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Lancaster Connects is a video podcast show started in 2021 that brings together local charities, local heroes, and local businesses to showcase the best of what Lancaster, PA has to offer so that our local neighbors and friends may thrive, be more productive, and live happily and generously.

Upcoming Episode:

 Lancaster Connects Episode 144 - Mon 5/27 @ 2pm

Join us as we pay tribute to fallen veterans, learn about flag folding traditions, and understand the importance of Memorial Day versus Veterans Day. Joining Ben and Jeff is Kristy Orzechowsky, a Vet 21 Salue Honor Guard and hero.

Discover the significance of Taps, the rifle volley, and the role of Vet 21 Honor Guard in honoring our heroes. Find out how you can support and get involved with Vet 21. Let's remember, honor, and support our veterans together. Connect with us on Lancaster Connects.




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