I wanted to plug Music Friday and thank you for acknowledging the pivot of music on trucks, because I know the people who had to work through that and they worked very hard at making sure those events still take place while keeping people safe during this whole pandemic. But you know, we’re all craving live music right now and just things with people, right. So I hope the community does come out and support Music Friday and then maybe go get a drink at Decades. I think that would be a really great thing. What do you think Chris  live music then Decades, right?

Yeah. The flatbed truck has been known. I think we’re on their routes. So they come by almost every time. And we just, maybe we could open up a parking spot for them. They can hang out for awhile.

Oh, that’d be cool. Yeah.

Talk there’s another pivot, right? Just make it happen.

Yeah, we got, we got some pickup and delivery spots. He could, he could pull up there for a few minutes and play a couple  of songs.

Or get your cocktail to go. Are you guys still doing that?

Yeah, we’ll throw them up on the truck. We’re not going to do that. But we are doing the cocktails to go.. Yes, we’ve got the cocktails in pouches, which is fun. It’s like an adult Capri Sun.

Right. I was about to say that when I first saw them, I was like, it’s like Capri Sun, but for adults.

Yeah. It’s funny. I’m going to put some ladies I know I’m not gonna name names, but you know, COVID you say, you know, drinks to go, right? Like that wasn’t really a thing. 15 months ago, we were all responsible adults..

It wasn’t legal.

But, you know, I said, I’m going to put some, some ladies that I know. So I coached youth football for a number of years. And there was a, there was a group of moms and fans that had day drinking and mom drinking down to a science. And they were a hoot. I’ll just say that. And they knew how to last an entire day’sfootball events from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM and get through. And it was definitely some adult beverages in disguise. It was pretty funny. So they were doing it before it was legal.

I immediately thought of a trick or treat with your kids and just towing the bar cart behind you.

I like it. Well, I have I have another tie in with this conversation. It won’t sound like it immediately, but here we go. You talked about Lancaster History, you know, that they run James Buchanan’s house and have had to go there for a field trip when I was younger, but I recently got a tour of James Buchanan’s house as I’ve become an adult. And you get to see his own bottle of Madeira still sitting there in one of his rooms. So I don’t know if you guys have been to James Buchanan’s House as an adult, but it is really it’s fun. And the perspective is completely different than when you’re required to go for a field trip. So I just want to shout out to the community if you haven’t been there in several years go to James Buchanan’s house and get your tour and ask the tour guides how much Madeira he used to drink, because it’s impressive.

Wow. I mean, I’m guessing it would be described as copious amounts.

I think so. Yeah. If memory serves me, right. He had like had his own personal stash.

Well, so, Anne from your perspective, how important are local events for the community and for tourism?

It’s part of what makes Lancaster special. When I speak with reporters who are outside of the area, they kind of picture Lancaster city specifically as a place where Amish buggies are clopping down the street and not to say that that doesn’t happen every once in a while. And that’s really fun. But I think we’ve got an atmosphere that is unexpected and it’s vibrant and there’s shopping and dining and live music and events happening regularly. Of course now with COVID things are a little slower, but we’re ramping back up and that just makes it all the more fun. And so I think it’s what makes Lancaster City special is that this community can come together and really throw a good party.

Yeah. And Chris, for you dovetailing Decades, you know into Lancaster, as a newer business, you’ve been open now, how long is it?

So we opened in March of 2019. We had a full year. Our first year was fantastic. And then literally we celebrated our one year birthday as a business. And a week later we were closed for a month, from April to May. So the last year has been interesting and challenging, but I think we’re standing on firm ground and excited about kind of things being less restrictive. It just brings more challenges every week is something new to figure out. It’s definitely an interesting time to do business and we have a business where it’s it’s high touch, it’s bowling, it’s retro arcades and bar and restaurant. So navigating that in a safe way and making sure people feel comfortable is always kind of at the front of our minds, but it’s also challenging. So it’s been interesting, but since January we’ve seen a lot of encouraging signs.

Chris, I can’t remember if I had my timing correct, but didn’t you have some very special guests at Decades, maybe a little bit before the shutdown possibly known as Green Day showed up there?

Oh, I thought you were talking about Dan Akroyd. I’m sorry. Yeah. Dan Akroyd was in town for a Crystal Head Vodka bottle signing back in the fall of 2019.

Is that right?

Yep. And so he was in the area and we sold a ton of Crystal Head Vodka. So he kind of popped in and met the staff and we knew he was coming, which was kind of cool. But the wedding that we had that day did not. So that was kind of a fun thing that just Dan Akroyd showed up at their wedding so they have some pictures and a signed to remember that for a long time. But yeah, Green Day did show up fairly unannounced. We had like a catered event, but it just said birthday party and we kind of were confused because security showed up and we’re like, but it’s a birthday party. You don’t need security for that. And they’re like, wow, we have to check everything out for Billy Joe. And we’re like, what? And they’re like Green Day, the whole band’s going to be here this evening for the whole night so we just want to make sure we know where the exits are. And we’re like, okay. So it was an interesting experience, but they bowled and had a good time. And then I think they did karaoke at the Belvedere after that. So they were kind of checking out the block and seeing what was going on that night. But yeah we’ve been lucky. And then I think two weeks later was the first kind of mandated shutdown. So kind of a bummer to have so much momentum leading off of that first year. But as I said, we’re kind of getting back to it now.

Yeah. Well maybe Chris  as we open back up, you might say, hey, at any time, somebody really cool might pop in. I’m sure you got some pictures on your Facebook or Instagram.


Of Green Day.

Maybe we’ll just reach out to them and say like, “Hey, you know, we know, we know when your birthday is, you want to come and celebrate late?”

Nice. Really nice. Well, Chris we’re going to talk more about Decades and a little bit. We’re gonna kind of give him the focus here so we’ll welcome you back on momentarily. All right, Anne for those that don’t know, why don’t you share with us a little bit more about exactly what your mission is with Lancaster City Alliance?

Sure. And thanks so much for the opportunity and having me on today. One thing I want people to know is Lancaster City Alliance is a nonprofit based in Lancaster City. We are focused on quality of life in the city, and we want to ensure that Lancaster is a clean, safe, and vibrant city for everyone. And that kind of sums us up. And, you’re free to ask questions of what all that means.

What, what is the Building on Strength Plan?

Sure that is the community and economic development plan for the City of Lancaster. And what that means is it’s a 15 year plan that was developed by the community. It’s the city’s plan and the Lancaster City Alliance oversees it and kind of make sure all of the recommendations in the plan are being implemented. So, for 15 years, we’re responsible for making sure that this plan happens. And, you have probably heard the term before, but it’s kind of like we do the herding of the cats. So people are really into the plan and they work really well with it, but the Lancaster City Alliance makes sure it continues on its path to success.

So you mentioned 15 years, when did that start?

2015 it started and it’ll run till 2030.

Yep. That is very cool by my, by my observation, I would say you are well underway, you know, from what I see downtown going on.

Yeah, thank you. Before COVID and even through it for the 15 year plans, several of the goals we have already reached just five years into the plan. And then as COVID hit, we were a little worried. We were, we were like, Oh boy, you know, are we going to lose momentum? And of course, everyone lost a little momentum with everything, but the plan was not derailed. And in fact, we’re kind of reinvigorated in seeing the plan through. And I think if you don’t mind, I’ll tell you a few little highlights of the plan. I don’t know if you had a specific question about that, but I can tell you the plan is focused on recruiting entrepreneurs. We want talented people to invest and set up business here. We want good development in the city we want, when people want to set up shop, we want them to do it in a way that benefits them and the community and that they set up shop in the right place in the city. We look to market the city in a way that attracts visitors and people to settle here, we’re cultivating entrepreneurs. So those big ideas and people like Chris who can turn an under-utilized building into something very special like Decades. We want to see more of that in Lancaster.

Yeah, we can kind of speak to that. Maybe not through your efforts with the City Alliance, but when we opened Gardeners, when we bought Gardener’s from Jim Gardner, we utilized, it was the library on the, it’s not the small business administration, but what am I thinking?


There we go.

Oh yes. Wonderful organization.

Yeah. Yeah. We utilized that organization and at the time I was on my own as a business owner for 10 years prior, Gardner’s was an extension, parallel career path, if you will. I learned a lot from Score even after 10 years of business ownership. And I know Ben did a lot to the managing Gardener’s for 10 years. I mean, it was a crash course in business ownership and how to get a business started funding plan. All of that. It was great to have that opportunity.

They are wonderful. And did you guys know that Score won like chapter of the year, about two years ago. So Score is a nationwide organization and they’re the best there is here just in Lancaster best in the nation.

Yep. Yeah. They should have, I mean, obviously that’s two years ago, it was eight years after we utilized them. But I can only imagine the folks that were there. They had such a, such a passion for it, a level of care to see people succeed. So that’s great. And, things you do with the Alliance. I mean, it really makes a lot of sense. You don’t want to have things open up that are, that are poor.  I was moved to the Lancaster County when I was a child. I now actually live in Sinking Spring. So just across the Lancaster border that’s my wife’s family is all from there. And, I see the 20 years, I guess, of being in and around Berks County and doing business in Lancaster County. It’s interesting to look at the two cities ,Redding in Lancaster. And when you share this plan, this is 15 year plan. What did we call that again?

Building on Strength.

When you look at that, it kind of hit me like a ton of bricks, you know, Reading is really having a struggle. And it would seem to me as though the focus was just on 20 years ago, shopping. Well, when we look back in history, you know, what, what has transformed shopping, like nothing else in the last 20 years Amazon. Right. You know, so when the basis of a, of a city success has been Amazon, it’s not hard to understand now why it’s been a struggle and without a great Alliance guiding it, it’s why. It’s almost like Lancaster and Reading flip-flop. 20 years ago, you, you could do a lot of great things in the city of Reading now, maybe not, not so much, at least from my perspective. I’ll talk about a little later walking around downtown last week. It was just, it was very  nice experience. So kudos to you with what we’re doing with the Alliance. Let’s talk about the, you know, the underserved areas. What exactly do we mean by that?

Sure. And I want to be very clear as thriving and as exciting as Lancaster is, we’re not perfect. And there are neighborhoods that are underserved. And what that means is for many, many years, investment has not happened in those neighborhoods. Maybe the sidewalks are crumbling or the street lights aren’t what they used to be. Or there’s excessive trash, or just those things, the quality of life, maybe isn’t there as it is in other areas of the city. So as much as we love to focus on shopping and restaurants and dining and all the fun, the Lancaster City Alliance also focuses on neighborhoods and we work closely with city government to ensure that we are beginning to invest in those neighborhoods and make sure that everyone in Lancaster City has the opportunity to succeed. And some of those investments, what that looks like is placing trash cans on sidewalks, planting trees, and some of the photos that were coming up on screen, facade improvements, improving the front of properties, including working front doors, working windows, downspouts, re-pointing of brick. Whenever you’re able to make those basic property investments that enhances neighborhood pride businesses want to set up their people want to be in those areas. There’s a, a pick a before and after pictures, picture of one of the facades. So let me be clear though, those changes are changes that are taking place that are needed. Everyone deserves a good front door. Everyone deserves working windows and downspouts. We’re not taking properties and changing the element of the neighborhood, but just making an investment in a community so that the people who are already living there have the opportunity to thrive.

What’s what’s the bigger picture of all of these small things that you do in a, in a particular area of town? What’s the bigger picture there?

The bigger picture is I would sum it up as quality of life. So everyone just deserves a chance to live a high quality of life. And if you’re not investing in some of these neighborhoods, then they fall behind. And we certainly don’t want that in Lancaster. We are known to be a welcoming community and we want to make sure that if you want to live in Lancaster, if you want to visit Lancaster or you want to do business in Lancaster, you have the opportunity to do it well, have the best impact. So we try and set up those small things so that others can succeed.

So I’m going to throw a little bit of, maybe it’s a curve ball. Maybe not, maybe you’ll hit it out of the park, so to say so. I’m sure, you know, Lancaster is voted as like the, one of the top five I believe it is best places to retire right. In the country.  Am I correct in that top five?

Yes. I think it bounces around. Yeah, it’s up there. Let’s just say top five.

So, you know whenever an article comes out about another retirement building, retirement home being built from your perspective. What do you see? Is there a net benefit there? Is it neutral to what your goals are? How does that dovetail Anne  and what does it mean for the 15 year plan? What does it mean for the 30 year?

Well, that’s why we have a plan because as part of our plan, what is, there are specific areas in the city because of the plan have been designated as places that can house a new retirement home. You don’t want to put a retirement home in maybe a certain neighborhood that it doesn’t belong there. It isn’t helpful to the neighbors, but the plan has already designated, retirement homes or these corridors would fit this type of business or this type of opportunity. So those places that are coming into the city that you may read about, where they are being placed is intentional to benefit the community in the best way and potentially leave the neighborhoods intact. So I think that it’s a balance, right? Everyone is welcome here. Whether it’s a retirement home or a young family or people of color or refugees, we want to see everyone to be able to thrive. So a retirement home, as long as it’s in the right type of place for the city, that is considered a good investment.

And, and again, I don’t mean to put you on the spot. So I’m going to ask the question. This is one of the things that’s interesting to me, you know, we try to weave a little Seinfeld into each episode if we can. So this is our planning time, you know, I want to be a city planner, the kid that came for the scholarship anyway. Have you as the Alliance been able to say no, that kind of development, maybe it’s not retirement home just doesn’t fit the plan. Has the Alliance been able to have enough teeth, I guess  to say that is not meeting the goal, that’s not meeting what we’ve all agreed to. Anything like that come up that you could share?

Well, I can’t think of a specific example, but I think I do want to still answer the question, the really fun thing and the unique thing about Lancaster, that maybe isn’t happening in other communities is that our ability to work together. So it wouldn’t just be the Alliance saying no,but other organizations like the City of Lancaster. So city government, us, Economic Development Company of Lancaster, maybe the Spanish American Civic Association, those are all of the organizations kind of work together to ensure that the right type of development is happening. And of course, all of these projects have to pass city council. And I maybe depending on like the historic commission, so there’s checks and balances throughout the system, and many different organizations working to influence the right type of development. So I, I guess there’s, I’m answering this question and thinking more about it. I don’t know that we would ever get to a situation where it’s no. I think there’s enough checks and balances in place that we would never get to that point.  We would all be working together to kind of influence the best outcomes for the people and the organization that’s looking to do business.

Well, I mean, right there, I mean, that’s why our city is thriving. Right. And I think that’s the answer. Yeah. It’s not a totalitarian answer where this one entity, you can say this or that it’s, everybody’s on the same page, pulling in the same direction, which is powerful in any aspect of your life.

And don’t forget, there’s a plan. I mean, the Building on Strength plan gives us that vision to know what’s needed and where, so, yeah, it just, all, it’s a big community effort and you’ve won some accolades for that.

Our producers told us that you’ve been recognized for doing this plan, executing this plan better than most, is that right? Somebody from the New York times?

Yeah.  Thomas Friedman of the New York Times wrote an article three years ago now. It came out in July, it highlighted Lancaster. And again, it’s not just Lancaster City Alliance, but many organizations across the city as unique in the entire United States for our ability to get the job done and work together. Despite political differences or just, you know, there aren’t really like turf wars here or people aren’t territorial. I think we understand that in order to achieve the vision and the goal and the greater good we have to work together. And, the New York Times highlighted us for it. Was a really fun perspective on our city and our community as a whole.

Yep. That’s fantastic. Anne, how is the Alliance funded?

We are a non-profit. So, are funded by local corporations and also  individuals. So, you know, the Extra Give, lots of people donate to us, during that exciting day in our community. But we also work with our corporate  partners because as we see it, if you are doing business in Lancaster City, we’re here to make sure your business thrives. I like to use the example of the Lancaster general health. The hospital is a big supporter of us. They like to make sure that the community around the hospital is a welcoming place. If you’re coming to the hospital, you want to be able to do it easily and feel safe and secure. And the Lancaster City Alliance along with many others plays a role in that. But as far as like business recruiting and talent, again, the hospital’s a great example of this. They want to bring in the most talented physicians and medical team  that benefits us all when there’s good doctors in our community, we all benefit from that. And you can recruit talented physicians by knowing that they’re coming to settle and set up shop in a community that is thriving and exciting because we’re, they’re competing with towns and cities across the country to recruit talented medical staff. And it’s, it’s our job to make sure Lancaster is a great place for them to want to do business here.

Yeah. Well, I mean, that’s the show we’re on here, Lancaster Connects. I mean, it’s really about, we launched this effort because it’s about helping the community that supports our business. So as a, as a business operator in this city we feel it’s important to give back in this way, shine, light on organizations like yours, maybe even smaller organizations, maybe larger ones, but use this platform to let the community know all that’s out there. One of those ways, again, the Lancaster Connects Community is about having people who may not have the means to donate financially, but have time, you know, help these organizations, help charities that we highlight. You have ways that people can help out.  Talked about trees and trash cans, you know, various aspects of city blocks and upkeep. How can people connect with you that way, if they’re willing to donate their time and, you know, roll up their sleeves.

I think one of the easiest ways for people to get involved other than making sure they’re always shopping and dining in Lancaster city is by thinking about again, quality of life and litter pickup, we offer Adoptive A Block program. And as you can see on the screen, street trash receptacles. These trash receptacles are bolted to the sidewalk and they just help. When receipts are flying out of your pocket or your gum wrapper or whatever, there’s a trash can nearby and you can make sure it gets in the can as opposed to down the sidewalk. And so people can adopt these trash cans. You can also sponsor a trash can, you can see the sponsor logos there as well as our logo. So you can adopt a trashcan if you live in the city, or business owners can adopt a trash can as well. And that just helps keep the area around your home or business clean. And because, you know, a city has a high traffic area. So litter happens and having lots of trash cans around, just makes it a lot cleaner. It’s better for the environment and it’s better for the visual aspect of just living in and being in the city.

Yeah. Yep. Yeah. So, I mean, listen, if you’re a business owner listening to this, adopt the block, adopt the trashcan, you saw the signs if you watch this as a video cast TV show, you saw the signs. I believe it was like Lancaster County Waste Management and High Foundation. Obviously we saw the, the Alliance sign, but you know, again, just the way to get your name out there and do good at the same time. Obviously being in a city, you’re going to get a lot of eyeballs on it. So that’s a great initiative to kind of blend corporate stewardship with giving back to the community and helping the community. So I like that a lot. Yeah thanks for that. Yeah. You touched on the Adopt A Block.  Obviously adopt the trashcan is pretty self-explanatory but how does that work? How do you adopt a block?

So there, there is an application process which the Lancaster City Alliance can help you with. And, as you can see in the picture, an Adopt A Block sign and it’s kind of small, but it says “Sponsored by the Young Family”. And there is the Young family. So you get your own sign, you get to choose your block. Maybe it’s close to your home or business or somewhere else in the city. And you get gloves and trash pickers and some trash bags, and you’re committed to picking up litter around in, on your block twice a year. But although we recommend you do that more frequently, I know talking with a Young family, they do on the opposite weeks that city trash cleaners come through. So they’re very dedicated to keeping their block clean. It’s a free service. You get your sign. Business owners, there’s a little free advertising as well. And you get recognized by city council for being good members of your community. And then of course, just an opportunity to get outside and do a good thing.

And do we understand it correctly that the Adopt A Trashcan program involves a local emptying the trash cans themselves?

Yes. So if you are the one to adopt the trashcan, it is your responsibility to, that lid just slides off and pull out the trash bag and you put it with your own trash and it’s okay to do that.

That’s very nice. Well, we appreciate your time and considering that you are a nonprofit entity. That qualifies you for our weekly donation. So we have a little small donation we give to all the charities, all the  organizations that come on the show, just as a little way of saying thank you for your time and putting forward your efforts. So it’s $125 we’ll donate that to you happily. We’re really grateful that you’ve joined us. I learned a lot. I hope our listeners learned a lot.

Well, thank you so much. This is unexpected, and I really appreciate it. And I’ve enjoyed your insight into what makes Lancaster great. And having this conversation with you. So thank you. You guys are like my new favorite Lancaster City business.

Well, we appreciate you. I mean, again, it’s really, it’s kind of nice here. Episode 11. I was trying to think of what it is there it is on the screen Episode 11, you know, we started this endeavor and I wrote about it last night on my social media channels. I know what the goal line is like and that is to provide a platform for our community to better highlight our community and make a better connection. I didn’t know exactly how we’ll get there. I’m a jump off the high dive, fill the pool later, kind of yeah. There’s aspects within the four walls here that speak to that.  It’s very cool to have you on the show as a part of this. We really do believe that helping our community that supports our business is important for us to be here term. And I hope anybody listening to this gets that too. And you know, it can start small. I mean, if it’s just adopting the trashcan,  that’s a way to start. I mean, and that’s the hardest thing, right. Just starting and once you’re in motion, things become so much easier.

Yep. You’re exactly right. Thank you so much.

Yeah. Yup. Well, and thank you for joining us. We’ll have you pop back in here as we move along in the show. We’ve got some business to do with our Sleep Better segment. All right so our tip from the Sleep Better book, which we’ll happily mail you a copy, not with all my notes on it, but your own fresh copy, right in the mail, an actual book, because what we have is great information inside of sleep better.  This tip from page 35, brighten up your day, your body’s clock also known as the circadian rhythm will function better. If you get plenty of light during your waking hours, get some sunlight every day at certain hours when you’re not likely to get sunburned and also be sure to have really good biting when you’re indoors, let there be light. It may seem odd dimension, but some people actually prefer dwelling and darker or very dim environments throughout the day, which can seriously disrupt your body’s time clock. Yep. So I lived this yesterday. I was at a friend’s house, , just beautiful kind of tucked back. You’d never even know it’s there from the street. And we sat on the porch, hung out and just having the light come in in the afternoon. Just the right amount. Not too much, not too little. So I wasn’t, you know, you get in the sauna and it’s like, it’s hot burn your skin it was perfect. And the other thing, when we talk about rhythm is lining your sleep up to 90 minute intervals. So starting about four and a half hours to six hours to seven and a half to nine hours. That’s really key as well. I got back to that last night and I got to tell you, I feel really good. I’m on a six hour program. I automatically wakes up after six hours. It’s pretty crazy.

Something else that we have going on. I don’t think we’ve actually done this yet in 11 Episodes. So we’re going to have a shameless plug. It is Memorial Day this month and May is Better Sleep Month, by the way. More on that in a second, but we’ve got our double deals promotion this month. So you get to maximize your savings discounts. You pick to fit your situation. We’re not throwing out just here’s the promotion, take it or leave it, pick your discount, maximize your say savings. And we’ve got some floor models, discontinued items that incredible deals are 50-50 deal. We mark everything down, half off first, and then what’s left when it’s time to pull the plug on it and get rid of it we chop it another 50%. So it’s an incredible opportunity to save some money, but the most important thing, whatever you spend on a mattress is, is actually being able to enjoy it. Get better sleep. So. You can start by getting our book, get your free copy of Sleep Better from Gardner’s Mattress & More. We’ll mail you a free copy. Just go to GardnersMattressAndMore.com/Sleep-Better. And we’ll get it out to you.

We got our food truck alert through the flashing light. You can turn off the siren. That’s  enough. All right. Thanks. Next time. Food truck flushing. Right. All right, May 19th from 12 to 4:30,, the Farm Show Milkshakes truck will be located at 100 East Charlotte Street in Millersville, that’s to support the EMS Week and American Red Cross Blood Drive event. Again, 100 East Charlotte Street in Millersville. Farm Show Milkshakes are fantastic.

Dough Heads will have their famous “wockets”, short for waffle pocket. I’m not making that up.

What is that thing? That’s awesome. Is that a Buffalo wing waffle with celery sticking out like blue cheese and Buffalo?

It appears to be a little, a little sweet and savory all in a wocket. So Dough Heads will have their “wockets” available. Thursday, May 20th from 5 to 7 at Fieldstone Drive between Willow Creek and Heatherwood at 1410 Fieldstone Drive. I want to know how I get them to show up at my place. Update from Dough Heads. They now have two trucks, so you have twice as many fun chances to find them and enjoy “wockets”.

We’ve got Meat the Browns Food Truck, Saturday, May 22nd from 11 to 2:00 PM. Their mobile kitchen will be located at 5235 Oak Leaf drive in Mount Joy. Their extensive menu includes pulled pork, chicken, cheese, steak cheeseburgers, subs, hot taco, hot dogs, hot tacos too, and, and much, much more check them out.

So I got it.

You got the egg roll?

I got the Egg Roll Lady, which apparently for Lancaster is kind of a big deal. It’s a thing. That’s a thing, I guess, as the Egg Roll Lady goes, so goes your date nights maybe. Last time we talked about the Egg Roll Lady, Ben had a date with his wife, lovely bride. Anyway, May 22nd. We have two locations for the Egg Roll Lady. Location one is 420 Ashford Drive and location two is 203 Glebe Lane in Lancaster. Both locations, Egg Roll Lady will open her booth at 8:30 AM until 12 or until sold out. My guess is she will sell out.  I’ll tell you what, I’m going to make a little thing right here right now. And production team will have to maybe throw a couple bucks of advertising on Facebook behind this. If you get a picture of yourself in line around the block for the Egg Roll Lady with a sign Lancaster Connects, just write it out on a sheet of paper, we’ll give you a free pillow here in this store. Anybody that does, that will do it. Okay. My recommendation is to get there early, get in line.

We mentioned it earlier. We told you about the Outdoor Farmer’s Market and Craft Show at the Next Gen Community Senior Centers, Saturday, May 22nd, it’s happening alongside the car show. Admission is free.  In addition to the various vendor and craft items, they will have food trucks, including Mr. Frosty, M & M Catering. And Lancaster County CB Radio Club will be there as a food vendor. Again, that’s at the Next Gen Community Center at 184 South Lime Street in Quarryville. You can find them on Facebook or visit LancasterConnects.com and look in the show notes for a link.

This is what I, this is karma, right? I’m poking fun at him for getting all the long ones. Look at this. It’s like a whole sheet.

You can do it.

Lickity Split Ice Cream Truck. It’s May it’s warming up. They’re getting out and getting it done last week, Penny Talbert mentioned them and that she loves Lickity Split Ice Cream. So they have a ton of dates coming up. Try for yourself before I read the date. So you can find Lickity Split Ice Cream  on Facebook @MobileIceCreamTruck. See now that’s smart. That’s good for Google. I mean, it’s good for SEO and it’s easy for me to say, and I don’t bungle it. So @MobileIceCreamTruck or website is LickitySplit.info. So May 19th, 5:30-6:30  neighborhood pop-up Paradise area at 46 Creekview Drive. Also on Wednesday, right after that 6 to 7 at 17 Cottonwood Lane in Denver. Thursday, the 20th, 6:30-8, another pop-up in the neighborhood, 121 School Lane Avenue in Ephrata. All of this will be on our show notes. All the more reason to go to LancasterConnects.com and get those. Saturday, May 22nd, 10 to 2, Relay for Life in Terre Hill at Terre Hill Park, also on the 22nd, Caernarvon 100th Anniversary block party 2145 Main Street, Narvon, PA. Monday the 24th, another pop-up of Mount Joy at 4117 Dahlia Court. Also man, these people work also on Monday night, 7 to 8 another one, 316 West Charlotte Street in Millersville. What are they in the DeLorean? I mean, you go from  6:45 to 7:00, that is incredible! 316 West Charlotte Street, Millersville , 7 to 8, on the 24th. And then Tuesday, the 25th wrapping it up and other neighborhood pop up in Nashville, 103 Pebble Run, Lancaster, PA. This is living the life as an adult. When you have an ice cream truck out front of your house?

Yes. Yes, adulting.

Adulting for sure, man.

All right. We mentioned it earlier. Food trucks are going to be at the Cruise In for a Cure Car Show. Again, that’s the Misfits on a Mission Relay for Life Team. Cruise In for  a Cure Car Show is on Saturday, May 22nd at the Terre Hill Community Park. In addition to the vendors and raffles at this free event, they’re going to have food trucks, such as Finks French Fries, Lickity Split, The Crazy Train, Hen House Grilling, Grape Leaf Cafe, Lorah’s Handmade Chocolates, The Popcorn Lady of PA. That’s interesting. Cupcakes by Shelly. Remember the proceeds from the day’s event will benefit the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life Team, Misfits on a Mission, event runs from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM. The car show is 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. And DJ Timbo is playing 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. You can follow them on Facebook @MisfitsOnAMission. Terre Hill Community Memorial Park at 210 Lancaster Avenue in Terre Hill.

There you go. On food trucks, I have quite the fandom and following, I wonder if like  Lickity Split has like groupies that follow them around. I bet you, they do probably something I would do anyway. Our viewers want to know where the food trucks are each week. So if you own one work in one, know of one, we want to hear from you. We’ll tell our viewers where you’ll be so that they can support you. You fill out the form at LancasterConnects.com and tell us where you’ll be. Tell us about your food so that we can have people desperate to go grab your food. And please do not forget to like, and share this video, leave a comment and tell a friend about the show, help us accomplish our mission. Creating Lancaster Connects as a great platform  to help the community put a spotlight on great people, organizations and charities that need it. And we can share all they’re doing with the community.

Alright, guests, I’m sure you have a favorite food truck. What is it?

Well I’m concerned that I’ve never heard of the Egg Roll Lady. So my apologies. And I’m going to go seek her out .

You are officially out of the loop.

I pride myself being in the loop, but you know, Farm Show Milkshakes and Fink’s French Fries. , I think I gained five pounds just thinking about it, but I mean, who cares? Right? Because it is, it’s the good life right there. When I order my Farm Show Milkshake, I asked for the blended both vanilla and chocolate, because I just lose all ability to think straight. And I don’t know which one to pick. So I get them both. I don’t know about the rest of you.

We understand you have a tip on Fink’s French fries.

Yes. I actually just had some Fink’sFrench Fries. That’s hard to say on Friday, they have a permanent location at Green Dragon,Ephrata and open only on Fridays.

Very cool. Chris, welcome back. How about do you have a favorite food truck?

I actually have two. Two different buddies of mine. They’re both Hempfield guys too. Souvlaki Boys  Scoops, the ice cream place. Anytime I see that.  I mean, we’re right down the street from Souvlaki Boys, but  we love getting Scoops when they’re out and about.

So, what do you think? I mean, food trucks are kind of this thing that’s more recent, more recent development. Chris, do you think they complimenting your business, compete with it? Where do you see the value for food trucks in the city?

Yeah, no, I think that it’s not necessarily direct competition. You know, a lot of the food trucks are offering smart choices as far as like maybe it’s not a full meal, so it’s more of like an accent kind of thing. So you could still go to a restaurant and hit up a food truck or vice versa. So I, I don’t see that as a big issue. We’ve actually talked to a couple as like, you know, do you want to pull up in front of decades? We’ll have the music truck pull up too and then, you know, maybe we do like a,  one was like shaved ice and maybe you could get some alcohol from Decades and combine all these things. I think working together on that stuff, you can get some creative things coming out of it.  I think there’s space for everyone, so it’s not a direct competition or anything. You can’t pick up our restaurant and pop it into your neighborhood too. So there is something to say for their business plan and they are entitled to grab that business where they can so good for them.

I just kind of like lit up with childish giddy, joy, because Chris, you just uncovered something I’ve always felt guilty about, you know, “Linner”, your second lunch, your first dinner, you, you just so eloquently rephrased it as an accent meal. Whether it’s an AM accent meal or a PM accent meal, or after dinner accent meal.

I mean if you aren’t  walking around with a wocket in your pocket then I don’t know what you’re doing. You need in between the meals snacks.

Yeah. I don’t think my dietician wife approves of this, this eating plan. We’ll just tell her, we’ll just tell her we didn’t record this and watch this.

Anne,  so food trucks,

here’s a question for you. Obviously they bring a vibrant, it could be that vibrant food scene to the, to the Lancaster area. Have you seen any, any food truck, like come in and start and then solidify? Not that just being a food truck is bad, but have you seen them take the next step into a physical location?

I can’t think of any.

Slouvlaki Boys years ago was just the food truck. Now there they’ve been a brick and mortar restaurant for a few years and also still run the food truck. So, I mean, it does happen.

I know, I don’t know what came first, either Lancaster cupcake food truck or the brick and mortar business, but that could be another one, but there they do have the shop and a food truck. Both the cupcakes are awesome either are very cool.

Very good. All right. Well, we’re going to jump to our history nugget and then Chris, you’re going to come up and tell us all about Decade’s Bowling. My son would love this episode because this episode, because he’s a bowler. You do it in the history nugget.

You want me to do the history nugget?

Ben’s first history nugget, a lot of pressure.

So this history nugget is brought to us by Benton Webber. He has provided us with multiple history nuggets in the past and seems to know all there is to know about like his, their history. So this is about the Lincoln Highway. Most Lancaster folks know where Columbia Avenue is, but very few are aware of its significance and history. One aspect of that history is its prominence as part of the length of the I’m sorry, as part of the Lincoln highway, our country’s first trans continental highway. It connected New York to San Francisco, California, and ran right through the center of Lancaster. As Jack Brewbaker explained in the Scribbler on August 14th, 1981, there was a time when the Lincoln highway was the best known road in the United States.   He explained the markers in his column half a century ago, nobody had any trouble identifying the Lincoln Highway in the late summer of 1928. The Boy Scouts of America began erecting concrete markers at period intervals from coast to coast long, the Lincoln Highway four foot high concrete posts and other signs marked the way. And its various turns. One such post was located opposite Jackson Drive in Lancaster township, just East the Maple Grove. It was removed when Stone Mill Plaza was built. Unfortunately it was taken into protective custody in Lancaster History building perhaps into protective custody. I’m not sure exactly what that is saying, but it is, it is safe and sound Jeff. That is rest assured thank God. Put the bonus nugget here. Brewbaker also said in the 1790s, the 62 mile long Lancaster Pike was built from Philadelphia to Lancaster. It was the young nation’s first long distance roadway with a stone and gravel surface and apparently free of potholes. Probably not if it was in Pennsylvania. So who ran it in 1790. And can we get them back?

Right. Exactly. So thanks, Benton Weber. We’ve got to get Benton Weber on the show. I think we need to have him like history nuggets. Yeah. We need to have him on Chris. Speaking of navigating potholes. Yes, sir. Last year was full of potholes.

Sure it was. Yeah.

Just how about that for a transition? It was great. I mean, I’m just going to, that was, yeah, we did answer. I fancy. Yeah, we did it. Yeah. So, so just real quick, I’ll kick it off. My son is a bowler for a good bowler. A really good bowler. Yeah. Wilson High School. Coming up on a senior year. He actually got kicked off as another, yet another round of private coaching lessons through his first 300 game to kick off the high school season last year. Yeah. He’s come close a bunch of other times, so he’s really into it. And, we’ve been meaning to get to the Decades to, to check it out. So now, now we’re just going to have to, because I put it in. Yeah. It’s been a while since we’ve done a company employee appreciation event. There you go. What better place to host an event, right? Yeah, absolutely. Let’s set it up. Yeah, there you go. So, Chris, what is Decades?

Okay. This is actually retro arcade, boutique bowling, which means we have six lanes. So it’s not a  bowling center or anything. More of an upscale approach to bowling and arcades with also a full service restaurant and, a complete bar.  So we have interesting cocktails, fun wines, 24 craft beers on tap, excellent food and really just a ton of fun things to do, so it’s you know, this unique blend and, of our own, you know, the ownership’s personalities and kind of things that we love. And we’re just kind of showing Lancaster City, all the things that we enjoy and hope they enjoy it as well. So. You’re seeing some pictures of the space and it’s located in the star arm rebuilding,  at 438 North Queen Street, Star Armory Building has been around for years and years. We’re open. It’s really cool.

Yeah. Your pictures of food are coming up. So I was going to ask on a scale of one to amazing cheese steak, egg rolls. Where does that fall out?

Well, we make them and it they’re very time-consuming. So I, I understand what the Egg Roll Ladies also going through on a weekly basis, but they’re delicious and they are selling really, really well. We’ve added them to the menu in the last two months and they’re one of our top sellers. So I think, uh, the word’s getting out that they’re delicious.

I mean, you’ve got bowling, you’ve got arcade, you’ve got restaurant, you know, you had weddings, so, you know , entertainment, venue, events, space. How does a business like that come about? Where did it start? What was the idea? The grand plan. Tell us about that.

Yeah, you’re right. So, I mean, for years and years. So it’s three childhood friends Adam, Jonathan Jaeger and myself.  We all went to Haddonfield. There’s a good picture of us when we were a little younger and skinnier.  We started as a company as doing Leicester Craft Beer Fest.  But we’ve always been, been friends from our Hempfield days. And we just kind of decided that Lancaster needed more entertainment options. You know, we always thought, Oh, you can get a good, you know, cocktail. You can have a nice meal, but really kind of live music was the extent of activity. And we, as consumers felt that there was a gap that needed to be filled. And we also thought that we could be the ones to potentially come up with something to fill that gap. Adam and I have always been big you know, retro, they weren’t retro at the time, but video games and now they’re retro.  Loves bowling as well as Adam does too. So it just kind of came together as a blend of, we should do a Barcade somewhere. And always thought like, you know, potentially we could add bowling if the building allowed for it.

And  what are, what other type of food do you serve? You said you make the egg rolls, so you’re, you’re a scratch kitchen.

Yeah. We try to be as close to a scratch kitchen as possible. You know, the, you know, we’re seeing some interesting supply chain issues starting to pop up in our industry. So we hope those stay a scratch kitchen, but if we can’t get the things we need to do that, we’ll have to adjust. But, you know, we have, a lot of different food offerings, but we’ve found a lot of success with our vegan options. We have a vegan chicken sandwich that does really well. Vegan chicken wings. Of course we have traditional wings and traditional fried chicken sandwich , but we’ve been seeing some of those vegan options really fly out the door which means that there’s a lot of demand for it. Which is kind of cool. I mean a lot of shareable items for people they’re bowling or, you know, making their way around playing arcade games and return to the table.  So kind of that community aspect and, and, you know, it’s been mostly families for the past few months just because that’s what you’re supposed to be doing. Now that restrictions are going to be lightening up here on Memorial day weekend. It’s an exciting time for Decades to kind of get back to the, the business that we wanted to show the public and not one that is fit into a lot of different things to try and keep people with say thoughtful, it’ll still be safe and we have a ton of space to spread everyone out. We’ve had to kind of socially distance things and move maneuver games in different ways that we didn’t really want to.  So, and offering more bowling, you know, we’ve, we’ve only been able to operate three out of our only six lanes. So to have some more bowling available to people, you know, are weightless, can sometimes be four hours and that’s just not, not fun. But we also have things to do while you’re waiting, so that it’s not that bad, so as far as the food goes, we do have a cheese steak too. So you could literally go overboard and do cheese, steak, egg rolls, and then a cheese steak for dinner. Maybe we could get some cheese steak and cut it up and throw it on some dessert for you as well. Maybe tucking into waffles.

Yes, that’s right. Chris, you mentioned, you mentioned the arcade games.  My favorite game is the,  basketball hoops. You know, like it’s got the hours there, what, what are your most popular games? What do people, you know, what do people like.

Well, we do find that the action games are very popular. So ski ball, tremendously popular with all age groups and then the basketball one is of course, very fun. And, when we can run both, it can be very competitive because you can link them up and compete , but we have about, we have about 30 digital arcade games. I think Ms Pac-Man is very popular, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the X-Men game from the nineties. So we have a lot of fun stuff, but we do try to hit the, the major , errors and Decades, so to speak of the different arcade games. So we do have some older ones like Centipede, Frogger of course. And then our newest game is actually Mario Kart. That’s a sit-down racing game. Again, it can be very competitive. So we have some driving games as well, but,  and then digital pinball, which is kind of a cool thing.  860 pinball games on this one machine. It’s a polarizing thing cause a lot of pinball fans and I, you know, me included like to kind of see and feel all the inner workings of things. So this kind of solves that problem and it’s kind of cool to, you could say, Oh, they don’t have this game, but we chances are we do.  Because it’s on that, that digital version, which is pretty fun. So yeah, I mean, there’s, you have pinball digital pinball. You have like the old school, like one-off game pinball machines.

What’s that? As far as pinball goes, you said you have digital pinball. Is that right?

Yeah. And just that one at the moment, we used to have a, we had three like actual pinball games before, but they, they are quite large and take up a lot of space. So when we had to do redo the floor plan to kind of distance things out, pinball got, got the ax, unfortunately. So we’re trying to find ways to get back to that. But they are still quite large.

So we, you know, you guys get to turn the corner, at Decades on Memorial Day weekend, you’ll be able to be full capacity. You know, we clip out our guests. So this is a great opportunity to kind of share what your plans are going forward. What things will be like. Obviously bowling is going to go back to six lanes. I think I heard you say what, what, what else is it gonna look like on Memorial day weekend for you?

So we’ve , never been at full occupancy. We added out that outdoor dining and take out this past year. And then, you know, with indoor dining being so limited and kind of trying to be as careful as we can, we, we’ve never actually seen our own business be at full capacity with the outdoor dining added in and take out. So we’re really excited for that as well to know what we have there. And,  I think for us come Memorial Day, you know, we have so much space at Decades that it’s not really going to change too much for us other than we can kind of return to having all the barstools back. And it’s just, it’s such a fun and lively setting when you’re in there. People are kind of bowling. You hear that in the background, you hear the arcade games going off, you know, the bartenders are making drinks and. So it’s just, it’s just so much fun.  And I’m just really looking to get back to that and I, I know I’ll enjoy it, so, but just to see people kind of interacting with each other and having fun at the games and, really is kinda like we we’ve missed that. And you know, we have to enforce a lot of different rules too, so that hasn’t been fun either and kind of returning to our normal setting, just should be fun for everyone, including the staff. And I think they’re, they’re ready for a bit of a break and you know, this is what the CDC is recommending. I think we’re all moving forward on the assumption that that’s the safe thing to do. And we’re excited to kind of, see people’s smiling faces again throughout the building.  Not just at certain times when they’re seated at tables. So, I think that’s the biggest thing for us is just , Kind of getting back to what we’ve, what we intended.

Yeah, that’s great. So you’re coming off of restaurant week. How was how was restaurant week for you?

It was really good. We did a three-course menu and saw a lot of new faith in, you know, new people come in and check it out and had a lot of good positive feedback. And you know, we’re excited to do that again in the fall. So it’s all positive stuff.

Chris,  you participate in a city-wide happy hour, is that right?

Well, we’re about to, a thing that’s starting in June and I appreciate you, mentioning it and it’s called Bourbon Time. So it really is kind of the concept of reclaiming time for yourself. So a lot of bars will offer those brands of bourbon at different times, but probably six to seven. And and we’re just trying to encourage people to come down, support the restaurants. If you’re a bourbon drinker already, it’s a no brainer. But there’s a lot of fun things that restaurants will do with it to feature it. And then, know at Decades we’re also trying to work in a charity, aspect of things. So the, you know, possibly a slight discount to the consumer, but also a donation to several charities that you could actually choose which one your funds go to. So that’s kind of our concept. We’re still kind of defining that, but you will start to see things about bourbon time and I encourage you to go out and kind of participate.  Lancaster city restaurant week website is not ready yet, but it will be the landing page for the bourbon time. So you can see all the restaurants that are choosing to participate in what they’re offering. So, kind of stay tuned for details. But as I said, you’ll. You’ll see that coming up in June.

Well, I’m a big fan of bourbon . If it’s Brown liquor, I’ll drink it for the most part. And it’s good. You’re doing the charity. So, so you come in, you do the city-wide happy hour, you get a great, you get a great pour of your favorite bourbon and you do some good, so you can actually nominate your own charity.

That’s what we plan to do at Decades. Each restaurant will be slightly different and I’m not sure, you know, that’s kind of our, it’s an optional thing and we just decided that that’s what we would like to do.  It also runs from June through September. So there’s quite a bit of time to kind of collect those funds and really make a, a bigger impact so we’re actually going through that process right now.  So I, you know, if you’re a consumer and you’re, you’re coming to Decades for this kind of thing, it’ll just be a little slip of paper. You buy the drink, you say, Hey, here’s the three charities that we’re supporting you check and we take care of the rest for you.

Very good. You’ve you’ve mentioned the relationship with the Lancaster City Alliance. what difference have they made for Decades and for other local Lancaster businesses?

So on speaking for Decades specifically,  helped kind of navigate a couple of interesting things. Like you said, you know, we’ve got an arcade bowling restaurant bar, you know, a lot of different concepts in one building. And so the Lancaster City Alliance kind of helped us game plan. You know, the, you know, they helped us look for a building to an extent, and then they also kind of said, okay, you’re going to need these potentially additional inspections or things that you need to consider because of your unique concept, that we hadn’t really thought about before. You know, they’ve been very helpful in that way.  Speaking personally, I’m also very involved with Lancaster City Restaurant Week and their velocity event is actually their biggest fundraiser. And also allows them to sponsor Lancaster City Restaurant week. So there’s a working relationship there on multiple levels for me personally. They have been a sponsor of restaurant week since its inception,   nine years ago. So, they are very dedicated to all downtown businesses. They have kind of kick-started and helped with the Lancaster Indie Retail Week to support all the retail shops. And, and honestly from Decades perspective, they’re all customers like we see them on a regular basis. You know, we see their names come up and do you know when they’re doing takeout? , we see them in our dining room. We see them outside. You know, they’re just, they’re just good people and they just are here to help and, and help connect businesses that can support each other and then offer,  just sound advice and direction. I mean, it’s a great city and we all love it here. So, you know, I think as people learn what we’ve, what a special place we have or kind of, Hey, we’ve all got routines, new routines from the last year. And maybe getting out and going downtown on a nice day, catching some music and, and a spot to drink some bourbon and get some cheese steak.

That’s right. So beyond the obvious coming to bowl, coming to bowl, come into play are arcade games. What other ways as we kind of wrap up your, your segment here how can people support Decades with the various other events you offer? Just to put a nice little bow on this?

Yeah.  Thank you. I mean, we have done a lot of catered events for businesses, and I know a lot of businesses are, you know, some businesses are just now kind of thinking about returning to the office and potentially need some team building opportunities. So, you know, hosting an event is a tremendous way to support Decades. As an individual consumer, you know, please come check out decades in any way that you feel comfortable. We do offer takeout. We have outside seating for the summer. And we also have indoor seating games and bowling. So there’s, there’s just a ton to do. another good way to support really all restaurants right now is plan ahead and make a reservation and then show up for your reservation or let them know if your plans have changed. Way, you know, with all the limitations on space and things that we’re still navigating through, we are still doing that.  And we will be for the next two weeks, you know, as a whole it’s, it’s very tough. So anything that the consumer can, can make it easier on the restaurants to navigate is only going to benefit them and better service and expectations and things like that. You know, we also sell a bunch of merchandise. We’ve got shirts, gift cards, things like that. So a lot of the Decades stuff makes good presence and you know, summertime not really a gift giving time unless it’s birthdays and stuff. But maybe again, plan ahead and, and look to the holidays already.

Well, Chris, we really appreciate your time. We’re coming into the home stretch. We’ll bring you in and back on as we wrap up. All right. But thanks for your time. Really great venue.  I’ll definitely get my family out there and my kid will look forward to embarrassing his dad as he rolls, like a 257 and I barely make a hundred. So yeah. Thanks for joining us.

We have a high score prizes so he could get on the high, high score there. So that’s something to consider, but thank you again for the opportunity guys. Appreciate it.

Yeah, no sweat, no sweat. Well, part of what we do here at Lancaster connects is we have our Lancaster connects community. So if you’ve got a worthwhile cause. That can make excellent use of the members of the Lancaster community, volunteering their time. That’s what our Lancaster connects community is all about. Whether you have a good cause that needs volunteers, or you want to donate your time to help out in the community. We want to hear from you. If you’d like to volunteer your time,  you do that  at lancasterconnects.com. You get entered into the free giveaway. You get on our list and you just check the box confirming that you’d like to volunteer. Then we’ll make note of that and get out the information to you as it comes to us. Imagine the difference and right now we’ve got a quick rundown of our Lancaster Connects Community events. Where you can help and volunteer some time.

Gardener’s recycling, that’s us, we recycle. Nothing from a consumer’s home ever makes it into the showroom, obviously, or our warehouse. It goes into a trailer in the back and everything gets recycled, whether it’s to a charitable organization, like off the streets, looking for homeless, that they’re helping to relocate or other ways that we have to recycle, but it’s nothing goes to the landfill and same with pallets. There’s, Jeff’s a truck. We load up the pallets and take them to pallet recycling facilities which actually get turned into mulch. So if you have a better vision for pallets, beyond mulch that you then have to go by, if you have pallet furniture, pallet wall art, we’ve got pallets, right? You can come get them. They sit on our property right behind the big white trailers. Just help yourself. Anytime. We’re happy to have you have the pallets, if not, okay. We get rid of them and they get upcycled into mulch. So,  believe taking care of our community, transcends into the environment. And that’s just a, there’s the two trailers right there in that trailer, on the right of your screen, fills up about every 10 days to two weeks.

None of that goes into the landfill. It gets recycled upcycled. The best stuff has been mentioned, finds its way to, to those in desperate need of something to sleep on. but for the most part that stuff gets upcycled and recycled into various various things in other industries. So that’s that.

Anne, from earlier and from the Lancaster City Alliance, plugged their Adopt A Block and Adopt A Trashcan and also plant a tree programs in her interview an easy way to help your immediate community is to beautify its surroundings. Lancaster City Alliance makes that super easy for you. You can contact them today to request more information on their trash cleanup. And programs, or you can even get a tree planted on your property for free, just call (717) 394-0783. For more information also go to LancasterCityAlliance.org. For more information we mentioned earlier are the car show and farmer’s market events at the next gen community center and what they’re putting on there.

But we also learned that this group has lots more going on. They have tons of programs targeted at helping seniors in our community live happier and healthier lives. They schedule, show, social gatherings, take groups up for lunch, and pay the bill. They also have a food bank and this is where we need the help of our community here. If you’re able to donate canned goods or dry items like cereal, they will take them. One thing about their food bank, the food is available at anyone in need, not just the elderly they serve. So if you’re able to donate,  canned food items, non-perishable food items. Please visit their location on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, between nine and two to drop off your food donation. Again, you get in touch with the central hub of everything lacks or connects lancasterconnects.com. And keep in mind, this show is available as a podcast. Find the links at lancasterconnects.com and please share. Like the show, leave a comment, help us get engagement, help us grow the show so we can spread it across all of our social media channels.

I wonder if our guests have anything going on from Memorial Day?

I think I know Chris has plans, but we’ll let Chris speak for himself.

Yeah. We’re just kinda, we’re getting ready to in excited. We don’t really have anything specific specific plan, but it will be the first time that Decades looks like the Decades we wanted in a long, long time. So we’re excited about that. And I think our customers will be too.

Anne how about you any plans?

I’m going to decades. All the talk of cheese, steak, egg rolls, and back to normal and sitting at the bar. I’m like, yeah, yeah, I’m going to do that. Sounds great.

That’s great. Yeah. All right our pet of the week.

All right. We always like to highlight out of the week, we’ve got Cain and Abel,  are a bonded pair of dogs. So if you don’t know what that is, they’re two dogs that are together. They do best together. They’re 15 months old plot hound mixes, which I thought that was a typo, but it’s not so not a bloodhound, but a Plotthound. They love playing with one another and we’ll try to get the same toy or stick. No matter how many are laying around this quickly turns into a game of keep away. They both enjoy walks. They walk well on their leash with a harness. And,  they’re still working on their walking sales together as both boys see it as a time to play with one another.  They both have some puppy  left in them, Cain and Abel to get along well with two other dogs in the foster home. Those other dogs for your information are 16 years of five years old. Both of them weigh 50, 60 pounds despite their size.  Cainis a lovable affectionate  dog. He came to Pennsylvania with three wounds on his left leg. They were believed to be the result of a gunshot wound.  Two of the wounds healed well within a few weeks, his third one, however, continued on with an infection, and needed antibiotics and bandages changed. He never minded that to the fact that he would just land his back and wait it out. Well, they took care of them. Cain eventually had to have some surgery to move some bone shards in his leg in order for it to heal. And after those weeks of recovery, his leg finally healed throughout the process. He never let that legs slow him down. He’s very easy going. It’s got a laid back demeanor. He also believes he’s a lap dog. So be prepared to cuddle. He loves to snuggle and will easily go belly up to enjoy belly rods, which really which dog doesn’t do that. Yeah. Right.  Abel is inquisitive in nature and loves to explore when he first arrived in Pennsylvania, who was extremely scared the fact that he was shaking in his crate. Abel is learning to trust humans and is very affectionate towards his foster family.  Abel is a little more shy than his brother and takes a little longer to warm up to someone new. He always wants to be busy finding anything he can play with able, especially loves the kitchen and we’ll wait for any food to drop while you are preparing dinner. He loves to be between you and the stove. He also loves to play fetch outside with a tennis ball. he likes to be in the middle of the hustle and bustle and will loyally follow you around the house? He also likes to walk on a leash with a harness. He also gets excited when it’s time to eat and can be seen dancing. I dance around my food bowl,  in circles while he waits for his food to be poured, he will wait until he will wait to eat until it’s time to go ahead and eat. So it sounds like a great payer. You know, we, we highlight these dogs because they need highlighting that’s again, part of what our mission here is about it’s pretty easy to get a puppy. It’s pretty easy for a puppy to be adopted, pups  like this though, need a spotlight. They need you to about maybe this is the way you give back to your community. When you rescue a dog, you actually save two dogs. You save the dog you’re saving and you save the next dog that might’ve been euthanized that now has a space in the shelter.

So their handsome love bugs, just looking to spread their love and, and give the love only a rescue dog can give. They came to us through Charlie’s crusaders. You can find out more about Charlie’s Crusaders charliecrusaders.org. Follow them on Facebook at Charlie’s crusaders pet rescue. So if you know somebody looking for some dogs, looking for a dog, give these two boys a chance. I think they would make you very happy. It’s time for a restaurant gift card giveaway.

Jeff, you were out in the belt in Lancaster city, downtown buying gift cards to numerous restaurants. 

It was nice just to be out in the sun, which was our Sleep Better tip.

Yeah, just this week’s gift winner card winners, $25 restaurant gift cards, we’ve got Arlene Xer and Brian Fry. Thanks for entering our contest which anybody can do lancasterconnects.com.

Yep. And you can enter for that chance to win those two gift cards from two local restaurants that we go pick.  You can enter them at lancasterconnects.com and it’s real simple. We just pick the winners at random and congrats, Arlene and congrats. Brian. So panel we’re in the home stretch. We’ll wrap it up here. I got one last question for you.  We really appreciate your time.  Why should businesses set up a relocate in Lancaster? And what else can the city do to help attract new businesses in the town?

So, can I start this off Anne? So originally I’m originally from here and  you know, as much as I wanted to leave when I was younger, I immediately came back and I could not see my family or my business anywhere else. At this time I just, we love it here. All the partners are in the same boat. Our we’ve got a great staff and the people in Lancaster are amazing .I’m not, you know, not coming from the outside, but I, this, this is where we want to be. So that’s, that’s my 2 cents.

Very good.

Well, we’re glad you stayed.

Yep, same as Chris. I, I grew up here, but, left and came back after 10 years because where I was just wasn’t nearly as cool. And, if you do business in Lancaster city, there is a supportive community to help you do the best that you can. And, we look out for each other and it’s just a fun place to be. And your big idea is welcome here.

Yeah, very good. And, you know, we talk a lot about Lancaster City. It gets a lot of the media press coverage, things like that, but the reality is it is interconnected and is part of the broader County. It serves as the hub. Kind of the hub and the spokes that make everything go round. And, you know, it’s important that our city is vibrant because then our communities are vibrant. So thank you both for being a part of that bringing Decades and, and what that vision looks like, the fruition. That’s very cool. Anne great to have you on and see that you’ve been such a great part of bringing great presences, like Decades to the forefront of things and, and to where they can turn on that open sign. So on that note, thank you for joining us. We really appreciate your time. This has been another episode of Lancaster connects in the books. Thanks for joining us. Yep.

Thank you so much. That’s a lot of fun.

Thank you.

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