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Episode 151 - Invigorating Lives Through the Performing Arts

In this episode, we explore the inspiring journey of Mitch Nugent, a visionary leader dedicated to transforming Lancaster's cultural landscape through Prima, a non-profit he co-founded with his wife Diana. With a background steeped in professional theatre, Mitch has directed and produced for millions, shaping Prima into a beacon of creativity and inclusivity. His relentless pursuit of artistic excellence and commitment to diversity have earned him accolades, including the Steinman Foundation's Pursuit of Equity Award.

Join us as Mitch shares his insights on innovation, community building, and the power of the arts in enriching lives.



Episode 150 - A "Golden Gateway" For Pet Adoption

In this episode, we spotlight Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue (DVGRR), a 501(c)(3) non-profit that has rescued and rehomed over 6,700 dogs in its 30-year history. Based in Reinholds, PA, DVGRR operates a 6.5-acre kennel facility and is one of just four kennel-based Golden Retriever rescues in the US. DVGRR rescues 275-300 dogs annually, ranking consistently in the top three among 95 Golden Retriever rescues nationwide. They take in dogs from owner surrenders and retiring breeders, providing crucial medical and behavioral care before placing them up for adoption.

Our guest, John, began as a volunteer in 1995 and now serves as Executive Director, overseeing DVGRR's mission to provide new beginnings for displaced dogs. Join us as we explore DVGRR's impactful journey and the dedicated efforts behind their lifesaving work.



Episode 149 - Helping Our Most Vulnerable Children

In this episode, we sit down with William J. Zee, a distinguished attorney who has dedicated the past 18 years to advocating for public and private schools, higher education institutions, and community benefit organizations across Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Bill is not only a sought-after public speaker, delivering lectures nationwide on various educational topics, but also a trusted advisor frequently sought for his expertise in legislative matters impacting public education. Recently recognized as a "Law Firm Innovator" at the 2022 Legal Excellence Awards by the Legal Intelligencer, Bill's contributions to trauma-informed education have earned him additional accolades as a "Northeast Legal Trailblazer" by American Lawyer and "Pennsylvania Legal Trailblazer" by the Legal Intelligencer in 2021.

Join us as Bill shares insights from his illustrious career and discusses his passion for shaping the future of education through legal advocacy and innovation.


Episode 148 - Design with a Re-Purpose

In this episode, join us as we explore the world of repurposed furniture and home decor with Amy Geib and Lisa Hoffman from Always Never Done. Their shop specializes in revitalizing old pieces, blending vintage charm with contemporary flair. Discover their unique design aesthetic that seamlessly merges the past with the present. Learn about their services, including custom painting, cabinet transformations, and expert interior design. Plus, hear about the delightful experience of enjoying a beverage from their full espresso bar while exploring their expansive 8000 sq. ft. shop.

Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or an interior design aficionado, this episode offers insights into creating beautiful spaces with a touch of history and innovation.



Episode 147 - Changing he World Together

In this episode, we explore the heartwarming mission of GiGi's Playhouse Lancaster, the first and only Down syndrome achievement center in Pennsylvania. Since opening in 2020, they've provided free purposeful programming to individuals of all ages with Down syndrome and their families in Lancaster County and beyond. Join us as we delve into their transformative work with Alisha Fitzwater, the Programs Coordinator, and discover how they're changing perceptions and celebrating the abilities of their participants.



Episode 146 - From Incarceration to Workplace Reentry

In this episode, we meet Reinaldo Rivera Hernández, Associate Director of Tec Centro at The Spanish American Civic Association (SACA) in Lancaster, PA. With over 16 years at SACA, Reinaldo's passion lies in supporting at-risk populations. Originally from Puerto Rico, he's made Lancaster his home for 35+ years. With degrees in Human Services and Spanish, and pursuing a Doctoral Degree in Human Services with a focus on Leadership and Program Evaluation, Reinaldo is dedicated to advocating for resources and equality within communities. Join us for an inspiring conversation about his journey and vision for SACA's future.



Episode 145 - Steps to Success

In this episode, we uncover the remarkable journeys of Michelle Harbaugh and Adriana Witman, whose dedication to early education has shaped Steps to Success. Michelle Harbaugh, Executive Director: With a BSE in Elementary Education, Michelle's teaching career led her from Lancaster to Philadelphia before founding Steps to Success. Her vision merges quality education with the tranquility of Lancaster County. Adriana Witman, Early Education Administrative Director: Starting as a toddler teacher, Adriana's path led her to Steps to Success, where she now oversees school-age programs. Pursuing her Bachelor's in Early Childhood Studies, her journey embodies a commitment to nurturing young minds.

Join us as we explore their inspiring stories, driving the future of early education.

Episode 144 - Honoring Service and Sacrifice

Join us as we pay tribute to fallen veterans, learn about flag folding traditions, and understand the importance of Memorial Day versus Veterans Day. Joining Ben and Jeff is Kristy Orzechowsky, a Vet 21 Salue Honor Guard and hero.

Discover the significance of Taps, the rifle volley, and the role of Vet 21 Honor Guard in honoring our heroes. Find out how you can support and get involved with Vet 21. Let's remember, honor, and support our veterans together. Connect with us on Lancaster Connects.



Episode 143 - Gardner's and Tempur-Pedic, A 23 Year History

Join Ben and Jeff, the dynamic duo behind Gardner's Mattress and More, as they explore their 23-year partnership with Tempur-Pedic! In this episode, they discuss the latest products, technology, and the unique qualities that have made Tempur-Pedic a beloved brand in Lancaster.


Episode 142 - A Story of Best Friends & A Bookstore

In this episode, we explore the vibrant world of independent bookstores with Julie, one of the owners of Pocket Books Shop in Lancaster, PA. Alongside her friends Austin and Jess, Julie, embarked on a journey to create a haven for book lovers, emphasizing inclusivity and community. From fulfilling dreams of a life surrounded by books to fostering a queer-owned and welcoming space, Pocket Books has become a beacon of literary delight. Beyond the shelves, Julie enjoys the simple joys of life – from playing with her dogs to indulging in Lancaster's culinary delights and cheering on her favorite basketball teams.

Join us as we explore the passion and dedication behind Pocket Books Shop and the magic of indie bookstores in shaping vibrant communities.



Episode 141 - The Art of Opera

In this episode, we are thrilled to welcome Scott Drackley, the Founder and Artistic Director of Penn Square Opera and Penn Square Music Conservatory. Scott's passion for nurturing young, professional opera singers and providing exceptional musical education through Penn Square Opera and Penn Square Music Conservatory shines through in his dedication to offering performance opportunities and top-tier instruction to students of all ages in the Lancaster community. Join us as we delve into Scott's journey and the impact of his invaluable contributions to the world of opera and music education.



Episode 140 - Commitment to Customer Experience

🎙️ Join Ben and Jeff, the dynamic duo behind Gardner's Mattress and More, as they dive into what makes their commitment to customer satisfaction and community involvement truly exceptional!

💤 From ensuring the perfect night's sleep to supporting local initiatives, Ben and Jeff share their passion for providing a top-notch experience both in-store and within the Lancaster community.

🛏️ Discover their unique approach to mattress shopping, their favorite customer success stories, and the exciting community events they're proud to be a part of.

🌟 Tune in live on YouTube, LinkedIn, or Facebook for an engaging, entertaining, and endearing episode of Lancaster Connects with Ben and Jeff! Don't miss out on the fun – grab your pillows and join us! 🌟

Episode 139 - Earth Day Special - Conserving Lancaster's Resources

In this episode, we're joined by Sallie Gregory, the Education Coordinator at the Lancaster County Conservation District. With a focus on watersheds and natural resources, Sallie coordinates teacher professional development, classroom lessons, and in-the-field experiences. She also plays a pivotal role in organizing the Lancaster County Envirothons, an environmental academic contest, and the Lancaster County Youth Conservation School, a summer residential field school for students. Join us as we delve into Sallie's work and the importance of environmental education in our communities.



Episode 138 - Caring for Lancaster's Wildlife

In this episode, we delve into the remarkable journey of Betsy, whose life took a profound turn on a warm Spring day in April 2010 when she stumbled upon her first orphaned baby squirrel. This serendipitous encounter ignited a passion within her, leading her to leave behind her fast-paced corporate career to embark on a mission of wildlife rehabilitation.

Betsy's entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to wildlife conservation shine through as she shares how she transitioned from sewing bedding for small, caged animals to founding Acorn Acres Wildlife Rehabilitation, the only facility in Pennsylvania specializing in the rehabilitation of squirrels, cottontails, and woodchucks. Join us as Betsy reflects on her experiences, from raising orphaned baby squirrels to earning her Certified Wildlife Rehabilitator designation, and discover the profound impact one person can make in the lives of our furry friends and the broader community.



Episode 137 - Providing Hot Meals and Hope

Join us for an inspiring episode as we sit down with Sandra Valdez, Chief Human Services Officer at the Spanish American Civic Association (SACA) in Lancaster, PA. With over two decades of dedicated service to SACA, Sandra's leadership shines as she advocates for the interests of the Latina/o/x community in the Lancaster region. Her extensive background in healthcare alliances has been instrumental in driving positive change, reflected in her roles on various boards including the East Petersburg Borough Council and Commonwealth Prevention Alliance.

Beyond her professional achievements, Sandra's passion for public speaking, volunteering, and fashion adds depth to her dynamic persona. Tune in as Sandra shares valuable insights gleaned from her multifaceted career, offering a glimpse into her remarkable journey of community empowerment and service.



Episode 136 - Happiness is Granola

Join us in this episode as we sit down with Greta Fairbanks, the owner of Happiness is...Granola, a small-batch granola company. Discover how Greta's passion for celebrating life's simple pleasures led her to create a brand dedicated to spreading joy and building community through shared experiences. From crafting delicious granola blends to fostering connections among customers, Greta shares insights into her journey and the values that drive her business forward.

Tune in as we explore the story behind Happiness is...Granola and learn how Greta's commitment to quality, community, and positivity shines through in every batch of granola produced. Whether you're a granola enthusiast or simply seeking inspiration, this episode offers a glimpse into the power of embracing life's little moments and finding happiness in every bite.



Episode 135 - UpLIFTing Underserved Youth Through Fitness

In this episode, we are joined by Will Kiefer, the Executive Director and Founder of Bench Mark Program, a fitness-based mentoring initiative for at-risk youth in Lancaster, PA. Will's journey from a desire to serve his community to establishing an organization impacting over 100 youth daily is truly inspiring. Learn about Bench Mark's unique approach, providing long-term support through 1:1 and group mentoring, and discover how they empower youth to thrive beyond traditional programs. With a focus on building relationships and fostering growth over years, not months, Bench Mark is making a significant difference in the lives of youth in Lancaster County.

Don't miss this insightful conversation with Will Kiefer, where we delve into the importance of mentorship, community engagement, and empowering at-risk youth to reach their full potential.



Episode 134 - Celebrating National Agriculture Day

In this episode, we're thrilled to feature Jason Stone, the owner of The Productive Peasant Farm Co. Located in Wrightsville, this one-acre chemical-free produce operation is dedicated to growing a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, and melons. Jason's unique approach as a "flavor-first grower" sets his farm apart, as he prioritizes selecting varieties based on their flavor qualities rather than popularity or productivity. Not only does The Productive Peasant offer a CSA program for small families and online shopping with weekly home deliveries, but it also supplies local restaurants and independent produce vendors in Lancaster and York counties.

Join us as we delve into Jason's journey, his commitment to flavor-first farming, and his efforts to maximize both the health of the land and the consumer through nutrient-dense produce.



Episode 133 - Success From Scraps

In this episode, we uncover the remarkable story behind Sahd Metal Recycling, a company dedicated to sustainable recycling practices while prioritizing customer service and integrity. Todd Kauffman, Sales and Marketing Specialist, along with Dan Sahd, Team Leader, take us on a journey through Sahd Metal Recycling's mission to maximize the value of metal for their customers with transparent pricing and innovative approaches.

From their commitment to sustainability to their innovative strategies for maximizing metal value, Todd and Dan showcase Sahd Metal Recycling's dedication to revolutionizing the metal recycling industry. Through their inspiring journey from humble beginnings to industry leaders, Sahd Metal Recycling exemplifies the power of determination, innovation, and integrity in driving positive change for a more sustainable future.



Episode 132 - Building a United Legacy

Join us in this episode as we sit down with Kate Zimmerman, President and CEO of United Way of Lancaster County PA, to explore the vital role of community leadership and philanthropy. With extensive experience in community development, Kate shares insights gleaned from her tenure at Leadership Lancaster and her current role with UWLC. As co-chair of the Coalition for Sustainable Housing and Board President of the Manheim Township Educational Foundation, Kate is deeply committed to creating sustainable, equitable communities. We delve into her passion for philanthropy, highlighted by her involvement in the Lancaster Lebanon Habitat for Humanity Governance Committee. Tune in to learn more about Kate's journey, her dedication to community service, and the impact of her leadership in Lancaster County.



Episode 131 - Enjoying Lancaster By Balloon

In this captivating episode, we soar to new heights with Brett Engroff, owner and pilot of SVBC (Susquehanna Valley Balloon Company). With a lifelong passion for ballooning deeply rooted in his upbringing, Brett brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the conversation. Having logged over 300 hours in the air and boasting more than 20 years of flying hot air balloons, Brett's love for the craft shines through as he shares his journey from childhood ballooning adventures to becoming a seasoned pilot.

Beyond his ballooning prowess, Brett's dynamic background as a fixed-wing pilot with multiple jet ratings and a former U.S. Air Force member adds a unique dimension to the discussion. Despite his busy schedule, Brett finds joy in sharing his love of ballooning with his two young daughters and indulging in outdoor adventures like camping with family and friends. Whether you're an aviation enthusiast or simply curious about experiencing Lancaster in a whole new way, this episode is sure to inspire and uplift.



Episode 130 - Providing Hope and Help to Children in Crisis Featuring Diana Vuolo

In this episode, hosts Jeff and Ben engage in a captivating conversation with Diana Vuolo, a distinguished musician and the founder of SWAN. Diana's musical journey began with a prestigious full-tuition scholarship to study under the tutelage of the renowned teacher Dorothy DeLay at the Philadelphia College of Performing Arts (PCPA), where she earned her Bachelor of Music Degree in Violin Performance.

Diana's professional trajectory has been extraordinary, featuring captivating performances in prestigious venues like Carnegie Hall and collaborations with esteemed orchestras such as The Philly Pops Orchestra and the Saint Louis Symphony. Beyond her performances, Diana has dedicated over four decades to music education, offering private lessons, teaching music theory, and leading ensemble classes.

In 2011, Diana embarked on a new endeavor by founding SWAN, a program aimed at providing hope and support to children in crisis through music. SWAN's impact has been profound, with Diana's students gaining recognition on national and regional platforms like Executive Leaders Radio and The Learning Channel. Diana's unwavering commitment to nurturing young talent and fostering personal growth through music continues to drive SWAN's development, making a meaningful difference in countless lives. Join Jeff, Ben, and Diana as they explore her inspiring journey and the transformative power of music through SWAN.



Episode 129 - Painting a Piece of Black History Featuring Keisha Finnie & Beverly Doody

In this episode, Ben talks to Keisha Finnie, an up and coming artist in Lancaster County.

Born and raised in Lancaster, PA (1992), Keisha's work explores the journey of evolution as an artist and a woman of color. Interpreting her personal experiences and observations, nurturing and visualizing her determination and resilience through touch and a strong, vibrant color palette.


Episode 128 - Putting For Miracles

In this episode, Ben and Jeff talk to David Chobanoff, organizer of Putting For Miracles.

In the spring of 2022, David dreamt of having a miniature golf charity tournament to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network. By that August, they had their first-ever Putting For Miracles Miniature Golf Tournament for Children’s Miracle Network. They had over 60 participants and almost 30 local sponsors, including 20 sponsored holes. Thanks to the efforts of the community and friends, they raised over $5,000 for the Penn State Children’s Hospital of Hershey.

In the spring of 2023, they kicked off their First Annual Putting For Miracles tournament. They hosted over 20 vendors and 4 food trucks. They expanded our team of volunteers to a dozen, and within a few hours, their tally for the 2023 event was outstanding; all 36 holes were sponsored, and there were over 100 participants. Those who participated and volunteered received a custom T-shirt. They had overwhelming support from local businesses for raffle items and total sponsorships overall!

With everyone’s contributions and help, they raised over $10,000 in May to help “Change Kids Health” at CMN Hershey!

They are stepping up our game AGAIN! The ante has been raised! Mark your calendars for May 18th, 2024; they are very excited to announce that, thanks to Keystone Cornhole ACL, they have expanded and added a cornhole tournament that will be run concurrently with the mini-golf tournament.



Episode 127 - Honoring Female Veterans With Cancer

In this episode, Ben and Jeff talk to Mike Cahill who will tell the story of his wife Jennifer, a 100% disabled Veteran, who didn't have the Life or Burial Insurance that they thought they had through the VA Benefits Packages.

In discussing this issue with a friend, Stacy Coble Knight, Stacy took it upon herself to start a GoFundMe page and put together a couple of benefits for Jen to help offset unexpected and unforeseen expenses as well as raise funds to prepay and pre-plan Jen's final expenses and arrangements. Jen was overwhelmed and deeply touched at the response, Love and support she received from friends and family and more so from people that she never met.

As a result, Jen wanted to see the same support continued for other female veterans with terminal cancer who don't have Life or Burial Insurance. This is how Team Jennifer Cahill Charities (TJCC) came to be. It is their mission at TJCC to continue this legacy for other female veterans to show them the same compassion, love and support that was shown to Jen, to prepay and pre-plan their final expenses and arrangements. This has been a huge relief and burden lifted from Jen and her family. The team hopes that those that read this will help support this mission, and join them in supporting our female veterans with terminal cancer.



Episode 126 - Furthering the Fellowship of Christian Athletes

In this episode, Ben and Jeff delve into the inspiring world of Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), an international non-profit Christian sports ministry that has been impacting lives since its founding in 1954. Based in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri, FCA boasts a global presence with staff offices strategically placed across the United States and abroad.

Their guest, Kyle Martin, is a dedicated area representative for FCA in Lancaster County, and he shares his journey and experiences as he serves alongside a passionate team of individuals.

Tune in to explore the meaningful work of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, showcasing how they continue to spread the message of faith, unity, and sportsmanship in the world of athletics.

Whether you're an athlete, coach, or simply someone interested in the intersection of faith and sports, this episode is sure to inspire and uplift you.



Episode 125 - Resolutions for a More Restful 2024

Jeff, Ben & guest Troy Bruchwalski take you on a journey of commitment and self-care, and introduce the fantastic Universal Athletic Club. Special guest Troy shares valuable insights on fitness, therapeutic modalities, and their amazing renewal center. You'll discover the power of recovery in health and witness the impact of commitment on personal growth.

Together we’ll uncover the center's amazing services, including Novothor red light therapy and the transformative Bemer. Experience a world of fitness and wellness at Universal, where your journey to better health begins today. Join us and elevate your wellness game.



Episode 124 - Experience the Diversity of Lancaster

In this episode, Ben and Jeff interview Kendra Wolfe, the founder of Unique Lancaster Experiences. Kendra's journey is a remarkable one, as she transitioned from being a nomad traveling across the United States to settling in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. With a strong background in tourism and a deep commitment to community service, Kendra founded Unique Lancaster Experiences with a mission to help travelers and locals alike connect with Lancaster in unique and meaningful ways.

In 2022, Kendra received the prestigious title of Lancaster's Woman of Achievement, awarded by the YWCA and the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. This recognition is a testament to her tireless efforts in uplifting women, combating racism, and her dedicated volunteerism within the community.

Kendra's company offers a diverse range of experiences in Lancaster, including tours and a vibrant social media presence, all designed to support immigrants, entrepreneurs, and refugees in the area. Her dedication to fostering connections and promoting inclusivity makes her a true beacon of positivity and change in Lancaster.

Check out this episode as Kendra shares her inspiring journey, the impactful work she does, and how Unique Lancaster Experiences is making a difference in the lives of both travelers and the local community.



Episode 123 - Preserving the Legacy of Lancaster

In this episode, Ben and Jeff interview Danielle Keperling. As the Executive Director of the Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County and with over two decades of experience in the preservation industry, Danielle brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our conversation.

With a Masters of Business Administration degree from Eastern University, Danielle's unique blend of business acumen and passion for preservation shines through in her work. Alongside her husband, Jonathan, she works at the Keperling Preservation Services, a company dedicated to restoring 18th, 19th, and 20th century buildings for a diverse range of clients, including prestigious institutions like the National Parks Service and Smithsonian Institute.

Her commitment to preserving our historical heritage is further evident through her role on the Lancaster City Historical Commission, where she helps oversee the Heritage Conservation District, ensuring that the unique historical character of Lancaster City is preserved for future generations.

Tune in as Ben and Jeff delve into the world of historic preservation with Danielle Keperling, her passion for preservation, and her invaluable contributions to the field.



Episode 122 - Hiring in a Chaotic Job Market

In this episode of Lancaster Connects, Ben and Jeff interview Valonda Banks, a professional with nearly three decades of experience in the field of hiring. But Valonda is much more than just a hiring expert; she brings a delightful sense of humor and warmth to every aspect of her life.

Married to the self-proclaimed 'funniest human on the planet,' she shares her life with a loving family that includes a young daughter in grade school and a grown son who is not only married but also a parent himself. Valonda's passions extend beyond her professional life, as she's been a dedicated Eagles fan for the last 30 years and is always ready to engage in discussions about football, both on and off the field.

In addition to her love for the game, Valonda is an avid reader with a voracious appetite for good books. She and her husband founded Liberty Employment Solutions six years ago, focusing on helping small and medium-sized businesses tackle their hiring headaches. The team at Liberty is renowned not only for their dedication but also for their caring and fun-loving approach to recruitment.

Don't miss this engaging and insightful episode of Lancaster Connects!



Episode 121 - Baking a Difference

In this episode, Ben and Jeff are delighted to speak with Kristen Richards, the passionate owner of Front Porch Baking Co., a grain-forward neighborhood bakery nestled in Millersville, PA. Kristen's bakery isn't just about crafting delicious breads and pastries; it's a heartfelt mission to nourish Lancaster County while promoting education, sourcing locally in the Mid-Atlantic region, and fostering meaningful connections with customers.

Kristen's journey into the world of baking was deeply influenced by her German grandmother, Elsie, who immigrated to America with Kristen's mother and uncle in the late 1950s. Elsie's teachings went beyond baking; she instilled in Kristen the profound importance of making baking a part of everyday life. Kristen learned to bake European delicacies like stollen, rye breads, pfeffernusse cookies, and more, creating a unique bond between her and her grandmother.

Tune in to explore Kristen's inspiring story and discover how Front Porch Baking Co. is a labor of love that brings the rich traditions of European baking to Lancaster County.

Kristen's dedication to local sourcing, community education, and genuine human connections will surely leave you feeling inspired and craving a taste of her delectable creations.



Episode 120 - The Ultimate Craft Beer Experience

In this episode, Ben and Jeff interview Glenn J. Smith, the Founder of Brewery Tours, a company that has been making waves in the craft beer tourism industry for over three decades. Glenn's passion for small, independent craft breweries has taken him on a remarkable journey, where he's been able to immerse himself in the world of craft beer, learn from brewers, and share these experiences with enthusiasts and novices alike.

In 2017, Glenn leveraged his knowledge and experience to establish Brewery Tours, LLC. Their mission? To offer exclusive, educational, and entertaining craft beer experiences. Glenn believes that "Craft Beer Was Meant To Be Experienced," and Brewery Tours delivers just that. Their knowledgeable Beer Guides lead guests on guided craft beer tastings, providing behind-the-scenes access, local and historical anecdotes, and much more.

Tune in on this episode as they explore more of Glenn's journey through the craft beer industry, entrepreneurship, and community service. It's a conversation filled with insights, stories, and passion for craft beer!



Episode 119 - Making Food an Experience

Lin Weaver is an Owner and CEO at Shady Maple Companies. These business interests include a Farmers Market/Supermarket, Smorgasbord/gift shop, RV dealership, Houston Run Development, and Weaver Realty Investment Properties. He has over 35 years’ experience working and growing the businesses at Shady Maple in all the different entities. He has been part of the Shady Maple team that grew the company into the largest Supermarket in Pa. and the largest buffet in the USA. Lastly he is an entrepreneur at heart and enjoys involvement in many personal investments, and startup businesses alongside his daily full time involvement in Shady Maple.

Lin grew up in Lancaster Pa., graduated from a private high school and has participated in yearly educational academic classes, seminars and trade shows in congruency with his learning culture.



Episode 118 - Outside the Box: Gift Giving With Meaning

This episode features Gabriel Luber from Lancaster Gift Box.

Lancaster Gift Box makes it easy to share a luxurious Taste of Lancaster County with friends and clients nationwide. With a steadfast commitment to supporting local food producers and makers, Lancaster Gift Box curates signature gift boxes that capture the local flavors of Lancaster County. Deliver joy to the people in your life, both personally and professionally, with Lancaster Gift Box, your local gifting specialists! | Corporate Gifting Specialists.



Episode 117 - Creating Hope and Opportunity Through Furniture

This episode features Amanda Reilly-Sokoli and Pashk Sokoli. Co-founders of Pennsylvania Furniture Mission.

Pashk and Amanda always knew they had a passion for making a difference in the lives of others. After meeting in Albania in 2014, a combination of cultures, languages, and experiences brought them together - enhancing their lives ever since. They lived in Chicago, experiencing the challenges of living and working on the south side of the city. They recognized their desire to serve others in need, taking their combined skill sets to serve a new population in Amanda’s home state of Pennsylvania.

In 2022, that’s when The Pennsylvania Furniture Mission was established. They recognize the large and overwhelming cost of purchasing furniture for a new home or apartment. Their services provide families and individuals experiencing financial barriers, the opportunity to receive free gently-used furniture, and avoid purchasing brand-new furniture at a high price tag. Time, money, and other resources can be utilized elsewhere in the household for basic needs if it is not spent on household furnishings.



Episode 116 - Honoring the American Soldier

In this heartfelt episode, we are joined by a remarkable guest, Luke Liberty, who has an extraordinary and deeply inspiring life story. Luke, as he describes it, was "made in Vietnam but assembled by Americans." Born in 1969 during the Vietnam War, his early years were marked by a remarkable journey of survival and resilience. His mother led their escape from Saigon to the sea, where they eventually boarded a fishing boat, only to be rescued by the US Navy in international waters. Luke's voyage to America was filled with stops in places like the Philippines, Guam, Hawaii, California, and Pennsylvania "Dutch Country," celebrating his seventh birthday along the way.

Luke's life story is a testament to the power of hope and the unwavering belief in the goodness of the American spirit. He firmly believes that American soldiers brought a taste of heaven into his life by bringing "America to his doorstep." Throughout this episode, you will hear how Luke's life was forever changed when he and his mother were sponsored by a WW2 veteran and his wife from Fort Indian Town Gap in Annville, PA, in 1975. This remarkable journey instilled in Luke an unshakable belief that America won the Vietnam War, not through conventional victory, but through the hearts and minds of those who witnessed the soldiers' actions. Luke's gratitude and dedication to honoring American soldiers, First Responders, and Veterans are truly inspiring. Tune in to hear his incredible story and his mission to express his gratitude to all Americans for the gift of liberty in his life.

Episode 115 - A Bridge to Opportunity

This episode features Robin D. Stauffer, a distinguished figure who has dedicated over three decades to High®, a diverse and dynamic organization headquartered in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Her impressive journey within High spans multiple businesses, ranging from steel fabrication to real estate development. As the Executive Director of the High Foundation, Robin's mission is to drive constructive change within areas of identified need, with a focus on eradicating poverty in Lancaster County and south-central Pennsylvania. The Foundation also champions projects that enhance the City of Lancaster's cultural and economic vibrancy and provides essential support for High co-workers' children's college education through a competitive scholarship program.

Robin's influence extends beyond her role at High as she serves on the Board of Lancaster General Health Foundation, and her achievements have earned her accolades like the Thaddeus Stevens College Distinguished Service Award and Central Penn Business Journal's Women of Influence Award. In this engaging episode, we dive into Robin's journey, her vision for the High Foundation, and her tireless efforts to create lasting change in the community. Join us to discover how Robin's remarkable career aligns with High's mission to promote excellence, integrity, and community support.



Episode 114 - Soaring Through Lancaster - The Pilot Club of Lancaster

This episode features Kelly Osborne, a volunteer with the Pilot Club of Lancaster and serves currently as the President Elect. The Pilot Club of Lancaster is a volunteer service club that was established in Lancaster County in 1947. PCOL was instrumental in launching the Meals on Wheels program in Lancaster in 1967 and still continues to support the program through volunteer deliveries and donations. Pilot Club of Lancaster's signature service program in Project Lifesaver, a search and rescue program for public safety agencies to quickly locate persons who wander due to a cognitive condition like autism, dementia, and Alzheimer's. The club launched the program in 2012 with West Hempfield Police Department being the first agency to run the program in Lancaster County. Today, the club supports the 20 police departments involved county wide to include the PA State Police, Troop J Lancaster.

Kelly is a retired Pennsylvania State Police Master Trooper and was last stationed at Troop J Lancaster as the Community Services Officer. It was late 2019, when her father, who suffered from dementia, wandered away from his assisted living facility and was found deceased. Kelly found Project Lifesaver, an international nonprofit and learned the Pilot Club was already supporting police agencies in the county who were participating in the program. Kelly made it her mission to bring Troop J Lancaster on board, thus enabling Project Lifesaver to extend to the entire county.

In January 2022, Project Lifesaver launched at Troop J Lancaster. Kelly retired in January 2023, after 25 years as a state trooper. She continues to be involved with the program through her volunteer work with the Pilot Club and as a National Trainer for Project Lifesaver International.



Episode 113 - Serving Seniors Through Mobile Notary

In this episode, Ben and Jeff speak with Pam Witwer, the dynamic owner of Lancaster PA Notary, a 24/7 mobile notary service covering 9 Central PA counties. Pam's journey from launching her business in March 2023 to becoming a certified real estate loan closing agent, living trust delivery agent, and apostille agent is truly remarkable.

But Pam's story goes beyond her professional achievements. With nearly three decades of experience in state government, Pam brings a wealth of dedication and commitment to her clients. Her newness in the notary industry is seen as an opportunity to shine, and she sets the bar high with her punctuality, reliability, and professionalism.

As a small woman-owned business (a solopreneur), Pam remains actively involved in her community. She's a dedicated member of the Southern Lancaster Chamber of Commerce, serving as the Membership Chairperson. She also volunteers with organizations like the Alzheimer's Association-Greater PA Chapter, showing her commitment to making a difference.

Tune in as they delve into Pam's incredible journey, her dedication to service, and her commitment to exceeding expectations in every way.



Episode 112 - Developing Intentional Goals

Join Karen King and the SCORE Professional Women's Network for a high-energy and hands-on experience where you will learn how to develop intentional goals for your professional and personal life.

This workshop will occur on Thursday, October 12, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at The Lancaster Chamber (115 E. King Street) in Rooms 2E & 2F. Light fare and refreshments will be provided.

𝗥𝗘𝗚𝗜𝗦𝗧𝗘𝗥 𝗧𝗢𝗗𝗔𝗬! We will limit registration for this SCORE Professional Women's Network Workshop. There will be a fee of $25 per attendee.

𝗔𝗕𝗢𝗨𝗧 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗘𝗩𝗘𝗡𝗧: Developing Intentional Goals

𝗗𝗘𝗦𝗖𝗥𝗜𝗣𝗧𝗜𝗢𝗡: When setting goals for lasting change, we must be intentional and understand the strategies behind developing them. During our time together, Karen will discuss ways to break down your goals into manageable steps. She will also explore how your mindset plays a pivotal role in creating change in your life.

Karen started her career in public accounting, working in a variety of industries. Her current role as Senior Internal Auditor at Fulton Bank leverages her strengths and passions to drive meaningful change. She loves to empower others and is always looking for ways to provide opportunities for growth and development. In addition to her work, Karen is also actively involved in building relationships within the local community by volunteering and networking.


Register for the event:

Episode 111 - Home for Opportunity

Homefields is an award-winning non-profit organization dedicated to creating new life options for people who have disabilities. Six adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities live on a 19-acre property in Millersville, PA, in a modern ranch house and 1800s farmhouse. Hundreds of people who have disabilities or other barriers to traditional employment have engaged at Homefields Care Farm, growing chemical-free produce for community shareholders for 30 years.

Join the fun at their Picnic at the Farm happening on September 24th, 2023. It’s an outdoor celebration of food and community, with live music, games, activities, and a menu that spotlights the bounty of Homefields Care Farm.

Proceeds go to the maintenance of their homes, property, and care farm, providing options for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.




Episode 110 - Building Dreams, Sharing Hope

In this episode, Ben and Jeff speak with Jeff Rutt, the President and CEO of Keystone Custom Homes, a company that has constructed over 9,000 homes in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Keystone Custom Homes is a three-time recipient of Builder Magazine's and the National Association of Homebuilders' prestigious "America's Best Home Builder Award" and has been named "Business of the Year" by Central Penn Business Journal. Jeff's achievements as an exceptional builder are further exemplified by his receipt of the Hearthstone Award, a lifetime service recognition accompanied by a $200,000 grant to a charity of his choice.

Beyond his remarkable success in the homebuilding industry, Jeff is also the Founder and Chairman of the Board of HOPE International, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing small loans and biblically based business training to entrepreneurs in developing countries. With a focus on offering sustainable solutions to poverty and restoring dignity within families, HOPE International has impacted over 2 million clients and disbursed more than $1.5 billion in loans across 24 countries.

Tune in or watch the episode to gain valuable insights into entrepreneurship, community building, and the profound difference one person can make in the world. Jeff's dedication to enriching lives through housing and hope serves as an inspiring example for us all.



Episode 109 - Coffee and Comfort Food on a Mission

This episode is a heartwarming story of resilience, faith, and community building. Ben and Jeff speak with Eric and Tanya Newcomer, a remarkable couple who turned challenges into opportunities, transforming a rundown bar into a thriving faith-based coffee shop and cafe.

Eric and Tanya grew up in East Berlin and the Spring Grove areas. They've not only embraced a 20-year marriage and raised three wonderful children but also embarked on an inspiring renovation project that took an unexpected turn due to the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Grab your favorite cup of coffee, sit back, and dive into their incredible story!


 Episode 108 - A Tale of Two Chambers

In this episode, Ben and Jeff speak with Jona Green, a full-time financial advisor and the dedicated volunteer president of the Southern Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce. The chamber serves to connect 200 plus members in business and non-profit organizations.

Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, a seasoned business owner, or simply someone interested in understanding the relationship between finance and community development, this episode has something for you. Gain valuable insights, actionable advice, and a deeper understanding of how financial expertise and community engagement intersect to create a thriving business environment.

About Southern Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce: The Southern Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce strives to advance the civic, commercial and industrial interests of the Southern Lancaster County area. The Chamber encourages businesses to actively support the community and as a unified body, the Chamber seeks to find ways to pool resources for such activities, including scholarships for local seniors.

Since 1955, the Southern Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce has been organized for the purpose of advancing the financial, industrial and civic interests of the southern part of Lancaster County. Our Chamber provides the “extra touch” with the community, not provided by any other business unit or organization. Year after year we continue with the help of our members to grow stronger and more vital, expanding not only our reach, but also our services.

Our chamber is operated solely by member volunteers, and the investment of their time and input is what makes the Chamber a great organization. We would be honored to have your business or organization join us in our endeavors and we invite you to do so. Together we strive to provide our communities and our members with great support, products and service.



 Episode 107 - Tiny Homes, Big Visions for Vets

In this episode, Ben and Jeff speak with Tom Zimmerman, a lifelong resident of central Pennsylvania. Tom's story is one of service, dedication, and unwavering commitment to making a positive impact.

Tom's career spanned over three decades at EBG Resistors, LLC, where he navigated sales, engineering, and leadership roles. His contribution to this successful multinational business start-up played a pivotal role in supplying high-voltage, high-powered niche resistors to industries such as military, medical, aerospace, energy, and electric vehicles. As one of only three manufacturers worldwide, his influence stretched across North and South American markets, leaving an indelible mark.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Tom's dedication to his community shines brightly. Post-retirement, he redirected his energy towards establishing a "Tiny Homes" village along the Susquehanna River, offering a lifeline to veterans experiencing homelessness. Co-founding Veterans Outreach of Pennsylvania (VOPA), a 501(c)(3) organization, Tom's leadership has raised nearly $4 million in the past three years for this innovative project. The episode delves into the intricacies of this project, from architectural design and fundraising to community coordination.

Tune in for a captivating conversation as Ben and Jeff learn more about Tom Zimmerman - a man who continues to prove that success is not just measured in business achievements, but in the lives we touch and the communities we uplift.



 Episode 106 - Fighting Hunger with Hope

In this episode, Ben and Jeff meet with David Lapp, a remarkable individual and an inspiring journey of faith and service. Growing up in a large Amish family in New Holland, PA, David and his family moved to a dairy farm in Indiana during his early teens and in 2006, he moved his own growing family back to Lancaster, PA.

David is one of the founders of Blessings of Hope and served on the board for six years as treasurer. Then in 2018, David stepped into the role of CEO, allowing Aaron to focus on crucial management aspects like marketing, development, and fundraising.

His exceptional skill set, encompassing IT knowledge, operational management, logistics expertise, and financial and administrative acumen, proved to be an invaluable asset to Blessings of Hope. Under David's guidance, the organization reached new heights in delivering aid and support to those in need.

Tune in on the conversation with David as he reminds us all of the power of faith, compassion, and the transformative impact of serving others selflessly.



 Episode 105 - Storytelling Through Food

This episode features two remarkable guests who have made significant contributions to their communities through their passions and expertise.

Our first guest is Chef Oliver Saye, a seasoned culinary expert with over 30 years of experience in the food service industry. Hailing from the Pennsylvania Culinary Institute, Chef's journey has taken him from the world of fine dining to retirement communities and not-for-profit organizations. In 2017, he embarked on a new venture, establishing his private business, which now encompasses private catering, food truck operations, staff lunches, retail outlets, and a stand at Lancaster Central Market.

But Chef's story goes beyond mere entrepreneurship. In September 2019, he was selected for the prestigious 18-month Baldwin Program, sponsored by the Lancaster County Community Foundation. This program was a turning point for Chef Oliver, as it led him to undertake a special project that gave birth to "Homage" - a business with a unique purpose. Homage artfully weaves together the tale of his West African ancestors and their journey through the transatlantic slave trade of the Americas, all through the lens of food.

Our second guest, Beverley, is a passionate advocate for small businesses in the Lancaster-Lebanon area. As a Certified Mentor with SCORE, she has dedicated her time and expertise to empower local entrepreneurs. With a vast HR background spanning over 35 years, Beverley has dealt with various challenges and delivered successful business solutions across different regions worldwide. Her recent focus on mergers and acquisitions has equipped her with valuable insights into the intricacies of business growth and development.

Whether you're a food enthusiast, an aspiring entrepreneur, or simply curious about the fusion of passion and purpose, this episode is not to be missed! Tune in and be inspired.


 Episode 104 - Living the Gospel Through Theatre

In this episode, Ben interviews Matt Neff, a devoted child of God, a loving husband, and a devoted father to his children. Matt's mission in life is to delve deep into the oneness of God and share this truth with the world, embodying clarity, love, and humility in all that he does.

Having studied at Rhema Bible College, Matt's journey in leadership spans over 25 years, primarily centered around his incredible work with Sight & Sound Ministries. Through this organization, Matt has touched countless lives worldwide, bringing God's stories to people through original, live theatrical productions, streaming, and more recently, film.

Starting from humble beginnings backstage in 1995, Matt has risen to serve in various leadership capacities in both production and administration. Since 2015, he has been the Chief Executive Officer of Sight & Sound Ministries, where he passionately focuses on promoting cultural oneness and ensuring the mission's overall health.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Matt remains deeply engaged in the community, serving as the Board Chair for Linville Hill Christian School. This educational institution strives to instill in children a profound understanding of their identity in Christ, fostering a genuine relationship with God, and empowering them to fulfill their purpose in His kingdom. Additionally, Matt is actively involved in the APT Foundation, a notable international missions organization.

Amidst all his responsibilities and commitments, Matt finds true fulfillment by spending quality time with his family, cherishing memorable outdoor adventures together.

Tune in as Matt shares his life journey, his unwavering faith, and the impactful leadership principles that have guided him in making a difference in the lives of so many.



 Episode 103 - Strengthening Lancaster's Workforce

In this episode, Jeff interviews Marlyn Barbosa, the Director at Tec Centro, a groundbreaking workforce program operating under the Spanish American Civic Association (SACA).

Marlyn shares the challenges she faced as she moved to a new country with a different language and culture. Discover how she reached out to SACA for support during the transitional phase and became a client in their Job Readiness Program. It wasn't long before Marlyn's dedication and drive landed her a role as a GED coordinator, utilizing her experience and knowledge to empower others.

Marlyn held various roles and responsibilities, including supervising instructional staff, managing program data, and implementing workforce training. Additionally, explore her involvement in the Lancaster County Workforce Development Board, the Commission to Combat Poverty Steering Committee, and the Community Advisory Committee of Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology, among other community initiatives.

Tune in to gain valuable insights into how education and workforce training can empower individuals and communities to overcome challenges and achieve success.



 Episode 102 - Leading With Tremendous Passion

Dr. Tracey Jones wears many hats, serving as the President of Tremendous Leadership and T3 Solutions. She carries on the legacy of her father, the legendary Charlie "Tremendous" Jones, in the insurance and motivational arenas. With a diverse background spanning the military, high tech, defense contracting, and publishing industries, Tracey brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

As a passionate lifelong learner, Dr. Jones has earned a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies, an MBA in Global Management, and is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy. She is also a decorated veteran, having served in the First Gulf War and Bosnian War.

With her expertise in followership and organizational culture, Dr. Jones consults with C-suite members on advancing women in leadership, identifying emerging leaders, and cementing organizational values. She is a sought-after researcher and a faculty member of the prestigious Institute for Organization Management.

In addition to her professional achievements, Dr. Tracey Jones is an accomplished author with 11 titles under her belt. Her latest book, "SPARK: 5 Essentials to Ignite the Greatness Within," explores the energy between leaders and followers, as well as the power of resiliency and intrinsic motivation. She also uses her rescue pets to teach character development in her children's books, inspiring the next generation of leaders.

Don't miss this enlightening and thought-provoking conversation with a true leadership luminary.



 Episode 101 - Bret Michaels VIP After Party & Ticket Giveaway for Parti-Gras 2023!

Still riding high off of the amazing 100th episode, Ben & Jeff discuss their interview with Bret Michaels and share exciting news about ticket & VIP package giveaways for an Bret Michaels at Pardi-Gras 2023 in Central PA. Bret has given the Lancaster Connects community a whopping 40 tickets in total, with 10 pairs reserved for Hometown Heroes and 10 pairs for Veterans, along with a special VIP experience.

Submissions are directed to to enter the contest by submitting a photo or nominating someone. The winners will be determined by the photo with the most likes or hearts, and they will be doing a drawing every week live on Mondays at 2pm up until August 7th. The first ticket drawing will take place on July 10th, and listeners are encouraged to share their entry on social media for more chances to win.

In addition, this episode also is a replay of the conversation with Bret Michaels that happened in Episode 100 on June 26th.

All Contest Details Can Be Found Here:

Photo Contest For Veterans:

Photo Contest For Hometown Heroes:

Tickets to Pardi-Gras on 8/26/23 - Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course, Grantville, PA :

 Episode 100 - 100th Episode Party with Bret Michaels!

We are so glad you could join us for our biggest episode yet! Hometown hero and rockstar Brett Michaels shares his deep connection to Central Pennsylvania. Michaels, who was born and raised in Mechanicsburg, emphasizes the importance of home and the strong work ethic that characterizes the area's residents.

Michaels' love for Central PA is evident in his dedication to giving back to the community. He created the Party Gras Tour, which is set to perform at Hollywood Casino on August 26th, as a celebration of all things Central PA. Michaels called it a "circus of awesomeness" and a "carnival of all things Central PA," promising to make it an unforgettable event.

Michaels' story highlights the importance of home and work ethic. Central PA's strong sense of community and dedication to hard work have shaped Michaels' values and success as a rockstar. Michaels' dedication to giving back to his community through the Party Gras Tour is a testament to his deep connection to Central PA. Michaels' story serves as an inspiration for others to stay true to their roots and follow their dreams with hard work and dedication.

Tickets to Pardi-Gras on 8/26/23 - Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course, Grantville, PA :



 Episode 99 - Impact That Adds Up

Join Ben and Jeff in this episode as they interview Shannon Cleaveland, a CPA and the owner and founder of Your Accounting Solution, LLC based in Lancaster, PA. With a career dedicated to serving the nonprofit community, Shannon's expertise as a non-profit accounting specialist shines through her accounting firm's mission to provide quality accounting and guidance to nonprofits and small businesses. She also offers exceptional tax services for individuals, small businesses, and nonprofits.

Shannon's passion for the nonprofit sector extends beyond her professional endeavors. For the past 18 years, she has actively served on various nonprofit boards, including her current position on the Board of Directors for the Lancaster Public Library. As a testament to her commitment, Shannon also contributes to the library's finance committee.

While Shannon's dedication to her work is undeniable, her love for family shines through. As a proud mother of three adult children, two stepchildren, and a grandmother to two granddaughters, she cherishes the moments spent with her loved ones. In her spare time, Shannon indulges in her passions for golf, dancing, and creating memories with her family.

Learn about Shannon's impactful journey, and discover how she empowers nonprofits and small businesses with her expertise and compassion.


 Episode 98 - Building Connections in Northern Lancaster County

Ben & Jeff speaks with Liz Ackerman, the dynamic Executive Director of the Northern Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce. Liz shares her journey from Member Relations and Events Director to her current role, where she leads a dedicated team in serving over 440 businesses in the vibrant Northern Lancaster region.

Liz's leadership style has led to remarkable achievements, including a steady increase in membership and the expansion of programs and opportunities for Chamber members. Through her innovative approach, Liz has fostered meaningful connections among businesses and facilitated new openings and relocations to the area.

Beyond her Chamber responsibilities, Liz's passion for community support is evident through her involvement on various boards, such as the Cocalico Education Foundation, Cocalico Music Boosters, Discover Lancaster Advisory Board, Dementia Friendly Lancaster Advisory Committee, Lancaster County Dairy Promotion, and Cocalico Cares. She is also a leader for the Lebanon County 4-H Dairy and Poultry Clubs.

Listen in or watch the episode as Ben & Jeff delve into Liz Ackerman's inspiring journey, her strategies for empowering business growth, and her commitment to creating a thriving and connected community in Northern Lancaster.



 Episode 97 - The Magic of Lancaster

Join Ben & Jeff on this episode as they dive into the captivating world of Magic & Wonder Dinner Theater with the founder and owner, Brett Myers. He and his team's commitment to innovation and creativity have propelled the business to new heights, making Magic & Wonder a must-visit destination for all magic enthusiasts.

From transforming a simple theatre into a whimsical and enchanting space to crafting shows that awe guests of all ages, Brett and the Magic & Wonder team have revolutionized the entertainment industry. In recognition of his exceptional work, Brett was awarded the Merlin Award in 2021, often called the magic industry's equivalent of the "Oscars."

Tune in or watch to learn more about the remarkable journey of growth and discovery as Brett and the Magic & Wonder Dinner Theater continually strive to deliver unforgettable experiences to Lancaster!



 Episode 96 - Lancaster's Clean Water

In this episode, Ben & Jeff sit down with Stephen and Jordan, the dynamic duo behind HQ Water Solutions LLC, a leading provider of water treatment services in Lancaster and the surrounding areas. Stephen, the proud owner and founder, brings his extensive experience in the water treatment industry and a passion for helping others to the table. Jordan, co-owner and Business Development Executive, combines her marketing expertise and commitment to community engagement to drive HQ's growth and customer outreach efforts.

Outside of their professional pursuits, Stephen and Jordan have rich personal lives. Stephen cherishes spending time with his wife and daughters, indulging in craft beers, and pursuing his hobbies of dirt-bike riding and mountain-biking. Jordan, a dedicated mother and wife, leverages her Master's degree in clinical psychology and her background in fundraising to fuel HQ's marketing initiatives, including social media, website development, and newsletters. She also shares her love for yoga, Peloton workouts, and the occasional glass of champagne.

Both Stephen and Jordan have a deep-rooted commitment to community involvement, supporting various non-profit organizations and participating in fundraisers. Stephen's contributions to the Manheim Chamber, and Jordan's work with the Spina Bifida organization, showcase their shared passion for making a positive impact in the lives of others.

As a seasoned digital marketer and the owner of two businesses, Mike Canarelli helps owners of startups and small to mid-sized businesses of every type reexamine their operations and systems, refine and improve their sales and marketing plans, and develop budgets and financial goals. He can also provide insight and expertise on management issues, employee relations, retention, and recruiting, as well as business technology platforms.

Tune in as they delve into the world of water treatment, the challenges and opportunities in the industry, and how Stephen and Jordan combine their entrepreneurial dreams with a genuine desire to serve their community.



 Episode 95 - Lancaster's Music in the Park

The Long's Park Amphitheatre Foundation is a volunteer-driven organization dedicated to curating music and arts in Long's Park, Lancaster County. Their mission is to enrich the quality of life in the community by providing diverse cultural experiences. The foundation's financial resources come from businesses, individuals, and grants within their community.

In addition to their events, the foundation goes beyond their resources by inviting local foundations to collaborate and provide meaningful services to the community. This collaboration creates opportunities to serve those in need and strengthen community connections.

The foundation is committed to supporting new artists and sponsors their attendance at the Award Winning Art Festival to help launch their careers. Woodstream is a significant sponsor for this program, and the foundation encourages other organizations to support it as well.

Tune in or watch to learn more about Long’s Park Amphitheater Foundation and all the exciting things that the organization does for the Lancaster community.



 Episode 94 - Building a Stronger Lancaster

In this episode, Ben will be joined by Jose Lopez, the President of SACA & SACA Development Corporation. With over two decades of experience in leadership positions, including in commercial real estate and financial services, Jose has a wealth of knowledge to share.

Throughout his time at SACA, Jose has implemented a strategic model that encourages stakeholder and staff engagement, empowering them to take ownership and be storytellers for the organization. He has also selected board members who represent a diverse cross-section of the community, ensuring that SACA has a solid foundation for future growth and maximum community impact.

Tune in as Jose shares his leadership philosophy, the importance of diversity in organizational leadership, and the work that SACA is doing to make a positive impact in the Lancaster community.

About SACA: ​​Since the early 1940’s, diverse groups have found hope and opportunity in Lancaster’s prosperous region. One of those diverse groups is the Latino community that today represents about 40% of the population within the City of Lancaster. This extraordinary statistic reflects a vigorous pattern of growth over the decades. In direct response to this pattern of growth, the Spanish American Civic Association, now known as SACA, was established in 1973 to help this growing population assimilate to life in Lancaster. Today, the mission of SACA is to uplift and restore marginalized communities through human, economic, and social services, while supporting cultural identities.



 Episode 93 - Lancaster's Business Printing Experts

On this episode, Jeff welcomes Nate Heisey and Mike Williams from H&H Group, a company that has been providing printing and sign-making services to the Lancaster area for over 50 years.

Mike is the President of H&H Group. He shares the company's values of Relationships, Integrity, and Problem Solving, which have been refined over time to make the buying experience easier and better for their customers. With a focus on understanding customer needs, H&H Group strives to be a go-to resource for businesses in the region by offering a wide range of services, including mailing, kit fulfillment, corporate apparel, and promotional products.

Nate has been with The H&H Group for almost 10 years, starting as the production manager and eventually becoming a partner. He currently oversees all things production, including people, machines, and materials, as well as the facility. He is also in charge of marketing and promoting the business in the community.

In addition to their commitment to customer service, H&H Group is also dedicated to giving back to the community through acts of service, product donations, and producing products at a discount for worthy causes. They also started an official day of service called Mary's Giving Day, which honors the legacy of Mary Kohler, who was the past President of the company and had a heart for the community.



 Episode 92 - Fresh Roasting in Lancaster

Whiff Roasters is a specialty coffee roaster located in Lititz, Pennsylvania. Since 1999, their focus has always been on superior quality and consistency. They roast only the highest grade Arabica beans acquired from estates all over the world and pride themselves on excellent quality and service. All of their coffees are freshly roasted and made to order in small, custom batches. You can expect to find at least 28 regular coffee varieties, over 60 flavored coffees, and over a dozen decaffeinated coffees. Keith Frey and the team invite you to experience for yourself the fresh, rich flavor and exquisite blends of Whiff Roasters Coffee!

ABOUT WHIFF ROASTERS: Our uniqueness is simple: We set a high standard for bean quality, freshness, and roast which allows us to consistently produce incredible coffee bag after bag and cup after cup.

FRESH ROASTED IN LITITZ, PA Voted the coolest small town in America, we are Lititiz hometown coffee roaster. Since 1999 Whiff Roasters is proud to be a local favorite for specialty coffees.

THE BEANS We are passionate about selecting and roasting only the highest grade Arabica beans acquired from estates all over the world. Sourcing only the best, we custom roast them in small, made-to-order batches.

LOVE AT FIRST SIP All coffees are not created equal. Roasting premier coffee is an art that we have mastered over time. We invite you to experience for yourself the fresh, rich flavor and exquisite blends of Whiff Roasters coffee. Savor the best!



 Episode 91 -Lancaster's Vision Assistance

In this episode, Ben & Jeff speak with Megan Tomsheck, the Director of Fundraising and Development at VisionCorps. Megan is responsible for overseeing the fundraising and development department, which includes annual campaigns, grant writing, and the annual signature rappelling event, The Eye Drop. The funds raised from these initiatives go towards empowering individuals with vision loss to attain independence.

Megan also leads marketing and community relations initiatives for VisionCorps. In addition to her work at VisionCorps, Megan serves on the board of directors for the Lancaster City Police Foundation and is a member of Lancaster Lions Club.

During the conversation, Ben & Jeff will dive into Megan's experience working at VisionCorps, her role in overseeing fundraising and development initiatives, and the impact that the organization has on individuals with vision loss.

Listen in or watch the episode to learn more about Megan's work and the inspiring efforts of VisionCorps.



 Episode 90 -The Way Lancaster Moves

In this episode, Ben & Jeff welcomes Dawn Cox who is a PT, MSPT, and CFMT. Dawn is a late bloomer by most physical therapist standards as she found herself in PT school at the age of thirty. In an effort to then be on the fast-track immediately after graduating, she signed up for her first functional manual therapy™ course with the Institute of Physical Art (IPA) in 2001 at the recommendation of a respected mentor. She was blown away at the specificity and efficiency the IPA philosophy provided and quickly registered for as many physical therapy continuing education courses as her schedule would allow while working two jobs.

Dawn and her family then moved to Lancaster, PA to be closer to family. Although a challenging transition at first, Dawn realized that she was bringing a new approach to treatment to the area with her functional manual therapy techniques in her “tool bag.” Doctors and other members of the community were quick to recognize the differences from traditional physical therapy. This gave her the drive to continue her education by achieving her certification in Functional Manual Therapy™ (CFMT™) in which she passed with distinction. She is only one of only several physical therapists in Pennsylvania with this qualification. And now, she is thrilled to bring her “physical art” to Prana Functional Manual Therapy as owner.

Dawn is active in the downtown Lancaster community including serving in the past as a James Street Improvement District board member and a member of the Executive Leadership Team for Marketing for the Lancaster City Alliance. In early 2011, she was recognized by SCORE Lancaster with an award for excellence in business development. And shortly after she was recognized by Fig as a leader in the healthcare industry in Lancaster. She also gives regular seminars at local businesses and organizations on movement health and wellness and jokes about being known on the street as the “chief of the posture police.” She will give postural tips to anyone who listens! This has sparked another business based on preventative physical therapy through a video curriculum and on-site PT sessions called Myokind.



 Episode 89 -Preserving Lancaster's Outdoors

In this episode, Ben & Jeff will be joined by Dawn Rise Ekdahl, the Executive Director at Historic Poole Forge in Churchtown, Lancaster County. Dawn shares her experiences working in her current role as Executive Director at Historic Poole Forge, where she focuses on preserving the rich history of the region and improving the watershed and riparian habitat for the park's flora and fauna. She is also passionate about educating children in nature and ecology and promoting outdoor recreation.

Listen in as Ben & Jeff learn about Dawn’s dedication to conservation and education and more about Historic Poole Forge.

About Historic Poole Forge: Historic Poole Forge is a 26-acre site with a preserved historic Ironmaster’s mansion, children’s playground, picnic pavilion, ball field, Nature Trail, Riparian Buffers, wildflower meadows, many beautiful gardens and a covered bridge along the Conestoga River in Eastern Lancaster County. They currently host a wide range of free public events, recreational and educational experiences. They restored their 1770’s Ironmaster’s mansion that serves as a heritage/community center and also a venue for private and public celebrations. Historic Poole Forge have also expanded their environmental and educational programs and opportunities for both children and adults while continuing our preservation of the Conestoga Creek, historic iron forge and grounds.



 Episode 88 -Mentoring Lancaster Businesses

In this episode, Ben & Jeff welcome Margot Hoerner from SCORE, which is the nation’s largest network of volunteers and expert business mentors helping small businesses achieve their business dreams and goals. Since 1964, they have provided education and mentorship to more than 11 million entrepreneurs. SCORE has a local chapter in Lancaster-Lebanon providing mentoring and educational opportunities to businesses. They also have their annual Small Business Awards coming up to recognize a few winners.

Margot Hoerner retired from a 35 year career as a sales, marketing and HR Executive at Procter and Gamble. Volunteering with SCORE has provided a forum to give back to the community and help small businesses looking for mentoring and coaching.

Dr. Andrew Lally is a golf obsessed Physical Therapist, and Founder of inJoy Golf. Andrew's passion for golf has always been rooted in family bonds, friendship, and competition. Things that he credits in adding an immense amount of joy into his life. When looking for a career pivot, and more of that joy in his life, he leaned into those experiences and founded the aptly named "inJoy Golf".

InJoy Golf is Lancaster's premier indoor golf venue where customers can play a variety of games and courses on industry leading Trackman simulators, take a lesson with their in house instructor, or take advantage of expert level golf specific physical training and rehab services, directed by Dr. Lally himself. InJoy has been open since November of 2021 and hosts leagues, corporate events, birthday parties, and many other group events. What Andrew is most proud of though, is the new friendships, and golf community that continues to grow at inJoy.

Score Website:

Score Facebook:

InJoy Website:

InJoy Facebook:

 Episode 87 - Safer and Happier Lives in Lancaster

In this episode, Ben & Jeff speak with Jennifer King, a full-time Service Dog Ambassador for UDS, to discuss her journey with the organization. Jennifer began as a volunteer in April 2017 and was later hired as the administration assistant to the program. We'll learn about her role as an ambassador and the importance of spreading awareness about the program. Jennifer also shares her personal experience caring for her ambassador dog, Nova.

Tune in or watch to hear Jennifer's inspiring story and the impact of UDS on the community.

About UDS Foundation: UDS Foundation is a Lancaster, PA-based organization whose mission is to improve the lives of people with physical and age-related disabilities. UDS Foundation accomplishes that by providing a variety of home- and community-based services to help people with disabilities enjoy safer, happier, and more independent lives in the comfort of their homes. Incorporated in 1970, UDS Foundation has evolved from a small organization to a company providing a network of 12 different programs through several nonprofit and for-profit entities. UDS Foundation serves individuals with disabilities, including the aging and veterans, throughout Pennsylvania and coordinates a network of business partners and satellite offices in multiple counties.



 Episode 86 - Empowering Lives with The Arc

In this episode, Ben & Jeff speak with Maureen Westcott, the Executive Director of The Arc Lancaster Lebanon, to discuss the organization's mission to empower individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) to live independent and fulfilling lives. With a personal connection to the cause as a parent of an adult with I/DD, Maureen shares her expertise as both a provider and advocate.

Listen in as they delve into this inspiring conversation on making a positive impact in the lives of those with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD).

🌟 Upcoming Gala & Auction: May 6th 🌟

About The Arc Lancaster Lebanon: Mission: Empowering people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) and their families to lead full, satisfying, independent lives of their choice.

The Arc plays an extremely important role in their community serving as a resource, listener, and advocate for those unable to express or verbalize for themselves and their families. Most importantly, they empower people with disabilities and families to make informed choices, based on up to date knowledge.

What they do: Advocate: Empower and Support; Educate: Teach, train, inform on issues related to I/DD;

Navigate: help to understand the issues and identify paths to solutions Collaborate: Partner with the community to embrace shared goals in order to create positive change.

Programs: advocacy (one on one support), self-advocate and sibling programs, family connections, school presentations on disability acceptance, training, holiday gift program.



 Episode 85 - Providing Care For Alzheimer's

In this episode, Ben & Jeff are joined by Frances Gibbons, the Senior Director of Development at the Greater Pennsylvania Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association. Serving 59 counties in western, central and northeastern Pennsylvania, Frances and her team organizes and executes the Walk to End Alzheimer’s® events, the second-largest peer-to-peer fundraising event in the United States.

Here in the Eastern, Central & North part of the Greater Pennsylvania, she works on achieving designated financial and participant goals through team and individual fundraising, corporate solicitation, community partnerships, as well as increasing Alzheimer's Association awareness and visibility in the community. Frances oversees 13 of the 23 Walks in the Greater Pennsylvania Chapter which helps the Alzheimer's Association fund the mission & vision of a world without Alzheimer's & other dementias.

Tune in for an engaging and informative conversation as we walk towards a brighter future for all those affected by Alzheimer's and other dementias.



 Episode 84 - The Sweet Side of Lancaster

In this episode, Ben welcomes Jonathan and Jennie Groff, a husband and wife team who are the owners of the Lancaster Sweet Shoppe and Stroopies, Inc. located in downtown Lancaster City. With over 23 years of marriage and 4 children, Jonathan and Jennie share their passion for using business to solve social issues and how it has allowed them to connect and serve people from different walks of life through their businesses.

They will delve into their journey as entrepreneurs, their approach to business and social impact, and the role of community in their success. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, this episode is for you.

Tune in to discover how Jonathan and Jennie Groff have successfully integrated their passion for social impact into their business model.



 Episode 83 - The Jewel of Lancaster City

In this episode, Ben & Jeff welcome Melissa Siwiec, the Executive Director of CMT (Central Market Trust). She brings a wealth of experience in nonprofit management, having served at organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, United Way, and Clare House.

She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Human Development and Family Studies from Penn State and a Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership from Central Penn College, as well as a certification as an Associate in Project Management.

Listen in as Melissa shares her insights and expertise on nonprofit management and leadership.

About Lancaster Central Market: Designated as a market town in 1730, the City of Lancaster is home to Lancaster Central Market, the oldest, continuously running public farmers’ market in the country. The Central Market Trust (CMT) was created in 2006, and has since developed a sustainable business model offering fresh healthy foods to the community within the iconic and historic Market House. The Central Market remains a jewel of center-city Lancaster, a popular tourist destination, and a thriving Farmer’s Market.



 Episode 82 - Person-Centered Change in Lancaster

In this episode, Ben & Jeff welcomes Vanessa Philbert, who is the Chief Executive Officer for the Community Action Partnership of Lancaster County. In her role at CAP, she provides leadership and strategic vision to CAP’s 15-plus programs and brings a unique perspective to community problem-solving based on her lived experiences and journey out of poverty. She works to address generational problems with generational solutions and through a cross-sector, strategic approach.

About The Community Action Partnership: The Community Action Partnership is Lancaster County’s largest anti-poverty organization and boasts a service profile that interrupts inter-generational poverty with programs that assist families at every age and place in life.

Knowing that poverty is complex and its contributing factors vary, CAP is committed to creating innovative, person-centered initiatives, including social enterprise businesses, to augment our many long-standing and successful anti-poverty programs that advance the social and economic mobility of families. CAP is person-centered, outcomes-based, data-driven, and focused on greater sector impact and systems change.



 Episode 81 - Lancaster's LEGO Master

In this episode, Ben & Jeff welcome Dominic Forte, a former contestant who was on the show, "Lego Masters''. This is where contestants compete for a chance to win $100,000 and be named the next “Lego Master”.

Dominic has had a passion for Legos ever since he received his first LEGO set at 6 years old and it has now evolved into something amazing that brings creativity and skill together. They’ll talk about his experience and what Dominic gained/learned from this opportunity.

 Episode 80 - Transforming Lives in Lancaster

In this episode, Mandy Richardson, Executive Director of Clare House will be joining with Ben & Jeff to discuss her experience working in nonprofit management and her vision for Clare House Lancaster, an organization that has been helping women and their children since 1980 through a mix of employment-focused programs, short-term housing, and goal-based services. Mandy brings a wealth of experience to the role, having earned a BA in Professional Writing and Pennsylvania German Studies from Kutztown University. She began her career working to improve programming and events at a local folklife museum and cultural institution. From there, she transitioned into marketing and content writing for several corporations, while earning her Master of Public Administration with a focus in Nonprofit Management from Villanova University.

When asked what drew her to the position of Executive Director at Clare House, Mandy said the mission and stability of the program pulled her in and piqued her interest. She's excited to empower the women of the community and help them start a success story.



Episode 79 - Unlocking Star Power and Potential

On this episode, Ben & Jeff speak with Jennifer West, a native of Lancaster County and the program director and co-founder of Girls on the Run of Lancaster and Lebanon. Jennifer started the program in 2009 with Carrie Johnson and it has grown from 25 girls to having served over 18,000 girls over the past 13 years.

Girls on the Run (GOTR) is a 501 c3 non-profit organization that uses physical activity and an experienced-based curriculum to empower girls to realize their star power, potential, and inner strength. The program is designed to meet the unique needs of each girl, no matter her circumstances, ability or background. GOTR relies on trained volunteer coaches to lead teams of 8-15 girls in 3rd-8th grade through a 10-week season which culminates in a 5K celebration. The girls leave the program feeling more confident, equipped with conflict resolution tools, and in control of their own thoughts and emotions.

Tune in on Monday to hear more about the impact GOTR is making in the Lancaster and Lebanon counties and how you can get involved as a volunteer, coach, or supporter.



Episode 78 - Have You Been Sleeping Wrong?

In this episode, Ben and Jeff will be sharing their upcoming Sleep Elevated Seminar hosted by Gardner’s Mattress & More. This is a fun, interactive, and informative presentation focused on helping you improve your sleep.

During this FREE seminar, you will hear some of their best tips and tricks for getting a good night's rest, including advice on choosing the right mattress, creating a sleep-friendly environment, and developing healthy sleep habits.

Learn more about our Sleep Elevated Seminars here.

Episode 77 - A (Clean) Window to Lancaster

Austin Hartman is from Columbia, PA and helps run and operate a family business with his mother, father and brother. Austin graduated from Lock Haven University with a marketing degree in 2019.

By 2020, due to the pandemic, Austin joined forces with his father to help and was the best decision Austin could have ever made. Austin loves what he does and is thrilled to be a part of achieving his parents dream of running a successful business. Outside of work, Austin lives a simple life by hanging with friends and workouts daily.

Austin and his family are active in helping the Columbia community they live in.



Episode 76 - A Festivus for the Rest of Lancaster

Mark your calendars and tune in on Monday for a festive and entertaining episode where Ben & Jeff will focus on these three areas:

🌟 Feats of (Giving) Strength: They will revisit some of their past guests to hear about the most impressive feats of generosity they've contributed or made an impact in the community.

🌟 Airing of Gratitude: They will share some of the people they are most thankful for at Gardner's Mattress. From their loyal customers to their hardworking employees, celebrating the people who make their business thrive.

🌟 Mattress Grievances: Buying a new mattress can be a daunting task, and throughout the process, there are bound to be some issues that arise. In this segment, Ben & Jeff will discuss some of the common issues customers have when shopping for a mattress, and offering some tips and advice on how to navigate these challenges.

Episode 75 - Family, Fun and Fitness in Lancaster

Universal Athletic Club is annually voted the #1 fitness center in Lancaster County. Serving the community since 1994, Universal guarantees the success of every member. In a world that is constantly working against fitness success, Universal provides all of the tools to finally become fit for life.



Episode 74 - Lancaster's Community Hub

Playing at fan-friendly Clipper Magazine Stadium, located just north of downtown Lancaster, the Barnstormers have brought enjoyment to over four million patrons since that memorable first-ever game on May 11, 2005. During that time, the club has produced two championships, winning Lancaster’s first professional baseball title in more than half a century in 2006. The ‘Stormers repeated the feat in 2014.

In addition to their successes in the standings, the Barnstormers have sent a number of players either back to the Major Leagues or to “The Show” for the first time. Among the players who have gone from Prince Street to the big leagues are former first round pick Jerome Williams, who later took the mound for the Phillies, local product Matt Watson and current Boston Red Sox right-hander Marcus Walden.

Clipper Magazine Stadium has become a venue that is utilized for far more than baseball. It has become a party venue, an expo center, a concert hall, a Christmas village, and much more.

Upcoming Christmas Events at the stadium:

Community Events:


Episode 73 - The Annual Lancaster Santa Stumble

Pete Ruggieri started the Lancaster Santa Stumble over a decade ago. Year one was just a handful of friends. Each year the stumble grew in number and donations to charity increased as well. Over the years the Stumble has raised over 250K for charity and has also given downtown businesses and restaurant employees a well needed financial boost.

🌟 Join the 2022 Lancaster Santa Stumble

Episode 72 - Serving the ELANCO Community

CrossNet Ministries exists to offer help and hope in the name of Jesus by empowering people in Easter Lancaster County. They seek to build resources and build relationships with those they serve. CrossNet Ministries offer programs in the areas of Youth, Social Services, Food & Nutrition and Community. Programs include housing, after school programs, mentor program, transportation, educational programs, food pantry and food programs and much more!



Episode 71 - Help the Fight

Help The Fight is a non-profit organization that provides supportive funding for those diagnosed with breast cancer. They call this gap funding, which helps patients with bills such as personal/household bills, medical treatment bills, daycare, insurance payments and much more. Help The Fight prides itself on helping the people. Financial assistance is also available for those needing the necessary screening process for early detection, as early detection is the key to the survival of breast cancer.

Help The Fight is a 501(c)3 organization, EIN#27-0729960



Episode 70 - Lancaster Gives Back

Tune in on Monday as Mark Pontz from Fine Living Lancaster magazine shares how we can support and give back to local charities and nonprofits in the community.

Born and raised in Lancaster County, Mark Pontz’s love of the city’s unique food, music, art, and culture led him to create Fine Living Lancaster magazine. For 15 years, he has served as the publisher of this quarterly magazine.

Mark enjoys many professional titles. Mortgage loan officer, photographer, publisher, musician... and he approached them all with a fierce passion and an energy that remains undiminished by any factors.



Episode 69 - Lancaster's House for Fitness

Tread House is an hour long workout combining cardio and strength training targeting specific muscle groups to maximize results and prevent overtraining. With encouraging certified trainers, high-energy music, and the nations #1 treadmills, Tread House guarantees an experience like no other.

The company pillars are the experience, the coaches and the community. Tread House offers the best in-studio experience with their coaches, music and atmosphere. The coaches are all highly qualified and experienced to provide an amazing workout. The community is two-fold: within the studio walls where they have a great community of people who share a common goal of creating a healthy lifestyle and being part of an uplifting group. The second part of the community pillar is their impact on the Lancaster community through raising and donating to local nonprofits as well as providing "community days"each month to allow anyone to come in for free.



Episode 68 - Home for the Underdogs!

Acorn Acres Wildlife Rehabilitation, located in Millersville is the only facility in Lancaster County that specializes in the rehabilitation of squirrels, cottontails, and juvenile groundhogs.

They offer the little guys, the underdogs, a second chance. They also provide fun, exciting educational programs to groups and schools. Acorn Acres brings the wildlife experience to you! Their ambassador animals are Poppy the Groundhog, Snags the Squirrel, and Elliott the Groundhog. They provide their human neighbors in Lancaster County and surrounding areas with a free resource for these species.

To their patients, they offer a proper environment (clean, quiet, and predator free) to grow, thrive, and recover with species specific optimal nutrition as well as veterinary care. To their human neighbors and wild patients, Acorn Acres commits to maintain and further their education as they strive to implement the latest technologies and practices.

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow!



Episode 67 - Rich Stories of Railroads

Patrick C. Morrison trained in college to become a social studies teacher but found his true calling working in museums. He has currently spent more than 26 years at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, where he has developed interactive tours, exhibits, workshops, the summer day camp, community outreach, sensory hours and on-site virtual programming. He also has instructed school-age children and adults, worked with volunteers, expanded the railroading merit badge program and lent his considerable expertise to visitor services and interpretation.

Pat was the 2016 recipient of the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania’s Link & Pin Award, which is conferred on an employee in recognition of long-standing, dedicated and exceptional service. A native of Alexandria, Pennsylvania, Pat and his wife Andrea Girard Morrison reside in Landisville, Pennsylvania with their children Trevor and Julia.



Episode 66 - Bringing Magic to Families!

Making Magical Vacations Travel is local in the Lancaster County Area. She is a Manheim native and Class of "88 Graduate of Manheim Central, with clients spanning the globe from Dutch Harbor, Alaska to Puerto Rico. Monica Forte, owner, has been in the travel industry for 33 years with being directly contracted and awarded designations with MAJOR travel suppliers. Monica and her 25 MAGICAL Specialists Maximizes Your Time - Saves You Money and Ensures You and Your Family Will Get The MOST Out of Your Vacation Needs.

Monica, has been asked by many WISH granting organizations to assist and plan Magical Vacations for those who have had terminal illnesses, who are retired, wounded vets that have served our country and families who are currently serving. It's such an honor for them to create magical vacations for all families. It's a tall order they receive from families to have confidence in them and to have her take over their vacations. When they become frustrated and confused, that's when Monica's services are called in. Monica knows first hand the magic any vacation can bring. The only question she'll ask you is "Where Will Your Dreams Take You?"



Episode 65 - Celebrating 32 years!

Join us as we celebrate Gardner’s Mattress & More 32 year anniversary! We will kick off our anniversary event for the month of October and share some of our highlighted moments from our past shows.

Episode 64 - Special Mystery Guest

Join us next week to find out who the special mystery guest is! 🤔 This person has made such a significant impact on the community and we’re looking forward to the conversations and the legacy they left behind. You won’t want to miss this episode!

Episode 63 - On the Rise: Women in Business

Paragon Behavioral Health Services started in December of 2017 as a small, women-owned behavioral health company with co-owners, Kryn McClain and Paulina Colonna as the sole providers. Paragon is defined as a person or thing regarded as a perfect example of a particular quality. If one thing was clear when they discussed how they named their business, it was that they were striving to build something that would be a model of excellence, so “Paragon” fit perfectly. Since 2017, they have grown from 2 employees to 76, from 1 service modality to 5, and from $400k gross revenue to a projection of $3 million annually in just under five years.

Today, Paragon offers a range of mental health services: traditional outpatient therapy, autism diagnostic evaluations, immigration evaluations, and autism individual and group community services. Where they really shine is in their philosophy of caring for the caregiver. Too often, caregivers found themselves working in the drudges of healthcare where the providers are overworked, burned out, and underappreciated. Having both grown up in rural towns has made Kryn and Paulina acutely aware of the shortfalls of mental health services, access to care, and the limitations that bind decision-making for many organizations. Paragon takes their people-first philosophy into the core of the company because they believe if you take care of your people in healthcare, they can all work together in reaching their mission.

Episode 62 - A Focus on Fitness

Chris Russell is the Founder and CEO of Fitness 4 Focus. After college Chris returned to Central Pennsylvania where he began to work for a local agency as a Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS) from 2003-2012. His primary role as a TSS was to provide intervention strategies in order to assist students in developing daily living, social and cultural skills.

In 2005, while playing catch during recess with a client named Tommy, Chris took notice that Tommy had deficits in areas that many take for granted. Due to Chris' background in physical education and athletics, he immediately began to help Tommy improve in the areas of physical endurance, strength and coordination. At that moment, an idea was born. Chris began to envision a place where individuals with intellectual and developmental delays like Tommy could participate in meaningful physical activity. A place where given the right kind of training they could become physically and mentally stronger, gain more independence, and as a result become happier and healthier. Chris’s new found passion combined with his knowledge and experience led to the creation and now continued success of Fitness 4 Focus.

Episode 61 - A Voice for the Voiceless

Melody Sanders is the CEO & President of the Board for The Pet Pantry which was founded on three core services – to fix, feed, and rescue animals in need.

Lindsay High is the Development Director for Pet Pantry of Lancaster County. Through this role she is able to build lasting connections within the community in order to influence measurable and positive change in the lives of homeless, neglected, and abused animals who are receiving lifesaving care through the organization.

The Pet Pantry was founded on three core services – to fix, feed, and rescue animals in need. Each year the Pet Pantry helps place over 500 animals in need of love and care into homes that share Mel’s core philosophy.

Episode 60 - Learn About Therapeutic Equine-Assisted Activities

Jenn Rummel is the Executive Director of Greystone Manor Therapeutic Riding Center. She has her Master’s in Public Administration from Capella University and has been helping nonprofits raise money since 2008.

Steph Fleck is the Program Director for Greystone Manor Therapeutic Riding Center. She has dual degrees in Equine and Equestrian Studies and Equine Facilitated Therapeutics from Wilson College. She is an accomplished therapeutic equine instructor with certifications from both the Council for Education and Certification in Therapeutic Horsemanship and PATH International.

Greystone Manor TRC, a 501(c)(3) organization, has been providing quality equine-assisted activities to children and adults with special needs in Lancaster, PA, since 1981. Every year their program and number of participants grow. They started with only seven riders and now more than 50 riders participate in lessons each week.

Episode 59 - Helping Our Most Vulnerable Children Succeed

The Schreiber Center for Pediatric Development serves more than 4,000 children every year. They provide outpatient and in-home pediatric therapy services including occupational, physical, and speech-language therapy for children from birth to age 21, and in 2020 they added behavioral health services. Over their 85-year history, doctors across central Pennsylvania have referred thousands of children to their facility for life-changing services.

Schreiber cannot provide these services without the help of the community. It is their mission to provide excellent care to every child who needs them, regardless of their family's ability to pay. With low reimbursement rates from Medicaid which covers almost 95% of the client population, it is up to Schreiber to raise $1.6 million annually through philanthropy to make up the budget shortfall.

Episode 58 - Fighting Homelessness in Lancaster

Tim Keller, C.E.O of H.K. Keller and Donna Giovingo, realtor for Berkshire Hathaway HS Homesale Reality will share an upcoming benefit event that is put together by the LCAR (Lancaster County Associations of Realtors) on September 20th, 2022. This will be its 34th Annual Event.

The event is to support the Transitional Living Center, a project of TenFold in Lancaster. With 80 years of collective expertise, TenFold will continue to serve as a trusted community partner offering a broader continuum of services to address homelessness to affordable rental housing to homeownership, and the creation of new housing units through Tenfold Community Lending.

Tenfold Website:

LCAR Website:

Episode 57 - Lessons with The Money Girl

Lancaster Homegirl, Christina Diehl, Realtor and experienced Real Estate Investor, is passionate about helping young women get their financial lives started off on the right foot. When the pandemic began in 2020, Christina, like many Realtors, found her business sidelined. Unable to go out on showings or complete transactions, she was more grateful than ever for the passive income stream she had built up over the years.

“For many years, I kept my goals and successes to myself for fear of making people uncomfortable . . . after all, we aren’t supposed to talk about money, right? But when I started sharing my experiences with others, so many people said to me, ‘I wish I had known what you knew about money earlier.’”

Christina’s knowledge was passed down to her from her father, but many parents don’t know where to begin when talking to their children about finances.

“It is my dream and my mission to help other young women achieve the financial freedom I now enjoy.” While Christina never envisioned herself as an author, this subject matter was just too important for her to ignore.



Episode 56 - Discovering Lancaster

Edward Harris has served as President & CEO of Discover Lancaster – the county’s official destination marketing organization – since June 2020.

Ed came to Lancaster from the Valley Forge Tourism & Convention Board (VFTCB), where he had led their creative team since 2014 as Chief Marketing Officer.

Prior to joining VFTCB, he held brand management roles at the Converse line of Nike, eBay, Under Armour, and Timberland. He is often a guest presenter at industry conferences, and was named to the Philadelphia Business Journal’s prestigious “40 Under 40” list in 2017.

Harris earned a Bachelor’s in Marketing from Saint Joseph’s University and obtained his MBA from Boston College.

Episode 55 - A Midsummer Night...Tent Sale

Are you looking to upgrade your mattress? Or to find something new for yourself? Now is your chance to save big and get on these deals!

💥Join Ben & Jeff as they share about their tent sale event happening now until Monday, July 4th. 💥

Stop by Gardner’s Mattress & More to shop for amazing deals that are up to 50% off! This includes:

✅ Luxury Mattresses at Discount Prices - kings and queens and fulls

✅ Twin, full, queen and king size mattresses in a box, in stock for easy pick up

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✅ Hybrids of all types and sizes

✅ Futons

✅ Headboards & platform beds

Or if you want to shop our typical offerings…

✅ Double Dealzzz Savings on mattresses and items not on sale in the tent!!!

Gardner’s Mattress & More

830 Plaza Blvd - Behind Park City Mall Lancaster, PA 17601

Episode 54 - Type 1 for No One

JDRF is the leading global organization funding type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. Their strength lies in their exclusive focus and singular influence on the worldwide effort to end T1D.

JDRF works every day to change the reality of this disease for millions of people—and to prevent anyone else from ever knowing it—by funding research; advocating for government support of research and new therapies; ensuring new therapies come to market and are recommended by healthcare providers; and connecting, engaging, and educating the T1D community.

Connect with JDRF:

Episode 53 - Investing in Lancaster

Ross Stockdale is a Lancaster county native and graduate of Warwick High School and Elizabethtown College. Ross has spent the last decade in the digital marketing industry and since 2019 has transitioned into the private equity industry.

Ross is a co-founder of Perpetual Equity Group, a Lancaster based private equity firm seeking to preserve, enrich and grow their investors, assets, and community.

Ross is the host of The PMG Pod podcast and co-founder of Perpetual Marketing Group. In his spare time, Ross enjoys preparing for fatherhood, golf, fitness, and giving back to the community through service at the Lititz Young Men's Business League.

Connect with Ross:

Episode 52 - Empowering Elizabethtown

ECHOS purpose is to empower families and­­­ individuals experiencing housing instability and insufficient income in the Northwest Region of Lancaster County. Their mission is to mobilize communities to provide services that prevent and alleviate poverty and empower stability in our neighbors.

Brie started her leadership at ECHOS as the Executive Director in March 2021. She began her professional experience in direct service but transitioned to macro-focused work as a medical advocate for survivors of domestic and sexual violence and as an executive director of a non-profit senior community center.

Connect with ECHOS:

Episode 51 - Helping Lancaster Wake Up Happy

Join Ben and Jeff as they share updates about their recent Gardner’s Give Back initiative, their 7 Step Promise, and their upcoming Memorial Day Savings Event! They’ll also discuss the Lancaster Newspaper Readers Choice Award voting where they’re going for a 13th straight win for “Favorite Mattress Store” category.

Ben and Jeff were also featured on WGAL News where they discuss why it’s important to choose the right mattress for a better sleep.

Episode 50 - Connecting Through Crisis

In this episode, we will be joining with Dawn Tluczek who is the Donor & Church Liaison & Event Manager for Bethany Christian Services, along with Charlotte Guerin who is the Refugee Resettlement Site Supervisor. This will focus on the Ukraine crisis as they discuss how Bethany will provide support for refugees and their needs.

Bethany Christian Services is a global nonprofit that supports children and families with world-class social services, all designed to help families thrive. For more than 75 years, their faith has inspired them to stand for children close to home and around the world.

Connect with Bethany Christian Services:

Episode 49 - The Gift of Strength and Hope

At A Week Away, the foundation coordinates and finance respite weeks for families who are battling a life-threatening illness, with the goal of providing them the hope they need to continue their fight.

“When you get away, you get to feel normal.” — Caleb Walker, Founder

Caleb was Lynn Walker’s son. He passed away in December of 2014 knowing that he had successfully established his foundation with the help of very loyal & committed friends and his family. Lynn is so thankful for all of the support they have and is committed to helping to grow AWA’s impact in helping families and keeping Caleb’s legacy going onward.

Joe and a few others were responsible for launching The A Week Away foundation along with Caleb and he is a huge factor in the growth that the foundation has experienced in their first 5 years. After taking a two year break, he is back again as President of their Board of Directors and brings his passion for the mission with him.

Connect with A Week Away:

Episode 48 - Lancaster County In Focus

Jon, Chad, and Ralph, best friends since high school, started ModernEYES Optical 15 years ago as a kiosk at Park City Mall selling stylish eyewear. They grew the business in many creative ways including allowing their customers to host home eyewear parties, partnering with local school districts to increase business and being able to help kids in need of eye exams and glasses but can't afford them, and partnering with local non-profits for fundraiser events.

8 years ago, ModernEYES opened their new eyewear boutique location at Chelsea Square on Manheim Pike. It is a relaxed and fun environment! They have helped over 800 local children in need with eye exams and glasses at no charge and have raised over $150,000 for local non-profits. They pride themselves on having the best selection of stylish eyewear and sunglasses in the Central PA area. They also offer quality eye exams and contact lenses.

Connect with ModernEYES:

Episode 47 - Music Empowers Dreams

Diana Vuolo is the Founder/Executive Director of SWAN4kids. She received a full-tuition scholarship to study violin with world-renowned teacher Dorothy DeLay at The Philadelphia College of Performing Arts (PCPA). She earned a Bachelor of Music Degree in Violin Performance and was a masterclass performer for Miss DeLay at PCPA and the Aspen Music Festival.

Her performance career began with a chamber music concert in Carnegie Hall, NY, and as co-concertmaster for the International Lyric Festival Opera Orchestra, Barga, Italy. Diana was a member of the Concerto Soloists of Philadelphia, Philly Pops Orchestra, Canton Symphony. She served as a substitute for the Saint Louis Symphony under the direction of Leonard Slatkin. In addition to performing, Diana has taught violin, music theory, and ensemble classes over the past 45 years and served as an adjunct violin professor at Lancaster Bible College. Volante, one of her high school student groups, was featured on CBS, “The Early Show.” Her SWAN students have been featured on national and local television and radio broadcasts.

Mission: To be dedicated advocates for children affected by parental incarceration by providing life-changing intervention through music and mentoring. SWAN provides free music lessons, ensemble training, and performance opportunities as an after-school program within the School Districts of Lancaster, Red Lion, and Lancaster's Youth Intervention Center.

Connect with Diane:

Episode 46 - From Success to Significance

You won’t want to miss this very special episode of Lancaster Connects. Join Ben & Jeff as they discuss how Gardner’s Mattress & More will be giving everyone an opportunity to make more of an impact to the Lancaster Community. This includes the new roll out of their Gardner’s Gives back initiative: Round Up, Help Out. A great way for both you and Gardner’s Mattress & More can work together, choose to make a difference, and move from success to significance in the Lancaster Community. Together, we can create a better Lancaster County.

Connect with Gardner's:

Episode 45 - Serve, Listen & Lead

Steve is the owner/Chief People Builder of the Goble Group, a talent and leadership development organization serving businesses, non-profits, and teams in Central PA and surrounding areas. He is passionate about helping people grow and solve problems. As an author, a Founding Partner of the Maxwell Leadership Certified Team, a Certified Coach, and a Certified Human Behavior Consultant, Steve was a 2017 ’40 Under 40’ recipient from the Central Penn Business Journal. Steve is also the co-host of the ‘A Dram of Leadership’ podcast, sharing leadership principles and action steps to improve yourself/team from leading business books.

Steve currently resides in Lancaster County, PA with his family, where he enjoys petting other people’s dogs and a good pint of IPA or dram of whiskey. No, he and his family are not Amish.

Connect with Steve:

Episode 44 - Restoring Lancaster County

In 2014, Kapp and Linda Brown took a big step to follow their dream. They entered in to the world of entrepreneurship. Kapp’s desire to serve others and continue learning and growing led him to partner with The Master’s Touch (Glendale Arizona). TMT was one of the largest non-franchise training companies in the world. They personally set up over 1500 people in business for themselves all over the world.

In the past 7 years, Newly Restored has branched out from cleaning tile and grout to carpets, upholstery, power washing, concrete cleaning, duct cleaning, and disinfecting services. As new technologies emerge, Kapp and Linda are anxious to be on the front line – bringing the very best to the customers they serve!

Connect with Kapp:

Episode 43 - Learning to Lead

Dr. Keith Floyd is the founder and President of iNVISION Group Leadership Services Group. Founded in 2013, iNVISION Group LSG LLC is a full-service leadership development consultancy focused on the areas of coaching, training, planning, and analytics and services clients both regionally and nationally. Dr. Floyd and iNVISION Group works largely in the professional services space (attorneys, accountants, engineers, and those in the financial industry), but also assists clients (and their teams) in a multitude of other industries..

Connect with Dr. Keith:

Episode 42 - Two Dudes Discuss Lancaster

From residential and commercial painting projects to the most elaborate, beautiful murals, Two Dudes is committed to taking the time and care needed to ensure each customer achieves their vision. They aim to inspire and enhance the lives of their employees, clients, and their community. This commitment to excellence has shaped and molded the company into a business that significantly values what they do and how they do it.

Connect with Tony and Two Dudes:

Episode 41 - Kisses for EB

Kisses For EB is a non-profit created in 2017 after Kiba was born in 2015. EB is short for epidermolysis bullosa: a very rare genetic disorder that affects about 200 births yearly worldwide. EB individuals are missing the protein in their skin layers to keep their layers together. any sort of friction can cause blisters and wounds, there is no known cure and only pain management and wound care, EB individuals are more apt to get infections.

Kisses For EB was created to bring awareness to the community and to bring assistance to the individuals and families that live with the most horrible disease you have never heard of.

Connect with Dana, Ashley & Kisses for EB:


Episode 40 - The Finer Things in Lancaster

Mark Pontz has spent nearly three decades helping folks finance their dream homes. As a senior loan officer at loanDepot, he has earned the honor of Chairman’s Elite for each full year that he’s been with the company.

Born and raised in Lancaster County, his love of the city’s unique food, music, art, and culture led him to create Fine Living Lancaster magazine. For 15 years, he has served as the publisher of this quarterly magazine.

In recent years, Mark has channeled his passion for the arts into a study of photography. In his work at Mark Pontz Photography, he feels that the best photograph is one that lets the true personality of a person (or product, dish, or drink...) shine through. In his spare time, he plays bass in the folk-rock band Bailey Run.

Connect with Mark Pontz:

Fine Living Lancaster:

Episode 39 - Using the Gokhale Method To Improve Your Sleep & Reduce Your Pain

As a nationally award-winning Licensed Massage Therapist, Rachel Benbow’s understanding of anatomy and physiology enable her to clearly instruct her Gokhale Method students with an understanding of how their muscles and bones work to realign​ their posture.

As a CranioSacral Therapist, Rachel also recognizes that our minds and our bodies are not separate, but are actually a unified whole. She understands that by addressing the body with the Gokhale Method, we are likewise addressing our minds.

After obtaining better posture, regaining range of motion, and reducing or eliminating pain, many people using the Gokhale Method find that they approach life with greater confidence and ease.

Connect with Rachel Benbow:

Episode 38 - It Takes a Village!

Lancaster Downtowners is a village-model non-profit that connects people who have chosen to age-in-community in the City of Lancaster. Founded in 2008, the organization provides social, educational & wellness programs; volunteer support for day-to-day tasks; and information and recommendations when other resources are required. A member of the national Village to Village Network, the Lancaster Downtowners is made up of over 200 seniors who value a vibrant, interdependent, and multigenerational community.

Melissa Ressler has been the Executive Director of Lancaster Downtowners since 2018. She has a Bachelor's degree in Therapeutic Recreation and Gerontology, with previous positions held at the Occupational Development Center and Philadelphia Corporation for Aging. She serves as leadership for Age-Friendly Lancaster City, and has presented locally and nationally about collaborative partnerships, villages, and intergenerational volunteer engagement.

Connect with Lancaster Downtowners:

Episode 37 - A Renewed Focus on Northern Lancaster County

Casey Ellis recently joined Ephrata Area Social Services as the new Executive Director. Even though she is fresh in her position, she is excited to share the mission of EASS with the community. She has been overwhelmed and humbled by the staff, volunteers, and community that rallies around EASS and the clients served. She has learned quickly it really is about neighbors helping neighbors.

Connect with Ephrata Area Social Services:

Episode 36 - Recreation For All - Bringing Joy To Our Community!

The Lancaster Recreation Commission (Lancaster Rec) is a 501(c)3 non-profit agency formed by a partnership agreement between the City of Lancaster, School District of Lancaster and Lancaster Township. Our administrative offices are located at the Lancaster Recreation Center.

Operating since 1909, we provide neighborhood-based recreation and learning opportunities for all ages – with an emphasis on affordable programs for children – at schools, parks, playgrounds, and other indoor and outdoor facilities. Programs include youth and adult instructional sports programs and leagues, senior centers, fitness and wellness classes, summer playgrounds and day camps, full-day child care for infants through age 5, club activities, before and after school care, preschool education and seasonal family events.

Our most important functions are the intangible ones – family interaction, the friends we make, memories of playing on the playground, being part of a team or learning to swim. Our recreation services bring people together and make our community stronger.

Heather Dighe has been a part of the Lancaster Recreation Commission for nearly 6 years and has served as the Executive Director for 4 years. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Communications and Marketing and a Master's Degree in Adult Education and Training. Heather enjoys her role and the opportunity to bring joy and recreation to the people in her community.

Connect with Lancaster Rec:

Episode 35 - Real Results for Real People!

Rod Redcay is the Executive Director of Real Life Community Services. which began in 2010 as an outreach service project. Later, in 2015, they changed their name to REAL Life Community Services to better represent the resources they provide to the Cocalico region.

REAL's mission is to do everything possible to connect the community to hope through partnerships, collaborations, and building relationships.

Their vision is empowering people in the name of Christ to have hope and purpose in life by meeting basic human needs.

Connect with Real Life Community Services:

Episode 34 - Delivering Amazing & Joyful Fun, For Non-Typical People

We're joined by Risa Paskoff and Kate Mullen of Aaron's Acres, which seeks to provide all children and young adults with disabilities opportunities to participate in the most innovative and unique social and recreational programs in an atmosphere of acceptance that embraces the child and family.

They provide individuals with disabilities ages 5-21 year-round therapeutically based age-appropriate recreational programs directed by specially trained and certified staff in a supportive environment that enhances socialization and communication skills. Emotional, educational, and recreational support is offered for the entire family.

Connect with Aaron's Acres:

Episode 33 - A Hand Up for Lancaster's Vulnerable

We're happy to have Anne Williams & Sarita Rivera of Lancaster CIty Alliance on the show!

Lancaster City Alliance is a non-profit that promotes City growth and stability so that Lancaster City flourishes and everyone shares in its success. They are here to listen, collaborate, and connect organizations so the City succeeds.

Connect with Lancaster City Alliance:

Episode 32 - Changing Lives One Meal at a Time

Brad Peterson is the Executive Director of Power Packs Project, a non-profit 501(c)(3) that aims to improve the mental and physical health of children by helping their parents provide nutritious meals over weekends when school breakfast and lunch programs are unavailable to them.

PPP is in 45 schools in 13 school districts in Lancaster and 3 school districts in Lebanon. They have over 500 volunteers and serve over 1600 families.The many volunteers at the warehouse and distribution points give their time each week to ensure that the participating parents have the groceries and the tools to provide complete meals to their families over the weekends. It’s nothing short of inspirational! And the feedback from families that they are now sitting down to have complete and nutritious meals over the weekends is gratifying to the project volunteers.

Connect with Power Packs Project:

Episode 31 - A Place to Call Home

Lena Hohenadel is with Off the Streets, which helps families and individuals in Lancaster, PA get “off the streets” and into permanent housing. They fill critical missing pieces to transition those who are homeless into housing. They also work with local service agencies to identify those who need help and then they provide:

  • Security deposit sent directly to the landlord
  • Basic furnishings and household items

Connect with Off The Streets:

Episode 30 - Lancaster Gives Hope

Jenn Knepper is the organizer of the Lancaster Gifts That Give Hope Alternative Gift Fair which is taking place:

  • Sunday December 12 from 10am-3pm
  • Farm & Home Center
  • 1383 Arcadia Road
  • LANCASTER, PA 17601

At this amazing event you can purchase meaning-filled gifts for everyone on your shopping list!! This Gift Fair features alternative gifts, fair trade, social enterprise, food trucks and more. There's something for everyone and the atmosphere provides a festive and laid back setting to find meaning-filled gifts for everyone on your shopping list.

Connect with Jenn:

Episode 29 - The Shirt Off Your Back!

Based in Lancaster PA, but delivering worldwide, BigPlanetApparel has been owned and operated by Christian Newcomer since its inception in 2009.

While they are proud to be local to Lancaster, PA and primarily serve businesses and organizations in Lancaster County with their custom t-shirts needs, they also work with many people on the other side of the country or even the other side of the globe.

Today, Chris continues to do high-quality screen printing jobs for organizations and businesses, mostly in the Lancaster PA area. His vision for the future remains rooted in the idea to stay local while maintaining a global awareness.

Connect with Chris:




Episode 28 - The Secrets of Lancaster, REVEALED!

Mary Sue Wolf is a Realtor with Wolf and Webb Real Estate in Lancaster. She's raised her family in Lancaster, PA for the past 30 years, enjoys staying active in the community and exploring new adventures in the area.

Mary Sue also heads up Lancaster Local Secrets ( the official blog where she shares her 'secrets' with you about the most enjoyable things in Lancaster and is dedicated to Lancaster local businesses and the memories they create for families every day! Connect with Mary Sue:







Episode 27 - Walking and Talking Lancaster

John Erisman is of Stratix Systems in Lancaster - a Family-Owned company who finds a way to communicate clear solutions to teach, plan, coordinate, and execute ways to save your business time and money with your IT and copier needs.

Join us as we take a virtual walk with John on Lancaster Connects!

Episode 26 - Preserving the Past for Tomorrow

We are honored to be joined LIVE by Parke Oehme of War Horse Garage and Dom "Slice" Teich of Peak Performers on our special Veteran's Day Episode of Lancaster Connects.

Parke, Oehme Bros. & War Horse Garage specialize in the restoration and preservation of WWII vehicles and armor based in Litiz, PA - "The Coolest Small Town in America." They have some amazing projects they are working on that we are thrilled to show and talk about.

Dominic "Slice" Teich, is a decorated F-16 instructor pilot in the U.S. Air Force. His service to our country includes 69 combat missions and 2 deployments to Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan.

For the past 16 months Dom has built a business to serve others: Peak Performers.

"Single Seat Wisdom" is the first of a series of books which highlights the stories and wisdom from America’s fighter pilots. The goal of this book is two-fold:

1- To guide and inspire the next generation of American fighter pilots.

2- To raise $100,000 for the Anna Schindler Foundation and all the children in the world that are riddled with cancerous malignancies (all book profits are being donated to this important cause).

Their main goal is to drive as many Kindle or print book sales as possible just after Veterans Day (November 11, 2021).

Episode 25 - Iron Sharpens Iron

Justin and Men Of Iron are celebrating 15 years of impact through mentorship this year - sharing stories of men committed to know God and their purpose. And the ripple effects across marriages, families and communities has been nothing short of AMAZING!

Justin will be sharing his story, plus talking about the huge upcoming Iron Sharpens Iron Dinner on April 19 featuring Coach Tony Dungy!

Episode 24 - Main Street vs. The Mall

The special guest this week is Mark Allan Maurer, II of Vanscoy, Mauer & Bash Diamond Jewelers in Lancaster. This episode provides great insight of the day-to-day battle that businesses of varying size have vs the behemoths on Main Street. We will be LIVE! so please join the discussion.

Mark Mauer started the store back in 1981, so this is his 40th year and it is Mark Allan’s 27th year. When they bought Bash Jewelers in 2004, they assumed their legacy which goes back to 1956.

They are the only David Yurman dealer between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and also the only Rolex Jeweler between Philadelphia and Camp Hill. They've also been importing diamonds directly from the Fischler Diamond Co. of Antwerp, Belgium for 37 of the 40 years they've been in business. They truly import in a way that no other jeweler does in the great Central Pennsylvania area.

The Maurer Star Diamond is very special and every Maurer Star is hand selected by either Mark Allan or Mark Mauer and put through the rigorous standards of the American Gem Society. There are very few AGS stores in the area and they are proud to be a member of the American Gem Society (AGS) as they are an organization has high standards for ethics and education.

Episode 23 - Freedom Is Never Free

We're honored to have Jeffrey Butch of the Red Rose Chapter of Disabled American Veterans as our special guest. Jeffrey will discuss the core values and mission of DAV, as well as how we can all work together to give back to those that have so graciously served our great country. In addition, Jeffrey will discuss an upcoming Veteran's Luncheon

DAV Luncheon (1st Tuesday of every month):

  • 11/2, 11:30a - 4:00p
  • Lancaster Farm & Home Center, 1383 Arcadia Road Lancaster, PA
  • For all honorably discharged veterans, spouse/guests are welcome
  • Buffet lunch by Hess BBQ Catering
  • Guest Speaker
  • Door prizes
  • Chinese Auction, 50/50 Drawing
  • Info and display tables from various organizations
  • Register -
  • Register by 10/27
  • $20 cash or check at the door

Connect with Jeffrey: ✅ [email protected] ✅ ✅

Episode 22 - A very special episode as we celebrate YOU! We will be joined by many of our great customers live from here in Lancaster and discussing their favorite charities they support. We also are discussing our 31st Anniversary event and Double DealZZZ - as well as anniversary contests and prizes!

Episode 21 - Our guest today is Andrew D. Woolley, CFP® is a part of Personal Wealth Advisory, LLC in Lancaster. What excites Andrew is the personal aspect of the business. With so many technical factors to consider, it is easy for financial planners to forget about the very real relationship they are trusted to maintain. Going to work every day where he gets to spend his time helping clients achieve what matters most to them is a privilege that should never be taken for granted.

Episode 20 - Our guest is Justin Lehman of Interiors Home. Small, family business is very important to Justin as an individual and to Interiors as a company. They believe that small business is an important part of the foundation of the Lancaster community, and they love to connect with and support other small businesses!

Episode 19 - Today we're joined by Debbie Mays and Takisha Stokes with Mary Kay. As a Mary Kay Independent Sales Director, Debbie Mays teaches skin care, sells skin care products, body care products & fragrances. In addition, Debbie helps other women who are interested in starting their own Mary Kay businesses.

Episode 18 - Today we're joined by Dawn Tluczek who is the Donor and Church Liaison for Bethany Christian Services . Bethany believes every child deserves to be safe, loved, and connected. For more than 75 years, their faith has inspired them to stand for children close to home and around the world. Together, we can change the world through family.

Episode 17 - This week we were pleased to have Jessica Meyer from White Chimneys a 300-year-old historical homestead and events venue on the show. We discussed the history of her property, the second oldest building in Lancaster county.

Bonus Video! Ben and Jeff discuss an interesting history nugget with Adam Zurn of Uncharted Lancaster.

Episode 16 - This week we were pleased to have Aaron Spangler from The Lancaster County Community Foundation. We discussed at length their new initiative Lancaster Snapshot. Lancaster Snapshot seeks to build an interactive personal road map of all things Lancaster that each of us holds dear.

Episode 15 - On Episode 15 of Lancaster Connects, we’re joined by Jonina Turzi to tell us about the important work done by Lancaster Farm Sanctuary to help rescued farm animals live a happy life. As the co-founder of the Farm Sanctuary, Jonina shares some stories and clips with us that will brighten up your day!

Episode 14 - On Episode 14 of Lancaster Connects, we’re joined by Mike Reynolds, General Manager of the Lancaster Barnstormers. Ben talked to Mike about the Barnstormers’ 2021 summer baseball season, new game rules, the huge role played by the team and Clipper Magazine Stadium in the community – and how you can catch a game for free AND earn $20 for United Way of Lancaster County, PA, just by volunteering as an usher at the stadium.

Episide 13 - Clip Show! - This week, we changed things up a bit and put together a highlight reel of the best from our first 12 episodes. It highlights many of the great guests and non-profits we had on the show, and has a ton of funny moments and bloopers. We also talked to friend of the show Benton Webber about the Lancaster Conservancy Water Week.

Episode 12 - On Episode 12 of Lancaster Connects we we joined by Ann Marie Shaw representing Building Bridges Foundation. An amazing horse therapy farm and ranch here in Lancaster County specializing in stress, anxiety, and PTSD therapy for our Veterans. And also Larry Alexander who you may recognize the name from Lancaster Newspapers. A long-time journalist turned author and history expert. Larry spent time with us discussing Major Richard “Dick” Winters of the 101st Easy Company made famous by the mini-series Band of Brothers.

Episode 11 - On Episode 11 of Lancaster Connects, we took a deep into Lancaster City with Anne Williams from Lancaster City Alliance and Chris Trendler from Decades “bowl-cade.” With the city as our county hub a thriving city makes for a stronger county and we dug into all that makes Lancaster City thrive.

Episode 10 - On Episode 10 of Lancaster Connects, we were joined by Penny Talbert from The Ephrata Public Library. The library is more than just books, in fact we likely spent only a minute or two on books. The resources offered to the community are amazing. We also talked Rob Reed from the Lancaster Science Factory. The science factory focuses on STEM - science, technology, engineering and math in a fun and focused way where kids think they are playing but are really learning and most importantly striking a fire within themselves to discover what they are excited about.

Episode 9 - On Episode 9 of Lancaster Connects, we were joined by Janelle Esbenshade & Alicia Corrado - from North Star Initiative. They help victims of sex trafficking right here in Lancaster County. It’s incredible to me that we have this problem here in our own backyard, even more incredible that an organization like North Star exists. And we're also joined by Mike Simmons - from LoKal Experiences. Pronounced Lou-call, Lokal Experiences is an experience based guided tour company who give craft-brewed highly specialized tours of our county. If your far away travel plans are still on hold maybe a more local staycation is in order which includes a guided tour from Lokal.

Episode 8 - On Episode 8 of Lancaster Connects, we were joined by Lynda Charles from Help The Fight in Mountville an amazing charity born right here in Lancaster out of the need to help those battling breast cancer who face unexpected expenses one might think insurance would cover. And also John Hockley from Weaver Associates. Weaver is a one stop shop for all your printing needs ranging from printers, toner, paper, print projects, signs, direct mail, logo’d apparel, logo’d giveaway items and more. Weaver Associates also gives back to non profits each year, and offers them special discounts too.

Episode 7 - On Episode 7 of Lancaster Connects, we were joined by Howard Hershey -who has served the Lafayette Fire Company here in Lancaster for 52 years! Amazing man, with a giver's heart. Imagine anything continuing for 52 years, and by the way - everyday year in and year out as a volunteer! Thank you Howard! Also on the show was Marisa Seubert from Lancaster EMS. They dispatch thousands upon thousands of rescue calls annually and while recording our show the calls didn’t stop. Certainly a critical part of our community and without direct funding they need our help. And finally, Elizabeth Berthaud who is the administrator of the Ephrata Cloister a local treasure chock full of history they too function as a non profit organization and welcome visitors right now.

Episode 6 - On Episode 6 of Lancaster Connects, we were joined by Michelle & Joe from the Wolf Sanctuary along with Vivian and Violet from the Serenity wolf pack. This is an amazing charity and entertainment venue right in our own backyard. You can visit for tours, even adopt a wolf for the year! Lots to take in, and you get outside for the day, create family memories and unplug from the daily grind. In light of Covid the sanctuary could use your support and as spring is here with summer around the corner a trip to the sanctuary might be just what you need and they would appreciate the support. Be sure to watch the episode to see Vivian and Violet howling for the episode too! Our business guest this week was Holly Lyle from Sierra Pacific Mortgage. We’ve known Holly personally for years now as part of our referral group. She is a true professional and is more than happy to start a conversation today that may, or may not, end up with a mortgage six months, a year, or more from now. She is truly here to serve her client’s needs and answer their questions.

Episode 5 - On Episode 5 of the Lancaster Connects Podcast, we're joined by Audrey Lilley a volunteer board member with Pitties Love Peace, an Elizabethtown based rescue organization. They are 100% volunteer run utilizing their network of foster homes and veterinary offices to help bully breed dogs in need. We had a great discussion about the bully breed and how they can best succeed in new homes. They are always in need of volunteers, foster homes and of course donation. Our business guest this week was Matthew Roda from Roda Marketing. He helps businesses to meet their customers online as they search for their products and services. As we discussed last year we found Matthew had a giving heart when he helped his clients navigate the pandemic by extending added services at no extra charge.

Episode 4 - On Episode 4 of the Lancaster Connects Podcast, we're joined by none other than Local Lancaster Man, Keeper of the Gap Lighthouse, and all-around good guy - Pete Ruggieri. Pete is somewhat of a local celebrity due to his connections into the community with all of his efforts for the Lancaster City Mounted & K-9 Unit. He also works with dog rescues and the Masons. Our business guest this week was Claire Chivington of The Realty One Group. I’ve known Claire personally for 5 years now and have seen firsthand via our weekly referral group meet-ups her passion and dedication to her customers to find the perfect fit in a new home.

Episode 3 - On Episode 3 of the Lancaster Connects Podcast, we're joined by Dave Bleil representing the Hempfield Food Pantry. We had an in-depth discussion on the need this food pantry fills and the stories of how they help our community, no more than ever in the time of COVID. Our business guest this week was Kyle Slaymaker owner and founder of The Slaymaker Method. He served in the Navy for 4 years saw time in the Persian Gulf during Operation Iraqi Freedom and then served 2 years in reserves. Now his company helps other businesses to better define their sales process without resulting in high pressure tactics so their customers have a 5-star experience.

Episode 2 - On Episode 2 of the Lancaster Connects Podcast, we're joined by Marsha Wagner, of the Wagner family from Quarryville - an amazing group of people who have adopted 11 children, most with special needs. Over the years, two children have sadly passed away and as such this family is deeply connected to Make A Wish, having raised about $95,000 to grant wishes to children. Also joining us was Kendra Campbell from Natural Awakenings Lancaster and she publishes a great magazine all about natural, healthy, and organic living, and really the magazine serves to highlight amazing businesses helping you live better. Typically, one would think these businesses exist only in larger cities, but in reality, Lancaster County offers a plethora of options to help you live more naturally and healthier. Also joining us was Gary Griffith from Painting With a Twist. Gary and his wife Sue offer an alternative to the typical entertainment options available to us here in Lancaster. And even in light of COVID precautions they can still offer an incredible experience where you can create amazing paintings and memories together with your friends and families. The best part is that if you have a charity you work with you can host painting parties and a portion of the fee is donated to your cause.

Episode 1 - On Episode 1 of the Lancaster Connects Podcast, we're joined by Chuck Sierk who is a Lancaster-based Realtor and founder of the Rockstar Connect Lancaster business owner group. Also joining us is long-time friend John Erisman from Doceo business solutions and Lena Hohenadel from Off the Streets, a local charity helping get folks off the streets and into housing.