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Lancaster Connects is a video podcast show started in 2021 that brings together local charities, local heroes, and local businesses to showcase the best of what Lancaster, PA has to offer so that our local neighbors and friends may thrive, be more productive, and live happily and generously.

Upcoming Episode:

 Lancaster Connects Episode 151 - Mon 7/15 @ 2pm

In this episode, we explore the inspiring journey of Mitch Nugent, a visionary leader dedicated to transforming Lancaster's cultural landscape through Prima, a non-profit he co-founded with his wife Diana. With a background steeped in professional theatre, Mitch has directed and produced for millions, shaping Prima into a beacon of creativity and inclusivity. His relentless pursuit of artistic excellence and commitment to diversity have earned him accolades, including the Steinman Foundation's Pursuit of Equity Award.

Join us as Mitch shares his insights on innovation, community building, and the power of the arts in enriching lives.




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