Episode 15: Lancaster Farm Sanctuary’s Jonina Turzi – June 16th, 2021

by | Jun 16, 2021 | Lancaster Connects Episodes

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On Episode 15 of Lancaster Connects, we’re joined by Jonina Turzi to tell us about the important work done by Lancaster Farm Sanctuary to help rescued farm animals live a happy life. As the co-founder of the Farm Sanctuary, Jonina shares some stories and clips with us that will brighten up your day!

This week it’s Jeff’s turn to host solo while Ben is away, so we asked Adam Zurn from Uncharted Lancaster to ‘drop in’ and help out with the Local History Nugget, which is a pretty neat story that ties in with Juneteenth.

There’s also:

  • 🎟️ Our weekly local events roundup
  • 🥡 Our food truck alert – which food trucks will be where and when
  • 🤝 How you can help the Lancaster Community
  • 🐺 Our Pet of the Week
  • 🍔 Our $25 Gift Card Giveaway for local Lancaster restaurants
  • 🛌 And a tip on how to Sleep Better.

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This Week’s Guest:

👉 Lancaster Farm Sanctuary

🐺 Meet Choco, Our Pet Of The Week from Charlies Crusaders Pet Rescue!

choco, pit bull, pit rescue lancaster pa, charlies crusaders

Choco is estimated to be around 2 years old and a pit mix! Current foster says was found on the streets of Memphis and no one wanted to claim him.

He’s very sweet and potty trained. Has lots of energy and wants to please. Currently learning to not jump when he gets excited. He’s very good in the house and loves tennis balls. At night, he can sleep in a crate or in the bed with you. He loves to snuggle. Choco is neutered and heartworm positive but don’t let that scare you as the Rescue is paying for his treatment. Learn more about how to adopt Bella on Charlie’s Crusader’s Website: www.CharliesCrusaders.org

Learn more about how to adopt Bella on Charlie’s Crusader’s Website: http://www.charliescrusaders.org/

Events Around Lancaster This Week:

  • American Music Theatre Reopens w/ Marty Stuart and His Fabulous Superlatives: Saturday, June 19 @ 7pm
    • American Music Theater is back after being closed due to COVID.
    • Marty Stuart celebrates the 20th anniversary of his iconic album, “”The Pilgrim””.
    • They have VIP ticket packages along with single tickets being sold for $35.
    • Website: https://amtshows.com/
    • Location: 2425 Lincoln Hwy East Lancaster, PA
  • Thomas The Tank Engine At Strasburg Rail Road: June 18-21
    • The family can hop on board a real steam train ride and grab a party pass to pick up favors along the way.
    • The ride is a full 45 minutes and will travel the full length of their line – to Paradise, PA.
    • Tickets are $23 for ages 2+
    • Dates: June 18-21 and Sept. 16-20
    • Website: https://www.StrasburgRailroad.com/
    • Location: 301 Gap Road, Ronks, PA
  • Pig Roast and Live Music at Country Barn: Saturday, June 19 @ 11am
    • Perfect way to treat dad and the family on Father’s Day Weekend!
    • Enjoy a pulled pork meal and live music by local musicians
    • Food: For just $10 – the pulled pork meal includes: Pork BBQ Sandwich with sauce, Fresh Cut Fries, Baked Beans, Coleslaw & Drink.
    • Get A Meal: Walk-ins are welcome – but to guarantee some food, order online or call 717-872-5591.
    • Order here: https://country-barn-farm-market.square.site/product/-june-19th-pig-roast-live-music-drive-thru/627
    • Location: 211 S. Donnerville Road, Lancaster, PA
  • “The Boys In The Band” @ Ephrata Performing Arts Center: June 17-26
    • Broadway hit comes to Ephrata in Mart Crawley’s revolutionary play, a scathing comedy of manners about how a marginalized group of people deals with their marginalization, both as individuals and as a group.
    • Website/Tickets: https://www.ephrataperformingartscenter.com/boysintheband2021/
    • Location: 320 Cocalico Street, Ephrata Community Park In Ephrata, PA

      Lancaster’s Food Truck Scene For This Week:

      • Food Truck Saturdays @ Iron Valley Harley: Saturday, June 19, 11am-2pm
        • Iron Valley Harley Davidson is having their Food Truck Saturdays, featuring Island Thyme Grill, rain or shine.
        • Island Thyme Grill will be having their Caribbean cuisine
        • Location: 3091 Lebanon Road, Manheim, PA.
        • Iron Valley Harley Website: https://ironvalleyh-d.com
        • Island Thyme Grill On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Islandthymegrilltruck
      • Party on the Plaza: Saturday, June 19th, 4:30pm – 8pm
      • Scoop O Dough’s Dates & Locations
        • Hungry for some edible cookie dough, hand dipped ice cream and milkshakes? Here are some upcoming dates and locations for Scoop O Dough.
        • June 15th – June 19th from 6pm – 10pm: Morgantown Carnival at 6289 Morgantown Road in Morgantown, PA – Free Admission.
        • June 17: 200 Hazel Court in Lebanon, PA at Meadows at Southfield.
        • June 18 at 11am: Springettsbury’s Food Truck Friday at 1501 Mt. Zion Road in York, PA.
        • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/scoopodough

      Community Events:

      • Black Business Expo: Saturday and Sunday, June 19th & 20th
        • Come celebrate Juneteenth with “The Black Dollar Movement” at the Rockvale Outlets.
        • There will be a Live DJ, Free Wine Tasting, Food, Shopping, Live Performances, LLC Start-up Information, Homebuying Seminar, Entertainment, Free Giveaways.
        • Date/Time: Sat & Sun, June 19th and 20th from 11am – 5pm
        • Website: http://www.ShopRockvale.com
        • Location: 35 S. Willowdale Dr. Lancaster, PA 17602
      • A Volunteer Usher At Clipper Magazine Stadium!
        • Barnstormers will donate $20 to the United Way program of your choice for each shift you sign up to usher.
        • As an usher you will show fans to their seats, serve as a friendly face – and take in the action of a Barnstormers game while volunteering.
        • Each shift is approximately 3 hours long and the Barnstormers will donate $20 to the United Way program of your choice for each shift you sign up to usher.
        • Website: https://www.lancasterbarnstormers.com/volunteer-to-be-an-usher/

      • Domestic Violence Services of Lancaster Annual Spring Celebration: June 24, 7pm
        • Tickets are on sale and sponsorships are available.
        • They will be virtually welcoming former Pittsburgh Steeler William Gay to Lancaster to discuss how domestic violence has affected his life. During this virtual fundraising event, From Survivor to Thriver: A Celebration of Resilience, guests will learn how Mr. Gay’s life changed when his mother was shot and killed by her boyfriend as she tried to leave the relationship. At the time of this tragedy, Mr. Gay was only eight years old.
        • Tickets start at $25.
        • Website: https://caplanc.org/DVSgala/

      Additional Links:

      • Gardner’s Mattress And More is running their Double Dealzzz special – a great way to pick your own discounts and maximize your savings when buying a new mattress.
        • Click here to learn more about this opportunity to customize your own savings!
        • You can also visit Gardner’s Mattress And More At: 830 Plaza Blvd Suite 2, Lancaster, PA 17601
      • Follow Gene Baur, the originator of Farm Sanctuaries: https://www.facebook.com/GeneBaurofFarmSanctuary
      • Check out Adam Zurn’s website, Uncharted Lancaster: https://unchartedlancaster.com


      Episode Transcript (Click Here To Open/Close)

      Jeff Giagnocavo 0:00
      On Episode 15 of Lancaster Connects, I’m joined by Jonina Turzi from the Lancaster Farm Sanctuary. We’ll also have our local events rundown, our food truck alert, how you can help your local community and a really great local history nugget from a guest. We’ve got a tip for you on how to Sleep Better and this is actually one I’m working through at home right now with myself and my sons and your chance to win one of two $25 gift cards to a local Lancaster restaurant. That’s all coming up on Episode 15 of Lancaster Connects. So how can you support the local Lancaster community? That’s what this show is all about.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 0:53
      Well, it’s just me again. Well, it’s solo Lancaster Connects for week two. I’m back from my 10 day excursion. It’s Ben’s turn for vacation. And we’re coming to you from the Dream Room here Gardner’s Mattress & More. Lancaster Connects is brought to you by the Sleep Better book. We’ll mail you a copy for free. Just go to GardnersMattressAndMore.com/Sleep-Better right there on your screen. And if you’re listening, you don’t spell out the dash, it’s just sleep hyphen better. Don’t spell it hyphen either. But yeah, I’m back. I was kind of looking around. It’s like my usually I’m over here. And Ben’s over there. But I’m here. Ben’s away with his family having a wonderful time away well earned. Trying not to say “deserved” anymore because deserve is an entitlement word. You earn things in life that you get. Ben has a very much well earned vacation that he’s enjoying right now as we speak. He’s probably somewhere up there in upstate New York having a grand old time. So that’s what some of the pictures are on screen. I was away and had an amazing trip. I’m an avid motorcycle fan. And really had just a blast riding through western Pennsylvania, Western Maryland, the state of West Virginia and traversing that into North Carolina back into West Virginia and then Ohio for a marketing event and then hauled. It was really great as a day trip, boy if you’ve if you’ve not done the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon as a day trip with your family just to take in the scenery. Something you should definitely do easy day trip and you’ll just be taken aback by what we have right here in our own state.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 2:49
      But coming up we’ve got Jonina Turzi from the Lancaster Farm Sanctuary. An interesting guest to make you think differently about how we get the food on our table. We’ve got what’s going on in around Lancaster. I’ll give you a quick tip from the Sleep Better book. We’ve got some food trucks, where they’ll be where and when. I enjoyed quite a few food trucks on that trip I just took actually. We’ll also talk about how you can help your neighbors by joining the Lancaster Connects Community and we’ll have a local history nugget as I said we have got guest Adam Zurn from Uncharted Lancaster who is also on the board of the Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County. It’s a mouthful, but they do a lot for preserving the history of our county and boy Adam really has a passion for it. And of course, we’ve got our weekly restaurant gift card giveaway. So remember this show is also available as a podcast. You can find the links for it at LancasterConnects.com. Please like and please share, or comment about the video you’re watching whether it’s the full show the clips, please comment, tell a friend about the show. Sharing really is caring you can do us a tremendous favor, share it comment on it. Give us the love reaction. When you love the clip, it would really help us out. All right. So I’ve got a rundown for you of this week’s local events.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 4:16
      Alright, so American Music Theatre is back. They obviously were closed due to the COVID pandemic. So Saturday, June 19th at 7pm, the American Music Theatre is welcoming Marty Stuart and His Fabulous Superlatives to the stage. Grammy Award winner and country music torchbearer, Marty Stuart celebrates the 20th anniversary of his iconic album “The Pilgrim”. This show was originally scheduled for June 2020. They have a VIP packet ticket packages along with single tickets being sold for $35. You can visit AMTShows.com for more info and tickets. And of course the American Music Theatre is located here in town on Lincoln Highway East, that’s 2425 Lincoln Highway East in Lancaster.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 5:04
      Thomas the Tank Engine at Strasburg Rail Road is back. I kind of have to chuckle about Thomas and that I’ll I’ll share that after I get the events done so don’t drive my production team insane but I’ll share a little little joke about Thomas the Tank Engine. But in all reality Thomas is back and my son’s loved him! We have a Thomas the Tank trading table here in the store that kids can play with. But he’s at Strasburg Rail Road from June 18 to 21st. And then later in the summer or early fall September 16 to 20th Thomas and his friends roll into town with the party train tour. The family can hop on board a real steam train ride, grab a party pass and pick up favors along the way. The train is a full 45 minute ride and you’ll travel the full length of the line to Paradise. Tickets are $23 for ages two and up. You can visit StrasburgRailRoad.com for more info. They are located at 301 Gap Road in Ronks, PA. So the little bit of tomfoolery I mentioned around Thomas…so if you’re familiar with PeopleOfLancaster.com, it’s a totally satirical site. One of my former employees, a great guy named Pete Ruggieri, a man about Lancaster and we’ve had him on our show before, really believes in the community, he organizes the “Santa Stumble”, well, one of his little moments of tomfoolery was actually really great when he put out that Thomas had entered rehab, and couldn’t make the Thomas at the Rail Road like five or six years ago. And it was just one of those things that kind of caught fire and it was kind of hard to believe that people fell for that one, but they did. Anyway, happy to report that Thomas was able to stave off that little bit of fun and lightheartedness at his expense. But Thomas is definitely back and that was that’s kind of why I did chuckle to myself. Anyway, our last event, is a pig roast and live music at the Country Barn. That’s right up my alley. Perfect way to treat dad and the family on Father’s Day weekend, June 19th, starting at 11am. Enjoy a pulled pork meal and live music by local musicians at Barnyard Kingdom at the Country Barn in Lancaster for just $10. You’ll get a pulled pork meal that includes the barbecue pork sandwich with sauce, fresh fresh cut fries, baked beans, coleslaw and a drink. They do welcome walk-ins but to guarantee that you do get your ticket because it sounds like it’s gonna be a lot of fun and a lot of people, you’ll want to order online. You can call 717-872-5591 or go to CountryBarnMarket.com for more information. The Country Barn is located at 211 South Donnerville Road here in Lancaster. So that’s a mouthful. I just gave you all that info, except for our tomfoolery about Thomas the Tank Engine. I know Thomas the Tank Engine was very good show for young kids and my boys loved it and they learned a lot. So at any rate, all the information we just gave you about these events and others but we’ve not read on screen but we decided to highlight them, all of that’s available on the website at LancasterConnects.com. That is where you can find the show notes by clicking on the page for this episode, Episode 15, and to get our weekly email just enter our giveaway at LancasterConnects.com and that will subscribe you to our weekly email update with the show and gets you in for the gift card giveaways. And it’s where you’re able to check the box to say you’re interested in the Lancaster Connects Community, which I’ll touch on later. And of course the show is available as a podcast, so you can find the links again at LancasterConnects.com or just search Lancaster Connects in your favorite podcast platform. And I’ll ask again, please like and share the video, leave a comment and tell a friend about the show. We are doing this show because we believe in supporting the community that supports our business which is important. And you taking just a brief few seconds to share a comment on the show on the episode you’re watching really helps us out so we appreciate that greatly.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 9:05
      So from the Sleep Better book, my handy dandy podcast copy here which is all marked up. This one I don’t need to read from because I’m living it right now. We’ll send you a nice fresh, clean copy actually over that shoulder. Over that shoulder thing at the wonders of TV production. We’ll mail you a nice fresh copy in the mail. You just go to GardnersMattressAndmMore.com/Sleep-Better right there on your screen. Or in the show notes of course I will send you your own copy. So, the Sleep Better tip this this time is all about blue light. So the light on the screen that you’re watching this on right now really throws off a lot of blue light and if you’re watching that screen late at night, it can really mess with your sleep rhythms. I am working through testing my favorite blue light blocking glasses. And those glasses do wonders for my sleep. It’s amazing. Just the first night I tried them, just how much better I slept. My son obviously they’re into video games and computers and one of them’s really into video editing. They love to do the gaming, and they record themself on the YouTube thing and they have since decked their rooms out with LED lights and the only rule is they got to have them off at night because these things kind of strobe and pulse and change color and really messes with your mind when you’re trying to sleep. Our body is very much tuned into circadian rhythms and light is a big part of that. So you really need to watch the amount of light that you’re taking in, before you go to bed. If you can get rid of a screen, an hour or two before you go to bed, that’s the most ideal thing. But you know, that’s difficult in today’s world. So if you can wear those blue light blocking glasses, that’s great. And if your children have the rooms all LED program light lit up, put some constraints on them and time those out for overnight and that will really help you sleep better. That’s this segment. So if you want more of that, just get the book .ardnersMattressAndMore.com/Sleep-Better, The whole book is chock full of great tips that’ll help you sleep better. The other thing we’d like to help you do is you know, save a little money on your investment in a new mattress. So we always have double deals going on. These are discounts you get to pick, you know, listen, we’re not the kind of store that, you know, fiddles around price cards every week for sale we make up that has no teeth and that’s really just the same sale last week that ends tomorrow. Sound familiar? Yeah. When you come in, you’re going to pick your discount, you’re going to maximize your savings. Because listen, every customer coming in the store is a little different. You know, some people just need a mattress because it’s on a platform bed or a nice captain’s bed that doesn’t need a boxspring foundation. Other folks need an adjustable bed base sleep system. Some folks just need a guest bed. Some folks need delivery, others have a truck, they can pick it up with double deals is about maximizing your savings to your situation. So you get the best deal possible for you, not us telling you what the deal is. Okay, so double deals really great. You can learn more about that. You go to GardnersMattressAndMore.com/Sales, and you’ll get all the details on double deals. And whenever our vendors have events that save us money, we pass on that money to you as well. And you still get the double deals, okay? Because if we’re going to save money from our vendors, we’ll give you that discount too. So really, it’s like double deals plus another deal. All right, so that’s our little crass, brief promotional part of the show, GardnersMattressAndMore.com/Sales.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 12:34
      Alright, so earlier today in the recording stages of this Episode 15 I had the opportunity to talk with Jonina Turzi from Lancaster Farm Sanctuary. Here’s a little, well not a little recap, here’s the whole conversation. Happy to have had it with Jonina from Lancaster Farm Sanctuary.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 12:51
      Alright, well, I am very happy to be joined by Jonina Turzi from Lancaster Farm Sanctuary. Welcome Jonina to the show, glad to have you.

      Jonina Turzi 13:01
      Yeah, thank you so much for having me. Happy to be here.

      Jonina Turzi 13:05
      So yeah, we feature animal rescues quite often, and we always try to have a pet of the week. On Episode 6, we actually had Michelle Mancini from the Lancaster Wolf sanctuary. So that was very cool. We actually got the wolves to howl live on the show. You know, but the reality is many people haven’t heard of a sanctuary for farm animals. So why do the farm animals need a sanctuary?

      Jonina Turzi 13:34
      Well, I hadn’t heard of one either until a few years ago, so I can relate. So there are farm animals in need of a forever home, maybe they were born with a birth defect. Or maybe they were found on the side of the road, sometimes there where you don’t expect them to be and if someone finds them, of course, they want to find a safe space for them. So we’re so happy that we went and visited a farm sanctuary. It was in like the Hudson Valley of New York State. And my partner and I were staying at another firm sanctuary and being from Lancaster County, we said, “Well, wouldn’t it be cool if if Lancaster had one of these too?”

      Jeff Giagnocavo 14:18
      Yeah, so we had briefly there are some some of your friends. Yeah, we’ll get them back up.

      Jonina Turzi 14:26
      But yeah, they’re cuter than me.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 14:31
      So you saw the you saw the need. And what I love about what you just shared is like, you know, I’m a big believer in being the change you want to see in the world, right? So very cool that you’ve kind of brought that back here to Lancaster is what I’m understanding from you?

      Jonina Turzi 14:49
      Yes, yeah, so just a place where animals can live their lives out. So once an animal comes to a Farm Sanctuary they just usually get to stay there or some sanctuaries do a grand adoption process where they might take animals in, but then they’re looking for other forever homes. But our current mode of operation is to just take in those that we ourselves will be keeping. And so we just try to support them through their whole lifespan there. We don’t breed, that’s one of our strong fundamental kind of practices, and tenants of our practice is that they would be spayed or neutered, I guess that’s the cat term, they would be fixed so that they are not going to be breeding and are just individuals living out the rest of their lives. And it’s so cool. As you’re seeing I love these videos to get to see them interact with each other and interspecies friendships can form and they just are basically in like a what feels to me like a real happy place. Hopefully we can keep everyone healthy and happy is our goal.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 15:58
      And I mean, that’s really cool. I’m watching the videos as you’re talking. So it’s just really neat. My wife loves when like goats hop around. She thinks it’s so cute.

      Jonina Turzi 16:08
      Oh, she’s right. Yeah.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 16:11
      You know, I do too. But at any rate,you started the movement, the Farm Sanctuary Movement right here in town, and it was a sheep called Hilda. Is that right?

      Jonina Turzi 16:23
      Oh, well, let me backtrack that…the movement started I guess it was the early 80s. I want to say 82. It was a man named Gene Baur who rescued Hilda. I was born that year. So it wasn’t made but um, he rescued Hilda from the Lancaster Stockyards. He was there doing a really pioneering form of activism with a wonderful Lancastrian named Keith Mueller. Everyone in the animal movement and Lancaster of a certain age knows Keith. So Keith and Gene were there. Gene saw Hilda on a kill pile, she was sort of unable to stand very sick, she was in a bad way. So he negotiated her surrender, you know, he just said since you’re not going to use her, she’s not saleable today. Could I take her and give her try to give her a chance to live? And luckily they said yes. So Gene took Hilda from Lancaster to I think he was living in like Chester County or maybe northern Delaware at the time, but so he essentially took an animal from Lancaster to sort of start what is known as the Farm Sanctuary Movement. He called his place as you can see there, the Farm Sanctuary. And I always like to point out people had been rescuing animals prior to that. If you’ve ever adopted a cat or a dog from a from a rescue, you know, you yourself have become their sanctuary. So it certainly didn’t birth the notion of humans caring for animals in need. Just this term Farm Sanctuary as like an entity as a nonprofit organization sort of started with Hilda who you see there, who lived many lives, she regained full health. I’m sorry, many years, her life went on for many years. She was robust and jubilant with just some basic medical care. And I love seeing some of the pictures of the life her second half of life, you know where she got to come to sanctuary with Gene.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 18:27
      That’s great. Yeah, I mean, I was, I was actually born in Canada moved here when I was 10. So growing up on a farm was I mean, that’s what I grew up on. It was pretty neat. So it’s gone like, yeah, childhood here seeing these farm animals. So the present farm that you have, what kind of animals do you have there?

      Jonina Turzi 18:47
      We have a lot. I tend to forget a species when I list them. But let’s see we have cows, horses, sheep, goats, alpacas. We have chickens, the two main types, those that are rescued from egg production and those that are rescued. That’s Barb. She’s one of the Cornish cross birds that have become very, very, very commonly in need from meat production, and then there’s turkeys and ducks. So yes, that’s it. I think I’ve got them all. Oh, we’ve got a lot of feral kitties here, too, that were on the farm when we moved here. So we will we are grateful they let us move in.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 19:28
      Yeah, so I mean, obviously listed off a pretty long list there of different types of animals. Can you share a couple stories about how maybe a horse or a goat or something came to be and you know, what, what are their stories?

      Unknown Speaker 19:43
      Sure. Well, let’s see on your screen right there. You’re seeing Jude the cow and that’s Meg a baby goat. Oh, there’s another county Mochi. Let’s talk about Jude. So he’s the black and white Holstein you saw briefly there. So Jude, we were contacted when he was about About three days old, someone emailed us about a boy calf, who was born at a dairy. There’s Jude again, Jude was born with a cleft lip. So he was drinking milk without aspirating. But his lips are kind of curled to the side a little bit. So he wasn’t probably going to gain weight as quickly he had a little more trouble eating. So the farmer said, because of his cleft that he was willing to surrender him to Sanctuary, the woman who contacted us we’ve worked with her several times. She really, she works at this dairy and has really, in she’s at a stage in her life where she tries to help animals as much as she can. Now she’s really had sort of a couple of years now of really seeing some things that she wishes were different. But because Jude was going to be a slow grower, you know, or maybe have a milk drinking problem, the veal farmer said, Well, I will take him but I’m just gonna discard him. I think he the words he used were I’ll put him on my compost pile. So our friends said, Nope, let me see if I can find them a home. So she contacted us when he was just a few days old. We went and got him the next morning. So as soon as we picked him up, we realized that the cleft lip was just a small part of his health concerns. He actually was riddled with diseases this the the place where he had been even for a few days was exceptionally dirty. And the the that team that worked with Jude said, you know, his mom might have been sick because he was so so sick. He had Cryptosporidium and he had with something called bovine Coronavirus, which has been around for over 100 years and it was in fact, an infectious disease to humans a long time ago. Anyway, he had something called mycoplasma, which is a very serious infection. So he had to go to the hospital for the infections. They did a lot of tests and realize that his lips were not going to be a problem. He had a slight upper palate twist, but not an aspiration risk. So Jude did not need corrective surgery for his face but he needed surgery to remove infection out of his body, he had multiple bones that were infected from the illnesses. So Jude was in the hospital a lot and he was there for I think it was like four out of the first five months of his life, like he came to us. But he was not thriving because of these infections and had to go back in and have the surgeries. So happy ending for Jude’s story. Once they got those last pieces of infected bone out, he has been doing great. He’s been gaining weight, he’s been eating just wonderfully, like, again, the lip hasn’t been a problem for him. He’s chomping on grass all day. He did need a lot of medical care. And of course, you know, most operations where he would have, you know, in terms of his value as a product reveal, it wouldn’t have been, it wouldn’t have made any financial sense. But as someone who’s now going to live along, and really he’s doing so well. He’s like super healthy. So his his future’s bright. And he just needed some extra care in the beginning. And we’re so lucky people from all over the world areas again, when they saw him. And there’s something about his eyes. I think you can just see the the sensitivity in him. So people all over the world chipped in, and we got him the care he needed. And he’s doing so great today.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 23:50
      That’s just really a neat story. Yeah, you treat farm animals the way other people treat their pets. And that’s very nice, because really, every life does count. You know, I what I just shared there. I mean, I’m living it right now we have a rescue dog who came to us she has tremendous issues with her one front leg. But she’s an English bulldog. She’s like 11 years old. Her same side, back leg is arthritic. So it’s not an easy decision for us on how to care for and what to do. But you know, we’re trying to give her just the best time that she has left. But we have to we unfortunately have to make a decision here soon for her but I’m glad that you’re there and you said around the world, people came to help out.

      Jonina Turzi 24:36
      Yeah, it’s true.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 24:38
      No, I know. You’ve got another great story about one of your other cows going viral but real quick before we get there. So you put an appeal out for Jude and what happened?

      Jonina Turzi 24:51
      Yeah, so when we you know our main method of communicating about the residents or the incoming residents is social media. So I know it’s it’s kind of one of those things that either love it or hate it or sometimes both. But if we, if we post a picture of someone, we have this network of people that follow us and see our posts, and sometimes it’s $1, people will just chip in when they can, or sometimes it’s a larger donation. But people from all over the world, see sanctuary animals and sanctuaries and chip in donate money, or you know, we have a, an event coming up. And artists are donating a painting or a piece of pottery for an auction to raise money. So there’s just ways that humans are kind of connecting and working together to fund the care of these beings. I think that’s so beautiful what you said that, like, like, you would care for a pet, you would ask yourself about quality of life and try to make those very difficult decisions. But we’re so lucky. People want to support us in giving them a chance. It’s I like to think that it’s using technology, and using human connections and communities for such a great good that we could come together in service of others. I think that’s beautiful. And that’s what you and your family are doing for your dog. And I think that’s so beautiful.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 26:17
      Yeah, we’ve always, we have a third crate at the house, the third crate is for a foster or need for like an emergency rescue or a foster might have gotten into a home that tested out good initially, but really just isn’t a fit after a week, just as becoming more and more of a problem. So those that third crate is kind of reserved in rotation, if you will.

      Jonina Turzi 26:42
      Yeah, it’s the dog sanctuary. It’s part of it part of a dog sanctuary. You’re doing it, Jeff, keep going.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 26:48
      Yeah. Well, I mean, we’ve shared here on the show, and I’ll say it again…I mean, when you’re able to rescue an animal, whether it’s a dog a cow or a goat, you’re really kind of worth rescuing to, because you’re giving an opportunity for that next animal to have some time, as opposed to the other sad stuff that happens more immediately, right? Like, if if a farmer has animals that have issues stacked up, it’s going to be a very quick and life ending decision for that farmer pretty easily. But if there’s a moment for pause, where there was a positive interaction the last week with you and your network, where they realize maybe this animal doesn’t have to end up on the compost pile. If there’s at least that moment for pause, then that’s a good thing. So I urge everybody listening, if you’re into animal rescue of any kind, and you have the room in your home, if you don’t have the room in your home, and you have the budget to give, do so. if you don’t have that and you have time, then donate your time. All of the groups like yourself, I’m sure we can touch on it here momentarily, I’m sure you would welcome some folks coming around to help out on the farm to clean up, to work on fences or to do the do the stuff that’s hard but will positively affect the good work you do at the Sanctuary overall. So we’ll touch on that but what I’m dying to know about, because I like Reddit and I use Reddit for a lot of different sub forums that I check out and participate on, but so you had a cow that went viral on Reddit. Tell us about that.

      Jonina Turzi 28:30
      Yeah, there she is. So True Heart is the cow you see there.

      Video Speaker 1 28:34
      And you’re doing we had nice look at your heart.

      Jonina Turzi 28:40
      I just thought that was so cute. When I saw that happening, I lost my words for a minute there. So we had [Inaudible] weed those young human boys but you see their moms actually were standing behind me we were all weeding the cow pasture trying to get out some of the plant species that the cows didn’t like. So they came over for a day of chores to help out and it kind of broke out into way more fun playing with a ball. So True Heart is sort of the Grand llama of her whole herd. She is in Jude’s herd, the cow we were just talking about, in her herd there’s her daughter, a cow and then there’s all these adopted kids like other cows that were rescued from dairies that don’t have their mom’s, other sheep and goats. She’s in with the alpaca herd as well. So she has a multi species family for sure. And she is the eldest and she is clearly the matriarch. She is just so concerned with everybody’s well-being you know, right now there’s a little tiny baby goat in her herd who is still sort of separate, she’s in a pen. So even though she’s in her barn and in her pasture, she doesn’t get to just be free out and about with the others. Well, True will basically always be listening for that baby and just trying to hear what’s going on at night when she’s not out with the others. She’s very protective and watchful. And, but she also likes to play as you can see, so she’s just like, you know, she’s one of my favorite people. Yeah. So much fun. And look how nice everyone was sharing a turn. It was just beautiful.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 30:29
      Yeah, that’s wild. So, you know, in and around Lancaster, and all around the country, really, our population is growing, right? We’re more people, more pressure on the food supply chain. So as the food supply becomes a growing topic of conversation, what do you think the future is for farm sanctuaries and the animals that come to you and their treatment?

      Jonina Turzi 30:58
      That is a great question. I think from, if the human population continues growth the way it’s going, I think we will be forced to radically change our food supply system. I think already we’ve seen that. Let me tell you what I wish would happen and then you can stop me if I’m dodging at the answer to a question, but I wish that more people would consider plant based proteins and sort of, I like the term vegan permaculture. So it’s not just growing tons of modified soy to make plastic for you know, plastic wrapped burgers on a mass level. That’s not really my dream for the food system. I like the idea of poly crops and a very, like organic, permaculture, the principles of permaculture meaning that you appreciate many species in how you grow food, including the regeneration of the soil itself. So most many people say, well, you can’t grow food without animals. And of course, they’d still exist, maybe there’d be like a rewilding space on a massive 150 plus acre farm, which we see a lot of those still here in Lancaster. But currently, we have genetically modified crops on 130 of the acres that are used to create feed to feed the animals killed for food. So instead, some I’ve heard reports scientifically that it was like, almost 80% 75% or so of the land used to grow food could be rewilded and wouldn’t even be needed, we could grow the plant protein necessary with a fraction of the acreage. So maybe you’d have more, you’d have cows living in and among trees, and they would be I don’t know, I can’t quite wrap my head around the breeding like should they be, should the population be controlled? I don’t know. But I think you’d see like a sanctuary plus a vegan permaculture form as an ideal, will that be possible everywhere? No. Will we still need, you know, large monocrop fields for the mass production of food to be shipped somewhere, I suppose that might be part of our distribution woes. But I love that idea of thinking globally and acting very locally. And I think communities built and, or I should say, organized around the farmers who are growing food with as high of a standard of ethics as possible with respect to all the sentient beings. So the cows, the birds, the bees, and then of course, the the soil, the regeneration of the soil through compost and cover crops and different not animal derived products, regenerate the soil. That’s that’s possible. It is being done. There are models of that already. There’s a huge model of that in Germany, one in Denmark, I’ve heard of models in the states just it’s already being pushed elsewhere. This bio acyclic sort of closed loop system of growing food where animals are on sanctuary. food is grown very organically and with a diverse appreciation for life around it, and humans will organize around it and support the farmers. I think farmers are the answer to the future we need.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 34:34
      Well, I mean, a lot there that you [Inaudible].

      Jonina Turzi 34:38

      Jeff Giagnocavo 34:40
      What I would say is, you know, and I’m, you know, I’ll touch on this. I’m somebody who enjoys a nice steak, right? Yet, I’m also eco conscious. You say globally and locally. I’m proud of this fact, we take to the landfill, maybe two of our box trucks worth of mattresses a year. Okay, now that’s an 18 foot box truck. We fill a 53 foot trailer about every 10-12 business days of mattresses and those mattresses get recycled, upcycled not worth the time to go into, but they don’t go to landfill. The pallets we recycle. So I believe, like when you’re talking about locally, we all have the power to do things like that. We know the food supply chain gets stressed. If you were paying attention closely last week, there was a hack in the logistics channel for institutional supply of the food chain. And you saw a momentary issue blip on the radar late last week. So it’s fragile. And when you’re talking about globally, I think that’s always part of the conversation. But we can always do things to affect ourselves locally, I have friends that are getting into gardening, and they asked some questions of me because they knew my history. And like, yeah, you can’t just go to a patch of grass and expect to plant a garden. Right? Right away, there’s there’s a lot to consider in the quality of the soil and the way things grow.

      Jonina Turzi 36:13
      So and there’s so many terms for it, but it’s, it’s what my grandparents taught us is just to compost, you know, the food you’re eating, there’s going to be scraps there that contain, I guess it’s nitrogen. And I’m not sure of all of my, you know, there’s going to be a way to help sequester carbon in that soil or to bring nitrogen and other life giving properties back to the microbes in that soil, in the food we’re eating. So there’s just so many ways that we could close the loop, as they say and recycled back into the ecosystem that we live in.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 36:49
      So it’s, you know, it’s a big conversation, and we only have our 30 minutes together.

      Jonina Turzi 36:54

      Jeff Giagnocavo 36:55
      So you know, I always believe doing the same thing and expecting a different result, well, that’s just silly. So we have another barbecue weekend coming up? Why should someone think twice about putting steaks on the grill for on July 4 weekend?

      Jonina Turzi 37:10
      Well, what I have found, Jeff, is that it doesn’t go as well, you know, if a person focuses on the ethics of the food they’re eating, there’s lots of ways in you can focus on it from the human health perspective. And we could talk at length about that there’s tons of documentaries and books, supporting a plant-based, whole foods diet and why eating protein derived from the animal flesh was derived from plants, and that you’re healthier and have less saturated fat by eating from a health perspective, the plants. We could talk about the environment. So even in an optimal, you know, very rare, I think it’s 99% of the animals consumed in the United States come from factory farms. So they’re not grass fed cows. But here in Lancaster, you see some farms with grass fed cows, but even in that relatively less impactful mode of raising them to kill them, you’re still more impactful, negatively impactful on the environment than if you just ate the plants. So the environment, the health, but the reason I would encourage you to consider some veggie burger instead, or have like tofu kebabs, they’re delicious, you can put all kinds of yummy seasonings on that tofu, is for the sentient being whose life our choice impacts. So that if you do spend time around the cow, then you might realize that they are playful, and they are individuals and they form friendships and bonds and that they have every much as strong of a will to live as the pets in your home or as yourself. And so if we don’t have to kill them, then maybe we shouldn’t. And if you just like ask that question like, what are the victims? Who’s impacted by my food choices? I think that leads us to different menus a lot of the times.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 39:11
      Right. Yep. Well, a lot to think about there for sure. And I like the way you answered the question. There’s a lot of ways in.

      Jonina Turzi 39:18

      Jeff Giagnocavo 39:19
      There’s a lot a lot of ways to to think about it. So, very, very cool to think about it that way. I really appreciate that answer. So we’re gonna wrap up here, momentarily about how audience can support you. contact with you on social media. But one last thing you do you do goat yoga, is that right?

      Jeff Giagnocavo 39:40
      Well, we call it Sanctuary Yoga. Yeah, but goats are there. Yeah, so just goats are present. We’ve also had sheep present and chickens and turkeys and cows. I’m a little scared to have cows come in because they could accidentally step on your foot and that could hurt but yes, yoga with the Sanctuary farm animals. So it’s so fun. We just had one this weekend. And you can check out how when the yoga teachers are so fabulous when this weekend was Sonia speaking and you could see the goat who was present, she just kind of like stopped and she noticed that the humans were using their voice differently and they were moving differently. When humans start to breathe differently. Actually, we did this certain yoga breath, and the horses came running over, like, what are you doing? We were going like, ah, like this powerful breath. And the horses came over, like what the heck is going on? So I think everybody enjoyed it. The humans and the animals like it was so much fun.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 40:41
      Horses thought they were about to ride out.

      Jonina Turzi 40:44
      So yeah, they’re like this awesome.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 40:46
      Not your normal Lancaster [Inaudible].

      Jonina Turzi 40:50

      Jeff Giagnocavo 40:52
      So we like to do something for the for the folks that come on our show. We have a donation that we’d like to make. So let’s we’ll talk about that in a minute. But apart from donations, which I’m sure you’re always welcome, how else can the audience support you?

      Jonina Turzi 41:08
      If you follow us on social media, and share our posts that is so helpful. Every time you share every time you tell someone about the animals that we have rescued, each time the story gets told, or each time a new person can participate, we can do the most with the resources we have. I mean, we’re on 18 acres and my partner and I always say we’re never going to rescue our way out of the animal abuse problem. There’s more animals in need than we could even begin to help. But if if more people start to see them as individuals, then you know, the more the story is told, the more our impact can grow in service of them. So sharing that would be just so helpful. Thank you for considering.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 41:55
      Yeah, and in folks sharing, I mean Facebook wants, I read this, the love emoji or the love reaction and the “care” reaction. So those get a lot of power in the algorithm.

      Jonina Turzi 42:08

      Jeff Giagnocavo 42:08
      Okay, as opposed to just the “like”. If you have a sad story, hit the “care” about and don’t hit the “sad” button because Facebook wants to create this happy and caring environment, right?

      Jonina Turzi 42:20
      Right? Don’t we all?

      Jeff Giagnocavo 42:23
      Yeah, the algorithm is different on those reactions. So if it’s a sadder story, hit the “care” button, type in a comment, share it and type your own comment. All of those things because sharing really is caring for businesses like mine and rescues like Jonina’s. You can really do a lot of impact just with that. And that is the time thing. Again, we talk a lot about giving back to the community. So, if it can’t be money, if it can’t be your actual labor, then maybe it can be your time and through social channels is great. So we have $125 donation check to give to you. That’s part of what we do on the show when we have groups like yours come on. So we’ll be getting that out in the mail to you later today. To wrap up because I know we’re up against the clock, your social media channels…why don’t you just kind of shout those out for our listeners? I’ve seen your your handles but for our listeners, why don’t you give the social media channels?

      Jonina Turzi 43:18
      Thank you. Yes, it’s our name, it’s Lancaster Farm Sanctuary that’s on Facebook and Instagram. I think we’re just kind of holding a place on Twitter doing nothing but Lancaster Farm Sanctuary and we have a website that would be LancasterFarmSanctuary.org and I think you can do a .com and it’ll direct you to the.org address. So any of those ways to keep in touch we appreciate it so much and hope you join us in this. We have a beautiful community, like you said, all around the world people are saying, “Hey Jude…sending you love from Australia today!” and love from all over so just really appreciate our community and join us.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 44:03
      I’m gonna put the challenge out to the listeners of the show to help Farm Sanctuary with Twitter if you’re like one of these people that love Twitter. I think for the Farm Sanctuary it would be very cool if Jude, or the leader herd cow I forget what was her name again, I think True Heart.

      Jonina Turzi 44:24
      True Heart…what would True Heart tweet? That is a great question!

      Jeff Giagnocavo 44:29
      If True Heart had an account and then there was a chicken dame hen Deborah, was it?

      Jonina Turzi 44:37
      Barbara, yeah.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 44:38
      Barbara! Man if Barbara and Jude and True Heart had their own accounts and they kind of went back and forth at each other and told about I think that’d be awesome. If you’ve got the time and you love Twitter, then connect with Jonina and the Lancaster Farm Sanctuary and help them out that way. That’d be a lot of fun. Farm Sanctuary animal Twitter wars. That would be just really great. See who can get the most likes, the most response? That’d be awesome. Jonina, it was a pleasure, thank you.

      Jonina Turzi 45:08
      My pleasure. Thank you so much.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 45:11
      Alright, well, it’s not a Lancaster Connects episode if we’re not talking about food trucks. So this is our food truck alert and it’s not food truck alert if we don’t have the bell. So this one, and we’ve got some great ones for Father’s Day weekend. First one is being held at Iron Valley Harley Davidson. It’s a great Father’s Day activity. It’s Saturday, June 19th and they’ll have the food trucks out there from 11am to 2pm. Island Thyme will be there with their Caribbean cuisine. And we’ve been told there will be other food trucks there too. If you have a food truck and are going to be there, if you will let us know in the comments, and play nice with our production team and get us all the info to highlight you, then we’ll get you on the show. So, again, Iron Valley HD is located at 3091 Lebanon Road in Manheim, PA and the website is IronValleyH-D.com and you can check out all the other events they have along with all the other details for this one on the calendar and give Island Thyme Grill a follow on Facebook. their island time grill truck and time is spelled T-H-Y-M-E like the spice in your food. Alright, so that’s that one for Father’s Day weekend. Motorcycles and food trucks, sounds like I gotta be there. Just got to figure out how to strap the family on a motorcycle because there’s only one seat but we’ll figure it out.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 46:37
      Another food truck on Saturday as well. So you could do that first one in the afternoon and you can do this one later in the afternoon and into the evening…Saturday the 19th will be the Party on the Plaza from 4:30-8:00 you’ll get live music, food, adult drinks and shopping at the Party on the Plaza event. The food trucks and food stands are the mainstay of the event and on the 19th they are featuring a great assortment of things to eat from ribs, ethnic cuisine, gourmet grilled cheese, hotdogs, french fries, and so much more. Food trucks that we know will be their Isabella Cuisine, Radish Food Truck, the Pressed Plate, Three Sisters Park, I Love Pralines which is ice cream, alcohol wise there will be Weathered Vineyards, Poor Man’s Brewing, American Legion Cloister Post 429. Music…classic rock folk band Two Pints Shy and tons of shopping on hand. Sounds like a great event. You can get more details WhistleStopPartyOnThePlaza.com and that’s going to be held at 16 East Main Street in Ephrata. Again folks if you’re signed up on our LancasterConnects.com site sign up you get all these alerts, you get the show notes easy to click. You don’t have to like banging on your keyboard What the heck did he say? Just click the link we’ll send it right to you. We make it really easy because we want to get back to the community. Alright third food truck…Scoop O Dough. Are you hungry for some edible cookie dough or hand-dipped ice cream and milkshakes? Both of the Scoop O Dough trucks will be busy this upcoming week. And we have some days and locations for you. You can see where they’ll be and their menu on Facebook @ScoopODough. From June 15th to the 19th, from 6pm to 10pm, they will be at the Morgantown Carnival at 6289 Morgantown Rode in Morgantown PA, free admission there. June 17th you can also find them at 200 Hazel Court in Lebanon, PA at the [Inaudible] itself field. I got to get on this tip where you have food trucks come up to your neighborhood. I got to figure out how people are doing that because I live in a nice neighborhood with a lot of people and I have to figure this out. Get all the details from them on Facebook @ScoopODough. you will get you know all the details there on what they are up to and where they’re going. So listen, food truck, folks, I mean we we want to help you we want to help our community as many ways as possible. Even you know even restaurants having fun events, you can let us know too. I mean, if it’s a good event for the community, we’ll highlight it. So our viewers want to know where our food trucks are each week and if you own one, we want to hear from you. So we’ll tell our viewers where it’ll be so that they can find you support you just fill out the contact form at LancasterConnects.com.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 50:20
      Also, earlier today, I had the chance to speak with Adam Zurn. He’s got a tremendous history nugget about Devil Dave Miller, the colorful Sheriff of Lancaster County. Adam’s also unique in his own right. He’s the owner of Uncharted Lancaster and on the board of the Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County. So here’s Adam, with our history nugget this week.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 50:45
      Alright, well, right now I’m proud to have Adam Zurn from Uncharted Lancaster join us on the show. He’s got a great local history nugget for us this week. Adam, welcome. Thank you so much for joining us, appreciate your being here.

      Adam Zurn 50:57
      Well, thanks, Jeff. It’s great to be here. I appreciate the invitation to come and talk to you. So got a great story involving some awesome history here in Lancaster County. And today’s story is going to center around Devil Dave Miller. And he was the eccentric Sheriff of Lancaster County in the early 1830s, ran on the anti-Mason political ticket which basically was a single issue party and that was to get rid of the Masons. So they didn’t last real long as a party, but that’s what he ran on. Miller is a native son of the town of Lampeter at the time called Lampeter Square. A lot of people think Lampeter is named after a town in Wales, but there’s another story that says it’s actually named after a handicapped tavern owner by the name of Peter. And so people would say, and they affectionately called him Lame Peter, I don’t know how politically correct that is today, but they would say hey, let’s go down and see Lame Peter, and we’ll get a beer. Let’s go down and see Lame Peter, and we’ll get something to eat. And eventually the the name just kind of became Lampeter. So that’s a little little tidbit there and where Devil Dave Miller comes from. But Dave’s got two great stories. One was from 1834, serving again as Lancaster County Sheriff, and he was trying to get to the courthouse in time to return a bench warrant. So imagine just riding up King Street on his horse, up the stairs of the courthouse, down the courthouse aisle to present that bench warrant to Judge Lewis before you know court was was over. So definitely, you know, interesting character. But you know, a lot of people, you know, really liked him. But his big story was the following year in 1835, again, still serving as the sheriff of Lancaster County. And that’s when he helped three of his prisoners escaped from the county jail. The time the county jail was where the Fulton Theater was. And if you go behind the building on Water Street, you can still see some of the original stonework this was sort of be the view, if you were on King Street, sort of standing right there at the corner, right by the barber shop, kind of look at the fold. And that’s what the the core of the jail would have looked like at the time. But three black slaves had been captured by bounty hunters and we’re waiting for you know, transport back to the Carolinas. You know, Miller didn’t make a big deal out of them. But he was a staunch abolitionist. And one night before transport was arranged, he walked into the prison, unlocked the door that held the the three captured slaves and walked on out and then the two women and one of their sons was able to escape. Covering for Miller, the one woman said that she’d used a butter knife to kind of pick the lock and was was able to escape for that reason. And it wasn’t until years later. I’m not sure when but my guess is probably after the Civil War, he admitted his part in the plot there to help him three, three of his prisoners escaped. But I think it’s a great story of you know, people doing the right thing, you know, in this case, even when it’s you know, against the law, just to you know, help people get free, get on the Underground Railroad and continue north to Canada to live in freedom, which I know great story happened right here in Lancaster.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 54:12
      That’s very interesting. Very interesting story. Do we know anything about the freed? The two of us there was two women and one of them had a son?

      Adam Zurn 54:25
      Yeah, they were in the Lancaster area, and they’ve been captured by these bounty hunters. And at the time, you know, again, this is, you know, not that long for the Civil War, while Pennsylvania, didn’t you know, have slavery that the laws of the time allowed bounty hunters to come in and capture them and then you know, they would you would have to provide sort of, you know, legal services to get them back to these to these slave states. And people like Miller worked hard to you know, get these people north to Canada and free or just not be caught but as to where they ended up or anything more than what I told you that one of those kind of lost to the mists of time. You know the exact details and everything.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 55:06
      Do we have I mean that’s that’s a great great little nugget any other little ones that go along with Devil Dave I mean that’s a pretty wild nickname there. Do we know what he did to earn that name?

      Adam Zurn 55:21
      So he owned a hotel and tavern himself there so I don’t know if he did a lot of you know breaking up bar fights or anything like that. But again it’s interesting the history you know, you’ll read like the the you know, histories of Lancaster County from the 1880s and and the details there can be a little sparse on you know, exactly what people did to earn these names just that you know, he was this you know, wild character but a lot of people seem to like him. I’m sure we made some friends helping the the escaped slaves you know, break out of jail. I’m sure if people the wrong people found out that would have earned them a lot of enemies, though, as well at the same time.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 56:01
      Yeah, yeah. Well, that’s really a great history nugget for this week. Really appreciate you sharing with us. So there we go. Right on the screen right on time I was gonna ask, and for our listeners, why don’t you tell them how they can get more of your, your history, prowess and excitement? How can they connect with you?

      Adam Zurn 56:27
      Sure, they can find me on the internet, obviously, UnchartedLancaster.com. I’m on social media and, and I basically like to do two things. One, just highlight, interesting pieces of Lancaster County history, sometimes more in the unknown category. And then often as an incentive to go and visit some of the places I’m talking about, I’ve created like these little self guided adventures that people can go on. And you learn some history, you find a little bit of treasure at the end and you get to ride off into the sunset whistling the theme from Raiders of the Lost Ark. So it’s a win win for everybody.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 57:01
      Love it. Love it. Well, Adam, thanks so much for joining us. If you’re listening, if you’re looking for something fun to do, it looks like Adam might have a little tour for you on a Saturday afternoon to check out so make sure you go to Uncharted Lancaster to learn all the great details about that and what Adams up to and, and some of the unknown history that we have right here in our own backyard. Thanks for joining us, Adam.

      Adam Zurn 57:21
      Hey, thanks, Jeff. I’ll talk to you later.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 57:24
      All right, well, thank you, Adam, for giving us time they’re out of your day to share that amazing, colorful and very insightful little piece of history here and Lancaster County. Maybe I’ll figure out how Devil Dave got his name, exactly.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 57:40
      But our pet of the week this week is Choco. Choco is from Charlie’s Crusaders pet rescue. Alright, so choco There we go. He’s a cute one. You know, our producers were talking about the fact that, you know, we always seem to have Pitbulls and really the proper name is Staffordshire Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier. That’s what Choco is. Folks, I have two of these dogs. They are some of the most loving dogs that you can have. I would challenge you to think about it this way. If all the other dogs are so amazing and so great, why are there breed specific rescues like Lab rescues, Golden Retriever rescues, Chihuahua rescues, Bichon rescues, you know, there are rescues that are breed specific by nature because of the sheer amount of them. Unfortunately, broader animal rescues are more Pitbull specific because they’re unfortunately so misunderstood. There’s so left behind they’re so abused they’re so used it’s all in the animal upbringing and choco looks like he could be a really great dog So a little bit about choco estimated to be around two years old. He’s a mix. As most of our current foster says he was found on the streets of Memphis and no one wanted to claim him. He’s very sweet potty trained boy has lots of energy wants to please currently learning not to jump when he gets excited. He’s very good in the house loves tennis balls at night he can sleep in the crate or in the bed with you loves to snuggle choco is neutered and heartworm positive, but don’t let that scare you. The rescue is paying for his treatment. That’s the other thing that’s wonderful about these rescues every rescue that I have known about. And by the way, you can learn more about how to adopt choco on Charlie’s Crusaders website at CharliesCrusaders.org and I’m sure when you go there, I mean, listen, first of all, you’re going to a rescue with a website that’s not free. I’m sure you’re going to find well organised up to date information that’s not free. These rescues are so into the success of the animals that they that they bring in this one came to Lancaster via Memphis. So you know this, these folks care about these animals. When we highlight that chocolate is heartworm positive. This is an animal that’s been fully vetted. Unfortunately, we have Lancaster County’s puppy mill capital. And we’re going to be highlighting that in upcoming weeks. And, you know, you don’t know exactly what you’re getting from some of these breeders, if you know at all. At least, that was an animal rescue, the dogs have been fully vetted. Meaning they’ve gone to a veterinarian that and they’ve been seen and they’re under medical care. And more often than not, whatever is no one at the moment in time the rescue is going to take care of with you as you adopt that dog. So Charlie’s Crusaders, great rescue and Choco looks like a great pop could be your friend, please give them a chance. All right. So if you’ve got a worthwhile cause, that can make excellent use of our members who watch the show and have chosen to be members of the Lancaster community volunteering their time. That’s what Lancaster Connects is all about our clams sorry, our Lancaster Connects community is all about. Because if you’ve got a good cause that needs volunteers, or you want to donate your time to help out in the community, well, we need to hear from both of you. We need folks that need people to help but we need people that want to help. All right, you can help our community many ways. Some people can do that monetarily, because they don’t have as much free time. Other people have a lot of free time and can’t help so much voluntarily. Either way, I am positive and no every charity that we’ve highlighted will take both and more often they’re more appreciative of the time so imagine that difference we could make in the Lancaster community if each of us gave an hour of time. So if you’ve got that good cause that can use some volunteers use that time will promote you on the show will promote your events just get in touch with us via the forum at Lancaster Connects.com.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:02:30
      Community events, I got some items for you. So we have the Black Business Expo, come celebrate Juneteenth with the Black Dollar Movement at Rockvale Outlets. There’ll be a live DJ, free wine tasting, food, shopping, live performances, LLC startup information. So if you’re into starting up a business, you’ll be able to get some information there. That’s great. That’s very helpful. Home Buying seminar entertainment, free giveaways a lot going on there. Saturday and Sunday, June 19 and 20th. From 11 to five, website is ShopRockvale.com. 35 South Willowdale Drive, Lancaster PA 17602. Listen, I can tell you from personal experience, you know, there’s been a lot of news over the recent years about Rockvale. I can tell you from having signed a lease there, we no longer have our store there. That’s okay. That was it was a good evolution for Gardner’s to focus on our one store here where I’m recording. I know that from personal experience, yes, they have to run a business. Yes, they have to make business decisions. But they can do those two things and give back to the community at the same time. And I know Christy there works hard to create fun events. worthwhile events are additive events for the community. So I know from the surface, you can form our own opinions, but I can tell you, having done business with ownership, called them on the cell phone emailed them. They are invested in our community, and that’s a good thing. So please go support them. On Saturday, the 19th their event, okay, that’s from 11 to five. Then we’ve got another way you can volunteer in the community, you can become a volunteer usher at Clipper Stadium. You can volunteer to be that usher in the bar at the Barnstormer games and earn money for United Way of Lancaster as a result. So as an usher you’ll show fans to their seats serve as a friendly face, taking the action of the game all while volunteering. Each shift is about three hours long and the Barnstormers donate $20 to the United Way program of your choice for each shift that you sign up to be an usher. So that’s a very cool way to give back to the community. You get a little something watch on ballgame. It’s always great to be at the park. More info about that LancasterBarnstormers.com.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:04:58
      then we have on Domestic Violence Services of Lancaster, they have their annual spring celebration. They are holding that annual spring celebration Thursday June 24 at seven o’clock, Tickets are on sale and sponsorships are available. They will be virtually welcoming former Pittsburgh Steeler William Gay to Lancaster to discuss how domestic violence has affected his life during this virtual fundraising event, From Survivor to Thriver: A Celebration of Resilience. Guests will learn how Mr. Gay’s life changed when his mother was shot and killed by her boyfriend and she tried to leave the relationship. At the time of this tragedy, William was only eight years old. So thinking he’s got something important to share about this topic that goes on in our society. We all need to, you know, be able to call it out, talk about it, understand it, understand the signs of it. I’m sure you’ll be able to learn more about that at this event.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:05:55
      So those were our events for this week. We put some put all those details on our show notes. If they’re interested, you can go there, get the link, you go there at LancasterConnects.com, alright, so if you’ve got a good cause, that you that we can promote for you or you need people to volunteer their time again, we’ll put that word out for your claws on our show. It’s all why this whole show exists. And you get in touch with us via the contact form at LancasterConnects.com. And you know if you haven’t taken the show in on video, you don’t have time to sit there watch video you have time in your car when you drive. Guess what we’re available as a podcast. Just search Lancaster Connects in your favorite podcast platform. Or you can find all the podcast platforms we’re on. And the helpful links to get there at LancasterConnects.com and of course, you can like and share this video leave a comment on any of the social channels you’re watching this on. And we’d love if you tell a friend about this show. So last but not least for this show, we’ve got our gift card winners. Congratulations to Oscar Ramirez and Janice Kemp. They are our gift card winners this week. So congratulations you can come to the store anytime we’re open and pick those up. And if you would like to know how you can get lucky like Oscar and Janice you go to LancasterConnects.com and filling out the form and because you for your chance to win one of the two local restaurant guards we give away each week. And that’s all done at LancasterConnects.com. All right. I think I did it. Ben would be proud, I’m sure of me. I look this way or he sits over here. But he’d be proud of this one. Ben, enjoy the rest of your time away. Well earned. great time with your family. And production team, thanks for putting this one together. Our second solo show we’ll be back as a dynamic duo next week. Take care everybody have a great week.

      Georgia 1:08:30
      Get Super Cereal.

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