Episode 16: Lancaster County Community Foundation’s Aaron Spangler – June 23rd, 2021

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Local History Nugget with Adam Zurn from Uncharted Lancaster:
The Petroglyphs of Safe Harbor

On Episode 16 of Lancaster Connects, we talk to Aaron Spangler from the Lancaster County Community Foundation about their new “Lancaster Snapshot” initiative, and how they want to use it to help the Lancaster County PA community to re-engage after the lockdown.

There’s also:

  • 🎟️ Our weekly local events roundup
  • 🥡 Our food truck alert – which food trucks will be where and when
  • 🤝 How you can help the Lancaster Community
  • 🐺 Our Pet of the Week
  • 🍔 Our $25 Gift Card Giveaway for local Lancaster restaurants
  • 🛌 And a tip on how to Sleep Better.

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This Week’s Guest:

👉 Lancaster County Community Foundation

🐺 Meet Bella, Our Pet Of The Week from Charlies Crusaders Pet Rescue!

bella, charlies crusaders, shepherd mix, adopt dog lancaster, dog rescue lancaster

Bella is a cute 11 month old shepherd mix. Bella is fully vetted, house & kennel trained.

Bella loves other dogs and people. Bella does not get along with cats. Bella weighs 35 lbs. and would be better in a home with older kids 10 and older.

Bella does resource guard her food since she was starving when we rescued her and needs to be fed separately. Bella is a Velcro dog who loves snuggling, playing with her people & car rides.

Bella is very fast & agile and would make a great agility dog. Bella can clear short fences & barriers so she would need a 6 ft fence. Bella loves her ball and will play fetch as long as you can throw it. Bella is fully vetted and spayed.

Learn more about how to adopt Bella on Charlie’s Crusader’s Website: http://www.charliescrusaders.org/

Events Around Lancaster This Week:

  • Tik Tok Tenors @ Fulton Theater: June 23-27
  • Hill Vineyards Summer Solstice Party & 2020 Sauvignon Blanc Release Party: June 25, 6pm-8pm
    • Visit Thorn Hill Vineyards in Lancaster for a party with great wine and complimentary hors d’oeuvres!
    • It will be a day to celebrate the Summer Solstice of camaraderie, culinary art and award-winning wines! They’ll be announcing the premiere of Thorn Hill Vineyards 2020 Sauvignon Blanc, Lake County!
    • It’s been five years in the making, and they’re very excited to showcase it at this release party.
    • Music with Amy & Jack Thorn
    • Location: Thorn Hill Vineyards, 1945 Fruitville Pike Lancaster, PA
    • Website: https://www.thornhillvineyards.com
  • Don’t Rock The Jukebox!: June 25-27
    • Touring across Lancaster County for one weekend only!
    • Servant Stage’s popular teen revue – “Don’t Rock The Jukebox” brings an all-new, high-energy tour de force of popular music from across the decades! Featuring a cast of some of the top teen talent in the region, Don’t Rock The Jukebox will have you dancing in your seat!
    • June 25: No ticket is necessary and you can check out the show at Lititz Springs Park at 7pm – 24 N Broad St, Lititz, PA 17543
    • June 26: Get tickets for their show at Clipper Magazine Stadium at 11am – 650 N Prince St, Lancaster, PA 17603 (Tickets: https://servantstage.org)
    • June 27: No ticket is necessary for their show at New Holland Park @ 3pm – 400-498 E Jackson St, New Holland, PA 17557
    • Website: https://servantstage.org
  • African American Cultural Alliance’s Juneteenth Family Fun Tent: June 27 & 27
    • Brought to you by Ismail Smith0Wade-El & NAACP Lancaster Chapter
    • Featuring a bounce house, carnival games, live music and free hair cuts!
    • Over 10 black-owned food trucks and catering companies will be in attendance
    • Shop from over 50 small black owned businesses from around PA!
    • Location: 35 S Willowdale Dr, Lancaster, PA 17602
    • Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/AAHSSPA/posts/1895808020576455
  • Lancaster County Carriage and Antique Auction: June 30 & July 1
    • The Lancaster County Carriage & Antique Auction is having their premier auction event that takes place annually on the Thursday & Friday before the last Saturday in June.
    • Thousands of people come to the village of Bird-in-Hand for the auction which is held on the Smucker Homestead.
    • Equine and antique enthusiasts, consignors, local residents, out-of-town visitors, and whole families look forward to our auction each year.
    • This is a significant fundraiser for the Hand-in-Hand Fire Company. They’ve got TONS of interesting antiques up for auction.
    • Auction Listing: https://www.auctionzip.com/Listings/3526157.html
    • Location: Bird In Hand Auction Grounds, 338 N Ronks Rd, Bird In Hand, PA
    • Website: https://bird-in-hand.com

      Lancaster’s Food Truck Scene For This Week:

      • Got Jerk Island Grill Opens: June 22nd
        • Congratulations to Caribbean-themed restaurant Got Jerk Island Grill, which is opening Tuesday June 22nd in Lancaster
        • The menu includes curry goat, jerk chicken, oxtail and seafood dishes. There’s also a jerk burger, jerk chicken sandwich, grouper fillet sandwich and pineapple and shrimp skewers.
        • Dishes are made with Got Jerk, a sauce and marinade the restaurant’s owners launched in 2015.
        • Location: 300 W James St, Lancaster
        • Facebook: Facebook.com/gotjerkislandgrill
      • Celebrate Lancaster: June 25
        • Celebrate Lancaster takes place on Friday, June 25, throughout Lancaster City throughout the afternoon.
        • There’s going to be mobile performances with musicians on trucks bringing live music to every neighborhood and fireworks at vaious locations at dusk.
        • Food trucks in different areas of the city from noon to 7pm:
        • Reunion Soul Food @ Crispus Attucks, 407 Howard Avenue
        • Nano Grill @ King Elementary School, S. Duke Street
        • Souvlaki Boys @ Binns Park, 120 N. Queen Street, *5 – 7 pm
        • Walko-Taco @ Buchanan Park, 901 Buchanan Ave.
        • TONS of restaurants are participating too.
        • Website: https://visitlancastercity.com
      • “Ducks and Trucks” @ Schreiber Center for Pediatric Development: June 26, 11am-3pm
        • Schreiber Center for Pediatric Development is having their “Ducks & Trucks” food truck event.
        • Bring your family and come see construction vehicles, emergency vehicles, British sports cars, etc.
        • Food trucks in attendance: Meat the Brown’s, Bricker’s French Fries and Penny’s Ice Cream.
        • Location: Schreiber Center for Pediatric Development, 625 Community Way, Lancaster, PA
        • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/schreiberpediatric

      Community Events:

      • Lancaster Cemetery Scavenger Hunt Adventure: June 26, 1pm-6pm
        • The Red Rose Blue Star Moms, PA 202 is hosting a Scavenger Hunt Adventure at the Lancaster Cemetery beginning at 1pm.
        • All are invited to participate! Form a team, solve the puzzles, and learn the history on some of Lancaster County’s most famous residents.
        • The scavenger hunt is directly related to historical figures and veterans who have been buried at the cemetery. It is to raise awareness of who is there and their impact on our society today.
        • The funds raised will also go toward repairing veteran stones who have no family to request repair or replacement on their behalf .
        • Teams can register online at $15 per person. Teams will receive a drawstring bag, clipboard, waters, and some other surprise goodies.
        • Location: Lancaster Cemetary, 205 E. Lemon Street In Lancaster
        • Website: https://www.RedRoseBlueStarMoms.org
      • American Red Cross Blood Drive at The Shops @ Rockvale: June 30 & July 1, 12pm-5pm
        • American Red Cross will be hosting a Blood Drive at The Shops @ Rockvale
        • Every donor will be entered into a drawing for a $500 gift card to a shop @Rockvale of your choice.
        • There’s a 1-in-50 chance of winning!
        • Location: 35 S Willowdale Dr, Lancaster, PA 17602
        • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ShopRockvale
      • Domestic Violence Services of Lancaster Annual Spring Celebration: June 24
        • Tickets for virtual event are on sale and sponsorships are available.
        • Virtually welcoming former Pittsburgh Steeler William Gay to Lancaster to discuss how domestic violence has affected his life. During this virtual fundraising event, From Survivor to Thriver: A Celebration of Resilience, guests will learn how Mr. Gay’s life changed when his mother was shot and killed by her boyfriend as she tried to leave the relationship. At the time of this tragedy, Mr. Gay was only eight years old.
        • Tickets start at $25.
        • Website: https://caplanc.org/DVSgala/

      Additional Links:

      • Gardner’s Mattress And More is running their Double Dealzzz special – a great way to pick your own discounts and maximize your savings when buying a new mattress.
        • Click here to learn more about this opportunity to customize your own savings!
        • You can also visit Gardner’s Mattress And More At: 830 Plaza Blvd Suite 2, Lancaster, PA 17601
      • Check out Adam Zurn’s website, Uncharted Lancaster: https://unchartedlancaster.com


      Episode Transcript (Click Here To Open/Close)

      Jeff Giagnocavo 0:00
      On Episode 16 of Lancaster Connects, we’re joined by Aaron Spangler from the Lancaster County Community Foundation to tell us all about their new Lancaster Snapshot Initiative.

      Ben McClure 0:10
      We’ll also have our local events run down, our food truck alert, how you can help your local community, a local history nugget…

      Jeff Giagnocavo 0:17
      And a tip on how to Sleep Better, of course our pet of the week and your chance to win one of two $25 gift cards to a local Lancaster restaurant. That’s all coming up on Episode 16 of Lancaster Connects. So how can you help support the local Lancaster community?

      Ben McClure 0:33
      That’s what this show is all about.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 0:53
      Got that? Is that the move now?

      Ben McClure 0:56
      The what?

      Jeff Giagnocavo 0:56
      The finger.

      Ben McClure 0:57
      Oh yeah, the finger of course. That’s the move. Yeah.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 0:59
      I like it. Hey, reunited and it feels so good.

      Ben McClure 1:02

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:04

      Ben McClure 1:05

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:05
      A couple of weeks.

      Ben McClure 1:06
      It’s been a while.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:07
      I was gonna sing it but my singing is terrible. If anybody’s gonna sing out of this duo, it’s you. You’re the music guy.

      Ben McClure 1:14
      I wouldn’t judge.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:15
      So how was his vacation?

      Ben McClure 1:16
      Vacation was great man. Really good family time. Ithaca, New York, lots of hiking and waterfalls. We had a place right on the lake, on the Cayuga Lake. Kayaks and row boats and fishing. I didn’t get to tell you this, but they had a water trampoline.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:35
      Oh, those are awesome.

      Ben McClure 1:35
      You could swim in and jump off. My wife Lindsey got stranded on the water trampoline by a snake.There were two snakes.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:43
      I don’t blame her.

      Ben McClure 1:44
      That like slithered up, and I have video, I’ll show you the video. I should have sent it to our production team but….

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:51
      That’s for sure, make a note.

      Ben McClure 1:53
      We noticed the snake and it was like floating around and then it like went away and then it came back and Lindsey thought for sure it was gonna hop on it. I mean, this water trampolines like three feet high off the water.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 2:02
      Snakes will [Inaudible].

      Ben McClure 2:03
      Yeah. And she’s screaming and she’s pushing on the water trampoline. And finally the thing…

      Jeff Giagnocavo 2:09
      I feel her pain.

      Ben McClure 2:12
      That was the highlight for me. Yeah. How about your motorcycle trip?

      Jeff Giagnocavo 2:15
      Motorcycle trip was a great. A lot of windshield time as I like to call it. It was good. It was good. I filled you all in. I mean, you saw the videos.

      Ben McClure 2:25
      No snakes.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 2:27
      No snakes, but they’re snakes at my campsite. And I almost stepped on one again.

      Ben McClure 2:30
      Oh, no.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 2:30
      And I’ve just had to remind myself that snakes are going to be around you’re in their zone. I’m going to try to get some snake repellent at least for when we get out of the camp trailer and this one where I parked the golf cart where we go in and out is a rock and it just slid right into the rock. Those little buggers, I don’t want it to wrap itself around my foot or anything like that. So, anyway.Yeah. We don’t like snakes?

      Ben McClure 2:56
      What is snake repellent?

      Jeff Giagnocavo 2:59
      Google it man.

      Ben McClure 3:00
      It’s like bug repellent. Those snakes, there’s such a thing.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 3:06
      Yes, read it. Then put the sign up. Anyway. So yeah, that’s enough. We’ve got a whole thing here and there’s a column for banter. Small talk. I think that’s enough of it. So we’ve got Aaron from Lancaster County Community Foundation to tell us all about their new Lancaster Snapshot Initiative, which sounds like a very cool thing. So we’ll learn more about that.

      Ben McClure 3:32
      We’ve got what’s going on in and around Lancaster. We’ve got a quick tip on how to Sleep Better, what food trucks will be where and when they will be where they are.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 3:44
      Of course we’ll talk about how you can help your neighbors in your community by joining the Lancaster Connects Community

      Ben McClure 3:52
      And you know, really cool Lancaster history nugget. I did not know this. I didn’t know this. You’ll have to stay tuned. We’re joined by guest Adam Zurn, he was on last week with Jeff. Adam is from Uncharted Lancaster and he’s also on the board of the Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County. He’s got a really, really cool history nugget to share with us

      Jeff Giagnocavo 4:14
      And our pet of the week, as always, we try to highlight a pet in need. Maybe you can have a new family member as a result of our pet of the week segment and get a chance to win our weekly restaurant gift card giveaway. We got two winners to announce there.

      Ben McClure 4:29
      Remember this show is also available as a podcast. You can find all the links at LancasterConnects.com Remember to please like and share this video and leave a comment and tell us how we’re doing. Tell a friend about the show. More people that can see the show the more impact we can have in the Lancaster community.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 4:47
      That’s not technically on there. Tell us how we’re doing. We don’t care. We think we’re doing great. And we don’t want to hear it. Just kidding. Yeah, that little ad looks like [Inaudible], yeah, you know, we do care.

      Ben McClure 5:03
      It’s great, but if the show’s terrible bring us or bring Jeff a snake.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 5:06
      Yeah, don’t do that. Don’t do that, not even a dead one. So all information that we’re gonna share on the show is of course available in our show notes, along with information about more events that we can’t fit into today’s episode. You can find those show notes by going to LancasterConnectscomm clicking on the page for this episode, which is Episode 16. Already, that means we’ve been doing this for months now. Time flies when you’re podcasting.

      Ben McClure 5:35

      Jeff Giagnocavo 5:26
      And to get our weekly email just enter our giveaway at LancasterConnects.com to subscribe to our weekly email update with all of our show info. If you haven’t figured it out, Lancaster Connects is the hub for everything on the show. You can enter the contest. You can tell us if you want to join the Lancaster Connects Community to volunteer, you can get the updates and you’ll be able to get where we post the show. There’s like 27 podcast platforms. There’s YouTube, there’s Facebook, there’s Twitter, but please don’t forget to like and share this video. Leave a comment and tell a friend about the show. Sharing really is caring. It helps us get the show out get seen and beat the social media algorithms that are just like a forcefield coming in on us. So share the show. We appreciate it.

      Ben McClure 5:42
      Are we on TikTok yet?

      Jeff Giagnocavo 6:03
      Man, if I got to do TikTok. TikTok is where you do the dance and and stuff and I’m not good. That’s not us now.

      Ben McClure 6:31
      We’ve got some events to share. This weekend on Friday, June 25 from 6pm until 8pm, visit Thorn Hill Vineyards in Lancaster for a party with great wine and delicious hors d’oeuvres. It will be a day to celebrate the summer solstice of camaraderie, culinary art and award winning wines. They’ll be announcing the premiere of Thorn Hill Vineyards 2020 Sauvignon Blanc, Lake County. Of course I would get the wine one. You’re going to tell the story, aren’t you? It’s been five years in the making and they’re very excited to showcase it at this release party. Music [Inaudible] and Amy and Jack Thorn. You can meet old friends and new wine club members and enjoy complimentary hors d’oeuvres, that is at Thorn Hill Vineyards pictured there on the screen. 1945 Fruitville Pike, Lancaster PA and their website is ThornHillVineyards.com.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 7:27
      So that…

      Ben McClure 7:28
      Just go on to number two.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 7:31
      That one gave me two really good ones. Yeah, so I’ll save the wine for later. I’m sure it’ll come. But hors d’oeuvres. So my buddy. I’m not going to name names because I think they watch. And if they don’t, I know there’s people connected to them to watch, but I’ve got a friend that’s got a brother. And the little brother wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed back in the day. He’s certainly matured. And so my buddy gets married. And little brother, his little brother, he’s like, Jeff, who’s this band at six o’clock at the wedding, “Hors Devore”? I’m like dude, that’s food man. Cookies and crackers and the meat and cheese on trays and like little meatballs on sticks. That’s not a band. That’s it’s pronounced hors d’oeuvres. He thought it was or “Hors Devores”.

      Ben McClure 8:27

      Jeff Giagnocavo 8:28
      Anyway, moving on. event number two to highlight. So three days of Don’t Rock the Jukebox, touring across Lancaster County for one weekend only. So June 25th to the 27th, Servant Stage’s popular teen review, Don’t Rock the Jukebox brings an all new high energy tour de force of popular music from across the decades. Featuring a cast of some of the top teen talent in the region. Don’t rock the jukebox will have you dancing in your seat. Kind of like hopefully better than I just did the little TikTok dance anyway, on June 25th. No tickets necessary. And you can check out the show at Lititz Springs Park, at 7pm that is 24 North Broad Street, Lititz. On the 26th get tickets for the show at Clipper Magazine Stadium downtown. That’s at 11am, 650 North Prince Street. Tickets can be found at ServantsStage.org and then on the 27th no ticket is necessary for the show at New Holland Park. That’s at 3pm. New Holland Park is located at 400-498 sounds like the whole block, of East Jackson Street in New Holland PA. You can learn more about that weekend at ServantsStage.org. If you’re listening to this, hit up Lancaster Connects and Click Episode 16 for all the details will be there with helpful links. And you can also get tickets for the show on the 26th at Clipper Magazine Stadium on that site as well so ServantsStage.org.

      Ben McClure 9:55
      Pretty cool. On June 30th and July 1st, the Lancaster County Carriage and Auction Antique Auction is having their premier auction event that takes place annually on the Thursday and Friday before the last Saturday in June. That felt like a mouthful. Thousands of people come to the village of Bird in Hand for the auction which is held on the Smucker Homestead. Equine and antique enthusiasts, consigners, local residents, out of town visitors and whole families look forward to our auction every year. This is a significant fundraiser for the Bird in Hand Fire Company. They’ve got tons of interesting antiques up for auction that you can check it out at www.AuctionZip.com/ Listings/3526157.Html. So I read all of that. You can you can find that link on the LancasterConnects.com website.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 10:50
      I think the production team just gives you the hardest one.

      Ben McClure 10:54
      There like, “Ben is getting this one.” So, Bird In Hand Auction Grounds at 338 North Ronks Rode in Bird In Hand and their website is Bird-In-Hand.com.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 11:07
      All this info about these events and others we haven’t read out loud will be available on the website at LancasterConnects.com. Find the show notes by clicking on the page for this episode like Jeff said, it’s Episode 16 and get our weekly email. Just enter our giveaway at LancasterConnects.com to subscribe to our weekly email update with all the show info. And remember this show is also available as a podcast find the links at LancasterConnects.com. And don’t forget like, share the video, leave a comment, tell a friend about the show.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 11:46
      Sharing is caring. He’s got you’ve got a twofer here.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 11:52
      Twofer from the Sleep Better book. These two are in here. So first of all, it was camp weekend and camp weekends as of late should have been about bourbon and cigars. This weekend they were about lager as we call it around these parts. Lager being lager which last summer I drank a decent amount of that it was not happy with my weight. So I swore off beer and just have a bunch of bourbon in the camper. But for some reason I just like grabbed lagers out the fridge, that are in the camp fridge.

      Ben McClure 12:26
      They’re calling your name.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 12:27
      Yeah. So point being I snored like crazy according to my wife on Saturday night. So Sleep Better tip number one is you should really try to refrain alcohol. I know it doesn’t sound fun after seven o’clock. So that’s the first one. Second one is about your sleep routine and going to bed waking up at the same time each day. And a little wrinkle on this that’s not in the book. But the sleep routine is, is if you on the weekends, wake up one hour later than normal, that is equivalent to three hours of jetlag. Alright, it really throws your body off so if you actually like if you normally get up at six o’clock for work, but you sleep until eight o’clock, you actually have the same amount of jetlag as like a coast to coast trip back and forth. You know, so like, it really like can just throw you off your body kind of treats it my timezone changes jetlag so think about it that way. So really try to commit to a better sleep routine where you’re really going to bed at the same time each night waking up at the same time each morning and even if you just get up and kind of sit in your sofa or sit in your recliner or out in the deck now that it’s nice. Get that vitamin D sunrays in you’ll be you’ll be feeling fresh and ready in no time. But get up out of bed and don’t don’t go back to sleep. All right, because you’re just wreak havoc on your body. So that’s a twofer Sleep Better tip, we’ll mail you the book. We aren’t just podcasting guys here in the Dream Room. We are also mattress retailers. You go to GardnersMattressAndMore.com/Sales. You’ll see all that we have going on with our double deals right now. So double deals or discounts, you pick and you get to maximize your savings based on your situation. So we don’t want to just tell you, here’s the deal, take it or leave it. We’ll help you navigate those options to get the best savings possible. Alright, and you can get a copy of Sleep Better from us Gardner’s Mattress & More. Gardner’s Mattress & More will mail you a free copy just go to GardnersMattressAndMore.com/Sleep-Better and we will mail that to you, mail your own free copy.

      Ben McClure 14:46
      Nice work I did not know that. Well the beer one makes sense in the in the snoring and that the other one you share those pretty cool.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 14:53
      Yeah, gotta get up at the same time each day. Yep, yep.

      Ben McClure 14:57
      So earlier today we had the opportunity to talk to Aaron Spangler, he’s from the Lancaster County Community Foundation. And he told us all about their new Lancaster Snapshot, a different initiative. Here’s Aaron.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 15:10
      Well, we are very pleased to be joined by Aaron Spangler from the Lancaster County Community Foundation. And we’re gonna be talking a lot about their Lancaster Snapshot Project. Aaron, welcome to the show. Great to have you here.

      Aaron Spangler 15:24
      Hey, nice to see you all. Thanks for having me.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 15:28
      Yeah, yeah, very happy to have you. This is why the show exists to highlight all of these great projects going on in the community. Great foundations that help our community. So let’s let’s jump right in. For those who aren’t familiar with the work you’re doing, as a part of the Lancaster County Community Foundation, why don’t you let our watchers and listeners know what you do? Why the foundation exists?

      Aaron Spangler 15:52
      Sure. So the Lancaster County Community Foundation was actually founded in 1924. So we’re coming up on 100 years. And so we are a community foundation, which can mean a lot of different things depending on the community that you live in. But we embolden extraordinary community. And that can look a lot of different ways. We do a lot of community events, like the extraordinary give, if you’re familiar with that. We make grants to a lot of organizations around the community and the county. And we also partner with folks who are interested in leaving, you know, what we call a legacy, these are folks who want to either open funds now while they exist to support things that they care about, or want to make a promise that whenever you know a piece of whatever they have left when when they’ve passed on. And after they’ve given some stuff to their family. A piece of that will kind of go to the community to support either something that they care about, or to whatever, they think that might be an emergent issue in the coming in the coming decades after they’re gone. So we work with lots of different folks. And it’s really exciting to be able to kind of be at the intersection of a lot of different passions, a lot of different interests and a lot of different causes across the community.

      Ben McClure 17:06
      What sort of programs that the foundation has supported have had the biggest impact on the Lancaster community?

      Aaron Spangler 17:13
      Well, I would say, we do a lot of grants to organizations. So there’s a lot of kind of things every year that we give to to lots of organizations, but in Lancaster City and also across the county. But I would say in terms of sheer numbers and number of folks engaged organizations and individuals across the community. The Extraordinary Give is definitely a landmark event. If you’re unfamiliar with it, it is a one day Giving Day, it happens the Friday before Thanksgiving, every year. And this is going to be the 10th Extraordinary Give. In just nine days of giving, we’ve raised sixty-three and a half million dollars for more than 500 organizations across the Lancaster County. So it’s been pretty great.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 18:02
      That’s what I mean, it’s kind of neat. I mean, I’ve known about the Extraordinary Give for the nine years that you’ve been doing it. I’ve always wondered about people doing endowments and grants and foundations and their name. And so it’s kind of neat to see like Lancaster County Community Foundation’s kind of that inception point that’s your launching pad, you’re the one who dots the i’s and crosses the T’s and give highlight and focus to things that need need assistance, financial assistance. That’s very cool. So it’s nice to meet you here. We met Anne Williams from Lancaster City Alliance on the show a few weeks ago. Seems like we’ve got a bunch of organizations that work well together in the community to make stuff happen. I mean, you know, how do you connect with other organizations in the community?

      Aaron Spangler 18:51
      Let’s it starts with a lot of conversations like this, right? A lot of talking and listening. Most importantly, I mean, as the Community Foundation, we are doing our best to listen and be responsive to needs that are in the community. Obviously, when COVID-19 impacted our community, we worked pretty hard with a lot of local organizations, we partner with United Way, Lancaster County to launch the COVID-19 Response Fund. We raised a million dollars from from community members to support more than 100 organizations. So there was a lot of, you know, a big part of being a Community Foundation is both being responsive to needs in the exact present moment. And then also having this kind of bird’s eye, 10,000 foot view about the needs of long term, you know where we’re going to go in the community today, tomorrow, the next generation, and that’s kind of where the endowment that’s we’re talking to folks who are either interested in starting a fund now which will live in perpetuity forever, or, you know, establishing something after they’re gone so that we can continue to support support, needs and wants and desires and passions, literally forever.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 20:06
      So just we, you know, we’ve got, we always bring to these interviews, we try to think about the questions we want to ask, but just as a little sidebar, so, so somebody has an amount of money they want to give, and it’s obviously a finite amount of money when they work with your foundation. Is your foundation responsible for like the growth of that money to perpetuate it? Or is that like a separate group of folks that you kind of bring in? How does all that work? That’s just personally it’s very interesting.

      Aaron Spangler 20:37
      Sure, yeah. So we have a, we have a chief investment officer, but it’s outsourced so we’re actually recommend PNC local, local bank group investment investment group to manage a lot of our assets. So we’re not personally responsible for growing that in terms of the investments. So PNC does a great job bridging those assets for us.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 21:00
      Yeah. But obviously, that growth of that money is an important part of what you do. Because again, everybody does, you know, they might give a finite amount of money, whether that’s sure, you know, $10,000, $100,000, $1,000,000 or 10 million, whatever the number is, it’s a finite dollar amount that will exhaust itself if left alone. So that’s a neat little wrinkle. I just, you know, those kinds of nuts and bolts, things always interested me about organizations about companies.

      Aaron Spangler 21:26
      Sure, yeah. And it’s also important, I think, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt, I just want to say, you know, I was looking at the lower third that you have there about donate, get involved and volunteer. You know, and I think that’s a really important point, right, is that money is, of course, a great thing to give if you have it. But as the Community Foundation as part of our work, our work is to embolden folks to get involved in whatever way makes sense for them, whether that’s volunteering, whether that’s giving ideas of energy, of, you know, of insights. So we want to make sure that, you know, we all care about this community, and and the different ways that we care about this community are all extraordinary. And we want to be sure to, to embolden that as much as possible whenever it makes sense for them.

      Ben McClure 22:14
      Yeah, that’s fantastic. Jeff, Jeff mentioned in the introduction for you, that you’re launching a new initiative called Lancaster Snapshot. And it’s all about getting the public, like our audience involved. What’s that all about?

      Aaron Spangler 22:28
      Yeah, so that’s, that’s a, you know, a great way to kind of move into this additional way of caring about the community, right? So at the core of Lancaster Snapshot is this idea that we all want to be able to see each other, you know, it’s been a, it’s been a strange here, year and a half, 18 months, I’m feeling a little bit disconnected a feeling like we have gotten a little bit farther away from each other, I think both physically and you know, maybe, politically, maybe emotionally, maybe socially. And so the Community Foundation launched this idea as a way of reconnecting folks in a way that kind of cuts deeper than, you know, the worst icebreakers we’ve all been on all these terrible zoom calls over the past year, we wanted to create an experience that was fun, interesting, easy to be part of, and also something that kind of, can create deeper connection than just Who are you? And what do you, you know, What’s your job? So it’s a digital experience that, you know, at its core is a is a map. But it’s a map of users submitted photos. And the photos are responding to specific question prompts. And these prompts kind of are both, you know, super easy. Like, there’s a question about, like, Where do you live? Show us where you live in a photo? There’s also, you know, harder questions, questions that are that, again, kind of cut to the core of shared connection, things about what do you want to last forever? What makes you hopeful? What’s one of your favorite things or possessions? So there’s a lot of really, you know, it kind of goes back and forth between easy and a little bit thought provoking. And that’s the way we like it. So the the submissions that we’ve gotten so far from this project had been really poignant, really fascinating. We’d have a couple here to share with you. So this is this is a snapshot from Amr who is living out in Manor County. And Amr is actually a former refugee from Iraq, who has just launched a new translation service company in Lancaster, is the only one of its kind currently offering lots of translation, both written and in real time, we’ve used them a lot for Zoom call translation. So he submitted a snapshot. And he talks about, again, he’s out Manor County, so he literally just had just had a little girl, so you know, for the question like, “Where do you live?”, he answers, “Among books and toys.” Which I can certainly relate to out in Manor Township. We asked, “Where’s your favorite spot and Lancaster County?”, and he says, “The Farmingdale Trail”, which is a beautiful section of land if you’ve ever been there. He, for the question about what’s your favorite possession or thing? He shares that his coin collection from Iraq, reminds him of his childhood keeps him grounded. And you know, really, it’s a beautiful collection of items. We asked, What is something that keeps you hopeful? And he sent us siblings love, which is very sweet, and something certainly relatable for Father’s Day and all. And then lastly, what’s something that you want to last forever? He says, “Curiosity”, which is something we’ve actually gotten a lot people who are interested in and we’re really fascinated and have young children, I have a young child have a two year old. So just seeing the curiosity unfold in people and their wanting to harness that and wanting to keep that optimism and that and that curiosity alive. It’s just been really powerful.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 26:18
      Very cool. So I mean, poignant questions. How did you arrive at? You know, that series of questions, the things for users to submit? What was what was the thought process there?

      Aaron Spangler 26:30
      Yeah, I mean, we we went back and forth on them a lot. And I think we’re not, we weren’t even sure when we launched whether those are the right questions. We’re still not sure. I don’t think they are. But I think we wanted to just see what people would give us. And, you know, we wanted a mix of, of easy to answer questions. And also some questions that would give you a little bit of pause, make you think about it a little bit. And also questions that didn’t have any one right answer. I mean, we say that the the only answer is your answer. And we’ve really been really loved the way that people have interpreted those questions. I mean, even things that we thought would have pretty straightforward responses, like, Where do you live? Some people have answered, I live in my kayak, which is, I mean, not literally true, but also tells you a lot about somebody. And just once I look for that, exactly, right. Yeah. So it’s like, it’s been really amazing to just kind of let people go and see where they take it. And they’ve taken it lots of different ways.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 27:31
      So Aaron will take some time, we’ve got two more groupings, if you will, or stacks of responses to these questions. So why don’t you take us through each one? And then I’ve got a few more questions for you. But let’s meet these other folks, because that was a neat experience there. Yeah. I think before you get into that, I mean, I think it’s good for the watchers and the viewers of the show. What you’re building here is kind of a way to discover your backyard, discover your community, right? Like I think, in many ways, we don’t even really realize what’s right in our backyard. And you just kind of take your same daily route to and from your job you take your same daily route to and from the grocery store, you know, the kids baseball practice or whatever. You know, you walk the block the way you always do. This is a neat way to kind of discover what your communities don’t want, what they think is cool and yeah, right. So why don’t we Yeah, without much further ado, why don’t you show us those other two groups?

      Aaron Spangler 28:31
      Right. Yeah, I mean, you’re exactly right. So why don’t I just want to quickly say one of the things that, you know, we were talking to a lot of folks even before the pandemic forced a lot of things to close. And we kind of receded from like, one of the things that we were hearing from lots of people was that I am more connected than I’ve ever been in terms of social media and the internet. But I don’t know who my neighbors are. We used to like, see people on the on, on our, we used to take walks, we don’t take walks anymore. We used to see people out on the porch. We don’t say hi to people on the porch anymore. So there’s this feeling of kind of disconnection that we really wanted to try and recapture with this project. And and a lot of our projects in general are focused on kind of reconnection and trying to, to connect people together. And that’s where I think, you know, with Snapshot is super powerful, because you literally like you’re saying, literally see on the map, you see where somebody is you’re like, Oh, I’m really close to that person. Or, you know, their favorite spot is my favorite spot. Maybe we’ll run into each other. So it’s there’s a lot of opportunity, I think for just kind of that shared connection that shared overlap of interest. So I just want to pick up on something that you said because it was it was a great point. So yeah, we can talk about Alma quick. And Alma is actually one of our, one of our staff members at the Community Foundation. She’s a program officer, but she’s really originally from Arizona, and she has a great snapshots. So she lives actually out in the Greenfield states. But she lives there with her family and her kitty, Lila. And she asked, “What’s your favorite spot in Lancaster?” She says, “Christina Mexicana”. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with that spot. But they says they have really good Mexican food, really good food. And it makes me feel like I’m back in my hometown. Like she’s from, she’s from Arizona, but at the border town, so she speaks fluent Spanish fluently. She has a lot of family in Mexico. What’s one of your favorite things or possessions. She says, “When I was young, I used to play the violin. And one Christmas, my dad gave me this violin as a present. It’s one of the only things I have left from him”.. What’s something that keeps you hopeful? She says, “Fun and happy memories always cheer me up and keep me hopeful”. And there’s a shot from her quinceanera. And then what’s something that you want to last forever, her family and almost family was actually impacted very hard by the pandemic, she she lost her grandfather to, to COVID. So that’s a picture of him, of him with the rest of her family. So it’s one of those things that, you know, you, you ask folks to submit these snapshots, and even someone like Alma and I know very well, I learned a lot of things about her even just from those five questions about the violin submission and the family being able to see the family photo, we’re all kind of there for her when she was having a lot of family troubles, but to actually see them together is is really powerful.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 31:46
      Very cool. I mean, you know, to highlight almost family, you know, we see it here in the store, often the family connection within the Hispanic group. It’s really astounding, and like, when when the photo, the quinceanera came up, I knew immediately what it was. I actually had years ago, I had a DJing business and that was one of the events I would refer out, because I had an another connection with a local DJ that was, I think, far better equipped to do that big celebration better. Because I knew how important was. But you see, we have Hispanic families come in, and they’ll have three generations that shop together. And it’s just that togetherness, that’s pretty unique. That I think we could all challenge ourselves to. Hey, shopping for a mattress isn’t all that exciting, but you’re together. You know. So maybe it’s not shopping, maybe it’s a picnic. But being together is I think important. So what about this other stock? You have one more for us?

      Aaron Spangler 32:53
      Yeah, we have one more snapshot from Courtney. And Courtney lives in Lancaster City. She’s on West Clay Street if anyone’s familiar. And she’s one of those folks who went really broad with her response, which is great. It’s relatable. It’s not like play specific in a lot of ways. But yeah, like I said, she lives on on Clay Street. What’s your favorite spot in Lancaster? “Is anywhere Lancaster Pride is taking place.” And that’s an event that’s obviously it’s shifted around a good amount. It wasn’t able to happen last year. I’m not sure what the plans are for this year. I think they’re planning something in October. But it’s been you know, the the pride movement in the LGBTQ plus coalition in Lancaster is really active. And it’s providing a lot of great opportunities for community connection. What’s one of your favorite things or possessions and it is her protest wall. I think we’ve all kind of done over the past year and a half having opportunity to customize our backgrounds for Zoom. It’s been fun to see the different ways people have brought their personalities into that stuff. What’s something that keeps you hopeful? “Is anyone who continues to do the work to push for equity for all”. And over the past year, there’s obviously been a lot of reckoning with with social issues and creating greater visibility for folks who are underrepresented and underserved. So it was great to see this submission. And then lastly, what’s something you want to last forever? “Marriage equality…#LoveIsLove.” So we’ve seen a lot of different perspectives, a lot of different views and a lot of different lived experience which is the core of Lancaster Snapshot.

      Ben McClure 34:56
      Are you seeing similar responses that you’re getting from people or any recurring themes and those responses?

      Aaron Spangler 35:04
      Yeah, I mean, we were, we were not quite sure what we were going to get, we were hopeful that we would be able to see some shared experience, shared themes. And yeah, we’ve seen big, we’ve seen, obviously family is a big driver for lots of folks. family can look lots of different ways. And, and people have shown all of that, which has been really beautiful to see. And I think one of the ultimate goals of this project is to be able to show folks who have different interpretations of what family is the different ways the family can look, and know that you have a shared connection across those themes as a starting point, which can be, you know, just invaluable to be able to get people even in the same conversation who might have different totally different worldviews and totally different lived experiences. Other things we’ve, we’ve seen, you know, in terms of things you want to last forever, there’s a lot of environmental shifts, there’s a lot of folks who are really interested in in maintaining our farmlands, you know, we have the most of you know, we’re kind of the breadbasket of the low key breadbasket of of the of the country, we have some of the most fertile farmland in the country. So there’s a lot of farmland preservation, a lot of natural resource preservation that folks are really passionate about. So it’s been really great. And we haven’t quite mapped all the data yet in terms of themes, and we’re continuing to get snapshots every single day. So it’s been really great to, to see it all come in. And as the summer rolls on, I think we’re going to get more intentional about grouping things and also sharing some of those things out.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 36:38
      So beyond, you know, celebrating getting back to normal, what’s the bigger purpose that you have with this?

      Aaron Spangler 36:48
      So I mean, we, at the Community Foundation, like I said, we are passionate about expanding the ways that folks can care for their community. And that can look lots of different ways, whether it’s volunteering, whether it’s getting money, whether it’s giving energy or time or ideas. We wanted to be able to provide a platform that was interesting. And also as a way of, of making, you know, fun and user interactive, to get people to share a little bit about themselves. And as the summer goes on, as we’re collecting some of these snapshots, we want to one, be able to connect the folks who you know, did snapshots together with each other in a way that makes sense, whether it’s a zoom call, whether it’s an in person thing, whether it’s literally just, you know, we have a million ideas floating around the foundation, whether it’s a pen pal system, whether we connected blood that way. But we’re also launching a weekly highlight reel, so to speak of snapshots that we’re going to be sharing out widely to anyone who’s who wants to, you know, maybe they’re not necessarily interested in submitting a snapshot off the bat. But they really care about this community, and they want to connect with new people. And so they’re able to kind of see some snapshots that are coming in every week. And just feel a little bit of connection in that way. And the hope is that, you know, we’re not 100% sure what we want this to turn into, but we know we want it to turn into something. Because the more people have submitted, the more we’ve seen a clear need for reconnection, and also reconnection on the fact that we all care about this community and the fact that we all want what’s best for our families, for our children for the next generation. And being able to spur conversation and action based on shared purpose and shared experience and whether the experience may be different, but shared commitment to our community is exactly what we’re all about as a foundation. So I don’t have a clear the clearest idea yet for you. But rest assured, we are thinking really intentionally about the best ways to keep people that sorry, keep people engagement and forward.

      Ben McClure 39:06
      Yeah, you know, the the stories that you’ve shared and the stories that you’re gathering, you know, the stories behind these pictures get into why Lancaster is such a great place to live and work. And we can learn a lot about our area just from hearing the stories. Is there one that has particularly resonated with you, Aaron?

      Aaron Spangler 39:26
      It’s an interesting question. One of the weird things about my role is that, you know, all this stuff is done by hand. Like, you know, it’s it’s submitted, it’s not an automated system where we’re plotting these these stories by ourselves as they come through. And a weird thing that’s happened is our team has become has become kind of the keeper of all of these stories. Like we’re the only ones who know all of these little snippets about so many people. So I mean, Amir’s snapshot has always been one that’s really stuck with me and Alma’s as well, especially because I know her personally, you know, I know her as well, but you know, those two have really stuck out to me. But one of the things that I find fascinating is that every single one of these snapshots has something in it that makes you go, “Hmmm”. And that was what I was really hoping to see. So it’s harder, it’s hard to like pick out one specific one because it’s like, I want to be able to share one photo from 25 different snapshots. And so that’s what I hope makes the experience so browsable and so viewable from a user standpoint is that you never really know what you’re going to get with each snapshot, but they’re all interesting in their own way.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 40:39
      Yeah, very neat. I think maybe I pronounced his name wrong. I said, I might have said A-mir…but you’re saying Amr.

      Aaron Spangler 40:47
      Amr. Yeah. Yep.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 40:50
      Thanks for saying one thing that I noticed that on one of his because I’ve got some notes on the screen. So I can’t really see is one of his children they’re playing in the box. Is that what is that one?

      Aaron Spangler 41:01
      Yeah, I think there’s there’s two of them in the box. Actually, I think there looks like they’re doing a spaceship thing. Or boat? I don’t know.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 41:07
      You know, I bring that up. Because I think there’s beauty and simplicity. And, you know, we go through life trying to like, come up with all these amazing experiences, all these, you know, wonderful, you know, social media worthy moments, right? I think our society has gone down this really terrible road of posting only the best moments, right? That most? Yeah, the most emoji reaction worthy moments. But here’s two kids, you know, in a box, probably having a ton of life. So for our listeners, or watchers, I would say what can you do today that just puts that simplicity back into your life that creates a lot of fun, a lot of enjoyment, a lot of beauty. That’s what I think’s important. So how can the audience get involved? with this? What What do they have to do to be a part of Lancaster Snapshot?

      Aaron Spangler 42:02
      Right. So it’s, it is super easy. If you just go to LancasterSnapshot.com, or LancFound.org, you can find the link is right there on the on the homepage of our website, or just LancasterSnapshot.com. There’s you can you know, once you go there, you can see the map, you can also submit your own snapshot. And that’s that’s the ultimate hope is that folks are intrigued enough to submit their own. And as a thank you to folks who have submitted starting July 5, the Community Foundation is going to be drawing a snapshot every other week at random. We’re not curating it at all, we are going to be drawing a snapshot at random to win $500 for a cause that they care about. And maybe that’s a cause that they alluded to or highlighted in their snapshot. But we’re not necessarily constraining it to that. Because we want the you know, the responses to be to be authentic and as they are. But you know, as both a thank you. And also as a reminder that as the Community Foundation, we care about what you care about. We’re we’re launching on July 5, the ability for folks who have submitted a snapshot to actually literally move from, you know, sharing to action on things that they care about.

      Ben McClure 43:23
      What about volunteering opportunities? Can our audience support the foundation in that way?

      Aaron Spangler 43:32
      In terms of volunteer, we are actually we’re interesting in the sense that, you know, we’d give a lot of grants to organizations. And the Community Foundation of Lancaster County is actually really unique in the grand scheme of things for community foundations, because all of our grants are reviewed by community members. So the first line of review of evaluation for all of these things, goes through community members like you and me, it actually I was I was a volunteer grant reviewer before I worked with the Community Foundation. So if you go to our volunteer page, you can sign up to be a grant reviewer, it’s actually a really exciting way to you know, get a get a read on the things that people are, are working on in the community, and also be able to have input on that and strengthen proposals and help them to be as good as they can possibly be. We also you know, around Extra Give time, last year was a little unique because of the pandemic, we weren’t doing any in personal events. But we’re hopeful that we’ll be able to have an in person event and do a lot more in person stuff in the lead up to Extra Give this year. So we’re always looking for Extraordinary Give volunteers. And you know, more than anything, I would say going to ExtraGive.org and finding one of the 500 organizations participated in the past. You know, we love volunteers. We love keeping people engaged. But more than anything the local organizations are I would imagine are in far greater need of volunteers. So we’ve definitely encouraged you to check out that website and see if there’s a cause that makes sense for you to get involved with.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 45:10
      Well, I mean, we, we talked about that a lot here, if you can’t donate financially, you everybody has time, the same amount of time and every day. And you so many, and you’ve touched on it, so many of the charities, you know, they have the financial goal, but then they have to execute the mission. And that comes from volunteer help. I would imagine if you just follow the 80-20 rule, 400 of those 500 organizations are, you know, what I would call like a bootstrap type organization, it’s somebody who’s passionate about a cause, they are the chief everything officer of the organization, and they simply can’t execute the mission without the help from volunteers. So you can go through the links that Aaron rattled off their ExtraordinaryGive.org you can connect to their Lancaster foundation or you can connect there through our page LancasterConnects.com and check the little box when you sign up. For all things Lancaster Connects, you know, Aaron will invite you if you hear of great things that we can share with our list where they need volunteers, please do and we’ll push that out to anybody who says, “Hey, I’m willing to volunteer our time”. That’s what Lancaster Connects community is all about. So folks, you’ve heard it, there’s been a change you want to see, right? If If you think there’s a reason in something in the community that needs attention, here’s your opportunity. Go to go to Aaron’s foundation right there on the screen, LancFoundation.org. You can be a grant reviewer right there and you can have influence. You can speak your voice, I’m sure. You may not get your way at first that may not ever happen. But it’s a process and you’ll get familiar with it. But you at least have a voice and you’re giving that time to your community. In the conversation of money, we always donate to the community organizations and charities that come on. It’s a small amount because we host the show weekly. But we do have a donation check for the Lancaster Community Foundation. Again, you can learn you can learn all things about the foundation at LancFoundation.org. That’s Lanc as an as how we say Lancaster, right LancFound as in Foundation, LancFound.org. But we have $125 check for you, Aaron.

      Aaron Spangler 47:33
      Thank you, that is very generous.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 47:36
      Oh, you’re welcome. We’d love to do more. But you know we’re going to we’re building the show and maybe maybe someday sponsorship dollars, become part of a bigger donation and give back. But for now, we’re happy to do it. So there you are. And we really appreciate you coming on and sharing everything about the foundation. This was very interesting interview for me. I kind of learned some things and we’re happy to get the word out there.

      Aaron Spangler 48:00
      Yeah, thank you so much for having me and hope that we see your snapshots.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 48:07
      Yes, Yes, for sure. For sure. All right. Well, thank you, Aaron. Again, everybody. If you want to learn more go to like, found found.org Alright, thanks, Aaron. Thanks for joining us. Thank you. Well, it is time for the food trucks. And there we go. The food trucks without the food truck alert.

      Ben McClure 48:29
      Oh, yeah. I’m getting hungry.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 48:32
      We’re gonna turn Lancaster County into Pavlov’s dog with his bell.

      Ben McClure 48:39
      Unfortunately, that means emergency.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 48:41
      Right? Right. Well, it is an emergency no food in my belly. I need some food truck food.

      Ben McClure 48:45
      This is true food.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 48:46
      Food trucks were working for you.

      Ben McClure 48:51
      Alright, the first event or food truck event is Celebrate Lancaster which will take place Friday, June 25, 2021, throughout Lancaster City, throughout the afternoon. There’s going to be mobile performances with musicians on trucks, bringing live music to every neighborhood and fireworks at various locations at dusk. There will be food trucks in different areas of the city. All food trucks will be out from noon until 7pm. We’ve got Reunion Soul Food at Crispus Attucks, which is 407 Howard Avenue, Nano Grill at King Elementary School on South Duke Street. Souvlaki Boys at Ben’s Park, 120 North Queen Street between five and seven for them Walk-O Taco, which I actually took a picture of them, I was on Route 222 and I broke the law. I took a picture of them while driving but they’re out there. They’re out there. Walk-O Taco will be at Buchanan Park…No, I mean, the passenger took the picture…

      Jeff Giagnocavo 49:52
      The passenger [Inaudible] man.

      Ben McClure 49:57
      Buchanan Park, 901 Buchanan Avenue. Tons of restaurants are also participating in the Celebrate Lancaster event. And you can check out all the details of celebrate Lancaster at visit LancasterCity.com

      Jeff Giagnocavo 50:10
      You know I think if they gave an Emmy for food truck announcing we would be in contention. I think we do a pretty good job. We make it fun. Anyway Saturday June 26 from 11 to 3, Shreiber Center for Pediatric Development is having their “Ducks and Trucks’ food truck event. I bet you with a bunch of little kids running around there if you take your own kid out, “Ducks and Trucks” might sound a little different. Bring your family and comes see construction vehicles, emergency vehicles, British sports cars. Then grab some delicious food from the following food trucks Meat the Browns, Bricker’s French Fries and Penny’s Ice Cream. I’m sure there’ll be more there. But if not, that’s a good little batch right there. I mean, you’ve got you’ve got meat, french fries and ice cream works. Location Shreiber Center for Pediatric Development at 625 Community Way, Lancaster and you can follow them on Facebook for more than the food trucks, you can follow and give them some love on their page. More about them on Facebook @SchreiberPediatric.

      Ben McClure 51:20
      Food News. Got Jerk Island Grill opens. Congratulations to the Caribbean themed restaurant, Got Jerk Island Grill which is opening Tuesday, June 22nd in Lancaster City in the old Red Rose Tavern spot, there they are. Their menu includes curry goat, jerk chicken, oxtail, and seafood dishes. There’s also a jerk burger, jerk chicken sandwich, grouper fillet sandwiches and pineapple and shrimp skewers all sound great dishes are made excuse me This is are made with Got Jerk, a sauce and marinade the restaurant owners launched in 2015 and that location is 300 West James Street in Lancaster and you can get more information on the Facebook page Facebook.com/GotJerk slandGrill.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 52:09
      So kudos to those guys. I’m pointing at the screen because they’re on my screen. I can see them you can see them on yours you might point at them. But kudos to them. So I saw them talking in a forum in a Facebook group about their food truck. Actually I might have been on the Lancaster Connects page but but yeah, let’s say that for our own shameless self promotion go to Lancaster Connects on Facebook and comment and talk we’d appreciate that. But wherever it was our page or other The point being congratulations to them. They were they less than a month ago I don’t think had their location yet. Fully, like signed off on. So here we are a month later. They’re getting it done. And I love me some curry so I’m gonna go check that out.

      Ben McClure 52:57
      I went to Jamaica it was only on a cruise. It was like a one afternoon stop thing in Jamaica. And the thing I remember most about that trip was the jerk chicken. Fantastic. Are you ready for some ancient Lancaster history? We had the opportunity to catch up with Adam Zurn from Uncharted Lancaster and he’s also on the board of Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County. And he shared with us this local Lancaster history nugget.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 55:13
      So now we have our history nuggets. This is actually very cool. The oldest manmade artifact on Lancaster County, and the most significant archaeological site in the northeastern United States. Right here, right in our backyard. The mysterious petroglyphs of safe harbor with Adam Zurn as the owner of Uncharted Lancaster and also on the board of the Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County. Adam, I am very excited with what you’re about to drop on our watchers and listeners take it away.

      Adam Zurn 55:46
      Hey, well, thanks, Ben. And Jeff, it is great to be here. I appreciate the invitation day. Yeah, absolutely. This is without a doubt the most awe inspiring area in the entire region. And as you mentioned, it is the oldest manmade artifact here in Lancaster County and the most significant archaeological site in northeastern Pennsylvania. And like you mentioned, it is the mysterious petroglyphs here on the square Hannah, just below safe harbor dam. And so it’s pretty neat to go out and see these petroglyphs, um, there are definitely like three challenges to getting out there. One is you are just not going to drive your car over and just walk over and see it you are going to need a canoe or a kayak to get out there. And as you can see out there, you know, in the middle of the river somewhere so definitely, you know, just one challenge is getting out there to what you’ve got the dam putting water out so the the currents can be pretty strong and just kind of navigating around the eddies that the all the rocks in such create, there’s a great photo of big and Indian rock that looks pretty close. But they’re about 100 yards apart, they’re just the the depth of field there with the camera makes them look really close, but probably about 100 yards apart. The second challenge is you know, just finding them because as I’ve discovered with a lot of my research with Uncharted Lancaster is that Google often has no idea. So you know, some of your viewers as they’re watching this, they might be pulling up another tab and kind of googling these these petroglyphs and you know, Google Maps drops a pin on this what they call big Indian Rock Island. But uh, you know, it’s not the actually the right place. I visited that a few years ago when I was looking for these petroglyphs and discovered that, hey, this is not even close to the right location. So you get out there and your kayak on the river. And just finding these petroglyphs can be a real challenge because there are just scores of boulders all over the river in that area and just trying to find them. And then you know, the third challenge is, as you can see here in the video is actually revealing the the petroglyphs, and for that you need a very special tool. And that’s a sponge. And so you take your sponge, and you get it wet, and you rub your damp sponge, you know over the rock and it reveals these these petroglyphs.

      Adam Zurn 58:10
      What the cool thing about it is, most experts think they’re somewhere between 500 and 1000 years old. Definitely putting it in the you know, the oldest man made artifact category here for Lancaster County. But the interesting thing about it is, you know, it’s a prehistoric culture. So we just we just don’t know. And there’s been indigenous people here and this part of Pennsylvania for about 10,000 years. So they could easily be, you know, much, much older than 1000 years. We’re just we’re just not sure. So it’s pretty exciting to think that you know, these could be you know, very, very old. You know, why will on that topic of the square Hannah, kind of three fun facts about the suspect Hannah river that kind of fit fit into this one. This is what Hannah is the oldest oldest major river system in the world. It’s somewhere between 250 and 500 million years old. Just as like a frame of reference, the Nile is only 30 million years old. Some geologists think that the river might be even older than the Appalachian Mountains. So we’re talking an old ancient river system. Interesting enough, William Penn had this bold idea of creating a new Philadelphia and he was going to put it just north of modern day Turkey hill on the banks of this square Hannah River. But what he didn’t know is sort of Fun Fact number three, and that is that the suspect Hana is the longest unnavigable river in the United States. explorer john smith learned that the hard way in 1608 when he was making his map of the Sasquatch and realize that you can’t get all that far and he stopped at Smith falls, which is modern day kind of window Damn, but these petroglyphs are littered with With all these markings, and the Native Americans, for the most part are drawing things that they see in their everyday life. A lot of animal tracks, Turkey, deer, Bear, there’s human footprints. They’re drawing the animals that they see. So again, they’re drawing deer. And Fox, there’s one of the early pictures we saw was a man in a canoe, which is pretty cool, because that’s kind of how you get out there still, today. Now, some people feel that they asked like, Well, you know, are this are these petroglyphs? Are they just graffiti? Is it just Native American Graffiti mean? What does a board teenage you know, Native American? Do there’s no, there’s no Xbox, there’s no internet, you know, like, well, I just go out there and golf, something on that on that rock. But, you know, again, archaeologists think that that is definitely not the case. A lot of these petroglyphs have meanings. And so you know, a little while ago, we just saw a photo. And there are these like two squiggly lines, and they are either a snake, probably a snake, but maybe a river bank. And they actually line up with the the equinox, and then at a slightly different angle is a single squiggly line, again, most likely a snake, but it could be a river. And that lines up with the the soulstice. And so these are, you know, humans that are very in tune with the, with the, the natural world around them, you know, the things that they’re living with, they understand the seasons, and the movement of the moon and the sun. And so, you know, these rocks are, you know, we’re definitely not just graffiti, but you know, significant things for for people, you know, for them at this time. One of the things that I think is interesting is for the most part, you know, these Native Americans are carving things that they’re seeing in their everyday life, like I mentioned, and things that we still see today, like deer in Turkey, you know, birds and people in canoes, and then they have some very interesting carvings, like, what some people believe, is a windigo, and sort of this tall, lanky man, sort of a long arms and antlers on its head. And supposedly, this is sort of like a Bigfoot creature, a very tall, you know, lanky image, emancipated, emaciated person with these antlers. And supposedly, you know, the winner kind of hunts hunts men. So I think it’s interesting that, you know, you know, they’re carving things that they see, and then they’ve got, you know, a thing like this wind to go out there that we would say, definitely doesn’t exist, and yet they’ve got this, you know, mythological creature, you know, carved on the rock. So, you know, it’s probably just, you know, a tall tale or a legend, but it’s pretty neat, that those things are there. But without, without a doubt, the the neatest thing about visiting the petroglyphs is, you know, when you stand on the rock, and you look West, towards your county, the view hasn’t changed much in 1000 years, there’s, there’s really no houses in that direction that you can say, it’s still forest covered. And I’m thinking, wow, you know, here I am, 1000 years later, and I’m seeing the exact same thing that you know, people before me saw in this exact same spot, I know for sure someone stood here. And I can see that and who knows, 1000 years from now, other people could be taking out their, you know, maybe their hoverboards at that point. But coming out, they’re standing up at Rock, looking west and seeing the exact same thing, you know, that I’m seeing now is sort of this neat, no shared experience over you know, time and space in this in this one location, a really, really cool thing and place to go and visit right here in Lancaster County, on the square Hannah river, just below the the dam.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:03:36
      So that is I mean, that is very, very cool. And I love what you said about you know, when you get out there, you can observe what you feel. Previous man, woman child, you know, looked at saw experience. I did that last summer, we were going to make it an annual tradition. We go out to New York to Association Island, which is this island out in the middle of Lake Ontario. Very cool. It’s like you’re in the Bahamas, the water is so clear. But where there are all these all these caves and rock formations. And you actually like really walk down in and you’re 3040 feet below the current grade. And I’m just sitting there like, this is where a previous man like they got their water from this is maybe where they hung out this maybe where they cook meals. Pretty neat. So question for you. Obviously, you know, safe harbor dam wasn’t around when these were made. Yeah, we thinking that. Yeah, right. Are we thinking that these petroglyphs were where the rocks were there? They’ve been carved in put placed on? Are we thinking it’s the same kind of destination where they would have had to canoe out? Or are we thinking that maybe it was more accessible with land at the time.

      Adam Zurn 1:04:51
      So in the summer, if you kind of go below holtwood you can almost like walk across the river sort of jumping from large rock to large rocks. There’s a high probability that in the summer, you know, prior to, you know, 1904 I think when they put holtwood and then safe harbor in the 1930s, that Yeah, you might have been, they may have been able to definitely wait out or perhaps, you know, kind of jump from rock to rock, you know, in the spring or winter, you know, they’re probably out there via, you know, some kind of canoe or, or long because the water would have been colder or deeper. But yeah, the river was much more shallow. In that area with even more rocks, I went out, just a few weeks ago hope would was having a low water event. So they were doing some maintenance on the dam. And the river was about five feet lower than it normally is, you know, for that maintenance. So a few of us went out in hopes of seeing some petroglyphs because when they there, there are more. But when they built the dams, they were flooded, a couple were removed, you can go to the kind of stilgut area Historical Society and see them, I believe there’s a few on display at the State Museum. But you know, many of them were just flooded over. And so even big Indian rock and little Indian rock supposedly have some that are below the waterline. So we went out and what I didn’t know is just how much mud was going to be caked on the boulders below what was normally the water line. But we were able to find one I had a bucket and washed and washed are we able to wash the mud away and we found you know, a little stick figure guy that you know, is traditionally probably lower than the water level. So that was that was really neat to be able to go out and see that. What I didn’t know is just how much how much more dangerous or rapid the water would be during that low water event. I thought it’d be a lot calmer we we almost split the canoe one. So in that photo there you can see you can just make out like the trestle at the mouth of the kostova there’s probably like a comment. Again, kind of looking towards, you know, the the Lancaster County side of the of the river there.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:06:52
      That is very, very cool.

      Ben McClure 1:06:55
      I’m frightened by the antlered wind guy, preacher.

      Adam Zurn 1:06:59
      Yeah, that’s an interesting one. It doesn’t get nearly as much play as your like your Bigfoot, but it kind of, uh, that window kind of a Bigfoot creature with the antlers. And he kind of hunts men in the in the winter. I think it might have to do more with sort of that, you know, that seasonal affection disorder that people get sad, you know, they kind of get down in the winter. And I think that’s sort of how they explained, you know, some of their, you know, Native American friends or relatives just sort of disappearing in the winter when people kind of get sometimes a little down and low there or just bad things happen in the winter. And I think that was sort of how they explained it. But again, like they’re only carving things that they see. And then they put this guy out there on the rocks. So you know, pretty, it’s kind of an interesting mystery.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:07:44
      Yeah, yeah. There’s, there’s a difference in telling a tall tale and carving a tall tale. So the mystery remains, I guess. Well, Adam, we, you know, we appreciate you being so passionate about the history in the community and during this segment with us. Hopefully we can have you back. If you’re into it. We’re into it. Yeah, you can connect more with Adam at UnchartedLancaster.com and check out all that he’s doing there. And Adam, thanks for joining us. Really appreciate it. Another great one.

      Adam Zurn 1:08:19
      Thanks, Jeff. And Ben, I appreciate your invitation. Thank you very much.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:09:30
      So our pet of the week is Bella from Charlie’s Crusaders. CharliesCrusaders.org. All right, they seem to do a really good job of getting us pets of the week. So we’ll be happy to highlight Charlie’s Crusaders. And for that fact, if you’re ever involved with an animal rescue and you want some love on the show, send us a pet of the week. Use the form. LancasterConnects.com. Anyway, Bella is a cute 11 month old Shepherd mix. She’s fully vetted, so vetted means she’s been to the veterinarian, not that she has a good credit and is a good neighbor. But she’s fully vetted. So all the shots are up to date, good health, all that good stuff. That’s what these organizations do such a good job of. So she’s vetted house and kennel trained, which is great. You’re getting like a triple-triple win there. She loves other dogs and people. She does not get along so well with cats. She weighs about 35 pounds and would be better in a home with older kids 10 and older. Bella does resource guard her foods and she was starving when they rescued her and needs to be fed separately. She has a Velcro dog who loves snuggling playing with their people on car rides. She’s fast and agile and would make a great agility dog if you’re into that kind of thing. She can clear short fences and barriers, so she would need a six foot fence. I think it’s nicer to have a six foot fence for your neighbors than anything. But Bella would like it. And she loves her bond. We’ll play fetch as long as you can throw it. So again, she’s fully vetted. She’s spayed. So she’s ready to go. Great looking dog looks to be in great health. You can learn more about how to adopt Bella by going to Charlie’s Crusaders website. And that’s CharlieCrusaders.org.

      Ben McClure 1:11:49
      Bella looks like a bundle of energy. She does. Yeah, yep. All right, switching to the community aspect of our show. Have you got a worthwhile cause that could make excellent use of members of the Lancaster community volunteering their time. That’s what the Lancaster Connects community is all about whether you’ve got a good cause that needs volunteers, or you want to donate your time to help out in the community. We want to hear from you. If you’d like to volunteer your time, enter our free giveaway at LancasterConnects.com and check the box confirming you’d like to volunteer. Imagine the difference we could make to the Lancaster community if we all gave just one hour of our time. So if you have a good cause that could use some volunteers and we could promote that for you on our show. please get in touch via the contact form at LancasterConnects.com.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:12:39
      And the show again. We’ll say it. It’s available as a podcast. Find all those links LancasterConnects.com. Sharing is caring. Like the show. comment on it, share it, like it love it. If it made you laugh, then do the laugh emoji, the little laughing guy do that too

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:13:06
      Yeah, the love reaction and the care reaction are the best for the algorithms. Seriously. There you go. Anyway, we’ve got some community items you want to start you want me to?

      Ben McClure 1:13:15
      I’ll go because I’m sure number one is the most challenging to read. .All right, so the Lancaster cemetery scavenger hunt is on June 26. From 1pm to 6pm. The Red Rose Blue Star Moms, PA 202 is hosting a scavenger hunt adventure at the Lancaster Cemetery. Beginning at one o’clock. All are invited to participate, form a team and solve puzzles and learn the history on some of Lancaster County’s most famous residents. The scavenger hunt is directly related to historical figures and veterans who have been buried at the cemetery. It is to raise awareness of who is there and their impact on our society today. The fundraiser will also go toward repairing veteran stones who have no family to request repair or replacement on their behalf. Teams can register online at $15 per person, teams will receive a drawstring bag, clipboard, waters and some other surprise goodies. That is Lancaster Cemetery located at 205. East Lemon Street in Lancaster and you can get more information and register a team at RedRoseBlueStarMoms.org.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:14:30
      Tremendous. American Red Cross will be hosting a blood drive at the Shops at Rockvale on Wednesday, June 30 and Thursday, July 1 from noon to five. Every donor will be entered to win a $500 gift card to Shop at Rockvale of your choice. There’s a 1-in-50 chance of winning. Those are some pretty good odds. Register online for an appointment more info you can go to Facebook.com/ShopRockvale.

      Ben McClure 1:14:59
      The Domestic Violence Services of Lancaster is holding their annual spring celebrate celebration at on Thursday, June 24 at 7pm, we’re coming in for landing. Tickets are on sale and sponsorships are available. They will be virtually welcoming former Pittsburgh Steeler William Gay to Lancaster to discuss how domestic violence has affected his life. During this virtual fundraising event from survivor to thriver a celebration of resilience guests will learn how Mr. Gay’s life changed when his mother was shot and killed by her boyfriend as she tried to leave the relationship. At this time of the tragedy, Mr. Gay was only eight years old. Ticket start at $25 and you can get more information at CapLanc.org/DVSGala.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:16:00
      So if you have the time to check that out this Thursday, please do. Even if you don’t have the time, but you could donate I’m sure they would love if you bought a $25 ticket. That would be good too. So once again, if you have a good cause that we can promote, or you need people to volunteer their time we’ll put the word out for you right here on the show. Get in touch with us via the contact form at LancasterConnects.com, just type in the comments box what you’ve got going on what you need help with. And we’ll we’ll get it out there on our email here on the show. And let everybody know in the community what you got going on. So again, this shows available as a podcast. You can find those links at LancasterConnects.com and don’t forget to like and share this video, leave a comment and tell a friend about this show.

      Ben McClure 1:16:47
      We’ve got some winners to announce. Well, they are Amy Hoffman and Stacy Magliocco. Both from Lancaster they have each won a $25 restaurant gift card courtesy of Lancaster Connects podcast. They went to LancasterConnects.com and entered our giveaway which again is each week we’re giving away two local restaurant gift cards. Super simple go to LancasterConnects.com and fill out the entry form there. There’s an opportunity to check a box to be part of our Lancaster Connects Community which we can help hook you up volunteers as a volunteer with other charitable organizations that we highlight on the show and you can volunteer your time to them but you don’t have to do check that box you can just LancasterConnects.com, enter the contest and win a gift card.

      Jeff Giagnocavo 1:17:39
      You can do all of those things there. It’s really like a magical place. It is really for all things Lancaster. Well, Ben, we’re back at it, reunited and it feels so good. We’ve got to go make some customers happy and wake up happy. Continue mattress dominance here in Lancaster so we can continue to bring you Lancaster Connects. We’ll see you next week. Take care.

      Georgia 1:18:20
      Get Super Cereal.

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