Episode 2: March 10th, 2021

by | Mar 10, 2021 | Lancaster Connects Episodes

What are some of your favorite activities to do in Lancaster, PA?

On episode 2 of “Lancaster Connects” – Ben McClure and Jeff Giagnocavo talk with Marsha Wagner from Little Hands Big Plans, Gary Griffith from Painting With A Twist & Kendra Campbell from Natural Awakenings Lancaster.

During their discussion, they dive into some of their favorite activities in the area while also discussing the best ways to support the Lancaster community.

Plus, you’ll meet our “Pet Of The Week” – DeDe – from Zoe’s House Rescue.

Learn More About This Week’s Guests:

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Episode Transcript (Click Here To Open/Close)

Jeff Giagnocavo 0:00
How can you support the local Lancaster community?

Ben McClure 0:03
That’s what this show is all about.

Jeff Giagnocavo 0:21
All right, well, here we are. Episode Two. Where it feels like it took forever to get from one to two.

Ben McClure 0:32
It’s only one number away,

Jeff Giagnocavo 0:33
Right? I know. But boy, that divide is pretty wide like the Grand Canyon. We’ve got the great show planed. We’ve got what I would say is our true, and I’m positive that our local hero guests would probably not like that word, hero, but I truly feel that’s who they are as a family in our community helping out. So, we’ve got wonderful guests there with the Wagner family, as we’ll call them, because there’s a lot going on there that our community needs to know about. We’ve got a couple of really great business guests.

Ben McClure 1:10
Gary Griffith from Painting With A Twist in Lancaster really, really cool business. Kind of a, I think a newer thing. I’ve not done it, but I’m looking forward to doing it at some point. And also Kendra Campbell from Natural Awakenings.

Jeff Giagnocavo 1:24
Yeah, who is letting the Lancaster community know there’s a healthy way to live, a more holistic way to live and more natural way to live. So, we’ve got some great guests. And this is Episode Two.

Ben McClure 1:41
Who are you?

Jeff Giagnocavo 1:42
Yeah. Right. Who am I? It’s been three weeks since I’ve been in the building. I came down with a pretty severe bacterial infection that knocked me sideways to say the least.

Ben McClure 1:53
I was concerned.

Jeff Giagnocavo 1:54
Yeah, I’m concerned too. No, you can let that you can let the neck tilt a little bit. He’s, he’s struggling with his earpiece.

Ben McClure 2:02
Yeah, sorry. Oh, I’ll be more mobile.

Jeff Giagnocavo 2:06
Loosen up a little bit.

Ben McClure 2:07
Yeah, there we are.

Jeff Giagnocavo 2:09
Yeah, there we go. But hey, I am Jeff Giagnocavo, co-owner of Gardner’s Mattress & More.

Ben McClure 2:14
I’m Ben McClure. And, I guess I would be the same title.

Jeff Giagnocavo 2:18
Same title. We’re coming to you live from the Dream Room, which is our “Try Before You Buy” mattress testing room. Also our studio for Lancaster Connects. But, we won’t we won’t ever do a podcast when you’re trying out a mattress. That’s for sure. That would be just a little too weird. So anyway, let’s, jump into the formally formally announcing our guests. So, I want to welcome first, Marsha Wagner. She is a member of the Wagner family, representative of Little Hands, which is a charity endeavor that they’ve put together. Marsha, hello, welcome.

Marsha Wagner 2:56
Good morning.

Ben McClure 2:58
Good morning.

Jeff Giagnocavo 2:59
Happy to have you here with us. We’ll get into more of what what you all do as a group as a family. How you give back, here in a little bit. Just want to kind of bring through everybody else. Gary, thank you for joining us.

Gary Griffith 3:15
Glad to be here.

Jeff Giagnocavo 3:16
Very happy to have you join us.

Ben McClure 3:19
I talked to Gary this morning.

Jeff Giagnocavo 3:20
Talked to him this morning. Yeah, see the neck, just work on the next thing you know, and it’s okay…you’re kind of like…

Ben McClure 3:27
I’m lurching?

Jeff Giagnocavo 3:28
Yeah, it’s kind of like, like a horror flick. And I don’t like horror flicks. Alright, here we go. So Gary, you get to talk to this character this morning, Gary, this is the first time we’ve been meeting through a screen, even though we’re part of a referral group. So happy to have you here with us.

Gary Griffith 3:46
Thank you.

Jeff Giagnocavo 3:47
We’ll be digging in. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. It’s a very neat business that you do to kind of get people entertained and get their mojo and entertainment bug…yeah, get that itch scratched a little differently. So we’ll be talking more about what you do here in a minute. And then Kendra Campbell. Kendra, welcome to the show.

Kendra Campbell 4:12
Thank you so much. Pleasure.

Jeff Giagnocavo 4:13
We’ve known Kendra a long time.

Kendra Campbell 4:15

Ben McClure 4:15
Yeah, yeah.

Kendra Campbell 4:16
Good to be here.

Jeff Giagnocavo 4:17
So, Kendra is one of our advertising partners. But again, I felt really important to have on the show because of her connection…now I’m moving off the screen. It’s like I literally floated…

Ben McClure 4:31
Talking about me?

Jeff Giagnocavo 4:33
There we go. And, Kendra, we’ve known you for a number of years and I think, an integral part you play in the community too. To kind of share and showcase what a natural, holistic. healthy lifestyle can be like right here in Lancaster. You don’t have to go to New York City or your typical bigger urban centers to get that, it’s right here in our backyard. So, so welcome. Welcome to the show.

Kendra Campbell 5:03
Thank you.

Jeff Giagnocavo 5:03
We’ll we’re gonna get kicked off here momentarily. So real quick, you can catch this podcast and a number of different places. Obviously here on our own social media channels, our own Facebook, are own YouTube, but it’s bigger than that. All the major podcast listings where you might catch a podcast, you can you can search for Lancaster Connects and it will come up. We’re listed there. Soon to be on Amazon Prime TV. And of course, lancasterconnects.com. That website, lancasterconnects.com holds everything for the podcast? That’s where you can also enter to win the gift cards that we give away. We’ll give away two restaurant gift cards every week. I don’t think people can see them.

Ben McClure 5:48
Yeah, well, I’m just showing you know where they can go.

Jeff Giagnocavo 5:50
Ben’s just showing [Inaudible]…

Ben McClure 5:51
There’s a form there.

Jeff Giagnocavo 5:54
…digital capabilities there with his finger to scroll…

Ben McClure 5:57
I’m like the Vanna White to your Pat Sajak.

Jeff Giagnocavo 5:59
There you go.

Ben McClure 6:01

Jeff Giagnocavo 6:03
Anyway. So, at any rate, lancasterconnects.com is kind of the hub where you can find everything on Lancaster Connects. And what we’re looking to do, and really bring forth the place for the community to connect, to introduce people that are doing great work in our community, great charities and great businesses that help support the community that they do business in. So Ben, why don’t you announce..

Ben McClure 6:27

Jeff Giagnocavo 6:27
…on Lancaster Connects, by the way you can enter to win the gift cards right there on lancasterconnects.com right on the homepage.

Jeff Giagnocavo 6:35
So Ben, we’ve got some winners!

Ben McClure 6:36
We have winners…$25 restaurant gift cards here. A number of gift cards, and you can select which one you like when you come in and pick up your gift card. Our two winners for last episode are Josh Balise and Dusty Perkins. So thank you for visiting lancasterconnects.com Thank you for filling out the contest entry form. And you can pick up your restaurant gift cards at 830 Plaza Boulevard in Lancaster. We’re on the road that goes around Park City Mall, kind of on the backside of the mall. Can’t miss this. We’re attached to Vanscoy, Maurer and Bash Jewelers. So thank you, Josh, thank you, Dusty. And everybody go to lancasterconnects.com, fill out the contest entry form. And who knows, maybe you’ll be our next contest winner,

Jeff Giagnocavo 7:24
We might just draw your name and you win. And just as a little side note, those gift cards we bought back and we still have a budget to exhaust, but we bought back, those gift cards. That was a weird way to say it…we bought back those gift..

Ben McClure 7:39
We bought those gift cards back in…

Jeff Giagnocavo 7:41
I’m doing the Yoda speak. Bought those gift cards back in December, early January when we had round a closures and we felt it was important to help local businesses that were affected. Very, you know, very focus group of businesses were affected. Our customers responded. They helped to commit to the fund, if you will. And, you know, again, that’s where we see our position here in the community is to, to use our voice use our ability, to raise awareness in the Lancaster community. Whether that’s through advertising, whether that’s through the show, our email list, you know, we really truly believe supporting the community that supports us is paramount. So, without too much further ado, guess we’re gonna bring you through one by one. We’ll start off with Marsha first. I want you to do a little brief introduction, maybe a minute or two about who you are, what you do, and how you help the Lancaster community.

Marsha Wagner 8:42
I am Marsha. We have adopted 11 children, me and my siblings I had, back in 2006, a daughter that passed away. That was [Inaudible]. So, we tried to think of a way to raise money for Make a Wish. And my dad drives in the convoy, so, he raised money all year long, or Make a Wish and then we give the money [Inaudible] convoy on Mother’s Day. And he’d drive in the convoy and he’d start earning for next year.

Jeff Giagnocavo 9:21
Yeah, that’s wonderful. I had the pleasure to meet your family at a Make a Wish event. I think the running joke there is it’s not a Make a Wish Mother’s Day event if it’s not raining, is that right?

Marsha Wagner 9:35
At least when my dad’s “Top Driver”. Every year that he’s gotten “Top Truck”, it’s rained.

Jeff Giagnocavo 9:43
Yeah, yeah. So, I bring that up that way because I was you know, we were kind of out in the parking lot and the little complex there for the carnival. And I see this little guy, all of a sudden he’s beside of the trailers singing. And it was your, I guess would be your nephew, is that right? Bubba?

Marsha Wagner 10:06
Yeah, yeah.

Jeff Giagnocavo 10:08
Yep. So here’s Bubba, he’s singing his heart out in the pouring down, I mean, pouring rain. And he just wanted to get the National Anthem off, to kind of kick off the convoy because rain or shine, the convoy is gonna roll on. And, you know, I see him singing, and I say, “Gee whiz, what a shame for this little guy. He wants to sing, you know, got mainstage, got shut down because of the rain.” So, I reached out to our Barnstormers contact, and I say, “We’ve got, I know you’ve got the spots filled. But we’ve got to find a way to get to get Bubba in in front of a big, big crowd.” And so, that’s what we did. That’s how I became kind of connected to your family, got to know what you guys do. And, you know, long story short, we got Bubba in front of a Barnstormers crowd of I think about 5-6000 people. He sang God Bless America and brought the house down.

Ben McClure 11:04
The dude has some place.

Jeff Giagnocavo 11:06
He’s got some pipes for sure. But, it you know, it’s interesting. Eleven, you and your sister have adopted 11 children. That’s incredible. Why don’t you share a little bit more about that?

Marsha Wagner 11:20
[Inaudible] biological children. I have adopted five, unfortunately, two of my daughters have passes away, so I have three surviving children. My other sister adopted three, and then my other sister adopted one. And then we have a great aunt that hasn’t adopted any, but is a great aunt to all of them.

Jeff Giagnocavo 11:45
Yeah, and your Make a Wish efforts. I mean, we’ll talk a little bit more about that in the show. But really astounding, I mean, to be “Top Driver”is raising, last that I knew was about $30-$35,000 is pretty much that spot. Is that right?

Marsha Wagner 12:03
Then $20,604 to earn the top spot for this coming convoy. In 2016 he turned in over 95,000.

Jeff Giagnocavo 12:21
That’s still 95,000 That’s incredible! And, Marsha, you probably have a little better pulse on this than I do. I mean, you’re you’re directly involved with the charity Make a Wish. Well, I shouldn’t say directly involved you, you you raise a lot of money. It’s near and dear to you. $95,000 How many wishes does that represent? About?

Marsha Wagner 12:44
I believe that they say that the average which is between five and $9,000, depending. But right now, no one’s able to go to Disney. Right now, they’re not sending any travel wishes. So those kids have to choose other things or whatever. But I believe they’re typically between five and $9000.

Jeff Giagnocavo 13:09
Yeah, that was a that was a number that I was familiar with, as well. So I mean, that’s just astounding to, to be able to be you know, in the realm of 15-20 kids probably. Just kudos to you and your family. You know, we kind of look at you as mobile heroes, I’m sure. I’ve met you had the pleasure to meet your father and mother briefly. I’m sure, that’s a word that’s not comfortable. But I’m here to tell you, boy, if Lancaster had a bunch more of Wagner’s, Lancaster would be an even better place. So thank you. We really appreciate it. Marsha, hang on the line. Okay. Well, we’ll have you talk more about why you like living here in Lancaster. What’s your family likes to do. We’ll go to Gary Griffith. And Ben, I’m gonna let you talk with Gary.

Ben McClure 14:00

Jeff Giagnocavo 14:00
Since since you know Gary a little more intimately through our referral group than I.

Ben McClure 14:04

Jeff Giagnocavo 14:04
Gary, a few minutes. Introduce yourself and Ben will guide you through.

Jeff Giagnocavo 14:11
Oh, we’re not hearing Gary.

Gary Griffith 14:14
Can you hear me okay?

Ben McClure 14:17
We got you, Gary. Go ahead. Tell us a little bit about your business.

Gary Griffith 14:22
Yes, well, thank you very much. Well, Painting With A Twist is a fun place to be. You know how every once in a while you’re in the mood to have a fun time out with friends. But you’re not sure what to do and you don’t want to spend a fortune. So, what we do is we throw fun parties every day, that you can have a great time with friends whenever you want without spending a fortune.

Ben McClure 14:49
So how does it work? If I wanted to come to Painting With A Twist, do I bring a group of people? Do I, can I come with my wife, for example? How does that work? Well, how do we sign up? How does that work?

Gary Griffith 15:05
Sure, well, you just decide when you want to come, who you want to come with. And you can go to our calendar of events at paintingwithatwist.com/lancaster, and see if there’s something there that you like. And if not, you can just shoot us an email or call us and we can maybe create a party around your group. You can come individually, or you can come with just a few friends.

Ben McClure 15:32
I got you. So, you know, if I came with my wife, I could potentially be there with other people. But if I had a group of 10 or 15 people, we could kind of rent the space, if you will, we could have our own private group party?

Gary Griffith 15:47
Yes, you got it. So you can come and join a public event, if it’s just you and a few folks. But if you want a private party, we can give you a whole room just to yourselves.

Ben McClure 15:58
That’s awesome. And what does it look like when we get there? What do we do? Is there food? Beverages, perhaps? What does a session look like?

Jeff Giagnocavo 16:09
I think I see that depicted in Gary’s logo.

Gary Griffith 16:15
This is a bring your own beverage, you can bring your own snacks. And, we’ll get you all situated with an apron and with your canvas and your brushes and get you relaxed. A session usually lasts about two or two and a half hours. And when you leave, you’ll be going away with your finished masterpiece. Let me show you an example.

Ben McClure 16:43
That’s amazing.

Gary Griffith 16:43
Can you see this? Okay.

Ben McClure 16:46
So that was like a Van Gogh or a Rembrandt or what is that?

Gary Griffith 16:51
Yeah. So you know, you take a look at this. It’d be a nice painting for your wall for the spring. You probably look at that and say, there’s no way I can do that. But our artists are…

Jeff Giagnocavo 17:02
I couldn’t.

Gary Griffith 17:06
You could do this. You can do this. We specialize in people like you, Jeff and Ben.

Jeff Giagnocavo 17:14
Well, on that note, that’s very good. I like that. All right. Well, Gary, thanks for joining us. We’ll talk more I want you to think about when we bring you back, think about what you’d like to do here in Lancaster. How you give back to the community through the business. And we’ll talk with you a little bit more. Hey, real quick. Got it in front of me, we like to we really like our customers to be knowledgeable, right? Just as Gary helps people really make high quality looking paintings. I mean, I don’t know, I’d buy that painting for my house. You know, it looks very good. But you know, just as Gary helps you become a expert painter, we help you become an expert sleeper, and sleep better. Our book right here that we authored is, really what’s kind of bringing you this episode. You can get “Sleep Better” right from our website. Or you can go direct gardnersmattressandmore.com/sleep-better, we’ll send you a copy of this book. And there’s a lot of tips in there. Again, it’s not so much about mattresses just like Lancaster Connects is not about mattresses. “Sleep Better” is about you, it’s truly about you, being able to wake up happy. Wake up pain free. And we give you a lot of really great sleep tips to do just that. And we’ve had many of our customers get the book, read it and say, you know, we’re going to maybe just try a pillow for right now because the tips have been so helpful. And, you know, that’s great. That’s what we’re here to do, to help people you know, wake up and feel better, so you can grab a copy of sleep better. And you know, listen, if you need a little more in the mattress buying journey right here where we’re coming from, from the Dream Room. This is this is truly kind of what put us on the map. As as Lancaster’s premier mattress store and where you can have a great buying experience. We built this room to help you try before you buy, right, you put on shoes, you put on clothing, you might buy, drive, or drive a car. Exactly. And we really want our customers to make sure that what they’re experiencing what they’re feeling is the right fit. So you can book an appointment in the Dream Room here with us. And you know, just just reach out. We’ll walk you through that process. It’s very simple. But you know, we find the right fit or what we feel is the right fit for you. We move in here into the Dream Room. You get to try it out with fresh linens, sheets, pillows, all that good stuff. Can I bring my PJs? If you want to bring your PJs, bring your PJs? Absolutely. We even have a little teddy bear for you. So we even even let you get cozy. And we just like to say don’t do anything in here you don’t want mom to see and then everybody’s fine. But that’s the Dream Room. So you can you can certainly reach out and…

Ben McClure 19:56
Oh yeah, there are no cameras in the Dream Room. There’s a camera here now.

Jeff Giagnocavo 20:00
Yeah, we take that out completely.

Ben McClure 20:02
There are no cameras.

Ben McClure 20:03
We’re not in that business. So at any rate, Ben, before we get on to our last guest…Kendra…we’ll bring you on here next. We just kind of like to share a little testimonial about how we help. So Ben has that for us.

Ben McClure 20:16
Yeah, we received a testimonial this week from Lucille Powell, one of our Gardener’s customers. And she got our book, got our informational, educational information materials, and wrote us a great testimonial, I’ll just read it: “One of the reasons I selected Gardeners is because I have family and friends that made purchases from your store and were highly satisfied. I also like the 120-day guarantee, as bedding as a major purchase and even though and even with all the great education the Gardener staff provides, it is really hard to know if you made the right choice until you get home and sleep on it.” Dream Room helps with that. And our 120-night guarantee helps with that. “I also like the fact that you’ve written materials that a customer can review about how to select a new mattress, I felt confident about your process because of these things. Combined with the personal references I received in your process I felt comfortable I was in the right place.” So thank you Lucille for writing that, we’re blessed with some fantastic customers that say some wonderful things and you know our philosophy here is a treat others how we hope to be treated ourselves and you know, it’s it’s just kind of a testament to what we do at Gardeners and, and how we’re connecting our customers with a great night’s sleep.

Jeff Giagnocavo 21:28
That’s right. And speaking of blessed, we’re blessed to have Kendra Campbell as a partner in our business.

Ben McClure 21:33
What a transition.

Jeff Giagnocavo 21:34
That was a good transition man. I hit that!

Kendra Campbell 21:37
Pleased to be here.

Jeff Giagnocavo 21:38
After being looped out for three weeks with a severe infection. But, on this little side note. Now, of course in the time that we’re in, you hear somebody sidelined for three weeks everybody thinks COVID No, no COVID. Negative test. Thank the Lord! Just a severe…I’m good once a year for…Ben knows this. We’ve been in business for years. I’m good once a year for a sinus infection and boy this one, took the cake. So anyway, Kendra, welcome to the show.

Marsha Wagner 22:09
Hi, thank you.

Jeff Giagnocavo 22:12
Yeah, yeah, so why don’t you tell everybody a little bit about what you do with Natural Awakenings. And you know, kind of how you came to be in the community with the book, with the magazine and let everybody know about what it is you do.

Kendra Campbell 22:29
Well, Natural Awakenings is about eight and a half years old here in Lancaster in Berks County. So we cover all of Lancaster County, and also our sister county to the north Berks County. And,it really came about because myself and Jacqueline Mast and also, at the time that we started, there was a third person, Lois, who came together with the idea that we wanted to bring concepts of health and wellness to our community here. So Jacqueline had been in the healthcare profession. I myself also was in health care in a different angle. And we just saw a need for quality of life throughout our whole life. And so trying to think about different ways to bring that to our area. We came up with a blog or came up with a magazine and encountered Natural Awakenings. Which was representative of everything that we wanted to cover. A little bit of sustainability, a little bit of health and wellness, from a nutrition standpoint, from a fitness standpoint, and also caring for our spiritual selves and for the environment. So we learned that it was part of a network across the country, and really felt strongly that our community here was ready for education and messages like this and wanted to kind of create a safe space also, to see more businesses and more practitioners that were interested in these kinds of concepts, to see that they would be supported that this community was ready for it and would be supported. So that’s when we took on the challenge of developing the magazine here in our area. It’s been awesome. Where did the time go? Right?

Jeff Giagnocavo 24:20
Yeah, I mean, it’s, we’ve been advertising with you for I think at least five, four or five years,

Kendra Campbell 24:25
At least, maybe longer. Yeah.

Jeff Giagnocavo 24:29
So, I mean, the reality is, as you said, time flies and, you know, what, what I think is interesting about, you know, when people use the words natural, holistic, healthy, sustainable, you know, I think there’s a preconceived notion and in some people’s minds about, you know, a certain avatar that is created in their mind, right, like, the Birkenstocks. hugging trees. And that’s not what it’s really about. I mean, you know, for me, I mean, I’m a big guy. I’m a gregarious guy. This guy, you know, football player or wrestler type, you know, but for me when it comes down to it, you know, like, right now of coming off this infection, I am utterly washed out from the antibiotics. And they were necessary. They were necessary, I just there, I wasn’t going to get over this really in any other way. But you know, the other, trust me when I say it the other 48 weeks out of the year, I’m going to be like, I’m just not into, you know, the medicines, I’m not into, you know, not into, like things that aren’t necessarily natural. You know, I’m a surprising kind of guy in that regard. You know, while I drive a pickup truck, I firmly believe that what we do with our mattresses that we take out of people’s homes, you know, we only go to the landfill once or twice a year.

Ben McClure 25:54
Everything is recycled.

Jeff Giagnocavo 25:55
Everything is recycled. And we’ve been doing that for 10 years, you know, and, you know, about every 10 days, week, 10 days, a 53 foot truck of used mattresses gets upcycled into some, it goes somewhere, it goes in a bucket somewhere. So I think what what you’re doing with Natural Awakenings is great, because, it doesn’t need to be, if you’re looking to impact the community, environmental way, there’s ways to connect there, right? If you’re looking to improve your health, there’s a plethora of people you work with that can be connected to the health goals that somebody has. I think Natural Awakenings is just a really great part of of the Lancaster community because it, like I said in the intro, right? Like, you don’t have to go to New York City to kind of connect to some of these things that you may think of. Is that, am I doing this justice? Feels like I’m rambling.

Kendra Campbell 26:48
Yeah, no, you are, I think you know, people that have traveled, certainly encounter things in California or New York or wherever, and are surprised and pleased to see that, you know, the Lancaster health community is really changing the landscape. And I always say that we like to hold it all, I think sometimes we need acute care, we need that conventional care. But we also need to kind of, you know, take care of our bodies in a preventative way. So we need sort of the whole person care. And so our magazine really tries to be inclusive to that and not just promote one way of living, but kind of a whole way of living. And by the way, you know that what you were talking about with your initiatives to take care of the environment in terms of mattress waste, that was just one of the many reasons why I came to you guys to buy a mattress, plus the natural options that you offer and that kind of thing. But you really do have a mindset for our environment and our community that resonates with our magazine. Kind of how we care for the community as a whole in all of these different ways, both the individual persons but also how we care for our land and our resources. So I really appreciate that about you. And I think that’s why you resonate. And that’s why it makes sense to have that advertising relationship. So, thanks.

Ben McClure 28:12
Kendra, what does a typical publication look like?

Kendra Campbell 28:16
Oh, gosh, well, the monthly publication.

Ben McClure 28:20
Like what’s inside of it.

Kendra Campbell 28:22
Like what do you, what could you read about what could you see or?

Ben McClure 28:25

Kendra Campbell 28:26
Yeah, well, it’s a monthly publication, it’s free. So you can pick it up anywhere from a practitioners office to Wawa to some of the grocery stores in the area or at Gardeners. And so each month, there’s a monthly theme. And so the articles that we provide are highly educational, they’re researched articles. So it’s cutting edge information on these various themes. But we also have departments. So we talked about your pets, you might see mine walking in here. I’ve forced my cat to go in the basement for this time period. But the dog is very peaceful. And he might join us here for a moment. So we talked about pets, we talked about kids, we talked about fit body, there’s recipes. You’ll see a lot of local businesses and practitioners in our pages. But you’ll see information that spans the country and even kind of with global issues as well. So it’s hyper-local. And it’s also kind of global in its its educational information. There’s also a great calendar in the magazine that will let you know what’s happening even though COVID is happening. The events and classes and workshops haven’t stopped, they’re offered online and some in person. So you can check that out in our magazine and in our digital issue. And we also have an online calendar, as well. So there’s lots of places and ways to connect with us.

Jeff Giagnocavo 29:55
That’s great. That’s great. Speaking of pets, so Sim1on, we’re going to bring up our pet of the week here. I sent you some pictures This is my foster. So once we get the photo up I’ll dig into that but fostering animals for me has been something near and dear to my heart for a long long time. It’s honestly well there’s my there’s my boy Gizmo on the left. That’s the dog that captured my heart. Getting to know Didi the first day we brought her home. But, Simon if we can maybe put up just a still of DiDi, that’d be great.

Ben McClure 30:32
There she is.

Jeff Giagnocavo 30:33
There she is. She’s got a face that only a foster dad can or hopefully soon, her new family but so she’s from Zoe’s House rescue. Zoe’s House is a pretty large rescue that spans Lancaster, Berks, Chester counties, even further, there’s always in our group, there’s always people picking up pets transporting dogs. You know, sadly, hearing Lancaster County, as great as Lancaster County is and by the way, guests, I want you to cue up our guests real quick here. Be ready to talk about what you love about Lancaster County, what you may be have coming up in the upcoming weeks that you’re doing that’s fun. And we can share and kind of highlight some things that’s unique and what you might be doing so that others listening can maybe connect in and do what you’re gonna do. But anyway, back to DiDi. So she’s she’s about a nine year old. There she is. She’s about a nine to 10 year old English bulldog got a really big underbite. As you can see, she’s just a sweetheart, if you’re looking for a low-key dog, that if you’re just in the mood to kind of cuddle on the couch, she’ll do that with you, I think actually got a picture of that.

Ben McClure 31:48
Are you triying to sell me a dog?

Jeff Giagnocavo 31:49
Yeah, maybe, maybe. But you know, so she’s low-key in that regard, or, you know, if you want to go out for walks shall go out for just about as many walks as you want to take. Obviously, she’s a little older, so, you know, she’s not going to go for four one-hour walks in or in a day, but there she is. She’s just a sweetheart. And you know, as it goes with any charity, you know, the Wagner family just gives a ton of their time to Make a Wish. Animal rescues. You know, we had Off The Streets helping people with homelessness. You can donate time, and I would venture a guess that I mean, listen every charity is going to like money, right? I mean, look, I mean, the money is helpful, and in many, many regards in life, but when it comes to charities, your time is just as valuable. So if it’s just not in your budget to donate, but you find yourself on Saturdays, routinely hanging around the house, or Tuesday afternoon on your day off and you’re looking for something to do. Find a charity that connects with you, whether that’s Animal Rescue, whether that’s Off The Streets, whether it’s Make a Wish, it doesn’t matter. I guarantee you these charities would love to have your time. And you know, it’s I’m positive, there’s a fit, okay? Even an animal rescue even with Zoe’s House, if you can’t donate your home as a foster which is work, okay. I mean, it’s work, especially if you have other pets. Especially if you’re have a busy schedule. But if you can drive and pick up the dogs that they pull out of mills, if you can get dogs that are in other people’s homes, and they’re having a hard time getting to the specialized appointments…that’s a way you know? So I share that with you granularly about Zoe’s House, because that’s just one way how a charity works that you might not have thought of. And I guarantee you if there’s something you’re connected to, I guarantee you there’s a fit. So I would just urge everybody listening, watching. That’s how you give back. That’s how you make our community become better and grow and thrive. So with that said, panel, let’s get the panel up on the screen if we can and just kind of go through. You know what you like to do in your free time. What are your favorite outdoor activities in the area? Marsha, you want to kick it off?

Marsha Wagner 34:24
Well, our kids are in sports. My niece runs and love to watch her in races and lacrosse games game type of sports. There are a lot, just a lot of family time [Inaudible] once a month. My brother and his family come down and we have game day every [Inaudible]or once a month on Saturday just did a [Inaudible] competition. Had judges and everything. Family time and pretty much anything

Jeff Giagnocavo 35:02
Right, right, Gary, what do you like to do?

Gary Griffith 35:09
Well, most of my spare time is spent spending time with my grandchildren and spoiling them. And if I’m not doing that, perhaps my wife and I will take a day trip.

Jeff Giagnocavo 35:25
Where do you like to go?

Gary Griffith 35:28
We like to stay in Central Pennsylvania. We like to go to places like Jim Thorpe and small towns that you can walk around in and visit for a day.

Jeff Giagnocavo 35:40
Very cool. Have you ever done the train ride up to Jim Thorpe?

Gary Griffith 35:44
Yes. Yeah, and we visit the prison.

Jeff Giagnocavo 35:49
Where did you? Where did you originate on your train ride?

Gary Griffith 35:58
Where am I personally from?

Jeff Giagnocavo 36:01
No, no, when you when you took the train to Jim Thorpe, where did you originate? Like, where did you start their train ride out?

Gary Griffith 36:09
Oh, no, we got the train ride in Jim Thorpe, I believe I remember seeing it go through.

Jeff Giagnocavo 36:19
Yep. Gotcha. Gotcha. Yeah, I know there’s a place in Redding, that you can start I wasn’t sure if that was it, or if there was another connection that you made but now a very cool place. You know, it’s interesting where we live here. I mean, we just booked a family campsite in Lenhartsville which is not Lancaster but north of Lancaster and Berks. And there’s two inlets to the Appalachian Trail, the other back end of the campground goes up the state game land. So it’s pretty interesting, where we live to catch things like that. Kendra, what do you like to do on, when you have time after publishing your great community magazine?

Unknown Speaker 37:01
I love to get outside. And I feel like this area is just gorgeous, full of parks. And you know, with trails, walking trails, places to hike and the wild flowers were soon be in bloom. And you know, with I just love taking my dog on hiking trails. So or wherever I mean, we’re like, which which hiking trails. Sorry, [Inaudible]…

Jeff Giagnocavo 37:30
What your dog’s name, by the way?

Kendra Campbell 37:31
Oh, there he is, on cue, that’s Shane he’s a Border Collie, Australian Shepherd mix, and he’s turning 11. And he’s just awesome. He’s great. So we like to go to County Park, Lancaster County Park, we like to go down in the southern parks in Lancaster County, so and we like to go, we’d like to take him other places to, you know, to the beach. Lancaster County is just situated in such a great place on the map. We’re close to, you know, forests, we’re close to the beach, we’re close to cities, if you want to go there. You know, I just love where we live. So all of those things are things that I like to do. And I like to dine at, you know, some of our great restaurants that we have here in Lancaster County. So we’ve been doing a little bit more takeout here in the last few months. But what I love about Lancaster County is just to how all of that has just I don’t know, it’s kind of burst open all the takeout opportunities and the way people supported the small restaurants. So that’s what I like to do, eat and walk it off.

Jeff Giagnocavo 38:40
There you go. That’s a good plan, right? I mean, you need you need to fill the belly because we have to eat and you do a little too much, you go and fix it.

Ben McClure 38:50
Yeah, I was thinking about, you know, the parks and getting outdoors and doing stuff outdoors, you know, as challenging as COVID shutdown was for a lot of people in businesses and whatnot. One of the only things that you could do was go outside and go to a park and hike, bike, whatever. And my family did a lot of that during shutdown. And it was great to see, you know, normally go to the parking you might see three, four or five people but there were 10, 20, 30 people in parks, parked walking, hiking, so it’s great that people are rediscovering parks and getting outside and doing recreation things so.

Jeff Giagnocavo 39:28
Yeah, yeah, I really hope that kind of thing continues now as we’re coming up on the one year anniversary of COVID crazy and not that we need to make this show about that. But you know, when you talk about rediscovery. You know, there was kind of that it’s funny to say this, but I’m gonna say it. There was kind of that sweet spot there. I think the end of March of last year into April, where you had, you know, families, you know, your partner, whoever, whoever was in your home, you kind of rediscovered family meals together. At least we certainly did in our family and my friends and family that I talked to did the same. So that was kind of neat. I mean, you know, Kendra, you touched on the the resilience of the Lancaster community. Adversity teaches us a lot. And we can choose as a group of people to let it take us down or help us rise above. I’m going to nail the other transition. So good. So on that note, so as we wrap up, because we’re going to wrap up here in the next five minutes, Gary, I want you to think about some charities that you like to connect with that you can maybe share us this opportunity to give them some highlight Kendra, the same. But Marsha, obviously Make a Wish is big. For the Wagner family talk a little bit more about specifically Little Hands, because I’m not sure that I’m 100% clear on what you do there and what the connection is. So why don’t you fill everybody in there.

Marsha Wagner 40:57
Little Hands Big Plans is our nonprofit that we formed to raise money for Make a Wish. Our families purchased a cotton candy snow cream trailer, that we at the work tractor pull, and Lanco fair to sell and all the money goes to Make a Wish. We organize two motorcycle rides a year. And other little things. We take the trailer and sell sandwiches and hotdogs at craft shows. And just anything we can kind of think of the family creatively to just get out in the community and promote Make a Wish but also to raise some money for it. But it’s our, it’s a name we just came up. We have “little hands”meaning the children and stuff and the “plan”. So trying to you know, make their lives better, but doing a little bit.

Ben McClure 42:05
That’s great snow cone made me think of summer.

Jeff Giagnocavo 42:07
Yeah, that’s right. So so we’ll we’ll get you know, your contact information into the show here. People will be able to connect with you. But what’s the website? Do you have a website they could go to? So that’s why people aren’t watching because we’ll get the titles put in as we produce the show. But, you know, if you’re if you’re listening to this show, where can people go?

Marsha Wagner 42:30
We do not have a website, I’m very not technically challenged. And I have three children and I work outside the home and I do a lot of stuff by myself. I mean, the family helps with the events and stuff. But so I don’t have a website, we are on Facebook at Little Hands Big Plans. And I have my phone number all over the place and the website, and also my email.

Jeff Giagnocavo 42:58
Alright, so that’s facebook.com forward, it would be facebook.com/littlehandsbigplans. Is that right?

Marsha Wagner 43:06
Correct. Yeah.

Jeff Giagnocavo 43:09
So facebook.com/littlehandsbigplans. I mean, listen, I can tell you from from personally, I spoke with Marsha’s sister Tanya quite a bit over the years, got to know them well, through Make a Wish. This is just an incredible family that is doing wonderful, wonderful work in our community. And that’s why you’re on the show. So thank you for that. I’ve talked to this about Ben. So we believe in giving back to the community both in our voice amplification, these kinds of opportunities for other charities. But when it comes down to a dollars and cents, we commit a certain amount of money each month. And what we’ve pretty much landed on I think again, remember there was a whole bunch between Episode One and Two that transpired. But I think each episode, we’re going to commit to $125 to each charity guest that comes on. So I know it’s not a lot. But we’re going to do that every single week and at the end of the year, that does come out to a nice chunk of money back into the community. So Marsha will be will be getting that to Little Hands for sure to help with what you do there for Make a Wish. We just can’t thank you enough for all the work that you do.

Marsha Wagner 44:24
Thank you very much for having me.

Jeff Giagnocavo 44:28
You’re welcome, Gary. So how does how does Painting With A Twist like to give back? Where does that connection happen for you?

Gary Griffith 44:39
Yes, well, we love to do fundraisers for local charities and organizations. It’s a lot easier than selling hoagis or subs. All you got to do is throw a party and you get $10 a seat. And so lots of local organizations like Parent Teacher Organizations, the Pet Pantry, a lot of Relay for Life teams, you name it, if you need to raise money, and you don’t want to sell products, just throw a party and, and bring in income for your group.

Ben McClure 45:17
That’s great. How big of a party can you host?

Gary Griffith 45:21
We can hold up to about 42 to 50 people. Oh, now, at the moment with the COVID, we’re under a 50% restriction. And so our largest parties at the moment are around 25. But we’re hoping that’ll soon be lifted. And we’ll be back to normal.

Ben McClure 45:44
That’s awesome.

Jeff Giagnocavo 45:45
That’s great. I mean, I’ve worked with a number of things. And with my kids over the years, Cub Scouts, you know, PTA, PTO organization, right? Yeah, for 10 bucks, 10 bucks a head or a unit, if you will. That’s a very nice number. So thanks for giving back that way. I’m sure everybody that comes through appreciates it. Gary, if people want to get a hold of Painting With A Twist, how do they do that? Where would they go?

Gary Griffith 46:09
Sure, they can just go to our website, which is paintingwithatwist.com/lancaster. Make sure that doesn’t say Miami or Pittsburgh. And they’ll be able to see our email or phone number and our daily calendar.

Jeff Giagnocavo 46:27
Wonderful. Wonderful. Well, Gary, thanks for joining us. We really appreciate it. Thanks for bringing a fun experience. Yeah, thanks for bringing a fun experience in the Lancaster. Get those creative juices flowing, kind of shake the dust off in the last year. That’s great. Kendra, how about you? I’m sure you have no shortage of things you’d like to participate in, given your position in the community, all the people that come across your desk, but, where do you like to spend your time there?

Kendra Campbell 46:55
I have a long list. But yeah, but the one of the things that I have been really a fan of for years. And I think it’s especially great to mention right now with the businesses that are being challenged in the last year is Assets. So Assets is just a wonderful support and an asset to I think to our community, helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams to start their own businesses. And they’re especially wanting to educate and support and affirm the efforts of black, indigenous and persons of color and women. And so that’s very important to me as well. And, you know, the more businesses we can see, evolve the, you know, the chances are good that they’ll be in our pages. And so we get to spread the word about them that way. So that’s one of the organizations that we sponsor. And then we sponsor a couple of organizations that are concerned about the environment. So we were talking about, you know, my love of hiking and nature and thinking about birds and bees and butterflies and water. So Lancaster Conservancy and Berk’s Nature come up periodically as opportunities that we can sponsor some of their message, a couple of others that are important, I was a former employee of hospice and community care. And that will always be near and dear to my heart. So I especially enjoy promoting their bereavement programs in our calendars and some of the other programs that they offer throughout the year. And then there’s, I mean, there’s just no end to other things that we really want to put the message out to the community. You know, trauma, healing and grief support and mental health care are very important to us. So, you know, I could take, I could take up too much time, but I’m just I’m, again, just really grateful for all of the ways that our community cares for each other. And so really, there’s no end to opportunities to volunteer or support or give or join forces with in terms of nonprofits caring for the community.

Jeff Giagnocavo 49:11
Yeah, well, and that’s the, you know, that’s the great thing about our community. And that’s also kind of like, oh, it’s like a rough thing about our community. There’s, there’s a lot of great organizations helping out people. And then there’s also no shortage of great organizations to help. Right. So the need is great. And but the the easiest thing you can do listening to this is just start, right. Like, you know, you look at the Wagner family, they started I think I if I understood it 15 years ago, and, you know, now they’re nearing $100,000 in revenue, and again, I hope I got the message across. It doesn’t have to be money, it can be time, it can be your voice. It can be your abilities. You know, that’s what this show is about. It was what I saw when the opportunity presented itself to kind of create a connection, a portal, a place where we can amplify great businesses, great people, great local heroes in that Lancaster community. So that I think is going to be a wrap on Episode Two. Marsha, thank you for joining us say hello to everybody, please, in the Wagner family, you guys are just a great asset to our community. And I’m sure you just think of it as what you’re called to do, but we really appreciate Gary, thanks for joining us. Kendra. Kendra, I’m sorry. How do people get ahold of you? I forgot one last.

Kendra Campbell 50:45
Oh, the website is nalancaster.com. Because we also serve Berk’s County, you can reach us at naberkes.com it’s one in the same website. So yeah, and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well.

Jeff Giagnocavo 51:02
Wonderful, wonderful. Well, everybody listen, thank you for working with us on the on the back end of the show to get started. Thanks for hanging out for a few more minutes longer than we might have anticipated but I think you contributed to a great show. Thanks for joining us on this episode of Lancaster Connects. Take care everybody.


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