Episode 6: Wolf Sanctuary of PA, Sierra Pacific Mortgage – April 7th, 2021

by | Apr 7, 2021 | Lancaster Connects Episodes

On Episode 6 of Lancaster Connects, we introduce you to a howling pack of wolves from the Wolf Sanctuary of PA with Michelle Mancini.

You’ll also find out the answers to the top questions Lancaster homeowners and buyers are asking Holly Lyle from Sierra Pacific Mortgage regarding home loans and refinancing.

Plus, we’ll cover upcoming events in and around Lancaster, dive into the local food truck scene and give you a little interesting history nugget about our city.

🐺 We also discuss “Dog Joy”, a book that’s supporting rescue organizations across the country. 

🍔🍗 Are you hungry for some good eats fromt a local Lancaster Restaurant?

Enter for your chance to win one of two giftcards to a local restaurant by filling out the form below!

Connect With This Week’s Guests:

Michelle Mancini From Wolf Sanctuary of PA:

Holly Lyle from Sierra Pacific Mortgage:

This show is sponsored by Gardner’s Mattress & More 😴 in Lancaster, PA! Get your FREE copy of Ben McClure and Jeff Giagnocavo’s book – “Sleep Better”: https://gardnersmattressandmore.com/

Events Around Lancaster This Week: 

  • Thru October 9th: Ventriloquist Ryan Bomgardner’s “Ryan & Friends: Comedy Calamity Show” @ Bird In Hand Stage. Click here for ticketing information.
  • Friday, April 9th: “2nd Fridays” in Elizabethtown and Lititz. The perfect opportunity to come downtown and explore local shops and eateries. Participating stores will have extended hours from 5-8pm in Elizabethtown and 5-9pm in Lititz.
    • Click here for more information on “2nd Fridays In Lititz”
    • Click here for more information on “2nd Fridays in Elizabethtown”
  • Saturday’s 6am-3pm: Lancaster Central Market23 North Market Street Lancaster, PA 17603
  • Saturday, April 9th: Week 4 of the “Secret Trust Adventure” from Uncharted Lancaster and the Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County Learn the history of Lancaster County and win cash prizes by deciphering riddles and solving clues. Click here to learn more.
    • Friday, April 9th – Sunday, April 18th: Murder At The Miller Mansion
      Enjoy a night of comedy and crime that the whole family will enjoy. Click here for show availabilities. 
      • Tickets are $8.00
      • For reservations, call Holly @ 717-587-5368
    • Thru May 2nd: Murder Mystery Dinner Theater at Mount Hope
      • The 13th annual Murder Mystery Dinner Theater at Mount Hope on the grounds of Mount Hope Estate & Winery in Manheim. Accept this invitation to the interactive culinary “who-done-it” and enjoy a sumptuous four-course meal and the opportunity to become the detective, interrogate the suspects, put the clues together and uncover the truth!
      • Click here for ticketing information.
    • Saturday, April 17th: Full Moon Comedy
      • Tickets $15 in advance or $20 on the day if available
      • Click here for more information.

    Lancaster’s Food Truck Scene For This Week:

    • Ben McClure is going on a Saturday night date with his wife to Lancaster’s Egg Roll Lady!
    • Past guest, Lena Hohenadel, from Off The Streets highly recommends the brussel sprouts from Chellas Arepa Kitchen, located at 1830 Hempstead Rd, Lancaster. (Not a food truck, but still worth a visit.)
    • Thursday, April 8th from 5-8pm: New Cumberland Food Truck & Restaurant Rally will host numerous food trucks like Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, Bake My Day Café, Farm Show Milkshakes, FireBox Street Grill, J&P Winery, Midnite Smokin’ BBQ, Scoop O’ Dough, Lucky Penny Burger Co., and The Sweet Patch. Click here for more information.
    • Ben & Jeff discuss Dough Head’s “Wockets”. Click here to learn more about Dough Heads and find out where they’ll be serving food.
    • Friday, April 9th: Night At The Mall Spring Fest Edition @ The Lebanon Valley Mall. Over 15 food trucks. craft vendors, beer & wine, plus a bounce house for the kids! Click here to learn more.The event still needs volunteers! Message them via their Facebook page to help. Volunteers get a t-shirt and meal coupon.
    • “The Restaurant Store” in Lancaster will be hosting food trucks, TWICE, this week. Click here for more information.


    Episode Transcript (Click Here To Open/Close)

    Jeff Giagnocavo 0:00
    How can you support the local Lancaster community?

    Ben McClure 0:03
    That’s what this show is all about.

    Ben McClure 0:22
    We’re in the Dream Room at Gardner’s Mattress & More. This is the Lancaster Connects podcast.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 0:27
    Brought to you by the Sleep Better book from Gardner’s Mattress & More.

    Ben McClure 0:32
    What is the Sleep Better book?

    Jeff Giagnocavo 0:33
    The Sleep Better book is gonna help you sleep better and wake up happy man.

    Ben McClure 0:37
    Is it about mattresses?

    Jeff Giagnocavo 0:38
    No, it’s about you. About helping you sleep. About persevering. That’s what this last week’s been…about perseverance.

    Ben McClure 0:45
    It has been about perseverance.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 0:46
    Well, we’ve got a special show. We are pushing the technological boundaries this week.

    Ben McClure 0:54

    Jeff Giagnocavo 0:55
    You’re gonna love this show. So stay tuned for what we’ve got coming up. But yeah, perseverance. We were just about ready to kick off and go to plan B and then boom, plan A comes into place. Tonight you’re gonna have to test your perseverance. What have you got going on tonight?

    Ben McClure 1:11
    I gotta wear a couple of jackets. Baseball practice starts tonight. It was supposed to be Wednesday. Well, it rained and now it’s tonight. And it’s gonna be about 43 degrees.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 1:23
    With seven year olds.

    Ben McClure 1:25
    Yeah, a bunch of them. And I won’t take your advice and punk one.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 1:32
    That was to be off camera stuff, man!

    Ben McClure 1:33
    Oh, okay right! I know it was in jest.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 1:36
    Yeah. I mean, to fill the listeners in…the suggestion was, if they’re not listening, you [Inaudible].

    Ben McClure 1:44
    Give them a fastball in the ribs.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 1:45

    Ben McClure 1:45
    That’s the way, yep.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 1:48
    That’s the way I was brought up, I mean.

    Ben McClure 1:48
    Teaching kids respect?

    Jeff Giagnocavo 1:53
    My first baseball coach, no kidding, smoking cigarettes on the mound and he smoked them like this…if the pen is the cigarette it’s like this. Or he’d just lob it in at you.

    Ben McClure 2:04
    What a time!

    Jeff Giagnocavo 2:04
    And I mean, man, if you didn’t get back, he had no problem giving you the sweet chin music, no problem.

    Ben McClure 2:11
    The 80s were fantastic.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 2:12
    They were fun times. Well I guess we survived it.

    Ben McClure 2:15
    Who are our guests this week?

    Jeff Giagnocavo 2:14
    Yeah, our guests. So we’ve got Michelle Mancini from the Wolf Sanctuary, who will tell us all about the work that they do and how you can help.

    Ben McClure 2:24
    Holly Lyle from Sierra Pacific Mortgage.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 2:28
    Now don’t you start.

    Ben McClure 2:29
    She’s got some tips. They’re not gonna see the bloopers. But Holly from Sierra Pacific Mortgage. She’s got some tips on getting a great mortgage in this time.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 2:43
    Yep. And we’ve got a lot of other great things to talk about. So we’ve got some things about what’s going on in and around Lancaster. What food trucks will be where. Ben had a great food truck experience last week he’s gonna tell you about.

    Ben McClure 2:58
    Yep, that’ll be coming up.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 2:59
    We’ll be launching our weekly Lancaster Connects Photo Contest. We’re blowing this show up. We’ve got a quick tip on how to help you sleep better. And a local history nugget that’s pretty cool. And then ultimately, how you can help your neighbors by joining the Lancaster Connects Community, something that I’m really proud of. And then we’re gonna give away a couple of restaurant gift cards.

    Ben McClure 3:21
    It’s what we do.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 3:22
    Yeah, yeah.

    Ben McClure 3:23
    So this show is also available as a podcast.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 3:27
    Yeah, I was ready to blow right through it. But yeah, may as well tell people how people can listen and watch, right?

    Ben McClure 3:32
    You can find all the podcast links at lancasterconnects.com…lancasterconnects.com.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 3:35
    That’s right.

    Ben McClure 3:39
    Maybe some wwws in front…triple w.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 3:42
    Well, no, I mean, we talked about that. We’re you know, the sweet chin music was the 80s and baseball…now it’s the 20s and you don’t have to type www in the browser. You can just start lancasterconnects.com you know? Are you…

    Ben McClure 3:56
    I’m living in 1997.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 3:58
    This is why we’ve had technical difficulties with the show because Ben is still not up to speed. Anyway, welcome to our guests, Michelle Manzini from the Wolf Sanctuary in Lititz, Pennsylvania. And then of course, it would be Pennsylvania. It’s a Lancaster show. And then Holly Lyle.

    Ben McClure 4:15
    There she is!

    Holly Lyle 4:16
    Hello. Hi, how are you?

    Jeff Giagnocavo 4:16
    And hi Michelle. Thanks for joining us.

    Holly Lyle 4:20

    Jeff Giagnocavo 4:21
    We’re great. Thanks for putting up with a lot of our tomfoolery. But we promise that we’re going to get you very nicely highlighted. I was so surprised for everybody listening, our production team kind of took over a little bit…we’ve been so busy here at the store…took over helping us get guests and you know, I think they hit a home run. Having Michelle and the Wolf Sanctuary join us. If you’re like one of those impatient folks like me, and you want to know immediately what Wolf Sanctuary is you can go to wolfsanctuarypa.org and if you’re bad, you would go www.wolfsanctuarypa.org.

    Ben McClure 4:58
    O-r-g. For those that don’t know.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 5:01
    Yes, yes. So welcome. Michelle, we’ll get back to you in just a second. All right. Thanks for joining us.

    Ben McClure 5:08
    I think we’ve got wolves, right? To show? Later on?

    Jeff Giagnocavo 5:13
    Yeah. I mean, are you the guy at Christmas time as the kids are opening up a present, you’re like, “Enjoy your PlayStation!”

    Ben McClure 5:22

    Jeff Giagnocavo 5:24
    Well, you want to you want to welcome the next guest?

    Ben McClure 5:26
    Hey, Holly Lyle, I’ll try to get the business name right…Sierra Pacific Mortgage. How are you, Holly?

    Holly Lyle 5:33
    Well, good morning. Thanks for having me.

    Ben McClure 5:36
    Holly, thanks for joining us. We know Holly from our referral group that we’ve been involved with for a handful years and Holly helps a lot of great people in Lancaster with their mortgage needs.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 5:49
    And just, you’re forewarned on the show…and, again for Ben’s edification here, it’s www.hollylyle.com. For anybody listening, Holly and I in our referral group are the troublemakers. So this should be a fun show. We pass notes. We’ll do a little signals. We have fun so this will be a fun show, alright? So Holly, we’ll get back to you momentarily. Thank you so much for joining us and taking the time we appreciate it. We’re adding a new little segment here. There my tongue was a half second delay…new little segment to Lancaster Connects. What’s going on Lancaster? We’ve got ventriloquist Ryan Baumgardner starts his Ryan & Friends…not multiple Ryan’s, just one Ryan. Ryan & Friends Comedy Calamity Show…about what we do here.

    Ben McClure 6:48
    Pretty close. I’m sure his is a lot more entertaining.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 6:50
    Yeah an far more professional.

    Ben McClure 6:53

    Jeff Giagnocavo 6:54
    This week at the Bird And a Hand Stage until October 9th.

    Ben McClure 6:58
    I think it’s Bird-In-Hand Stage.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 7:00
    Well it says right on the screen “bird and a hand”, I’m gonna go with that. Either way, you’ll get there it’s now through October 9th, fun for all ages. Go to bird-in-hand.com for more info. Of course, it’ll be on the show notes, if you’re listening you can hit it up there. If you didn’t quite get that website but again, bird-in-hand.com, check out Ryan and everything he’s doing with all of his Comedy Calamity Show. Going on through the 9th of October.

    Ben McClure 7:31
    Ventriloquism is one of those…how do you even get started in ventriloquism? Sounds like he would be a great guest.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 7:38
    Well, I think I’m a great guest most anywhere but yeah, sure.

    Ben McClure 7:42
    I don’t know how you learn that you have that kind of talent.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 7:45
    I think it’s one of those things you just kind of find your lane and you go for it.

    Ben McClure 7:48
    Right. Changing gears Friday, April 9th, Second Fridays in Elizabethtown and Lititz, two really, really great towns in Lancaster County. They’re the perfect opportunity to come downtown to those places and explore local shops and eateries. I live near Lititz, and we go there often there’s a lot of great places to patronize. They’re participating stores will have extended hours those nights, those second Fridays of the month from five to eight o’clock in the evening in Elizabethtown and five to nine o’clock in Lititz. So don’t forget to go downtown, Second Fridays, now in Elizabethtown and Lititz.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 8:27
    Yep. And of course, there’s First Fridays downtown Lancaster. So listen, if you’re kind of in a rut as a couple or in a rut trying to figure out what to do. Look, right now, first friday, second friday…filled! Downtown Lancaster First Friday…Second Fridays, Elizabethtown and Lititz. Lancaster Central Market downtown every Saturday…boom! We’re filling out your calendar here. Every Saturday from 6am to 3pm help support the local community. I’m sure there’s a lot of great local farmers there, produce stands, other makers of crafts and goods and just really, it’s the Lancaster Central Market, a lot of things going on. You can find out all the different stands, all the different vendors there at centralmarketlancaster.com and that’s every Saturday six to three.

    Ben McClure 9:15
    This Saturday, April 9th, is week four of the Secret Trust Adventure from the Uncharted Lancaster and the Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County. You can learn the history of Lancaster County and win cash prizes. That sounds, that’s up my alley.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 9:32
    I like that.

    Ben McClure 9:33
    You can decipher…by deciphering riddles and solving clues. More information at www.unchartedlancaster.com. I have not done any of the Uncharted Lancaster Adventures but I know they have some really really cool things to do there. We’ve looked into it with the kids and I know there’s people that have done them and have really enjoyed their adventure. So unchartedlancaster.com.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 9:59
    Yeah, I’m thinking what we should do is send Ben on various events.

    Ben McClure 10:02
    That needs to be a live feed.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 10:04
    Yeah, Ben’s foibles around Lancaster County with family in tow. Murder at the Miller Mansion, a night of comedy and crime that the whole family will enjoy. It is sold out this Friday, April 9, but tickets are still available for the weekend, Saturday and Sunday, April 10 and 11th at four, six and eight o’clock shows. So that’s Murder at the Miller Mansion. You can get tickets at www.,see what I did for you there? www.columbia…R as in “Rob”, T as in “Tom”, p as in “Paul”…columbiartp.com. You can check it out there. If you’d like to call, we’ll give you the phone number, it’s 717-587-5368. Tickets are just $8.

    Ben McClure 10:50
    Sounds fun. We got more murder…

    Jeff Giagnocavo 10:54
    It’s a little scary here.

    Ben McClure 10:55
    Murder Mystery Dinner at Mount Hope. The 13th Annual Murder Mystery Dinner Theater at Mount Hope on the grounds of the Mount Hope Estate and Winery in Manheim, kicked off on March 3 and it continues Fridays, Saturdays and select Sundays. And also select weekdays through May 2nd. Tickets are $56.95 and you can get more info at the parenfaire.com. Just off the turnpike in Manheim, north of Manheim.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 11:28
    I’m gonna steer this back. We ended up sending you around the county with family in town and then the next two announcements are murder. We’re gonna wrap up with Full Moon Comedy, Barn and Barrel at the Mount Hope Estate in Manheim, 8-10 Saturday April 17th. Tickets are 15 bucks in advance or $20 on the day of and again you can go to parenfaire.com. I liked how you spelled that because you know it’s the Old English spelling on there I guess. So parenfaire…F-A-I-R-E…parenfaire.com. That’s Full Moon Comedy. So it looks like a lot of events to do in and around Lancaster. A lot of fun and all jokes aside I’m sure the family will enjoy all of it. Even though I kind of thought it was pretty funny. We’re gonna send Ben around and then it’s “murder time”.

    Ben McClure 12:13
    And if you want more info and links for the events and things that we’ve been talking about on the podcast and will talk about, you can visit our website lancasterconnects.com. You can subscribe to our weekly email updates and all of our show info and our giveaways are on that website. So lancasterconnects.com. You can click and find out all the info that we’re talking about.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 12:48
    Yeah, and remember this show is also available as a podcast. I love listening to podcasts. Often while I’m doing stuff around the house…I was just sharing a story with Ben…I had to take my son’s vehicle that we bought for him to the mechanic and I was waiting on it and listened to a podcast, business oriented podcast, at the time. So we’re on all the major podcast platforms. You can check out all of them at lancasterconnects.com or you can just search in your favorite podcast app “Lancaster Connects” and these two happy faces will come right up. Isn’t that great?

    Ben McClure 13:25
    How will we throw to our guests if they’ve got anything going on? What they’re planning to do over the next couple of weekends and see what they like to do.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 13:34
    Yeah, we promised on Episode One, our premiere episode, that we’d have some mistakes. I don’t know that we’re actually supposed to say, “throw to the guests”. But hey, guests, what do you think about all those events? Anything sound fun?

    Michelle Mancini 13:50
    They all sound pretty cool. I’m usually at the Wolf Sanctuary on Saturdays helping with our tours. So that’s always something fun to do in the Lititz area.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 14:00
    Well, we’ll definitely let everybody know about that too. Yeah, Holly, anything grab your fancy there, that you liked?

    Michelle Mancini 14:08
    Well, I’m always looking for ideas for date night. Our teenage daughters work most weekends so it’s just the two of us.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 14:18
    Yeah, I’ve got that pseudo empty nest thing going on. Our boys are teenagers now and they’re just not into mom and dad. We do the family stuff like game night.

    Holly Lyle 14:31

    Jeff Giagnocavo 14:32
    But you know for the most part I call them “room trolls”. They’re room trolls. Well, I mean, all jokes aside, the one is working. He works a decent amount. The younger one he’s really into computer design and graphic design and video editing. He spends just an inordinate amount of time on those projects that he does. So, I guess it’s all good. It’s not like playing Fortnite nonstop. So anyway, Ben…food trucks are in the area?

    Ben McClure 15:05
    There are food trucks in the area and one was in the area last Saturday…

    Jeff Giagnocavo 15:09
    I’ve been waiting with bated breath for this [Inaudible].

    Ben McClure 15:12
    For the egg roll update. So the egg rolls were fantastic, fantastic. But the date was more of a, more consisted of an hour long wait on a sidewalk in line. Which, you know, that’s what you expect when you go to get popular food. So yeah, it was at a yard sale. She was there. I pulled up. I had to park two blocks down the road and walked up and there’s a line and you just wait. And it was kind of like the Soup Nazi episode from Seinfeld. Like, I was nervous getting up at the front of the line.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 15:50
    Are you serious?

    Ben McClure 15:51
    Because you have to place your order right, you know? Do you get 12 egg rolls or 24?

    Jeff Giagnocavo 15:56
    Do you get thrown out onto the sidewalk if you don’t do it right?

    Ben McClure 15:59
    And she was she’s very nice. They’re very nice, but it’s definitely an efficient process. You get up there, you place your order, they put it all in the containers and you on your way.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 16:09
    Apparently there’s a whole pressure of two blocks where there are people lined up behind you.

    Ben McClure 16:12
    That’s what I’m talking about. So I place the order, give them the cash, step aside, get the food. I pictured Costanza in line at the Soup Nazi stand. But they were fantastic…Egg Roll Lady.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 16:28
    I’m pointing on the screen. You can point on the screen on your own watch, but I’m pointing at the screen. How was the little dipping sauce?

    Ben McClure 16:35
    Oh, that’s great. It’s kind of like a duck sauce but she puts some spice, oh yeah, it’s really, really good.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 16:43
    If you can’t tell, I’m a fan of dipping sauces. I love just kind of laying out two, three different cups of things and even if it doesn’t necessarily complement egg rolls. I’ll, you know, a little blue cheese with french fries. I like that from time to time. It’s fantastic.

    Ben McClure 16:59
    I’m actually crying inside because I just started a gluten and dairy free diet.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 17:03
    I wasn’t going to go there.

    Ben McClure 17:05
    And not necessarily by choice, but kind of is. We don’t need to get into why. But I can’t have…

    Jeff Giagnocavo 17:16
    You went out with a flash and a bang…the Egg Roll Lady. I noticed that Ben’s salad was the most salady definition of salad yesterday as we were eating lunch in our office. It was very salady.

    Ben McClure 17:32
    It wasn’t as disappointing as I thought it was going to be.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 17:35
    But it had a very salady noise to it, if that makes any sense at all? It was a lot of crunch. It was very salad-like and I kind of felt the internal weeping a little bit but it’ll be for all the better. It’ll be good.

    Ben McClure 17:45
    It was a true big salad.

    Ben McClure 17:49
    Lena Hohenadel, previous guests on the show from Off The Streets, great charity, by the way, helping people escape homeless and get off the streets into home. She has a restaurant recommendation, she recommends…I think I’m gonna say this right…Chellas Arepa Kitchen. Link is on the screen. You can see it if you’re watching. It’ll be in the show notes. If you’re listening, I’m not going to butcher it again. And I kind of pride myself on being able to say names right. That one I got wrong, I think. Anyway, although it’s not a food truck, best brussel sprouts ever, according to Lena. You can find chellasarepakitchen.com, chellasarepakitchen.com. There on Hempfield Rode. Our producer Simon, even says, he’s got a little tip. Halve your brussels sprouts. Cut them in half and roast them on a [Inaudible[.

    Ben McClure 18:47
    Because that’s what you do with brussels sprouts.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 18:49
    Those little buggers will fly out real quick. Anyway, cut them in half roast them on a tray in the oven with a little oil and seasoning of your choice, I guess. Can do some Lawry’s, maybe some garlic, maybe a little spice…

    Ben McClure 19:02
    Salt and pepper.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 19:03
    20-25 minutes. Salt and pepper works good too.

    Ben McClure 19:05
    Yeah brussel sprouts are my wife Lindsey, it’s her favorite. She loves the brussel sprouts. Maybe we got to take a trip.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 19:14
    Maybe take a trip. Yeah, so maybe this is, well this isn’t exactly Lancaster County related, but it is…look, if you’re in a food truck…supporting local business. Hey, why not? You want to tell him where to go?

    Ben McClure 19:24
    Yeah, New Cumberland Food Truck and Restaurant Rally, Thursday, April 8th, five o=to eight. That at 222 to 298 Market Street in the heart of downtown New Cumberland, at Market Square. More info at newcumberlandpa.org/events.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 19:43
    Yep. And Dough Heads.

    Ben McClure 19:47
    This looks interesting.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 19:48
    This does look interesting. You can’t have any. I’ll try it out for you.

    Ben McClure 19:51
    So should I just leave?

    Jeff Giagnocavo 19:53

    Ben McClure 19:55
    Am I not allowed to look? Cover my eyes.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 19:55
    You have to stay and deal with it. Anyway, they serve “wockets”. They are a waffle pocket loaded with all different types of options. Could be peanut butter and jelly or buffalo chicken. The Bananas Foster, man, that’s that’s scratching my itch for a wocket right there. More information at doughheads…dough…like cooking like dough…doughheadswaffles.com. I say it that way I don’t know how else you would spell Dough?

    Ben McClure 20:20

    Jeff Giagnocavo 20:25
    Yeah Homer Simpson or what’s in the woods…doe, the deer?

    Ben McClure 20:29

    Jeff Giagnocavo 20:30
    Anyway, D-O-U-G-H…doughheadswaffles.com. Just one of several Lancaster based food trucks that will be at Night at the Mall Spring Fest Edition. That’s Friday, April 9th. And I think we’ve got where that’s going to be exactly. They’re also going to be Friday, April 9, the next day at the Lebanon Valley Mall. That’s got 15 food trucks there from the local area, as well as live music, craft vendors, beer and wine, bounce houses for the kids. So you can check it out there.

    Ben McClure 21:03
    You can get more information and links at our website lancasterconnects.com.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 21:07
    Yeah, we’ll be all there for sure. Let’s see. Promise some mistakes are still [Inaudible] Episode Six, we’ve got our podcast legs underneath us. But let me see, I have to refer to my notes here because I think things got a little sideways on me.

    Ben McClure 21:26
    It feels like we need to get into our guests.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 21:28
    Yeah, I think so. Anyway, you’ll be able to check out all the show notes and all the links. Obviously if you’re watching it, we can do that. We do have one thing to go to. Guys, let’s queue up the Walk-O Taco stuff because that’s certainly local here in town. Let’s talk about that for a minute.

    Ben McClure 21:49
    I remember the first time I ever had a walking taco and it blew my mind? Yeah, it was like a taco in a bag of Doritos crumbled up, cheese, meat, everything.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 22:00
    This is why this guy now has to eat salad.

    Ben McClure 22:00
    It’s not why but it’s something I can’t have.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 22:09
    It had nothing to do with it at all. Plausible deniability. Although I love walking around with Doritos and meat on the sidewalk. Goes and gets egg rolls on the sidewalk. I mean, I don’t know sounds like he’s got a problem. Anyway, Walk-O Taco will be around the area almost every day. Thursday, April 8, Penn State Health 35 Hope Drive in Hershey from 11:30 to 1:30. Looks like a lunch date there. Friday, April 9. Phantom Power in Millersville. You’re a Millersville guy?

    Ben McClure 22:33
    Yeah, it’s on Frederick Street, I believe. It used to be an old movie theater.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 22:40
    All right. Well, there’ll be there five to 10 for the Knit Lemons Show. And on Saturday, the 10th, 800 Village Road, Lancaster for a park opening. And at 290 Dogwood Drive in E-Town from five to seven later that day for another event and then Sunday the 11th…wow…Walk-O Taco gets around, they’ll be at 1927 Glendower Drive. We should put mattresses on the truck. Look at all the fun they get touring the countryside. If you’ve got a food truck and you’ll be in the area let us know via the website lancasterconnects.com. We’ll feature your on the show. All right, so that’s where Walk-O Taco’s at. They are busy. All info and links available on the website via email each week. Just enter our giveaway. There’s also a giveaway there at lancasterconnects.com. I mean Lancaster Connects is the hub for everything this show’s about. Hit it up, you’ll see the podcast links you’ll be able to connect with all the websites we butchered. You’ll be able to enter the gift card drawing that we do. We’ll talk more about that and get all the updates and it’s available as a podcast. So we have all the info again on lancasterconnects.com. Subscribe to your favorite podcast. And that’s that. So, Holly food trucks in the area, restaurants in the area… you got a favorite?

    Holly Lyle 24:00
    Well, I haven’t been to any food trucks lately. However, we have been eating a lot of local food throughout the past year so really love Tres Hermanos in Mount Joy. They’re yummy. The girls work with McCleary’s in Marietta. So we’ve had their food quite a bit in the last year.

    Ben McClure 24:27

    Holly Lyle 24:28
    Lots of good stuff.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 24:30
    Very good. Very good. Well, interesting note as we bring Michelle in. So if you know of a food truck owner, you know of a restaurant. Food trucks might be able to help out Michelle at the Wolf Sanctuary. Michelle, how can food trucks, local restaurants, maybe even if you’re a hunter, how could they possibly help you out?

    Michelle Mancini 24:55
    Sure. So we always are looking for new ways for meat donations. Most actually all of our meat right now is donated, which is awesome. We have three walk in freezers where we house all the meat for the wolves. And there’s a local restaurant in Lititz called Scooters and they actually donate their beef trimmings for the wolves. So they’ve been a longtime supporter of the sanctuary. And then it’s often a restaurant that a lot of the volunteers after a shift like to gather and enjoy a meal together.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 25:31
    Very good. Very good. So everybody, listen, this is Michelle Mancini from Wolf Sanctuary in Lititz. There, we’ve got some video up. I think that, is that live video that we got there? I think we [Inaudible] out. Ben promised wolves and there’s wolves. That is the Serenity, it’s just incredible.

    Michelle Mancini 25:57
    Yep, that looks like just two of them [Inaudible]. So the person who’s holding the phone is just outside the fence there. So it’s probably as close as it looks. They’re right along the fence there. They probably just came over to say hello and are lounging in the sunshine. So it looks like this is the Serenity Pack, they are a pack of actually four in this pack and then there’s two siblings next door to them. We’ve rescued all six as puppies three years ago. And just recently, the sisters have been having some disagreements. So we actually had to separate two of the siblings from the other four. So they live next door to the other four right now.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 26:47
    Why don’t you tell us about the mission? Yeah, what you do there at the sanctuary?

    Michelle Mancini 26:55
    Sure. So we are a nonprofit rescue facility for gray wolves and wolfdogs. And we were founded in 1980 by the Darlington family, basically out of a love of wolves. She’s coming to say hi. They started to acquire gray wolves and wolfdogs and in the 1980s, the laws changed in Pennsylvania. So you needed certain permits from the state and federal government as well as certain requirements, fencing, things like that. So the Darlington’s were in compliance, they went ahead and got everything they needed all the permits, all the requirements up to code, and then the Game Commission started to contact them as others weren’t coming into compliance. The Game Commission would contact the Darlington’s and ask if they could take another rescue under their permit. So since then, we’ve been rescuing wolves. We have over 50 gray wolves and wolfdogs on the property. The ones you’re looking at right now are actually full wolves. Again, they were rescued as puppies three years ago. I think that’s probably Violet at the fence there.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 28:01
    She’s right on script. I mean, she followed all the directions. All the little maneuvers, we asked her, she’s fantastic. We need to get her a SAG card.

    Michelle Mancini 28:11
    She knows.

    Ben McClure 28:11
    She’s probably could host [Inaudible].

    Jeff Giagnocavo 28:16
    So, Michelle, what’s the difference between a dog and a wolf? What are the differences?

    Michelle Mancini 28:21
    Sure, so they are pretty genetically different. But actually one of the biggest differences is, aside from physiological differences…so in the pictures here you can see the animal on the furthest to the left, that’s Loci. He’s a full wolf. And the animal in the middle is a wolfdog. That’s Cheyenne. A couple differences you could see her tail is curled. Her hair’s kind of shorter, especially around the ear area. Even her ears are a little bit more upright and pointed rather than wider and rounded. The way Loci’s standing, his paws are actually facing outward to kind of spread out like this, whereas hers are facing more forward. And then to the furthest right is a picture of a northern breed dog. He was actually rescued, incorrectly labeled as a wolf or wolfdog. Once we got him here we DNA tested and found out he was a dog so the owners adopted him as their pet, so he lives with the owners now. You can see his eyes are bright blue. Wolves typically have dark brown or golden-type eyes. That’s the eye color. And he has more of an overall Malamute type of appearance. But physical differences aside, the behavioral differences are a really big deal. So wolves are very strongly bonded with their pack, they want to be with their pack 24-7, they might develop separation anxiety if they’re away from their pack for any period of time. And then they just have other behaviors that they’ve adapted to, to live out in the wild, that make them very difficult to train as pets, which is why we don’t typically condone that.

    Ben McClure 30:02
    So on that, is it legal to own a wolf in PA?

    Michelle Mancini 30:08
    Not in Pennsylvania, it varies state to state. In some states, it varies by county. So in Texas, each county has different laws regarding wolf and wolfdog ownership. But yeah, it’s not legal in Pennsylvania. And actually, the majority of our rescues do come from situations where people had them as pets.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 30:34
    So, was I correct, you said Cheyenne there the dog, while the wolfdog in the middle. Was that one that was surrendered to you? Is that right?

    Michelle Mancini 30:46
    Yes, yep. Actually, she and Loci and Faelan who was the dog, we’re all surrendered to us. So sometimes we can get a rescue, because they were confiscated due to illegal ownership. Other times we get a rescue because the owners contact us directly seeking surrender, seeking rescue for their animal because, either they can’t handle the animal for one reason or another. Or, you know, certain behaviors just don’t jive well in a household setting. Cheyenne actually was, I believe she was rescued because of illegal ownership. So she was actually confiscated and then brought to us by the authorities who confiscated her. Whereas Loci was surrendered to us as a puppy, because the owners brought him home and realize that he was actually blind, in addition to starting to develop these wolf behaviors in the house. And as he started to grow older, they became concerned and sought rescue for him.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 31:48
    So obviously, you work with wolves and wolfdogs. If somebody were to suspect, they’ve somehow adopted a wolf or a wolfdog or know of somebody that needs an outlet, I guess would be the best way to say it, go to the website. I’m sure you have plenty of good information on there. But they would be able to reach out to you there after if there’s some things that are confirmed through the information on your website. Is that right?

    Michelle Mancini 32:21
    Sure, yeah, we always ask people to reach out to us via email. There’s a Contact Us page on our website if they have questions or concerns. It’s very tricky. If people just kind of suspect that their animal looks a little wolfy but they’re doing great in a household setting, it might not be a good idea to necessarily kind of pursue that further. Again, Faelan was mistakenly identified as a wolfdog when he’s just a dog. And that could have led to him being put down if there was nowhere that could actually take him. And the truth of the matter is, we can’t simply take every rescue request that we get. We are coordinated with a network of sanctuaries across the country. One of them’s in Colorado, they actually have a network. So if we can’t take a rescue, we will often reach out to them so that they can reach out to the network to try to find a home for this animal. We don’t just say no, sorry. But we do try our best, you know, to evaluate each rescue requests as they come in, to determine if we have enough resources, space resources, to take them. We also have to decide if we have somebody on the property, a wolf on the property who they can pair well with, because they’re pack animals, we like to make sure that they have a companion. And so it’s kind of a matchmaking game as well as we try to make sure that everybody has somebody to spend their life with.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 33:51
    That’s pretty incredible. So listening to all that, forgoing the fact that you don’t have a need to be more involved with the Wolf Sanctuary, but you’d like to visit. You’re doing tours. Now unfortunately, COVID’s effected that, in a number of ways, the capacities, obviously the revenue, with tours being down, but you are open for tours right now. Why don’t you share a little bit about what you’re doing there?

    Michelle Mancini 34:17
    Sure. So we have a variety of tour options. We have, all the tours are by reservation right now again, due to COVID. And so we have a public tour, which is more of a larger group can come. We still encourage social distancing, and all that on the property. And then you’d view about half the wolves. Our private tours are also very popular. Those would be just your personal group and they actually go…you go through the entire sanctuary, as well, to view all the wolves. The tour guide stop at each of the packs. They provide information. We try to provide information about wolf conservation and biology as well. In addition to introducing the wolves here, so it’s not just, it’s not like a zoo, where you can just come in and kind of look at the animals and leave. We try to make it more of an educational and engaging experience.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 35:12
    Very good. And you’ve got something where puppies can be involved, right? But maybe a loose definition of the word puppy.

    Michelle Mancini 35:19
    Yeah, so we did rescue to two puppies on Christmas Eve, actually, they’re wolfdog puppies, and we had been having Puppy Moments. Right now they are a little bit on hold. One of the puppies wasn’t feeling well this weekend. So that’s kind of tentative, but you can always check our website and contact us for more information about those. And we also have an adoption program. So it’s a symbolic adoption program where you can adopt a wolf for a year, you don’t get to bring them home. But you get a certificate and a photo of the wolf. And then it’s really nice, because if you come on a public tour again, you might only get to see about half the wolves at the sanctuary. But if you’re an adoptive parent, you can actually sign up to spend an extra 15 minutes after your tour, viewing your adopted wolf. So for example, this pack, the Serenity Pack, they aren’t currently on the public tour. But if you had adopted Fenn, or Vivian or Violet, or any of the ones that are hanging out today, you would actually get to schedule an extra 15 minutes after your tour to go and visit them.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 36:32
    Very neat.

    Ben McClure 36:33
    That’s awesome.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 36:34
    So sponsor a wolf is…or adopt a wolf symbolically, it’s $55. All the revenue you generate, as I understand it, looks like you’re wanting to build a vet facility, is that right? How would that help you?

    Michelle Mancini 36:49
    Sure. Yeah, those are definitely that’s one of our biggest future goals. We were really ramping up planning for it right before COVID hit. And then COVID really took our tours down heavily. We were we paused tours for quite a while. And then we actually are only able to operate at a small capacity compared to what we used to. Right now we’ve had about, you know, 50 people on a weekend, we used to have up to you know, two to up to 700 people on a weekend. That’s a huge, huge difference. So anyway, now we’re trying to fundraise through donations, the symbolic adoptions, and then our tour funds still go here. But one of our big projects is the vet care facility. So we’re trying to develop an on site building, where we can have surgeries, checkups, exams, things like that. Right now we have our vet actually visits us, and she can do a lot of the checkups on site. But if there’s something more of like an in-depth surgery, we would have to actually transport the animal about 15 minutes away, at minimum, to a local vet’s office or even further sometimes if it’s a more intensive surgery. We want to have a facility on site so that we don’t have to put the animal through that extra stress of travel. And we have everything right there. And sometimes that time frame can really help, it can save their lives, in some cases.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 38:19
    Right. So a lot of great things there that you’re doing, Michelle. You know, I think if you’re listening to this, watching, you may not think this is important or impacts you but you know, it certainly does. I mean, there’s no, there’s reason that Wolf Sanctuary exists. It serves the local area, serves the community. You know, you can look at it as an entertainment thing for your family, I would hope you would, I mean, a great way to get outdoors, do something different and fun with the family. You know, for $55 to adopt a wolf. I mean, that’s very neat. That’s like a cup of coffee a month. And listen, this show is about serving our community. If seeing to donate or buying a ticket for a tour isn’t there, maybe like I said earlier, as we brought in Michelle, maybe there’s a restaurant, you know, a friend, you know, that owns a restaurant, please ask them. Could they supply meat? I mean, that will help offset your operating costs, right, Michelle?

    Michelle Mancini 39:18
    For sure, yeah. Meat is expensive.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 39:23
    I mean, if you’re a hunter…

    Ben McClure 39:25
    Food trucks.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 39:26
    You know, food trucks could donate. So we’re calling on everybody. Again, Lancaster Connects, we’re going to highlight these wonderful charities, these wonderful organizations. We’re always going to ask if you can see it in your heart to donate, if you find something you connect to. But if you can’t do the donation, certainly could you pick up the phone, could you reach out to your own network, and now that we’ve given you the marching orders, so to say, of what they need, here you go, this is your opportunity to help the local Lancaster community and that’s what the show really is all about. That’s what we open with, right? This is how you do it. So Michelle, thank you so much for talking. I mean, this has been great. Joe, thank you to Joe. Joe’s there on the live camera as we’re recording this. And then Serenity.

    Michelle Mancini 40:13
    I’m just wondering…I think they’ve switched. I’m wondering if if Joe might be able to get them to howl.

    Ben McClure 40:23

    Michelle Mancini 40:25
    I don’t know if Joe can hear me.

    Ben McClure 40:27
    Well that’s a surprise.

    Michelle Mancini 40:28

    Joe 40:29
    I can hear you.

    Michelle Mancini 40:30
    Do you want to try?

    Joe 40:33
    Oh, yes…one sec.

    Michelle Mancini 40:36
    All right. Just as a…

    Joe 40:39
    Come on, Vivian. (Howling to Vivian).

    Jeff Giagnocavo 40:49
    Shut the front door.

    Joe 40:50
    (Howling to Vivian, again)

    Vivian the Wolf 40:58
    Howls to Joe.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 40:59
    Oh, there it is.That is just incredible. Joe you’re very good at the howling because you fooled me. I thought Vivian was.

    Ben McClure 41:21
    That’s the ventriloquist from earlier.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 41:26
    That was just tremendous. There you have it, Lancaster, just a fun, unique opportunity to connect into your community. Again, I would encourage you go to Wolf Sanctuary PA. wolfsanctuarypa.org. Check out everything they’re doing. The adoptive a wolf program is on there. Certainly check it out. Michelle, thank you for joining us so much. We’ll have you hanging out here as we wrap up. Holly, did you know about the Wolf Sanctuary?

    Holly Lyle 41:55
    I did not…so neat! I’m so glad I had the opportunity to hear about their program and see Vivian, she was so cool. And they can just, like Joe was standing there petting her and she was loving it. That’s so cute. I think I want to adopt her.

    Michelle Mancini 42:20
    She would like that.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 42:25
    Well, we’ll see. We’ll make that happen. One thing that we do with every charity, and I’m not sure, again, we’re Episode Six, we’re getting our podcast legs under us. Michelle, we always donate to our guests that join us for the charity. So we will be sending the Wolf Sanctuary $125 donation.

    Michelle Mancini 42:48
    Oh, wow!

    Jeff Giagnocavo 42:49
    And I hope that goes a little bit towards your needs there. Again, if any listeners would seek to match that or contribute in some way, even if it’s a little bit, we would greatly appreciate it.

    Michelle Mancini 43:05
    Thank you so much.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 43:06
    We’re getting that check up on the screen. You’re welcome. You’re welcome. We’ll get that out in the mail today to you and that’ll be on the way. Ben, you’ve got an announcement about the photo,

    Ben McClure 43:15
    I have an announcement to make. Yeah, Lancaster Connects podcast, we’re gonna do a photo contest, Lancaster County Photo Contest. We want to celebrate the great imagery and beauty of Lancaster County. And, you know, maybe highlight some photographic talent from from some of our listeners. And we’re gonna have you submit your photos. You can post them on our Facebook page, which is facebook.com/lancasterconnects. And we’re gonna pick a winner. Winners are going to get a custom made pillow made right for you. We can make pillows here, at Gardner’s, we can make them as thick or as thin or as firm or soft as you’d like it to be. But you’re going to get a custom made pillow worth $60. So photo contest, if want to learn more about that go to our lancasterconnects.com website. You can also fill out the contest entry form there. And you’d be on our weekly email list where we’ll talk more about the photo contest in the coming weeks.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 44:16
    Yep. All about highlighting the community local talent, local charities and local people.

    Ben McClure 44:22
    Excited to see what kind of photos we get.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 44:23
    Yeah, yeah. I guess we maybe should just say, “Keep them family-oriented folks.” You know, I deleted a comment last night from a seven year old photo that was pretty funny. Our worlds a great place but there’s always those outliers that like to have they’ve got their own sense of humor, so keep those photos scenic-oriented, family- oriented. We’d appreciate it. Alright, little pay the bills moment if you will. Sleep Better book, help you sleep better. We’ve got our sleep tip for you this show. So according to the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School, sleep serves a similar critical role in our health and well being as eating, drinking and breathing. Almost every system and tissue type in the body is affected by sleep. Here’s some major renewing functions of the body that happen while you sleep: growth hormones release, muscle repair and regrowth, tissue repair and regrowth protein synthesis and brain detox. I can attest to that. There’s some mornings I feel like I need, or some nights I feel like I need a good brain detox so I make sure I sleep well. Some of those functions only happen during sleep. So if you’re not getting quality sleep, you’re impacting it. Doing whatever it takes to make sure you get good enough, good quality sleep on a regular basis is a must and an invaluable investment in your health. And in fact, your very life depends on it. You know, folks, your health’s three-legged stool is diet, exercise and sleep. We’ve talked about, I know I was very sick with a bacterial infection a few weeks ago, didn’t eat for seven, eight days. And you can forego food for a very long time. You can go forego water for a little while. You could certainly forego exercise, but if you forgo sleep for three days, the risk of you suffering severe health consequences to outright death is is there literally within three days. And you can go three days without food, water and exercise but good sleep is very important. And that’s what we believe in. You can get your free copy of Sleep Better on our website gardnersmattressandmore.com. If you want to go right to the page, you go to gardnersmattressandmore.com/sleep-better and we’ll mail the book right out and get it to you, alright? So that’s our sleep tip from Sleep Better. So we’ve got a…you want me to handle the local history spot or you want to take it?

    Ben McClure 46:50
    Go ahead.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 46:51
    I nailed that. I couldn’t nail the more simple one. So, yes, we’ve got a local history spot. Did you know that the first courthouse in Lancaster County was in a pub? Do you know that Holly or Michelle?

    Holly Lyle 47:07
    No. I’m not surprised.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 47:12
    Holly just heard “pub” and she’s like, “It’s past noon…we can drink.’

    Holly Lyle 47:17
    Which one?

    Jeff Giagnocavo 47:20
    Yeah, yeah, so we’re gonna jump in here. So when Lancaster County was established to rid Chester County of its thieves, vagabonds and ill people. On May 10, 1729, the provincial government of Pennsylvania reminded the new commissioners that several important tasks had to be accomplished. The three biggest were selecting a county seat, erecting a courthouse and building a jail. They just had to deal with those people from Chester County.

    Ben McClure 47:45
    Yeah, it’s not a Chick-fil-A.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 47:46
    Yeah, maybe that’s why the lighthouse stands at the Lancaster-Chester County border?

    Ben McClure 47:52
    It’a a beacon for them coming across.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 47:55
    Recognizing the financial opportunities of having a county seat on or near your property, several men hatched plans to locate it near them, several miles southeast of Columbia along the Old Conestoga Road near Rock Hill. Innkeeper John Postelwait exerted pressure on his guests and was successful in having the first county court held at the inn on August 5, which is my birthday. So any listeners if you want to shower birthday gifts upon me on August 5 each year, I’d appreciate it. But the first county court held at the inn was on August 5, 1729. John Wright was even the presiding magistrate. Court was held at the tavern for the August and November 1729 terms as well as the February, May and August 1730 sessions. Residents in the eastern part of the county wanted to have the seat of the government closer to the center of the population. Sympathetic to this desire, the provincial government decided that a tract of about 500 acres one mile north of the Conestoga River would suffice. Enter the provincial prothonotary. Holly, you would know how to pronounce that word. That’s that’s right up your alley with mortgages. It’s a fancy word for chief clerk, thank you, Ben, who was no less than Andrew Hamilton himself, famed figure in our nation’s history. Hamilton was charged with discovering who owned the property, seeing the value of the land Hamilton purchased the property through some fancy legal maneuvering through an agent in England.

    Ben McClure 49:34
    Now people have texted England and [Inaudible].

    Jeff Giagnocavo 49:38
    Yeah, carrier pigeon or something like that. Hamilton believe the Lancaster site to be a good investment for his son and family and he was correct. So that is this week’s history lesson, history nugget and thanks to Adam Zurn at unchartedlancaster.com for providing that info.

    Ben McClure 49:58
    I can’t believe you memorized all that.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 49:59
    I did. I did a pretty good job there, I am impressed, it’s a brain power. I had good sleep last night, detoxed all the nonsense. Good brain power. But seriously, I mean Lancaster is a pretty rich area for history. At one point Lancaster was the capital of the United States. And a lot of people have decided to make Lancaster County their home. And speaking of homes. How about that? Just nailed it. Just hit it.

    Ben McClure 50:26
    Mic drop.

    Holly Lyle 50:27
    Mic drop.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 50:29
    Yeah. So when you’re looking at mortgages for your home, Ben why don’t you ask Holly here?

    Ben McClure 50:39
    Yeah, yes.

    Holly Lyle 50:44
    Hello. Are you there? Is this thing on?

    Ben McClure 50:47
    Yeah, we’re here. Yeah. Tell us about you and your company and what you do?

    Holly Lyle 50:59
    Okay, so I am a residential mortgage lender. I’ve been helping people in Lancaster, help them understand their financing for the last 30 years. My company is Sierra Pacific Mortgage. We’re on Harrisburg Pike. And we opened our branch, oh my gosh, I guess yesterday was two years ago to the date that we opened our Sierra Pacific branch. Our company was originally created in 1989 in California, that’s where our hub is. And we are the only branch in Pennsylvania. The East Coast portion of the company was created, I think probably like eight to 10 years ago. So we love it here. It’s a great company. And we have six of us in the office. We have a branch manager, Stephanie. I’m the sales manager. And then we have a marketing director. And then we also have three other loan officers. So yeah, that’s Sierra Pacific and me.

    Ben McClure 52:15
    So the the housing market right now is is just, you know, if somebody wants to buy a house, they can just go buy a house, right?

    Holly Lyle 52:23

    Ben McClure 52:24
    A lot of homes available. Easy mortgages now?

    Holly Lyle 52:28
    No. You’re really disconnected from all of this, aren’t you Ben?

    Ben McClure 52:40
    I’m not allowed to leave the Dream Room.

    Holly Lyle 52:45
    We’re in what’s called a seller’s market. So that means there’s not a lot of inventory. There aren’t a lot of people that are selling their homes right now. But I’ll tell you, there are a lot of people that want to buy homes. So tons of buyers, not enough inventory. It’s crazy, you know, home will go on the market today and get double digit showings requested and then it just depends on how the listing agent has it set up. Sometimes they will, you know, give several days for showings and then take offers on it. And say I want offers by Monday at 2pm. I mean, they’re getting, you know, as many as 30 offers on one home. So it’s super important.

    Ben McClure 53:39
    What’s your advice for a buyer that that is in that situation?

    Jeff Giagnocavo 53:45
    So yeah, if you’re not a cash buyer, should you have a mortgage pre-approval?

    Holly Lyle 53:51
    Absolutely. You should not even be walking or calling to request a showing unless you know that you’re qualified for financing, and that you know what mortgage program, how much money you need, and how much it’s going to cost you. Those things you should know, before you even go walk into the house.

    Ben McClure 54:15
    Is there a minimum credit score that somebody needs to qualify for a mortgage?

    Holly Lyle 54:20
    Yes, now, each lender is going to give you a different answer. So depending on who you’re speaking to, at Sierra Pacific, we have a minimum credit score requirement of 620. But every lender decides how much risk they’re willing to take on. So there are some companies that will help somebody with a credit score as low as 580. And that’s as low as I know. There may be some other companies that have different options, but just depends specifically on the lender. And every person has a different profile. So it’s very important that they look into all of that upfront, even before they start calling your realtor to show them a home, it’s very important that they have everything in order.

    Ben McClure 55:13
    They need to talk to you before they really talk to their realtor and start looking at houses.

    Holly Lyle 55:20
    Right, exactly. It’s so competitive right now. So the more education I can give them about their specific scenario, the better opportunity they have to make a strong offer on a property. I mean this has been, since the past, it was pretty bad right before the pandemic, but it’s even worse now. The amount of demand versus supply is crazy. And all the years I’ve been doing this, I’ve never seen this. So people have to be prepared for you know, it could take them months, they may make offer after offer. And it can be, you really have to go into it with an attitude of, “Okay, whatever happens, happens, and I have to be patient.” And if people have a home to sell, and before they can buy the other home, that’s even crazier. Then they have to wrap their head around the financing type that they can use. Do they have another option? Do they have funds to use without selling the property? Will they qualify carrying the property? So, all of those questions, all of those things need to be addressed early.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 56:51
    So working with a mortgage broker, Holly, you know, I’ve done this in years past, I see it as a tremendous advantage, because you’ve got a number of different loan companies, you can shop the potential homebuyers mortgage to, correct?

    Holly Lyle 57:09
    I’m actually not a broker. Everything we do closes in our name, and is our product. I mean, I do have some opportunity to broker loans. However, I prefer to work for a direct lender, because then I know exactly what I have. I know exactly who the players are, how to get the transaction done. Whereas, yes, as brokering loans, you may have more product options. But if you don’t have the relationship with the lender, then you can run into some specific hurdles. So in my world, when I take a loan, I know who’s going to process it, I know who’s going to underwrite it. And I know if I run into a bump in the road, I know where to go to get it fixed.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 58:09
    And those, those pesky underwriters, they can give lots of bumps in the road. So, right?

    Holly Lyle 58:15
    Yes, depending on who you get there. Like a box of chocolates?

    Ben McClure 58:26
    So these two questions kind of go hand-in-hand. Like you’re you’re looking to buy a home? How do you know what size home or like the maximum price of the home? And how much money do you actually need to buy a home?

    Holly Lyle 58:40
    Exactly, that usually the very first question people ask me, what’s the most I can buy. I always try to explain, it’s so important for you to understand your profile is not like anyone else’s. And the amount of payment that you will qualify will depend on how much income you have coming into the home that I can use as qualifying income, and then how much money you need to purchase that home is always a lot more than they think. So the initial conversation of explaining how I qualify them using income. And how much money is needed to purchase the home is super important so that we can plan accordingly. Maybe they would qualify using some sort of a first time homebuyer program where they could get some money to help with their downpayment and closing costs. If they meet the requirements, there’s a program in Lancaster the Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership, they would be a great guest for you to have some time. Their program allows people to get help with downpayment and closing costs, but there are specific requirements they have to meet certain income caps. But as as a general rule, very quick calculation, I’ll tell people plan on having at least 10% of whatever the purchase price is. And if the home is like under 150, that percentage is a little bit higher, because the cost of manufacturing alone is the same, whether it’s $100,000 loan or a $300,000 loan. So there are certain fees that are more expensive on a lower loan amount, obviously. But a 10% rule, and then people need to understand that their housing payments should only be about 30% of their gross monthly income, everything we do is based on gross monthly income. So sometimes, they, you know, they’re everyone’s situation is so different, depending on the type of income they have, they may think, you know, they qualify for so much more than they actually do. Because we have very specific guidelines as far as what kind of income we can use. And like, if somebody is paid under the table, you know, they don’t have taxes taken out. It’s totally different calculation. So each person has a very specific profile. And it’s super important that they have that conversation, you know, with the lender upfront to make sure they know what they’re getting into, and that they’re comfortable with it.

    Ben McClure 1:01:33
    When should that conversation happen? Let’s say somebody is expecting to buy a house in August. How far in advance do somebody need too…

    Holly Lyle 1:01:41
    Now. I mean, we can have the initial conversation and get a general idea of where they’re at, you know, when I pull someone’s credit report , it is good for 120 days. So if they’re not going to be purchasing in the next 120 days, maybe we just have a basic conversation of what’s your income, what’s the source, you know, what are your monthly obligations, and then I can kind of give them a general idea. And then it but if they have concerns with their credit, you know, we can talk about that, you know, maybe I can help them understand what their credit looks like now, and what they need to do to get there. That’s, you know, to plan for the future. So, depending, again, depending on their situation, sometimes it’ll take someone six months to a year to get their credit where it needs to be to be able to purchase a home using a mortgage. Right?

    Jeff Giagnocavo 1:02:46
    Hey, Holly, on that note of looking at your credit, and the standing of your credit, you have like a name or a resource company that people could check out to, to kind of start digging into that.

    Holly Lyle 1:02:58
    If they’re, well, I can always pull their credit for them. To let them know, but they can also always get a free copy. Everyone’s entitled to one free copy of your credit report from each of the credit bureaus at least once a year. So they could go to transunion.com, experian.com, equifax.com and get a copy of their credit report. Or if they just have no idea, they know they want to buy a house, they really don’t know what’s on it, or they think they know what’s on it, I can always pull their credit, I pull a tri-merge credit report. So I see all three of those scores, I can give them an idea of what’s on there. And sometimes depending on the situation, I may refer them to a credit repair specialist that I work with. Or I can, sometimes there’s a quick fix, depending on what’s happening. So I can say do this, do that, and then get me this type of documentation. And then I can do what’s called a rapid rescore and increase the score to get them to meet their goal faster. So it just depends on where their credit scores now or how quickly they want to move forward with me.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 1:04:13
    That’s great. So I mean, for people thinking of, you know, if a home purchases on the horizon, certainly you can help them understand if that can be reality in four months, six months, a year, or if it might be a little longer journey. Wonderful. Exactly. Right. That the local resource for helping folks, I think it was with lower income, what was that again? Can we just get that, is it helping with closing costs?

    Holly Lyle 1:04:42
    It’s not really lower income, it’s a first time homebuyer program is through the Lancaster [Inaudible]. And so people have to go to attend a class and then they can you know, depending on the area of the county they’re buying a home, they could possibly get $5000 or $7500 or $10,000 to help with their down payment and closing costs. So if they meet the requirement, it’s possible. So yeah, they’d be a great guest for you to have some time. They’re awesome.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 1:05:21
    So if you’re, sorry, I’m butting in…

    Ben McClure 1:05:30
    Go ahead.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 1:05:32
    So if you’re planning to stay in your home, right, you’ve got some repairs you want to do. Maybe college is coming up for a child or, you know, you’re looking at the mortgage rates. Now good time to refinance?

    Holly Lyle 1:05:47
    It’s always a good time to have the conversation. If you think you want to refinance for any, any of those reasons, it’s great to make the phone call and have the conversation, especially within the last year, I mean, we’ve helped so many people lower their interest rates, you know, combine their first and second mortgages into one, take some cash out for any of those reasons that you mentioned. So is it always a good idea there, there are definitely times where I have the conversation and say, it’s not worth it. Like, you know, there’s no reason for you to refinance. And then a lot and then, really, with how low the interest rates are, there’s been a lot of good conversation about and just based on how this market is, I mean, the the value of people’s homes has have increased. So they’ve been able to take advantage of refinancing to get rid of private mortgage insurance. Maybe when they purchased the home, they put less than 20% down, or they had a mortgage program that required the mortgage insurance. So they’ve been able to take advantage of the equity, to get rid of that mortgage insurance, because mortgage insurance just protects the lender, in the event that you don’t make your payments. So it’s not life insurance, or disability insurance, and when you have enough equity. And if you don’t have to pay it anymore, then refinancing is a great way to get rid of it. So been able to help a lot of people do that. I myself was able, you know, to combine my first and second mortgage, which helped me monthly, you know, I’ve helped a lot of people be able to refinance saving money so that they can invest with their invest more money with their financial planners on a monthly basis to prepare for retirement. So a lot, a lot of really good conversation and opportunity with refinances right now.

    Ben McClure 1:07:52
    That’s great. Obviously, there’s a lot of big companies, mortgage companies that advertise nationally. And, you know, when somebody’s looking at a mortgage, they might think, Oh, yeah, I know so and so. But what’s the advantage of working with someone like you, local, in the Lancaster community, as opposed to the big big companies?

    Holly Lyle 1:08:10
    Right, I’m right here, I’m, I’m their contact, you know, I, I always say to people in the beginning, when we start the process, you know, I don’t go away, once you apply, and start the process, like I’m here for you the whole time. So if there’s a question or concern, all you have to do is call text or email, I’m always here, I’m right here in Lancaster. So you know, someone could come knocking on my door at 1368 Harrisburg Pike, and say, you know, I would prefer to sit down with you in person to talk about things, or, you know, I need to drop off paperwork, and I’m here. So, the other reason is, it helps, it makes the agents the realtors involved, feel more comfortable knowing they’re someone local, that they’re going to be able to get on the phone to help with the process, you know, to get things done. So a lot of times when you’re working with a big, huge company, you’re never talking to that same person, or you can’t get somebody on the phone, or they’re not explaining things correctly. Or, you know, you don’t know how much experience they have. If they’re explaining things correctly to you, or they’re just taking too long. You know, so

    Jeff Giagnocavo 1:09:29
    Well, I like to say here in our store, we have big national chains that we compete with, just as you do Holly on the mortgage stage. But simply put, you’ve given your address 1368 Harrisburg Pike, right. Then we’ve had your phone number on the screen, your website, your social. Here’s the bottom line…seven days a week in our business, I think five days a week in yours, you have a choice. Yeah, happy customers can come through your front door. You’re open seven, too? Good. Seven days a week at Gardner’s.

    Holly Lyle 1:10:01
    Our brick and mortars not open seven but my phone is always.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 1:10:05
    Yeah, yeah, Holly’s accessible seven days a week. Yeah, bottom line is seven days a week we all can make. And this is this is why we bring on great local businesses. We all make a choice we can it work so hard to have happy customers call us walk in our front door. Or we can just choose to take your money and have you really be upset when you call or walk in the front door. gardeners and I know Holly for a fact always chooses to make you happy always chooses to make that dream come true. With with buying your home, or your dream home, whether it’s the first one second one show we really work hard Holly, why don’t you do this? Give out your contact info for the listeners. Obviously people watching on the screen have had copious amounts of ways to get ahold of you, but anybody listening, they don’t have that privilege of seeing our wonderful happy faces. So why don’t you give your phone number out and how they get ahold of you?

    Holly Lyle 1:11:00
    Yeah. Holly Lyle 717-951-3943. I’m with Sierra Pacific mortgage on 1368. Harrisburg Pike in Lancaster PA and my website is hollylyle.com.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 1:11:37
    There’s an old Cheer’s reference to what I just said. Ah, look it up and I’ll give you a free pillow, listeners.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 1:11:49
    Yep. Good. I’m glad you’re enjoying ours, Holly and Michelle will bring on one last time for a question on what you love about the area. So have you think about that, we’ll come back in just a minute. Listen, folks, if you’ve got some extra time, the Lancaster Connects community is just something that might be what you’re looking for. Alright, so if you’ve got a worthwhile cause or know of a cause, that can make excellent use of members of the Lancaster community volunteering their time. That’s what the Lancaster Connects community is all about. So we have people that you know are looking for a good cause that needs volunteers, or you want to donate your time to help out in the community. We want to hear from you. If you’d like to volunteer your time remember I said we’d love for you to donate to these causes and charities we put in front of you. But I totally understand that that may not be for everybody. But if you’ve got time you can go to lancasterconnects.com you enter our free giveaways that we’re going to announce momentarily. You can also then check the box on the same form confirming that you’d like to volunteer when those opportunities come up from the charities. You know, maybe Michelle as we bring you back on you. If you think there’s a need for volunteers to come help you let us know and we’ll get that out to the Lancaster Connects Community because we want to promote your need. And I understand for a lot of charities the donations are great the monetary need is there, but they need the bodies they need the people boots on the ground, people helping out to execute the goal and make the mission happen. So you can learn more about all the all the opportunities we have for you to volunteer your time as we build this out at lancasterconnects.com just check the box that you’d like to volunteer your time and we will let you know of opportunities in the area to help where you can donate time and volunteer. By the way, I think a great way if you’ve got kids to kind of show them a little insight of how the world works. We’re likely all very blessed watching this and we can certainly help out people in our community that might need a little bit of our time and a little hand up in hand out so that’s the Lancaster Connects Community. Remember this show is available as a podcast. We’ll have info like this for you every week subscribe to the podcast by finding the links lancasterconnects.com and you’ll get all the info from each show delivered right to your email inbox. You can enter the free restaurant gift card giveaway sign up for the Lancaster Connects community. All of that stuff is right there at lancasterconnects.com Alright, so Michelle, welcome back. We’re going to do our giveaways here in a minute. Real quick. Something else that we do we normally have a pet of the week this time we thought we’d mix it up. This is again a way for our listeners to get involved with our show. Whether you’re a listener or a gardeners customer. We’re big fans of this book called Dog Joy. This is a great book about the joy of rescuing a dog. You can get this book here on our store, you can get it on Amazon if you just search up dog joy book in Amazon or go to just dogjoybook.com. You can get a copy all the proceeds go to animal rescues. Okay, if you’ve rescued a pet, and you’d love to share your story on the show in our pet of the week segment, we would love to have you do that. So dog joy available here at the store. Gizmo in there. Ben, why don’t you tell about our our giveaways?

    Ben McClure 1:15:53
    Yeah, so like we teased at the beginning of the show, and we do every Lancaster Connects podcast episode, we give away to restaurant gift cards, valued at $25. To listeners that go to Lancaster connects.com and enter the contest entry form. This week’s winners are Barbara Bair of Calistoga and John McLaughlin of Lancaster. So thank you, Barbara and John for listening. And again, going to lancasterconnects.com website and entering the contest entry form couldn’t be easier.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 1:16:29
    And to bring it back just real quick because he’s my dog. My favorite dog we’ve ever had Gizmo, put him right there up on the screen. There’s the absolute joy we’re talking about in my son’s faces with the day we brought him home. So if you’ve got a story like that, with a really great animal you’ve rescued, let us know go to the form lancasterconnects.com, and we’ll get you on the show and highlight your pet. So we’ve done our giveaways congrats to Barbara and John. Michelle, Holly, we’re rounding the corner, coming to home base to wrap this up. One last question for you. We’ll go to Michelle first. What do you love about the area?

    Michelle Mancini 1:17:07
    Well, I really love I mean, as you know, we’re in Lititz, so it’s kind of North Northern Lancaster County. And it’s just really peaceful up here, especially around the wolves and everything. I actually drive an hour to get here. I’m from outside of the Philadelphia area around Phoenixville. So it’s definitely a different vibe up here. Folks tend to take things a little slower and are a lot kinder, for the most part. So I enjoy that.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 1:17:38
    Wonderful. Well, listen, I mean, the fact that you’re driving an hour to do you go to the sanctuary each day.

    Michelle Mancini 1:17:45
    Four days a week.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 1:17:47
    Four days a week. Wow. Well listen, thanks for all you do there. That’s tremendous dedication and commitment. I’m gonna make it a point to get up there with my family. I’m so happy we had you on. I’m sure Ben you’re gonna probably look to do the same. Just kind of speaking for Ben right there. But I know they like to be outdoors as do we. Yeah, we’ll make it a point to be there. And thank you so much for joining us on the show, Holly. So there’s serenity, the peacefulness, the kindness of Lancaster. We didn’t take all the answers did we? What do you like about the area?

    Holly Lyle 1:18:25
    I just think it’s beautiful here. I think I love the green this time of year. I do love living someplace with the having all the seasons. And it’s just beautiful here. I’m not a world traveler or anything but born and raised here and I live in the country and it’s just a beautiful place. Yeah.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 1:18:54
    And speaking of seasons, there’s one season I know you really enjoy because you have a little evidence of it behind you, your Christmas tree? Oh, it actually is not a Christmas show right now, your seasonal tree.

    Holly Lyle 1:19:10
    My seasonal tree.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 1:19:11
    I’m not the only one.

    Holly Lyle 1:19:13
    There’s now Easter and Spring.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 1:19:18
    Love it.

    Holly Lyle 1:19:21
    [Inaudible] Valentine’s Day.

    Ben McClure 1:19:27
    That’s okay. You know, with the opening of baseball season, I thought maybe a baseball tree would be appropriate, but I guess Easter qualifies.

    Holly Lyle 1:19:36
    I have girls.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 1:19:37
    I think Holly likes the Easter-Spring tree a little better.

    Ben McClure 1:19:42
    I think so. Yeah.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 1:19:43

    Holly Lyle 1:19:46
    My husband said, ladies yesterday, we just go with the red, white and blue. You know, with the July 4th. I said no.

    Jeff Giagnocavo 1:19:57
    Yeah, yeah. Nice. Nice. Well, ladies, thank you so much. I know we ran a little longer. I appreciate you hanging in there. Thank you so much. Thank you to Joe. Just incredible. I don’t know what I’m more impressed by his technological skills, his ability to connect with the Serenity Pack or his howling skills which totally tricked me out. But folks, I know. Right. So, listen, thank you so much for joining us. Thanks for making this episode. Great. Lancaster Connects Community. Thanks for listening. We’ll catch you next week on Episode Seven. Take care.

    Georgia 1:20:48
    Get Super Cereal


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