Contact Lancaster Connects

Would you like to join us on Lancaster Connects? Here are the types of guests we are looking to have.

Lancaster County and near region small businesses and small charities. The types of owners, entrepreneurs, and givers who live for the battle on main street. Those who view themselves as more David than Goliath.

We want to share and tell stories about the value we provide to our customers in light of big box stores and chains. The stories about more nimble charities who focus on true give back where more dollars are put into play, faster for a better result than their big corporate counterparts focused on advertising and awareness.

Ultimately Lancaster Connects will tell stories of how we all tell the story of Lancaster County and its greatness both in how we do business and how we give back.

Business guests should be ready to discuss who they are, why they exist, how they are better than other big-box options, and most importantly how they give back to the Lancaster Community.

For our charity guests, we want to showcase how you best help those you serve.

Complete the information box on this page so we get a jump start on your episode we will reach out soon to arrange a time for you to be on the show.