Episode 7: Lancaster EMS, Lafayette Fire Company, Ephrata Cloister – April 21st, 2021

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Are those sirens you hear?

That’s the sound of Lancaster’s first responders coming to the rescue!

On Episode 7 of Lancaster Connects, you’ll meet Marisa Seubert from Lancaster EMS 🚑 and a 52-year veteran of Lafayette Fire Company 🚒, Howard Hershey.

Marisa and Howard explain how the important work of Lancaster EMS and LaFayette Fire Company is entirely donor-funded and tell us all about their First Responder Food Truck Fundraiser on Friday April 23rd from 4pm-8pm. (Click here for tickets and more info)

You’ll also meet Elizabeth Bertheaud, the administrator for one of PA’s most treasured historic sites – Ephrata Cloister – who also stops by to transport us back to 18th century PA.

You’ll learn all about your entertainment options in the area for the coming week, get some local food truck news, get an update on our Lancaster Photo Contest, find out how you can help the local community including two students LCHS who were in a serious car accident, and learn an interesting history nugget about PA.

🐺 Lastly, you’ll get to meet Courage – our Pet Of The Week from Pitties Love Peace!

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This Week’s Guests:

👉 Lancaster EMS:

👉 LaFayette Fire Company:

👉 Ephrata Cloister:

Events Around Lancaster This Week: 

  • May 27th – November 10th: Lancaster Barnstormers announce their regular season schedule!
    • Click here to view the schedule and purchase tickets.
  • Saturday, April 24th:  Help clean up Elizabethtown then head to Elizabethtown Borough Park Celebrate Earth Day with live music, children’s crafts and more!
    • Clean up crews are currently full, but you may still be able to help. Contact Earth2Etown@gmail.com to see if you can get involved or visit Earth 2 E-Town on Facebook!
    • The music and fun starts at Elizabethtown Borough Park at 11 AM, located at: 201 S. Mount Joy St in Elizabethtown.
  • Now Until August 1st: Song Contest Celebrating 50th Anniversary Environmental Rights Amendment. The song  that best expresses what the environment means to them wins $250.
  • Thru May 2nd: Murder Mystery Dinner Theater at Mount Hope
    • The 13th annual Murder Mystery Dinner Theater at Mount Hope on the grounds of Mount Hope Estate & Winery in Manheim. Accept this invitation to the interactive culinary “who-done-it” and enjoy a sumptuous four-course meal and the opportunity to become the detective, interrogate the suspects, put the clues together and uncover the truth!
    • Click here for ticketing information.
  • All Week: TellUs360 has live music all week! Click here to see their calendar.
    • Wednesday, April 21st: Tribute To Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
    • Monday, April 26th: Free acoustic open mic with Tigh Mhary & Bjorn Jacobson,
  • All Week: Phantom Power in Millersville has a variety of events all week! Click here to see their calendar.
    • Sunday, April 25th: Outdoor Phlea Market
    • Monday, April 26th: Comedy Open Mic Night
    • Wednesday, April 28th: Trivia Night
  •  April 23rd – August 7th: Join an interactive escape room on a moving train at Strasburg Rail Road! Admission includes a complimentary adult beverage and snack!
    • Click here to learn more and get ticketing information.
  • Every Saturday: Book a tour and meet alpacas at Eastland Alpacas! Pet, feed, and take pictures with the alpacas on the 30 acre farm. Tours are done by appointment and donation. Most Saturdays available.
    • Call 717-653-2757 to set up a time for a tour. Or, click here to visit their website.

Lancaster’s Food Truck Scene For This Week:

  • Friday, April 23rd: Lancaster EMS & LaFayette Fire Company are having a “First Responder Food Truck Fundraiser”. Tickets are only $3 and kids up to 16 will get in for free. Time: 4pm-8pm.
  • Puerto Rican food truck, Isla Estrella is now parked in a new location: 509 Rohrerstown Rd in Lancaster
  • Oola Bowls, which has acai bowls, smoothies, and other healthy bites will be in spots this week.
  • Grappling Crab Shack will be at 4 Newton Ct. in Leola, PA on April 21st, from 4:30pm-7:30pm
  • Wich Way Sandwiches & Scoop O’ Dough will be at Sweetbriar Creek in Manheim at 6028 Bayberry Avenue on April 20th from 5pm-7pm.
  • The Nacho Depot will be at 120 Penningdon Drive in Landisville on April 22nd from 5pm-7pm.
  • The Chubby Unicorn – a BBQ trailer – will be parked at the Georgetown Hills Development at 1588 Manor Blivd. on April 22nd from 5pm-7pm.

Lancaster Connects Community

  • LCHS Car Accident Fundraiser
  • Join the choir at Ephrata Cloister
  • Train to become an EMS and “Learn While You Earn”
    • Marisa Seubert from Lancaster EMS told us about their EMT Academy where you can get paid while you train as an EMT on working response trucks.
    • Certification takes 12-16 weeks.
    • More information:
  • Do you have a non-profit, good cause, or worthwhile endeavor that you’d like to promote on the show?
    Tell us all about it via our contact form.
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Additional Links:

  • Photo Contest Update: We’re keeping the photo contest running until we get a few more photos! Enter the contest by posting your picture as a comment on our “Photo Contest” post on our Facebook page. Click here to post your photo.

    Winner gets a $60 custom pillow from Gardner’s Mattress And More!

  • Help the two students – Domenic and Nahjeir – that were involved in the car accident as they were driving back to school. Their classmates set up a Go Fund Me campaign to help with the medical costs. Click here to donate.


Episode Transcript (Click Here To Open/Close)

Jeff Giagnocavo 0:00
How can you support the local Lancaster community?

Ben McClure 0:02
That’s what this show is all about.

Jeff Giagnocavo 0:23
Lancaster Connects is brought to you by the Sleep Better book from Gardner’s Mattress & More you can get your free copy at gardnersmattressandmore.com.

Ben McClure 0:33
Sounds like a good book.

Jeff Giagnocavo 0:34
I think it’s a great book. So here we are, Episode Eight, and we are off to the races podcasting, being sleep better guys, mattress guys. Last week I was a boxspring-foundation guy. Went out to the Amish countryside in Western Pennsylvania and got a whole bunch of Amish-made heavy duty foundations…or as our listeners would know them…box springs. The updated term is foundation. All your support is in a mattress now but we buy those direct from an Amish outfit in the western part of the state. Homer city to be exact. And the funny thing about that trip is there’s one of the guys who is a real smart alec…

Ben McClure 1:26
One of the Amish guys?

Jeff Giagnocavo 1:27
Yeah, real comedian, a joker. My truck broke down, new truck no less, 600 and some miles on it. The rental truck we had and he says, “You know what? When I want my truck to work, I give it a carrot and smack it on the rear end.”

Ben McClure 1:41
Uh, yeah, his horse.

Jeff Giagnocavo 1:43
Yeah, horse of course, a horse is of course.

Ben McClure 1:46
Mr. Ed. I got the reference, yep.

Jeff Giagnocavo 1:49
Who do we have the show then?

Ben McClure 1:50
We have coming up Marisa Seubert from the Lancaster EMS and Howard Hershey from the Lafayette Fire Company. Howard is sitting in front of a an old fire truck which is super cool. And we also have Elizabeth Bertheaud from the Ephrata Cloister.

Jeff Giagnocavo 2:08
I used to drive by there all the time as a single man living in Ephrata. Nice.

Ben McClure 2:13
I was at a wedding at the Ephrata Cloister many years ago, 15 years ago, a cool place.

Jeff Giagnocavo 2:18
So we’ve got a whole bunch of stuff what’s going on in and around town, in and around the community. We’ve got a photo contest update for you. Our quick tip on how to sleep better right from the Sleep Better book, what foodtrucks will be, where they will be and when. We’ve also got an opportunity to help two high school students in desperate need right now. And you can help your neighbors by joining the Lancaster Connects Community. We’re gonna have our pet of the week as per normal and of course our weekly restaurant gift card giveaways. So we’ve got a whole bunch of stuff going on.

Ben McClure 2:54
I know it’s gonna be an action packed hour.

Jeff Giagnocavo 2:58
And remember this show is also available as a podcast, you can find the links at lancasterconnects.com.

Ben McClure 3:04
And remember to like and share the video. Leave a comment, tell a friend about the show. Especially if they live in Lancaster, they should watch. We talk about a lot of things going on in Lancaster and highlight a lot of nonprofits and local heroes.

Jeff Giagnocavo 3:21
So welcome Melissa Seubert from Lancaster EMS, Howard Hershey from Lafayette Fire Company and Elizabeth Bertheaud from Ephrata Cloister. Welcome to the show. Happy to have you here.

Marisa Seubert 3:35
Hey, thank you.

Ben McClure 3:38
Thank you very much.

Jeff Giagnocavo 3:40
Yeah, thanks for joining us. We’ll have you back on in a little bit. We got our events rundown to go over and couple of the things to let the community know about but we’ll be bringing it back on momentarily.

Marisa Seubert 3:53

Ben McClure 3:54
So right into our events, Lancaster Barnstormers. They’ve announced their 2021 schedule. Their first home opener is June 4, and they’re honoring the healthcare heroes of Lancaster who’ve been for the last year plus dedicating a ton of their time and into the health of the Lancaster community. Of course they’ve got weekly promotions $2 Tuesday’s, the Barnstormers that is, not the health care workers. $2 Tuesday’s at the Barsnstormers for items like popcorn, fountain soda, nachos and hotdogs. Weiner Wednesday’s, $1 dollar hotdogs and you get to bring your dog to the ballpark that that’s a sounds like a pretty fun night. Thirsty Thursdays $2 for a 12 ounce craft brew at the Broken Bat Craft Beer Deck. Fridays are Code Red Fridays. You can sport your Barnstormer red and be the most spirited fan to be entered to win a prize. Saturdays you’ve got Fireworks every Friday or every Saturday night as fireworks and Sundays, this is cool for the kids, you get to play catch right on the field before the game and the kids also get a free carousel ride. So ton of stuff going on with the Barnstormers and that’s just the baseball stuff they do a ton. The hold a ton of events at the ballpark and around Lancaster City for the Lancaster community. So you can get all that information at lancasterbarnstormers.com

Jeff Giagnocavo 5:27
Yep, the guys there, owners of the team, I know they are big in Lancaster County, former Clipper Magazine guys, that’s the name. And you know, we’ve gotten to know them personally over the years, doing business with them and their their dedication to the community is pretty profound. And when you think of the last year, you know, not being able to do anything. Let’s get out there and support them if we can, take your family out there for a night of entertainment, buy a couple of hotdogs, a couple burgers and enjoy the game. They’re a great asset to the community. So let’s hope we can help them out. And they’re obviously here to help our community out. We’ve got a community cleanup. All right, this is to celebrate Earth Day Thursday, April 22nd by cleaning up the local community, Saturday April 24th. At Elizabethtown Borough Park from 11-2, groups will be assigned to local areas to clean up trash, recycling and compostable items. Trash bags are provided but please bring your own gloves. Of course that is going to be at Elizabethtown Borough Park, 201 South Main Street Mountjoy, Elizabethtown PA. If you’re looking to connect with them, you could do two ways email directly earth2etown@gmail.com or @earth2etown on Facebook. Immediately following that clean up. meet back in the park for live music from the Lancaster-based group Ukulele Uprising, children’s crafts in Pavilion Two from one to four. Again that’s at the Borough Park there and Elizabethtown. We’ve also got a song contest. So this is yours, you’re the singer.

Ben McClure 7:07
Yeah, well, I’m not gonna sing. But the Pennsylvania Parks and Forest Foundation wants to know what song best expresses what the environment means to them. To them as a person. So you can you can win $250 you can enter now until August 1 again, Pennsylvania Parks and Forest Foundation wants to know what song you think best expresses what the environment means. You can do that at paparksandforest.org there’s a bunch of other…

Jeff Giagnocavo 7:44
We’ll have the link, if you’re a listener of the show, you know Ben likes links, but we’ll put it in the show notes. Lancasterconnects.com will be the place for all of that. So if you’re into a song and into winning 250 bucks that best exemplifies the environment for PA Parks and Forests, hit the show links up and you’ll get right there.

Ben McClure 8:06
Talk to us about the Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre.

Jeff Giagnocavo 8:09
We get the murder three weeks in a row now. That’s the schedule, I’m the murder guy. So urder mystery dinner theater at Mountain hope this goes on at the PA Renaissance Fair complex, no sorry, happens at the Mount Hope Estate and Winery in Mannheim. But it’s connected to PArenfaire.com. So anyway, I’ll just read the notes Murder Mystery Dinner Theater at Mount Hope. The 13th Annual Murder Mystery Dinner Theater at the Mount Hope Estate and Winery in Mannheim continues now through May 2nd. Tickets at PArenfaire.com. You take the next one.

Ben McClure 8:55
Okay. Tellus360, awesome live venue venue downtown. Right there on King Street just north of the square. They’ve got a fun event going on April 21, between eight and 10pm. It’s a tribute to Dave Matthews Band and Tim Reynolds. And it’s called A Proud Monkey Presents a Tribute to Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds. You can get more information about that concert at tellus360.com. Also they’ve got an open mic night with Bjorn Jacobson and Tigh Mhary.

Jeff Giagnocavo 9:31
Happy you got this one.

Ben McClure 9:33
Yeah, yeah. I think at some point, Simon and Billy are gonna have to do a clip show of all of our name mispronunciations. But April 26, between seven and 9pm. It’s a free acoustic open mic night. And those two guys are hosting that. It’s an intimate and participative atmosphere for all songwriters and instrumentalists. Signups begin at 6pm and it’s ages. 21 and up at tellus360.com.

Jeff Giagnocavo 10:04
I’ve got three Millersville area events you go, actually all at Phantom Power. Trivia Night at Phantom Power April 28 eight o’clock, all ages, no cover, come out to our socially distanced Trivia Night and pick your teams. Hosted by Trivia Product and guaranteed to be a night of fun, that’s at 121 West Frederick street in Millersville at phantompower.net for info on that and the next two. We’ve got an outdoor flea market that’s kind of spelled like Philly, Phlea Market at the Beer Garden at Phantom Power. Enjoy 25 plus vendors, food, drink, entertainment music by Horse and Buggy DJ and food by Isabella Cuisine. April 25 from 11 to three, all ages are welcome. To get more information at phantompower.net. And finally Comedy Night. Maybe we should go, maybe not. I don’t think we will, there’s been a lot of comedians sidelined in the last year. We don’t need to try oh, let them do their thing. Yeah, Comedy Open Mic Night at Phantom Power, Guy Walks Into a Bar Open Mic Night hosted by Audrie Marsh and Jared McHale, April 26. Signups begin at six, comedy starts at seven or you can watch comedy here at Lancaster Connects 24-7 anytime you want. Go to lancasterconnects.com. But if you want real comedy, go to phantompower.net. Go get it on April 26 at Phantom Powers at 121 West Frederick Street, Millersville.

Ben McClure 11:33
Yeah, actually a cool note about Phantom Power. I just saw that they booked, I think her name is Melissa Villasenor. But she’s an active cast member on SNL. And she’s going to be doing her comedy at Phantom Power at some point, I saw the tickets were sold out so maybe we won’t mention it again. But you know, they’re getting some really big comedy acts. So that’s pretty cool. Great, great local venue to support. We’ve got an Escape Room on a Train. Harry Houdini is trapped in a safe onboard a moving train and only you and your party can free him before he runs out of air. Sounds dangerous. It’s an interactive escape room onboard the opulent and moving President’s Car. Your ticket there at the Strasburg Railroad includes one complimentary adult beverage and snack and tickets are available for April 23 through the April 30 run of this show, and the train departs the station at 6pm on those dates so you can get tickets at strasburgrailroad.com

Jeff Giagnocavo 12:46
Liquor, moving trains, rescuing somebody, sounds like a lot of fun. I’m gonna check that one out. Eastland Alpacas Farm Tour, so alpaca is a pretty neat animal.

Ben McClure 12:58
I’ve been there with the younguns long time ago.

Jeff Giagnocavo 13:02
Yeah. The alpacas welcome visitors throughout the year. Pet, feed and take pictures with them. The alpacas that is on the 30 acre farm tours are done by appointment and donation, most Saturdays are available. Call to set up a time for a tour. The Farm Store Boutique offers hats, scarves, throws, socks, and teddy bears all made from alpaca fiber and I can tell you alpaca socks are the bomb. I have a pair. They’re amazing. I love them. So definitely check them out eastlandalpacas.com, and that’s at 2089 Risser Mill Road at Mountjoy. Again, all info and links are available on the website. And via email each week, just enter our giveaway at lancasterconnects.com to subscribe to our weekly email update with all of our show info.

Ben McClure 13:54
This show is also available as a podcast and you can get the links at lancasterconnects.com

Should we just go to our guests?

Jeff Giagnocavo 14:03
Yeah, we should. I don’t know that we should.

Ben McClure 14:06
A second time I’ve done that. We’re still getting it here. Podcast rookies.

Jeff Giagnocavo 14:11
So for our guests, any of those events sound interesting. Have you been to any of those places? Or maybe you got a joke to tell? Since there’s a comedy night?

Marisa Seubert 14:24
Oh, I haven’t been to any of those yet. I can tell you that Lancaster EMS we have a station in Millersville. So I think you mentioned a couple of those events that are happening in Millersville. So it’s nice that you’re supporting the local community.

Ben McClure 14:40

Howard Hershey 14:45
No jokes for me today.

Elizabeth Bertheaud 14:50
The alpacas are great. If you go the alpaca place.

Ben McClure 14:55
Yeah, you’ve been there.

Elizabeth Bertheaud 14:59

Jeff Giagnocavo 14:59
I find it hard to believe that Howard doesn’t have jokes. Maybe we’ll get to that.

Howard Hershey 15:07
No, it’s very true. Very true.

Jeff Giagnocavo 15:13
Well, listen, we’ve also got a couple other things going on here. Our photo contest. We as a new rankle a new a new part of the podcast, way to connect the community kind of highlights some local talent, highlight the local community and surrounding area. We have one person who’s gotten on the photo contest train. That’s Mike [inaudible]. Perfect now, with a name like Giagnocavo you should be able to figure this out. But anyway, Mike, oh, he’s got two photos out there, Strasburg and Springtime, Hans Herr House in Lancaster County. And actually, I do know we have a second one, our production team will pick this up. I’ll make a note and point it out I know Sarah Reynolds, she’s a volunteer coordinator at Zoe’s House. I know she posted on one of the many Facebook posts that we made. So maybe it didn’t hit the exact right place but it was a nice photo as well. So we’ve actually got two people. I’ve got my photos which are utterly fantastic.

Ben McClure 16:17
Set the [Inaudible].

Jeff Giagnocavo 16:18
That’s just amazing, amazing box truck photography. But I will put some photos in from the Amish country trip for the foundation box springs. But we’ll keep this first round open another week to get more photos because we really, you know, we think this is neat. We think it’s a neat way to showcase some emerging talent. Maybe if you’ve got a child that likes to take photos with your cell phone or there’s, you know, let’s let’s get some more photos in. All right, so you can enter by posting your photo and or pictures as a comment on our photo contest post on our Facebook page. Facebook.com/LancasterConnects will show our shortlist of the best pictures on next week’s show and ask the audience to vote for the winner. So next week, we’ll call the first vote and bring that up. But why don’t we bring on our guests? Let’s bring on Marisa.

Ben McClure 17:13
Hey, Marisa.

Marisa Seubert 17:14
Hey, thanks for having me.

Ben McClure 17:17
Thanks for being on. Tell us a little bit about the Lancaster EMS.

Marisa Seubert 17:24
So Lancaster County EMS. We’re the largest EMS agency here in Lancaster County. When you call 911 for emergency, we are usually they’re always ready to respond. We have the most trucks out available with the most employees. And in addition to providing 911 emergency services, we also do non emergency medical services to 21 municipalities here in Lancaster County. We are a fully nonprofit 501c3, public safety organization. We’re responding to about 100 calls a day. So we’re always responding, always ready to serve the community residents here in Lancaster County.

Jeff Giagnocavo 18:28
And you’re in it right now. You’re there in the office. And the calls are coming in in the background.

Marisa Seubert 18:35

Jeff Giagnocavo 18:37
Yeah, this is a this is a part of, you know, society that I think a lot of people kind of forget about, not that they do it intentionally. It’s just they’re not exposed to it. Part of the reason we have this show, how is it determined? You said you serve 21, boroughs, municipalities, you know, how does that how do you handle that versus the other agencies?

Marisa Seubert 19:00
It depends. So our 21 municipalities. A lot of times that’s our first job area. And so if we’re busy within and we get a call from somebody within the municipality, then another EMS agency will pick up and help us. So a lot of times, you know, we’re working in hand in hand and mutual mutual response. But most of the time and actually In fact, all the time. We are responding to our own within our own territory is very few times because we’re the largest and we have the most vehicles and staff is very few times that we are not able to respond within our first job area. A lot of times we pick up other area areas for other ms agencies. So last year, just to give you some information In 2020, we had about 39,000 requests for service.

Ben McClure 20:10
All day, all of them coming in on 911 calls

Marisa Seubert 20:15

Jeff Giagnocavo 20:17
Wow. Wow. Yeah. So how many what what kind of staffing do you need to support that?

Marisa Seubert 20:24
So staffing, we’re at about 160 staff while we’re in our career, clinical and non clinical, um, and recruit recruitment is a very hot critical for us right now. So if anyone out there is looking to be an EMT, we have an EMT Academy that we are offering right now it’s an learn while you earn Academy where you can sign up to get your credentials to be an EMT. And get on what train you get on the trucks and progress that way. And then after EMT, a lot of people can progress to a paramedic level. And that’s just another certification.

Ben McClure 21:23
How long does that process take for somebody to say they’re interested in getting started with you to the time that they could be out on the truck?

Unknown Speaker 21:32
It’s about 12 to 16 weeks. And we we are very, we’re very thorough with our training, we want to make sure our staff is fully prepared with knowledge base information before we put them on to take care of a medical call, you know, with that, that’s our first priority is you know, we’ll pair them up with a more experienced staff member. So that you know, should an emergency occur with a patient You know, there’s always a with a trainee, there’s always a more experienced novice person, so that situations arise, you know, if the trainee is, is ready to learn, but it is a you know, it’s hands on learning. And so make sure that the person the trainee is comfortable, to unprepared to serve our residents. And that’s what we do. We love our residents. And you know, we’re here Lancaster County, ready to answer the call?

Jeff Giagnocavo 22:39
Yeah, yeah a big part of a safe society and a society that supports itself.

Marisa Seubert 22:47
Yes, we’re what’s called a fee for service, we’re always there ready to call, you know, to respond to that request, emergency non emergency. But on the other hand, on the other side of that is lack of funding right now. We’re not tax based. municipalities are not mandated to fund us. And, you know, we’re constantly doing membership drives. We’re doing a lot of fundraising. I do grant writing. So we’re really trying to raise some dollars, because in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, they’re not mandated to fund us. So that’s a struggle for us. And that’s a reality. And we hope that down the road in 10-20 years, that when people do call 911, that EMS will be on the scene and we’ll have the funding but at this point it’s a struggle for us. It really truly is, like I said, we’re nonprofit, a lot of people, you know, think that we’re affiliated with the hospital, we are not, we are not affiliated with the hospital. We have Lancaster General and then we have Penn Medicine. I’m sorry, we have Lifeline of Penn State Hershey coming into town in about 2022 in about a year from now. And you know, we’re gonna have two competing hospitals pretty soon and neither of those hospitals is funding us, is backing us up. So you know, we’re there we’re ready to do you know, cardiac arrest treatment and I’m ready to respond and take that patient to the hospital facility or transport from the hospital to home vice versa. So right now is a critical point for us. The COVID pandemic really hurt us as well. And we’re trying to be creative and innovative with our funding. You know, we have a food truck event which I’m sure you’ll be able to hear more.

Jeff Giagnocavo 25:07
Yeah, we’re gonna talk about that but you want to talk about longevity as I understand it. You know your your hope for 15-20 years down the road that’s got to be borne out of something. Yeah. Howard Hershey has been a part of Lancaster for how long Howard? How long have you been on with Lancaster EMS?

Howard Hershey 25:29
I’m actually not with Lancaster EMS. I’m with Lafayette Fire Company.

Jeff Giagnocavo 25:33
I’m sorry. I butchered that.

Howard Hershey 25:35
That’s a separate organization.

Jeff Giagnocavo 25:39
Helping people in a time of need. You’ve been around for a while.

Howard Hershey 25:46
I’ve been with Lafayette for our company for just a little over 52 years. I’ve served with an ambulance company prior to Lancaster ms. I was East Lampeter ambulance here in the area. I served with them for a number of years. And yeah, it’s it’s been a long road. And it’s been a very interesting time in my life.

Ben McClure 26:16
Where is the Lafayette fire company located?

Howard Hershey 26:20
We’re located on Lincoln Highway East, just east of Lancaster city. And we’re actually directly across the street from one of Lancaster EMS stations.

Ben McClure 26:31
Oh, that’s convenient.

Howard Hershey 26:33
We’re a totally 100% volunteer organization. And we serve primarily East Lampeter township and under contract, we serve the eastern portion of Lancaster Township.

Jeff Giagnocavo 26:50
Tell us about the the name, Lafayette Fire Company. Where did that originate from?

Howard Hershey 26:56
in a magazine from there’s a there’s a plot of ground directly north of us here along the old Philadelphia pike. And there’s actually a marker there that general Lafayette viewed his troops during the Revolutionary War over here along the old Philadelphia Pike. So there’s a area there with called Lafayette because of the memorial marker. And when they organize the fire department struggled for a name and they adopted Lafayette based on the review grounds close to the facility here.

Ben McClure 27:33
And I didn’t know that.

Jeff Giagnocavo 27:34
So your capacity, Howard with the Fire Company there? Is that is that been for 52 years has that been volunteer based? How? Like, are you? Are you an employee of the company? I know volunteering is a big part of it. Tell us a little bit more about that.

Howard Hershey 27:51
Now everybody at the station here is a volunteer, we’re 100% volunteer. I’ve been fortunate enough to serve in a number of different positions from President. I’m currently secretary. I’ve served as a lieutenant captain, Assistant Chief and chief currently serving as chief engineer on the apparatus. So covered most of the jobs here. Yes.

Jeff Giagnocavo 28:15
That’s 52 years of volunteer service to the community. Is that correct?

Howard Hershey 28:21
That is correct. Yes.

Jeff Giagnocavo 28:23
Well, that’s, that’s incredible. So thank you for that. I know you’re not looking for that. I mean, nobody does after 52 years of committing you do it for your own reasons. But I’m saying that’s just tremendous. So thank you for doing that for our Lancaster County community. That’s just really incredible.

Howard Hershey 28:41
Yes, I appreciate that. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without a very supportive wife and family. Because with his nature of business you do you do take away from the home life sometimes when the call comes in, and it’s time to leave. Yeah, you’re gonna have to leave so. So with their support, it’s allowed me to do what I’ve done.

Yeah, yeah.

Ben McClure 29:03
How is the Lafayette Fire Company funded?

Howard Hershey 29:13
We do a fun drive annually. And our fun drive just went out this past week to the residents of the area that we serve. We are supported by East Lampeter Township. And we have a contract with Lancaster Township that they support us through that. Most of our funding goes to the facilities, the apparatus, that type of thing. We build a new stage you’ve gotten 11 years ago, 11 years ago, we were able to get some grants for that. So it’s like Marissa said, it’s gets tough financially sometimes we we struggle to get enough.

Jeff Giagnocavo 29:50
Yeah, and you’ve got this Mack truck behind you. I’ve actually got a friend of mine that works for Mack truck. And it’s it’s really neat to kind of see him talk about the company itself. But you’ve got a special one behind you, as I understand it. Tell us a little bit more about that.

Howard Hershey 30:08
Yeah, the Mac behind me was built in 1978 was built at the Mac plant in Allentown. And it’s been a workhorse for us for what is it 43 years now. It’s still an active, inactive service, it runs out on, first out on several different types of calls. It’s really on its last part of its life here, because it’s due to be replaced by a new engine that should be finished next week at a plant in Wisconsin. The Mac has served as very, very well, it’s been very low on maintenance costs. It’s a favorite of a lot of people that have been here over the years, I was fortunate enough to serve on the committee that designed and built the engine. So it’s been here the whole time on here.

Jeff Giagnocavo 31:00
So what’s so when it when it’s reached its end of life and end of service time? What happens? What’s going to happen to that truck?

Howard Hershey 31:08
Well, that’s a decision that the company needs to make. We need to decide if we’re going to keep it here and maintain it as a support unit or whether we’re going to sell it. That decision has not been made at this point yet.

Jeff Giagnocavo 31:23
Yeah. That’s pretty incredible. It’s still in service. That’s great. It’s nice to see. Yeah, nice to see things last like that. Well, in the essence of helping the endeavors continue forward, lasting right. Helping to stay around. You’ve got a food truck fundraiser coming up in conjunction with Marisa at EMS. Let’s talk about a little bit about that. Why are we having this fundraiser?

Marisa Seubert 31:48
So Lancaster and Lafayette fire? We are mutual and automatic. 911 provide nothing sorry. Mutual Aid for each other. In fact, about two hours ago, right, Howard? We got it. There was a call a emergency accident that happened not to about what an hour ago. I think, Howard, where they both responded on the scene.

Okay, yes,

Howard Hershey 32:25
we do work a lot together. Sorry.

Marisa Seubert 32:29
Yes. Yep. And so what we are trying to do because we’re both you know, in the efforts of trying to fundraise is we have exciting opportunity for to bring the community together, bring them out to help support us. We next Friday is our first responder a food truck fundraiser right here at Lafayette fire. So bring your appetite. We’re gonna have seven food truck vendors, over 20 merchandise, boutique type of pop up shops with a variety of merchandise and all the proceeds are going to be split equally between Lancaster DMS, and Lafayette fire and we’ll have some live demonstrations on the EMF side we’re gonna have some hands only CPR demonstrations. Lafayette fire will of course have their fire trucks available and all their apparatus showcase that. And joining us also next Friday night is silo from the Barnstormer so kids can come on out get their picture with silo. We are charging an admission it’s $3 a person ages 16 and under are free. And again, those all those proceeds will be split equally between the two of us between Lafayette and my history and that’s it and that’s our Yep.

Ben McClure 34:14
Friday, April 23. Correct.

Marisa Seubert 34:17
Friday, April 23, location Lafayette Fire

Jeff Giagnocavo 34:49
Yeah, I mean, listen, I think if you know listeners listening to this, you know your Friday night, you’re typically maybe going to dine out going to get some pizza or something for their family. Whatever. This is the moment right now where our community needs us, you’re going to make a decision to spend some money somewhere most likely over the weekend, get out of the house, get some fresh air, maybe see that history marker that Howard told us about for the Lafayette Fire Company, you’ll be on site there, we’ll get the maps all the links up to connect in the show notes with the postings. But I just challenge everybody, if you’re going to go out if you’re going to spend the money, do it where it impacts your community the most and you got four hours four to eight. It’s a couple bucks to get in. But so what you know, you know, food trucks are a lot of fun, you get kind of like a great little buffet of on demand different food. There’ll be some entertainment there, as they said silo from the barnstormers. That’s a great picture with the kids. Really, just would urge everybody to put that into their schedule right now. Friday, April 23, from four to eight at the Lafayette Fire Company will get the map up of how you get in and what the address is and everything if you don’t know it, but part of this money is going to go towards new equipment. What’s it What’s a fully equipped ambulance or fire truck cost?

Marisa Seubert 36:09
I’ll speak on my side. But to a new ambulance. About $160,000.

Howard Hershey 36:22
May I interrupt you? Our new engine? Yes, I’m getting a call we have to leave. But our new engine is going to run us about $650,000.

Ben McClure 36:32
Wow. All right.

Jeff Giagnocavo 36:33
So get out need some food at the food trucks?

Ben McClure 36:55
But you know, we get to kind of see that. You know, what they what they deal with on a day to day basis?

Jeff Giagnocavo 37:00
Yeah, I mean, listen, I think I think it drives home the point of how important the services are, that Ms. Lafayette offer folks like Marisa and Howard, you know, dedicating their time. The the energy, the effort, the stress that goes into it. You kind of got the inside inside baseball of what life is like there, you’re heard the calls. Howard, run it out. 52 years in. He’s still donating time. Back to our community folks. Again, Friday, April 23. from four to eight, you got the opportunity to go out and, and help raise some money for this. Say in there, it doesn’t stop. Right. And Risa just doesn’t stop. So we’re gonna help kick off the fundraising. I think it makes sense to bring this up now. Yeah, sure. We’re trying to we’re trying to stay on script. We’re going to drive our production team nuts in case this is later in the notes. But Oh, well. We donate to the charities that Come on, we donate a little amount. This basically divides up our monthly giving on each episode. So we’re going to donate Marisa to this event $125 to the event in a way, I’m sure you’ve already gotten some funds in already. But that’s going to be our contribution $125 to the efforts here. We’ll figure out who to send that to I guess we might divide it up between the two individually. But we’re going to commit that $125 to to the effort. All right. So thanks so much for everything you do. Hang on. We’ll have you talk a little bit more about some other events that are going on as we wrap up the show. All right. Thanks for everything Risa, and certainly thanks to Howard for all of his efforts and time back to the community.

Ben McClure 38:54
Can I talk about food trucks for just a moment?

Jeff Giagnocavo 38:56
Yeah, we’ve got some other food trucks in the area.

Ben McClure 38:58
So we got food trucks in the area and I did get advance notice through here. You got the food trucks that are going to be at the Lafayette Fire Company on April 23. Farm Show Milkshakes which they’re just fantastic. Nano Grill, Brickers French Fries, Papa Snow, Auntie Ann’s Crazy Train and Laura’s Chocolate. They’ll all be at the Lafayette Fire Company on Friday the 23rd. Isla Estrella is a Puerto Rican food truck. A restaurant inside of a food truck. They’re now parked at a new location. It’s 509 Rowers Town road in Lancaster. They have amazing reviews on Facebook. And you can follow them at islaestrella1@facebook.com…they won’t want me to do their commercial.

Jeff Giagnocavo 39:52
Yeah, I think I’ll take over now. Oola Bowls, fresh acai bowls. See? I say fresh acai bowls. I’ve seen it, I got too high on my horse there. I don’t know the next one, pataya bowls, smoothies and healthy food bites with a local twist there at Lancaster Central Market Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from seven to three. Of course at the Lancaster Marketplace.

Ben McClure 40:16
The Grappling Crab Shack they offer carry out blue crabs, live and steamed, crab cakes and other specialty items April 21st, 4:30 to 7:30 there at Westgate Brownstown 4 Newton Court, Leola PA.

Jeff Giagnocavo 40:35
Then we’ve got Wich Way Sandwiches and Scoop O Dough, paninis. salads, edible cookie dough, ice cream and milkshakes. Both of these food trucks will be at Sweetbriar Creek in Mannheim, 608 Bayberry Avenue in Mannheim, April 20th, from five to seven.

Ben McClure 40:53
I like this new this next one Nacho Depot. The creative American spin on Mexican and Latin favorites. You’re going enjoy nachos, tacos, burritos, empanadas, and more. April 22nd, five to 7pm and that is at 120 Pennington Drive in Landisville. @numberonenacho on Facebook. No, no, that’s not on Facebook. Would that be on Facebook? Or would that be would be Instagram, Insta? As a kid say?

Jeff Giagnocavo 41:23
Yeah, number one, and you know, number one, Nacho number one, you know number one Nacho you’ll figure it out. You’ll find that Chubby Unicorn, I’m so glad we ended up here. I love that name. Menu includes pulled pork sandwiches, barbecue chocolate chicken. Oh my goodness. Wow. A must try is chubby mac and cheese. It’s funny. The chubby guy got this one. Loaded tater tots, local craft brewed root beer, Georgetown Hills Development, April 22, from five to seven and that is located at 1588 Manor Boulevard in Lancaster. All of this tomfoolery as we introduce these food trucks. All info and links available on the website via email each week. Just enter our giveaway at lancasterconnects.com to subscribe to our weekly email update. You’ll get all of this information nicely lined out without our little bloopers and tongue twisters. It’ll all be in the show info that we send out to you. And remember, this show is also available as a podcast. We’ll have info like this for you each and every week. subscribe to the podcast by finding the links at lancasterconnects.com. So we don’t have Howard anymore. Howard’s out serving the community right now. Marisa, any any of those food trucks sound interesting to you?

Marisa Seubert 42:42
I am looking forward to all of them. I think I’m gonna actually skip lunch on Friday and save my appetite, you know?

Jeff Giagnocavo 42:53
A calorie conserve for later in the day. Right?

Marisa Seubert 42:56
Yeah, absolutely. I’m all game for that.

Jeff Giagnocavo 43:00
Well, yeah. Now we have Elizabeth. Good. Go ahead, Marisa.

Marisa Seubert 43:08
Oh, I was just gonna add to the the audience there that when you purchase a ticket, a $3 ticket, it’s an enter to win. We have a variety of raffle prizes that have been donated from the community. So we have a lot of items that people can possibly win and go home with it. So you fill your belly up and you might be able to take some a fun little basket home too. So it’s a win win for everyone.

Ben McClure 43:38
I thought you were raffling a fire truck.

Jeff Giagnocavo 43:46
Alright, well, thank you, Elizabeth. Any any food trucks there get your attention?

Elizabeth Bertheaud 43:57
You’re making me hungry. It all sounds good. You know, lunchtime is coming.

Jeff Giagnocavo 44:09
Yeah. Elizabeth, you’ve got some history for us. Last week we discussed in Lancaster County, the first courthouse being Postlewaite’s Tavern. So this week, you’ve got a history nugget for us. And someone who does history tours and from an archaelogical standpoint. Why don’t you just give us the history nugget and I’ll be quiet.

Elizabeth Bertheaud 44:45
Well, I’m here today representing the Ephrata Cloister, which was a unique religious community established here in Pennsylvania. And it was established here in Pennsylvania because Pennsylvania’s Founder if you will, our William Penn, opened Pennsylvania up for anybody of any religion to come and settle. That was not the case we often learned as kids in school that everybody came to the colonies for religious freedom. Well, that may be but you could only go certain places and Pennsylvania is the first colony that was established that it didn’t matter what your religion was. And that’s why we have such a great diversity of religions and immigration stories in Lancaster County. Our effort is one of the biggest.

Jeff Giagnocavo 45:39
Yeah, so I’m sure all of our podcasters listeners enjoyed the history nugget, but for people who are watching Elizabeth, could you actually shift over to the right just to touch?

Yeah, that that right.

Ben McClure 46:11
And that’s perfect. Perfect.

Jeff Giagnocavo 46:14
There we go. There we go. Boy, we didn’t have to worry about this way back when the Cloister was founded right, we didn’t have cameras. So tell us how the first Ephrata Cloister came about.

Elizabeth Bertheaud 46:32
So it was founded in 1732 by a German immigrant named Conrad Beisel. He came to the colonies like many seeking religious freedom. He came here, variety he led he arrived in the colonies in 17/21, settled in the Germantown area outside of Philadelphia, and then became involved with the brethren church, becoming a leader with them. In 1724, at a Lancaster County congregation, they sort of agreed to disagree as he began to develop his own theology. And he came here along the banks intending to live the life of a hermit. But as often happens, even to this day with charismatic religious leaders, he established a museum here along the banks of the Cocalico. And that was in 1732, Conrad Biesel dies in 1786. The height of the communities about 1740 to 1755. Small Group about 80 celebates, about 40 celibate men and about 40 celibate sisters, about 200 householder members, the married members of the congregation, so was you know, and this is where effort at the town of effort is started here at the Cloister not downtown. The town itself really takes off when the railroad comes to town and mountain Springs Hotel where people would come take the waters. But the town of effort really begins here at the cloister.

Ben McClure 48:23
I heard there’s a connection with the Revolutionary War. What is that connection?

Elizabeth Bertheaud 48:31
Sure. So the brothers here had a printing operation, and they printed the largest book in the colonies prior to the American Revolution for their local Mennonite neighbors. That book was about 1500 pages, they made about 1500 copies. They did everything here. This facility was selected to be used as a hospital after the Philadelphia campaign, the winter that Washington was at Valley Forge, the winner of 7778 effort, as well as the Moravian Church in Lititz and in Bethlehem, were used as hospitals. And at that time when they brought the wounded here to be cared for by the brothers and sisters, and there were doctors assigned through the Continental Army as well. But one of the things that they did at that time was they found these empty pages of books and they you know, they weren’t bound yet just paper, the Continental Army needed paper. They used the paper to make musket cartridges and a musket bullet is essentially a paper tube. So they needed a paper for that. Ironically, that book was printed by the Mennonites to teach their children non violence of their religion. So here’s the book printed for you know, to teach passive nature of the Mennonite religion being turned into bullets, and obviously it was not very well received by the community or by the Mennonites. Yeah, we had a hospital.

Jeff Giagnocavo 50:24
You’re saying you’re in a hospital there?

Elizabeth Bertheaud 50:26
Yeah, we had the buildings that were used as hospitals no longer exists. They were on that hill behind. At the time, the property was about 250 acres and we have just hav 28 remaining. And so the buildings were on the hill known as Mount Zion that were used as a hospital. About 180 or so soldiers. A few did not make it. There’s a monument up and Mount Zion cemetery to those soldiers who did not make it.

Jeff Giagnocavo 51:02
Okay. Okay. So let’s talk about you said that originally, there was a group of 80 or so celibate men 40 or so celibate women. There’s a history there of how women were treated at the Ephrate Cloister is that right?

Elizabeth Bertheaud 51:16
Right. This was a great place for women in 18th century actually, in the 18th century, women really had no rights. You were chattel, you owned nothing, your father or your husband or your brother, you know, controlled everything. Here at the cloister, the women were much more empowered. They had a separate dormitory and a separate meeting house, they had their own leader. And for most of the history of effort that leaders name was Maria Eiger, she and her sister Anna were among the first women to come and visit. And what you’re looking at right now is the sister’s house itself. And this because everything was done communally, the sisters did their own cooking and their own cleaning. The brothers did their own, the sisters did not do that for the brothers. So because everything was done communally, there was a lot of time for creativity. The sisters were doing the beautiful fraktur schriften, the broken writing, and actually composing music. They composed over 1000 hymns. And we know for a fact, based on some recent research we can say quite confidently that at least three sisters were actually writing music. And in the 1750s where’s anybody else writing music? Maybe a convent in Europe somewhere. So sisters Scovan, Hannah and Cateura are going to get a Pennsylvania historical marker, noting that they are the first among the first female composers in what became the United States.

Jeff Giagnocavo 53:07
Wow. Incredible right here in our backyard.

Ben McClure 53:10
Did not know that at all. Do you currently have a choir or anything like that at the Ephrata Cloister?

Unknown Speaker 53:22
[Inaudible] we do have a volunteer chorus who sings some of the music that was written here, [Inaudible]sisters, the music is all in German. It’s volunteer of course, we’re always looking for new members of that. And we hope that they’ll be able to start resuming practice in the fall. All the numbers go right with pandemic and COVID numbers decline. People are vaccinated we are really hoping to be able to start that back up again in the fall.

Jeff Giagnocavo 53:58
And people you know when that begins again people can join the choir is that right?

Elizabeth Bertheaud 54:05
Right. If you’ve been interested in singing and joining the choir, I suggest that you email us at our general email account, which is effort 1730 two@gmail.com we’d be happy to send you the information.

Jeff Giagnocavo 54:22
And right now your your turn.

Elizabeth Bertheaud 54:24
There’s the bakery in the back of the meeting house. These are huge buildings. For the time where most people are living in maybe a story maybe two stories. The two signature buildings. We will be open again beginning April 30. We will be open Fridays Saturdays and Sundays from 10 to 4, tours will be by appointment only. You will need to call to reserve a tour time and you can simply call our number at 717-733-6600 beginning 21st to schedule your tour.

Ben McClure 55:04
Are the tours kid friendly, like what kind of kid things would there be for a kid to see and maybe even do it during a tour?

Jeff Giagnocavo 55:23
We lost Elizabeth. Well, that’s all right. No problem, I think we’re channeling the folks of the past at the Cloister on a non technology and non camera existence. That’s all right. Well, definitely get everything out there to you in the notes here.

Ben McClure 55:42
Oh, Elizabeth, we lost you there for a second. I think we were asking. You’re open. You’re doing some tours now on the weekends. Is it kid friendly and a good family thing to come to?

Jeff Giagnocavo 56:02
She might not be able to hear us.

Elizabeth Bertheaud 56:05
I’m back.

Ben McClure 56:06
Can you hear us, Elizabeth? All right. We were wondering about the kid friendly tours. What what? [Inaudible]

Elizabeth Bertheaud 56:17
Friday, Saturday and Sunday is by appointment.

Jeff Giagnocavo 56:30
Yeah, we’re having some difficulties, Elizabeth, I want to thank you. Yeah. Well, thanks to Elizabeth for joining us. We’ll certainly get all the information out. We’ll look to kind of wrap the show up here. But at any rate, thanks to Elizabeth for thought for joining us for the Ephrata Cloister, we’re also going to be donating $125 to them as well as they are a self funded non nonprofit charitable organization as well. We’ll be getting that out to them too. Okay, so both both both events here we’re donating that $125 to because we feel it’s important to support these things in our community. Another thing Lancaster Connects Community is about you know if you can’t donate financially, the thing you have is time. And if you’ve got some extra time you can sign up for the Lancaster Connects Community at lancasterconnects.com there’s a little checkbox that means you’re willing to donate time to help these charities execute on their mission. In this case, a call out here or maybe not the same but Lancaster Connects community we’ve got two teenagers that were in a really bad car crash. Happened about a week or so ago on 222, was actually a vehicle roll rollover. Both were badly injured. Their names are Dominic and Nahjeir. They’re Lancaster Catholic high school students. And they were both pretty badly injured, broken neck, back and ribs. Classmates have started a rally. They started a GoFundMe page. They’ve raised about $13,000 so far. You can go to the GoFundMe.com search for Dominic and Nahjeir and spells his name N-A-H-J-E-I-R to help defray those medical costs and again, though, you know, you can refer to the show notes for the direct link and to figure it all out and find it there if you’re if you’re into donating. So while this one’s about the money, typically Lancaster Connects Community is about your time, in this case, there is a need here even if it’s $5. I’m sure it would be appreciated. Same thing goes for Ephrata Cloister you can support them by going to ephratacloister.org to help them out. And remember, if you’re in the arts, if you want to sing, you can join the choir. I think that’s pretty neat. That’s a history rich place right here in our own backyard and community. I think it’s important that we have that remain so your support there is greatly appreciated. Have you got a worthwhile cause that can make excellent use of members of the Lancaster community, volunteering their time, let us know. That’s what Lancaster Connects community is all about. Again, Lancaster Connects comm is your hub for all things related to this podcast. Whether you have a good cause that needs volunteers or you want to donate your time to help out in the community. We want to hear from you. If you’d like to volunteer your time, enter our free giveaway at Lancaster Connects comm that’s the byproduct of entering. You can check the box confirm that you’d like to volunteer and we’ll sign you up for the Lancaster Connects ommunity and if you have a good cause that can use volunteers and we can promote that cause right here on our show. please get in touch via the forum at LancasterConnects.com.

Ben McClure 1:02:43
So Elizabeth for thought thank you for joining us. We very much appreciate it. As you saw Howard Hershey had to run off on a call. I hope everybody was okay there. And everybody gets back safe from the Fire Company. And anybody involved. We would certainly wish them quick recovery from their need. And Marisa thanks to her for all of her help with EMS and contacting the state to get the grants. I think that’s a wrap. That’s a wrap. All right. Thanks, everybody for watching, listening this time around. We’ll see you next week.

Georgia 1:04:48
Get Super Cereal


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